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[F6] Oliver Abrams the Star Performer

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10:43 PM ET (US)
Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/NpDwDtU23Uq
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04:44 AM ET (US)
General character stuff: Same as the survey mainly. You're quite famous in Rattlewater to the point where you're a household name. You're quite pleased with your fame, though you hope word of your past never crops up.

People you recognise:

Lavender- Your main competitor. You both regularly compete for gigs throughout the town, and it gets quite close at times since both of you are quite popular. Recently though, Lavender seems to be pulling slightly ahead in terms of popularity, which upsets you somewhat.

Ivan- You see him around the town with his men, regularly patrolling. He seems to be quite sharp, and his loyalty towards the town is unmatched. Not someone whose bad side you would want to be on.

Matt- You've seen him while performing at the bar, usually at one end drinking to his heart's content. He doesn't seem to pay you any mind. Doesn't seem like a nice fellow either though.

Brandy- Ah, yes, the famed treasure hunter. Most people in Rattlewater have heard of her exploits. You see her around town a little, and she seems quite positive and energetic despite her disability.
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01:02 PM ET (US)
This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.
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