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[F6] Oliver Abrams the Star Performer

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03:08 PM ET (US)

Oliver and Enola search the bedroom and attic.

Starting with the crime scene, they investigate Daniel’s body. He’s nestled under the covers of the bed, but they can see the heavy bruising on his neck. It looks like something hit his neck, and probably more than once. It’s darkly bruised and bloody. Daniel also has a wicked burn on the top of his head where his hat would be. It looks really gross with the skin bubbling and redness all around it. His hat and megaphone sit on the bed next to him, seemingly undamaged.

His hand is curled into a fist, but for some reason it feels stuck in this position. They try their best to pry the hand open, but it’s basically impossible. In his fist though, they can tell there’s a little dowel with a chain on one end. And then also clenched in the hand is a newspaper clipping. It appears to be a picture, but there’s no way to see what it is now. It’s stuck in his hand.

They continue investigating Daniel’s body. The burn on his head and bruising on his neck are the only things that seem to be fatal. As they investigate though, it seems like his ankles have also been broken somehow. They look very bruised and swollen. It would be impossible for him to stand or leave the bed like this.

They continue looking around the room. They check out the debris near the bed. It definitely seems like it all came from the attic above. All of the boards match those of the ceiling, and all of the cases seem like they contain things that could be found in the attic: christmas decorations, bowling balls, and so on. None of the cases seem to have been opened though. They just seem heavy. Among the wreckage, they find a dead rat. It seems to be missing its tail. The little corpse also appears rather old.

After investigating the bed, Enola and Oliver move to check ut a little table in the room. They open the drawer on the table to find that it looks like it’s been ransacked. The papers inside have been flipped every which way. None of the papers are of interest. Inside is a pair of pliers and a jar of high-strength paste. This is probably what was used on Daniel’s hands. They close the drawer.

On top of the table is a picture frame. It is lying face down. The dust on it has been moved, showing that somebody took the back off the frame recently. They open up the back of the frame and see there’s a place where something was taped to the back. From the paper on the tape, it seems to be the newspaper clipping. Nothing else of note is at the table.

They go over to the dresser to check it out. Next to the dresser is one of the many wall lamps, which light the rooms. Most lamps can be controlled either with the light switch or with a little pull thing on them, but this one doesn’t have the pull thing. They search through the dresser and find that it’s been ransacked as well. At the top of one of the drawers is some cult robes with the cult symbol on them. This fills Oliver with concern, but it doesn’t seem to bother Enola as much. Above the dresser, a short length of fishing line hangs loosely from the ceiling and a little wooden dowel hangs on the end. They can’t concern any use from it. It’s hard to notice, as the dowel was behind the dresser and the fishing line is nearly transparent. It disappears between the boards of the ceiling above.

Close to the dresser, in the corner of the room, they find a loose floorboard. Standing on it, it tilts downward like the end in the wall is on a fulcrum. They lift the board and find it has notch in the bottom of it like something was meant to sit in it. Under the board they can’t find anything of note. It doesn’t look like the crawlspace under the house is big enough for people.

Next, they go up into the attic using the staircase which folds down in the middle of the living room. They go up there. The entire attic is very cramped. Almost everything up here is one of two things; a rat or a box. Anyway, none of the boxes up here seem to have much of interest. They do notice one small one which has been opened. It’s only like ten or so inches on each side and the top is sitting next to the box. Nothing except some padding is in there. Maybe it held something else at some point.

Next, they see that there’s like a main power line which contains all the electrical wires for the house. It enters the house through the corner, the cable snakes over to a fusebox. The cable has a cut in it, but Belphegor has fixed the cable with electrical tape for the sake of the investigation. Then, the power goes from the fusebox to all over the house. They find that one outlet in the attic has something plugged into it. The wire snakes from the outlet down between the floorboards to some other room. Looking through the floor, it seems to be the library.

Next they check out the colossal hole above the library. It looks like several boards splintered and snapped on one side, and then on the other side, something made some sort of jagged cut across the floor. The main power cable is right by this hole.

The last thing they find in the attic is a jar laying on its side. It’s mostly empty and there are holes in the lid. The smell inside it burns their noses. It seems to be acrid and too intense. Tied around the back of the bottle is a fishing line which disappears somewhere under the boxes. It’s pretty subtle to notice it. They also notice that there’s a block of wood taped to the bottom of the jar, which makes it seem like it doesn’t sit balanced very well.

