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Big Trouble in Little China Spectators QT

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06:21 AM ET (US)
OK, this will be as confusing for players as any game we've seen. /popcorn

I will pop in here as often as I can but not as often as I'd like. Otherwise, I'd be playing not spectating!
Silver ShroudPerson was signed in when posted
08:25 PM ET (US)
Welcome to the Big Trouble in Little China Spectators Thread.

I'm going to make some pre notes and stuff available to you that the players of course do not have, and should not. Please keep any information in this thread...in this thread.

For starters, everyone having one vote on them at the start of the game means nothing. Everyone is lynch proof day one, and NK proof night one. This was done to allow the roles in the game to start gathering information and for the confusion to start spreading so to speak. There are other mechanics in play, which I will not mention here.

Pre game setup notes:

Big Trouble in Little China Mafia.


1: Jack Burton (Town)
2: Lo-Pan (Mafia)
3: Egg Shen (Town)
4: The Three Storms (Thunder, Rain, Lightning) (Mafia)
5. Wang Chi (Town)
6. Uncle Chu (Town)
7. Eddie Lee (Town)

*8 Gracie Law (Town)
*9 Miao Yin (Town)
*10 One Ear (Mafia goon)

Game notes influencing roles.

Everyone is lynch proof Day 1

Everyone is NK proof Night 1

As to Bus Driver switching, The mafia cannot be killed via Bus Driver interference, I.E, if Mafia targets town and town ends up switched with same mafia or other mafia, mafia is immune.

Jack's investigations reveal movie type flavor items, at random out of a poll of a few per character.

Lo-Pan Investigates as innocent/town/no read if and where applicable.

The Storms can block being investigated once, returns an "inconclusive result"

Wang Chi cannot kill, no one shot Vig ability.

His investigative ability is one shot, and will return an "no result" if mafia or "not mafia" if the target is not aligned with the mafia.

The Six Demon Bag.

~~~~~~~Role Descriptions~~~~~~~

1 Jack Burton (Town)
Flavor Cop. Cannot Self Target.
investigation result for Wang: Not Mafia

A Flavor Cop is an investigative role that is returned a piece of information (often taking the form of an object) pertaining to the flavor of its target's role. The types of objects and the form of information vary substantially based on the theme of the game. These results tend to force players to deduce what the target's role is likely to be and are often used for verifying claims.

Flavor Cop is distinguished from Thief in that it does not TAKE anything from its target (though in practice many moderators use Thief and Flavor Cop interchangeably).

Flavor Cop is distinguished from Gunsmith and its ilk in that it does not receive a binary "Guilty/Not Guilty" (or equivalent) result.

Flavor Cop is distinguished from Role Cop in that its result is ambiguous.

Flavor Cops are usually pro-Town.

Flavor Items:

Jack: Gun, Truck, Knife, another gun
Lo-Pan: Wheel Chair, Cane, platform shoes, needle
Egg Shen: Six Demon Bag, Potion, bus
Three Storms: Knives, hats, ema-piercers, Wind and fire wheels
Wang Chi: Money: Bottle, Jian
Uncle Chu: Chop Sticks, Won Ton, Watch
Eddie Lee: chop Sticks, Won Ton, watch

The Who's who:

1: Jack Burton (Caluin Graye)
2: Lo-Pan (Leopold Stotch)
3: Egg Shen (Warng286)
4: The Three Storms (Scott BErland)
5. Wang Chi (Zemaj)
6. Uncle Chu (Noodle)
7. Eddie Lee (DiablotwoinDC)

2. Lo-Pan (Mafia)
Mafia Godfather
Investigation result for Wang: No Result

A Godfather is a role that investigates as Innocent (or some other favorable result) to Cops, regardless of their actual alignment.

Any cop type investigation re-directs to a random townie. (dead or alive) and produces a result as if the redirected target was alive if dead.

3. Egg Shen (Town)
Sorcerer/Shaman/Witchdoctor/Inventor Hybrid.
Investigative Result for Wang: Not Mafia
Can give a potion to one random town (random effect)
Has the Six Demon Bag.
Can Give the Six Demon Bag to one random town per night. (random effect)

Look into this before completion.

4. The Three STorms (Mafia)
Lo-Pan's Enforcers. (Rain, Thunder, Lightning)
Investigation result for Wang: No Result

Can choose to kill via one of the three elements, acting as a ninja type role and being untrackable.

A Ninja is a role or role modifier such that the Ninja will never be seen as targeting anyone by a Tracker, Watcher, or other investigative role along these lines. It has been likened to the Tracker/Watcher equivalent to Godfather.

5. Wang Chi (Town)
Friend of Jack Burton
Investigation Result: Not Mafia
Jack of All Trades. (Cannot kill)
One Shot Cop, One shot Doc, One Shot Track, One Shot Bus Driver.
Cop is a "Town-Night-Loyal-Cop" Cannot Self Target.

• Once in the game, at night, you may target a player. If you target a player that is mafia, it will act as if you were roleblocked, and you will be given a "No Result". You will be given a result of "Not Mafia" if your target is not aligned with mafia.

6. Uncle Chu (Town)
Standard Doc. Cannot Self Target.
Neighbors With Eddie (may communicate via PM through me, does not know who "Eddie" is.)
Investigative Result for Wang: No Result

7. Eddie Lee (Town)
Jail Keeper. Cannot Self Target.
Neighbors with Uncle Chu. (May communicate with Uncle Chu via PM through Me, does not know who "Uncle Chu" is.)
Investigative Result for Wang: No Result

Changes to the above. The text describing who Eddie Lee and Uncle Chu are neighbors with was changed for the live game, it simply reads "you are neighbors with a player", then goes on to say that the alignment of the player is unknown.

Gracie Law, Mao Yin and One Ear were not used.
Edited 08-15-2017 08:26 PM