Oliver decides they are done searching. The two of them leave, steeling themselves for the tribunal.

Right before they leave though, Enola notices that Oliver has been carrying a rolling pin. The rolling pin has some blood on it. Oliver mentions that he took it with him during the blackout to defend himself.
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03:04 PM ET (US)
10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

Next, Nail immediately orders Brandy to check out the library. He says that he might have seen the cult symbol in the library earlier as well. Brandy’s eyes immediately widen and she nods, running into the library to check it out. He then sizes up Daniel and decides to make him investigate the bedroom, since it would be his ‘area of expertise’. Not appreciating the slight against him, Daniel grunts and goes into the bedroom to investigate. Similarly, Nail himself decides to investigate the bathroom quietly since it’s quite a tiny area.

This just leaves Enola, Ivan and Oliver. Nail says that Enola’s safety is not to be compromised, so he asks to keep an eye on her and be in the same room as her while the others investigate. He clears his throat, finding it to be quite sore. He requests Oliver to make some tea for him in the kitchen while they search. Oliver seems confused but since tea-making is his speciality, he agrees. And so they all split.

10:05 AM

Oliver is in the kitchen area making some tea for Nail. He’s still a bit perplexed by his unusual request, but it’s not like he really has anything against tea. He starts stirring it up. He takes the teapot and puts it on the stove. He waits for it to heat up. He looks behind him quietly and sees Ivan and Enola both sitting idly on the couch. Doesn’t seem like anything’s off…. It’ll probably take about 10 minutes for the tea to heat.

10:15 AM

The lights flicker slightly before going out entirely. Oliver raises a brow in suspicion. Suddenly, he hears a woosh noise, followed by something getting hit. The sound of steam suddenly fills the room. Oliver freaks out. Everything’s going wrong! He takes a rolling pin from nearby for self defense. This isn’t good, this isn’t good… He hears some sounds of struggling coming from the back. His cowardice takes over momentarily, and realising the window is nearby, he leaps through it and out of the house.

As he gets out of the house, he closes the window behind him and rushes outside. He stops and takes a moment to breathe. What the hell is going on?! It can’t be good. A sweat runs down his forehead. What about the others? Are they fine? What if they’re trapped in there with no chance of escaping?

As he thinks about this, he suddenly realises he has to man up and do something! He needs to get back in the house and be heroic for once! He only has a third of his life left at this point, why not do something good with it all? Better to die a hero than live passively! Regaining some fire, he runs back to the house, determined to do something right for once.

Right as he approaches the front door though, he recalls the struggling he heard coming from behind him before he jumped outside. Maybe it would be better to try something else… He goes around the house, carrying his rolling pin as he does so. He passes by the window he jumped out of earlier… No use going back through there.

10:20 AM

He continues and makes it over to where the bedroom is. He feels like he’s being watched, oddly enough… He sees a window near the bedroom. He hears some shuffling noises come from within as well, how odd. He goes over to it but suddenly the window falls shut! Was it pushed down? He flinches, but goes over to try and open it… to no avail. It feels like someone’s holding it shut on the other side… He finally gives up. No use trying anything more. How wretched. He’s going to have to do something else.

He continues looking through the outskirts of the house before finding another window. This seems to be the one in the library. He hears a load of screaming and shouting coming from there. Oh no! Is that Brandy? He needs to act now. He opens the window and enters through the window to see what's going on.

“Hey… Brandy? You were yelling?”

Oliver can feel Brandy’s gaze towards him as her screams reduce. “Anyway, I’m gonna help you. Just tell me what to do. Also tell me where you are.”

Brandy talks him over to her, sounding quite grateful and he goes for the trap. “Oh bloody hell! Literally! Well there’s no use talking about it at this point huh? I’m gonna pry it open with all my strength!”

Oliver grunts as he stands awkwardly close, “Hey! It worked! I’ve done it! Take that, world! Are you feeling better, Brandy?”

Brandy moans in pain.

“Oh… right. That was a stupid question. Well. I can try my best to do something…” Oliver goes to work trying to bandage her arm with strips from his sleeves and the like.

Suddenly… the lights come on.

10:25 AM

Oliver is there in front of Brandy, wrapping her arm. She’s sitting in a mess of books and blood. The window is open. Oliver seems coated in blood as well, or maybe that’s just the red paint from last time. Regardless, much of it has to be hers. The room seems otherwise very similar to what she expected. Ivan suddenly opens the door and enters, his mouth open. He’s also coated in blood for some reason, but he rushes over to help Brandy and Oliver with setting Brandy’s arm right. That’s when they hear a commotion coming from the bedroom just across the hall.
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09:55 PM ET (US)
Your Fantasy Suite with Enola: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/kE72SHaWJTs9T
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02:21 AM ET (US)

Sebastian and Oliver explore the middle floor. The room is rectangular and made of stone. The focal point of this room, aside from the pulpy corpse is a gambling machine. The gambling machine is a pachinko device with a wooden chair screwed to the ground in front of it. The machine specifies that each pachinko ball in this machine must be bought with 100 ml of blood. The chair has a place where it can clutch at the user’s wrist and take the required blood from them. In the payout section of the machine is a little over 500 balls. Glass tubes on the sides of the machine seem to be where it stores blood. Each one has about two and a half liters of blood in them.

Above the machine on the wall is a green light with a timer under it which flashes “00:00.” Above the timer is a description: “Win 500 pachinko balls.”

They go over to the corpse. The appearance of it is indescribable. Nothing about it resembles anything like a human. It’s crushed bits of meat in a vaguely circular pile. At its thickest, it’s maybe only a couple inches. The only thing even remotely human about it is a single hand sticking out of the side which reaches up towards them quite pitifully, looking completely broken. Everything else is nearly indecipherable.

Something vaguely resembling one of the jumpsuits that they all had to wear lies in the pile of meat and crushed bones. Oliver can barely look at the corpse it’s so disgusting. Sebastian reaches down with his gloves and picks something up: a clump of brown hair. It’s not identifiable as either Klifford’s or Matt’s. He also finds something else: a piece of glass with black plastic stuck to it. It seems to be a part of Klifford’s glasses. Additionally, he finds about eighteen or so inches of metal wire with a hook at the end. Sebastian spends some more time looking through the remains for something useful, but in the end he only seems to find more pieces of the glasses.

Oliver and Sebastian go over to inspect the security camera on the ceiling. It seems like it can be rotated in any direction. Right now it’s pointing at the wall.

The wall itself has a small screw sticking out of it near where the camera is pointing. Perhaps something can be tied to this?

Finally, since they seem to be doing well on time, Sebastian and Oliver check out the elevator. On the floor of it, a magic circle has been carved, about three or so feet across. A rectangular hole looks carved into the bottom to the elevator at a seemingly random place, a couple feet from the center, almost in the corner. The hole opens down into the elevator shaft. The hole is only barely enough to put a forearm through.

Sebastian notes that Oliver is covered in red stains. Oliver shakes his head and tells Sebastian that it was just a painting accident. After that, it’s time for the tribunal.
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12:36 AM ET (US)

After Benjamin, Matt and Klifford enter the challenge room, Oliver decides to leave and spend some time alone from the others. He heads over to the art room and locks himself inside. He gazes at the majestic portraits on the wall, looking quite polished and well made. He admires them for a good deal of time silently. This must have taken quite a lot of time to produce.

He contemplates to himself whether he could produce something of such quality if he puts his mind to it. He’s a performer by trade, but perhaps it would be interesting to branch out for a change and see how he does making a painting. It’s time to challenge himself for once.

He goes and finds some painting materials in the room along with a canvas. He goes to a small corner of the room and starts painting. He decides that he’s going to be doing a portrait of everybody on the expedition… Though seeing the space on the canvas, he decides to restrict things to just the nine of them currently alive. He takes out his tools and starts sketching out how he wants the portrait to look like.

The process is time consuming, obviously, and it’s tricky for Oliver to convincingly draw everyone. He flubs up a couple times but by the time he’s done sketching, he’s decently satisfied with what he’s got. Obviously there’s more work to do though. He takes out some paints he has on hand and starts colouring the portrait. Oliver is somewhat clumsy with the brush and fumbles a little, but so far his art isn’t looking so bad! The colours are quite varied as well, from the blue on Haley to the shades of yellow on Bennett and Brandy, to the bright red mane of Oliver… well, it’ll be more varied once he’s done with it, at least. He takes out his red paint and…


Oliver flinches, flabbergasted at what just happened. He sees the red stains everywhere… on the floor, on his suit, on the portrait… It’s ruined! It’s all completely ruined now! And it was turning out to be so good, too… Oliver howls in aggravation, taking the portrait and ripping it apart to shreds in a fit of frustration. He just stares at the floor with disappointment. How could it all turn out this way..? He just sighs irritably before going up and cleaning the shreds of paper on the floor. He puts them all in a nearby bin. Unfortunately, the red stains on the floor can’t be scraped off so easily… Much less the paint on his suit. This is going to be quite loathsome to get rid of.


He goes over to a table quietly and sits, thinking about what a waste all that time and effort was. Maybe being an artist isn’t the life for him… Maybe that’s not worth thinking about now though. He takes out his beloved flute (which he obtained from Charlie’s body a while back) and starts playing it to himself to soothe his nerves. He plays it quietly and soon he’s getting back into his groove. At one point he hears footsteps near the door but they don’t seem to interrupt his session, thankfully.


After a while, he puts his flute away, feeling quite better now. He sighs, looking at the paintings in the art room, putting his to same. Feeling disgusted at the sight of it, he decides to exit the room, closing the door quite firmly. He checks the time now as well. Quite some time has passed now… Perhaps he should go back to the challenge room and see what he missed there.
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05:42 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Klifford: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/G8c8m3wPpmQc
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04:54 PM ET (US)
Card: Admit to being a bully such that two people tell you that you were a jerk or something similar. Do not ask people to call you a jerk or anything similar.
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12:35 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Benjamin: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/6ATEz5Zw4AJnd
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02:04 PM ET (US)

Oliver and Daniel get together for a late lunch. Thinking about the delicious food that Ciro might make, they decide to see if he’s there. As they approach the building, they both hear some loud yelling, and enter as Micah storms out, not saying a word to them.

They both give Ciro a somewhat concerned look. “Soldier, are you alright? I heard some shouting coming from here, and…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it.” Ciro shakes his head dismissively. “It’s alright, I’m fine.”

“Are you… sure?” Oliver raises his eyebrow. “From what we heard just know, it doesn’t seem like everything was alright here.”

“Ah… it’s unfortunate you had to hear that. My apologies.” Ciro says, bowing. “Rest assured though, I’m fine for now. Let’s forget about that for now, though. Would you gentlemen be interested in some sushi?”

“Hmm… I suppose I do need a snack right about now”, Daniel mumbles. “Sure, why not, soldier?”

“Yes, I suppose something for my stomach would be suitable”, Oliver agrees. The two men take a seat together in the restaurant. Ciro takes their orders quickly and comes over quickly with some fresh, appetising looking sushi. The two feast happily on their food, satisfied with the quality of it while Ciro peers over them quite content. Finally, they both finish and look up.

“Well, Ciro, you are an odd fellow… But I have to say, you steam a good sushi roll.” Oliver pats his stomach, pleased with the food. Daniel nods appreciatively as well.

“Oh ho, thank you very much. It was a pleasure having you all eat here.” Ciro comes over and takes the plates the two are eating from with one hand.

“Ah, that reminds me, soldier.” Daniel says. “Did you ever get that hand of yours treated? Doesn’t look like it’s quite right.”

For a second, Ciro’s smile twitches heavily. He turns away, putting the dishes to wash. “I’m quite fine. You don’t have to worry about me at all.” His words sound quite strained. Not wanting to push him further, the two men get up and leave, letting him do his work.

Daniel and Oliver part ways afterward.


Oliver wanders about the city for a while…


Oliver hears someone moving around in the alleyways off the street from him, while he is near the Rattlewater Tribune. Oliver fears ducking into the alley, but can hear an alarm coming from somewhere. He studies the alleyway for a second then just as he’s about to turn away, he catches a glimpse of something with a vibrant blue color. It seemed to be at about eye level.

He backs away from the alley and starts to go around the block to see what’s making the sound. He makes it to the other side and finds out the noise is coming from Star Lanes. Oliver enters, and finds nobody. There’s a broken arcade cabinet here and virtually nothing else. Getting annoyed with the alarms going off, he goes into the office for a while and tries to figure out a way to turn off the alarms. After a while, the alarms turn off.

Oliver leaves the bowling alley.


A while later, Oliver is walking up near the “city hall” when he hears a car peel out and start barrelling down the street. He sees it as it drives right past him. He can’t even really make out who was driving it. A while later he hears a crash. He decides to go check it out.

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Oliver, Daniel, and Sebastian investigate Third Street.

This street contains the town hall, police station, pub, and garage.

They first check the garage. The first thing they notice is that there’s a lift for cars to get them off the ground. The next thing they see is a wide array of tools and supplies, but two things are left out on the counter: a tube cutter and a bottle of glue. Oliver is staring hard at the ground but then picks up two different hairs. One is blue, and the other is a dark purple-ish black. The blue one is longer than the dark purple-ish one. Sebastian tells Oliver that the purple one is his, as he poked his head in here earlier. That still leaves the blue one unexplained however. The last thing they note is that there is quite a lot of empty beer bottles sitting out.

Next, they check the pub. The pub seems relatively undisturbed except for a large number of empty bottles at the counter. Seems like whoever was seated there drank a lot. A table in the corner of the bar seems clearly used as well.

The group investigates the police office. Hey find that the armory is still sealed airtight. Outside the armory they find a pair of handcuffs sitting on the table, unlocked. Also, while searching around in the evidence area, they spot a bottle of strychnine. They read the label and find that it, like many other poisons, can be ingested, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin.

The last place the group looks at is the town hall. It seems as if someone was kicking the obsidian structure, as there are a lot of scuff marks on it. Sebastian explains that that was him and that he was just trying to break down the door or find a secret way in. Everyone seems pretty satisfied with this explanation.
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12:45 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Sebastian: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/QfUQ4c7tkku
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08:42 PM ET (US)
Stairway and Red Room - Oliver, Shizune, Ciro

There’s lots of odds and ends here. Oliver gasps as he sees a camera sitting on a shelf. He says that the camera was being kept in the armory as recently as earlier today. In a nearby desk they find a bunch of paper and a pen. Seems like anybody could have written a letter from this desk. Near the exit door, the group finds the whistle to call Bruce with. Near the door to the red room, a dreary tome sits. Oliver makes a comment that it belongs to Nail. In the drawer below it, they find a ripped-up photograph. It seems to just be a picture of a book, but it’s challenging to try and put together. It’s in very small pieces. The group decides to check the red room as well, so they open the door and look inside. The red room is very red, but there's not much o interest otherwise.
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03:47 PM ET (US)

Earlier today, a lot of people are gathered in the meeting room. Ivan is resting from being out in the cold of the cavern. Sebastian is staring desolately at the mud that keeps being tracked in through the doors. Nail, who’s at the head of the room, opens up an apparently secret compartment on the side of the desk and smiles.

“Ahh… Look at what we have here…” he smiles, producing a crumpled slip of paper, which seems to be all that the desk holds. “It says safe code, very interesting… I don’t recall seeing a safe.”

The others take a look at the note, confirming what Nail said. It has five strange symbols on it.

“Alright, well one of you can keep care of it. I am interested in the treasure of course, but after my earlier… outburst, well I think I could do well to earn back a little good will.”

The others wonder where in the world the safe could be as Ivan grabs the paper for safekeeping.


Oliver enters the armory with the intent to get away from the others and play the flute. When he gets there, he goes over to his bag, a sudden sense of dread washing over him. Remembering the motive, he hopes that nobody has thought to take his flute from him. He usually takes the bag with him, and only left it in this room the one time. Looking in the bag, his worst fears are realized when the bag is empty. Immediately, he begins screaming in frustration, cursing his luck. He ponders on who would have done this before deciding on Charlotte, that sneaky thief! If your vice gets out, who knows what will happen to your pristine reputation!

Oliver hears a few knocks on the door, but yells back that he does not want to be disturbed.


Oliver enters the meeting room, his brow furrowed and his face twisted in anger. Sebastian and Charlotte are there as well, having a quiet conversation about dust. Ivan enters the room from outside and looks like he’s going to walk straight through when Oliver blocks his way. He asks Ivan to wait here for a moment.

Oliver walks into the center of the room, his hands on his hips. He looks at Charlotte with daggers, “You took my flute, you no-good thief! Give it back!”

Charlotte’s mouth is agape. She sputters and shakes her head, “I did not! Do you have any proof or are you just going after me to go after me?! Why would I steal that anyways?!” She makes a face of genuine hurt.

Oliver recoils but quickly regains his composure, “You’re always snooping around! You’re probably thinking about killing us, huh?! You took it for the magic spell! You’re jealous of me and my success, so you would kill me!”

It’s at that point that the argument gets really… intense. Oliver seems to not be holding back. He kind of reminds everyone of a typical school bully, occasionally mocking Charlotte and her mannerisms. It doesn’t sound like he really knows that it’s her, but the situation clearly isn’t going to lighten up soon. Charlotte’s replies are by comparison kinda pathetic. She keeps just trying to say that she would never steal from one of them and Oliver is clearly getting into her head.

Finally, Ivan steps in, breaking the two apart, “Alright, that’s enough. Don’t worry Oliver, we’ll help you find your flute. If anyone may have stolen it, I’m sure they’ll confess soon.”

Oliver huffs, but in his eyes he has tears, “It’s probably already been destroyed. I- I loved that flute! It’s a piece of home that I’m never getting back! And I…”

He cuts himself off, turns his head and leaves into the stairwell area. The others are left with a surprising amount of silence for a minute.


Oliver rushes into the armory, his face red as he covers it. He cannot believe what has just happened. Nobody came to his defense! And he probably wasn’t going to get his flute back!

He looks at the mirror and sighs. He looks like a mess and clutches his head. He is both frustrated and fed up.

He thinks back to earlier today with the spellbook and the safe code. He wonders what kind of treasures there might be in the safe. Maybe some sort of curse? Maybe some sort of blessing?

He begins to think about where the safe could be if it’s in the building. Much of the furniture in here is pretty barren. Maybe it’s behind a wall somewhere?

Suddenly it occurs to Oliver one of the reasons why this room has been bothering him! That’s right, the second floor where the armory is shaped a lot differently from the first floor, even though from the outside it seems like the building is a perfect rectangle. He stares at the wall, which he now suspects might have some sort of secret room behind it. Now how exactly could he get in?

At this point, Oliver is thinking about how much he could put it in Charlotte’s face when he’s the one who finds all the good treasure and all that. Maybe he could even get away with cursing her and making her truly sorry.

Suddenly, after thinking for even longer, he has another epiphany. There were three windows on the outside of the building but there were only two windows on the inside! One of those windows must be a secret room.

He laughs to himself as he grabs an impressive green coat, similar to Charlotte’s from the rack of supplies and throws it over himself.

He goes to the window on this floor, and then realizes with horror when he opens the window that the side of the building is completely sheer and that someone like him cannot climb it.

He thinks about his options before remembering the flight spell in the magic book! Of course, at this point Oliver was more than a little embarrassed about his actions, but hopefully he would never have to tell the others that he might believe in magic.

He goes out into the stairwell, thankfully nobody is there currently he picks up the book and then picks up a can of red paint for drawing a magic circle. The book is right outside the red room, which Nail is probably meditating in, but Oliver can hear muffled voices coming from within it. He sneaks away regardless, back up to the armory.

He opens up the book and works hard to recreate the magic circle for the spell. Realizing how long this is taking, Oliver uses a camera that’s in the armory to take a picture of the book and keeps it for safekeeping. He then returns the book to downstairs where he found it. He goes quickly back up and finishes the magic circle.

He stands in the middle of it and says the magic words. And suddenly he feels his body become light and buoyant. He flies over to the window and opens it. He goes outside, making sure nobody is out there. He has no lights on. He swims over to the other window, the one that he is not sure where it leads. He fumbles around a bunch with it in the dark, trying very hard to open it up. It is not working. Swallowing hard, he swims back to the armory. He looks around the room for a tool he could use. He settles on a crowbar, and he goes back outside to the window. He swings the crowbar at it. Instantly, the window shatters almost completely, leaving a large gap for Oliver to swim through. He gets in easily enough.

Inside it is very dark. Oliver uses his flashlight sparingly, not wanting to bring any attention to himself. What he sees is almost otherworldly. The safe is absolutely huge and made out of a heavy grey metal. A couple of gold bars sit uselessly outside the safe door. The walls are painted a glimmering gold, like a proper treasure room. Oliver smiles smugly to himself, knowing that Charlotte won’t get to experience this for herself. All the crying over the flute feels a little bit further away now.

Oliver opens up the safe, carefully putting the numbers in that he memorized from the piece of paper Nail found.

Inside, surprisingly is a single item on a single pedestal. Oliver is immediately disappointed, but seeing how there seems to be a pretty large note next to it, he’s a little excited that it might be something really good. He goes over to look at it, seeing it is an amulet, the pattern on the amulet is a skull and a snake. The note says right at the top: Amulet of Mind Control.

Oliver cannot believe his luck! As evil as the tool sounds, it would also help him out a lot! Certainly he would have been able to get a confession out of Charlotte with this! It’ll also go a long way to dissuade any haters.

He reads the instructions carefully, and essentially it seems pretty simple: the person will know someone is controlling them, but onlookers will have no idea and the wearer can give them whichever command they want.

He contemplates the choice to take it for a while, after all, the thing is pretty sinister, but at the end of his consideration, he realizes that most of the people he is with would take the thing no question, so he might as well do it.

At this point, he goes to leave the secret room with the amulet in hand, but then he realizes that the flight spell is fading. Apparently the version Oliver used was not very powerful.

He looks out the window. The drop doesn’t look that bad overall, but it’s not going to be comfortable. He lowers himself as far as he can, extending nearly halfway to the ground, and then falls the last six or so feet. Thankfully, he isn’t hurt but he does feel shaken by the drop.

He sneaks around the building careful not to be seen in any window, and then he enters the door to the stairwell and goes back into the armory from there.

He sees the mess in front of him and takes a huge pile of clothes off the rack and starts getting rid of the red paint by spreading it onto the clothes as much as possible. Ultimately, it doesn’t really get rid of evidence at all, but he figures nobody is going to think it was a magic circle at least.

He closes the window and remembers that he needs to return the crowbar to the rack when he realizes the crowbar is gone! Oops! Oh well, it’s either in the secret room or outside, and as long as he doesn’t hog the armory too much, people won’t know that he did this at all regardless. He tears up the photo of the magic book and hopes to dump it somewhere soon. He also hangs the green coat back up.

Suddenly, after cleaning for a while, Oliver hears a knocking from the door. His heart feels with dread as he hears Sebastian’s voice. Sebastian mentions something about weird noises. Oliver begins to scramble, pushing all the clothes to the corner and trying to act as natural as possible as Sebastian turns the knob and enters.


When Sebastian enters, Oliver is right there in the room, apparently having not said anything at all when Sebastian knocked. Sebastian gives Oliver a strange look.

Oliver apologizes, saying that he still misses his flute very much, and asks Sebastian what he meant by strange noises. Oliver scans the room and begins walking around.

“Well, there were high pitched noises coming from somewhere. Kinda like whining. I could hear them when I was downstairs.”

Oliver shrugs, “I actually haven’t really heard anything. I wasn’t crying or anything, if that’s what you’re wondering. Maybe it was someone in the red room or something.”

Sebastian walks behind the racks. Finding nothing, he goes back to Oliver, “Sorry, I don’t mean to suspect you or anything. I’ll be on my way then.”

Sebastian leaves, leaving Oliver alone.


Ivan knocks on the door to the armory. Oliver is there. His hands folded. Oliver stands up, giving Ivan an inquisitive expression.

Ivan holds up a picture: it’s a picture of Charlotte looking confused and distraught on a featureless, grey background.

Oliver gives an expression of concern, “Does everyone know already?”

“You and Sebastian both know, I’m going to tell Nail, once I’m done checking around here. It sounds like she could be in the building somewhere.”

“Who did this?” Oliver shudders.

“I’m not sure, but don’t you worry. We’re going to bring down whatever justice is necessary.”

Perhaps uncharacteristically given recent events, Oliver gives a serious agreement, “Alright, I will help as much as I can. Maybe the picture is of… hmm…”

Oliver doesn’t end up having a ton of smart things to say, but Ivan checks around the room and sees no places that Charlotte could be hiding in. There is a modest pile of clothes, but it’s not enough for her to be hiding under.

After checking everything thoroughly, Ivan and Oliver go to check on the red room downstairs. Ivan opens the door holding the picture.


Ivan tells Nail about this mysterious photo and how he does not know where it came from, just that it was sent to him. Oliver stands nearby and explains how they checked around but couldn’t find anything.

Nail looks concerned, “Well, it has to be a plot by someone! We’re all being manipulated by someone!”

They discuss for a while some different theories. They enter the meeting room.

Sebastian is there cleaning when everyone enters. The four of them chat for a while, not sure about what to do about Charlotte’s disappearance. Even when they are completely silent, the place seems to be empty aside from them. Did something really happen to her? They go out into the snow for a while together, Ivan not wanting anyone to be in danger.

Suddenly they hear yelling coming from somewhere. Is someone here?

[You may use the amulet during the trial to force one person to support you, not knowing who is putting the spell on them. Also, you are trying to keep this whole amulet ordeal a secret because it's deathly embarrassing that you would do any of this let alone that you plan on using a magical artifact.]
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You suddenly hear a scream out of nowhere, and turn to see one of the support pillars in the mines, looking ready to collapse! You freak out immediately and get moving to somewhere safe. You rush into the lower ice caverns just as the mines collapse. What just happened?! You can't tell if there's anyone else with you here.

[You cannot post in the thread. You may post in the QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/DEbbQcNUTYje ]
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Your EFL with Brandy: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/3m7tP3gpv3KuK
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You, Brandy and Charlotte are assigned to examine Tunnel A- the tunnel on the left with all the vines growing through it.

“Hmm, alright, let’s see what we can find here.” Oliver says, looking around. “Doesn’t look like there’s much here, but still.”

“Hey, look at this quicksand!” Charlotte points out. “It’s a mess!”

Indeed, the quicksand looks like it’s been splashed into. It’s splattered all over nearby, and emerging from it are two different sets of footsteps.

“Huh, this is strange.” Brandy says. “There’s two sets, one bigger than the other. The bigger set carries on for a while but the smaller ones seem to stop pretty quickly.”

“How intriguing… They must have cleaned themselves, I suppose.” Oliver speculates. “Either way, it seems this quicksand has gotten the better of some people now.”

“Yeah, but only while coming back.” Brandy responds. “You notice how you don’t see any footprints on the other side? Seems like they made it over the quicksand the first time, then messed up on the way back.”

“Hmm, you’re quite right. How did they get over the quicksand, though?” Oliver approaches the quicksand slowly, looking at it.

“Like THIS!” Charlotte suddenly gives Oliver a small push from behind. Losing his balance, Oliver flails helplessly for a second before falling face first into the quicksand.

“Aaaah! Aaah!” Olvier cries out, only just managing to get out of it in time. “Why on earth did you do that?!” He shouts at Charlotte furiously, wiping it off his face. “My perfect clothing… My beautiful visage is completely ruined!” He gestures to his now muddy white suit.

“Uh… whoops?” Charlotte shrugs, almost comically.

“You better be more careful in the future about this stuff, Charlotte”, Brandy scolds, though even she can’t hide the smile on her face. “Here, I’ll help you, Oliver.”

With Brandy’s help, the muddy stains are mostly removed from Oliver’s clothes. A few still remain though, and his suit looks much shabbier than it did before.

“Sorry, that’s the best I can do.” Brandy shrugs.

Oliver seems upset, but he nods. “Yes, thank you for your help, Brandy.”

“Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, I think you can jump over the quicksand fine. It wouldn’t be too hard to do, anyway.” Brandy says.

“You mean I could have actually made it?” Oliver seethes. “Agh, how could this day get any worse?” He places a hand on a nearby wall… only for it to not be there. He falls down once again. “What the?!” He gets up, shocked. “What is this?!” He pushes away the vines to reveal… a secret tunnel? Brandy and Charlotte both appear quite shocked at this.

“Is… this some sort of hidden pathway?” Oliver asks. “Then we must take a look there and see what is within!”

“U-um… Maybe we shouldn’t?” Charlotte suggests nervously.

“Why shouldn’t we?! There could be some important clues in there! We only just found this now, it warrants a look!” He insists.

“M-maybe you’re just overthinking things, Oliver.” Brandy says. “You just discovered this weird thing now, like you said. What’s the probability that someone else knew about that? That’s just weird.”


“Oh, is that everyone calling us to the trial thing now?” Charlotte quickly interrupts. “We should go there now!”

“Wait, wh-”

“Yeah, we should! No time to waste here!” Brandy declares. “Let’s get going, everyone!” She says. The three get going, though Oliver doesn’t seem happy about not being able to examine the tunnel further.
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After the performance ends, you hang around camp for a bit, somewhat frustrated by Lavender stealing your spotlight again. Still, you decide to go to sleep at about midnight. You're quite tired after all this, so some rest should do you good. Ivan isn’t there though, he’s busy keeping guard right about now.

You fall asleep at about midnight. You sleep well for a while but get suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by a scream in the distance. It's faint, but it worries you. You take a look outside and see nothing. It must just be you. Ivan is back in bed too, and he doesn’t seem to have reacted to it. You go back into your tent and go back to sleep.

After a while though, you hear some strange whining in the distance as well and have trouble sleeping because of it. Some time later, you also see someone walking right outside your tent, though you can't make out any other details. Shortly after, you also hear some hushed talking in the distance.

After that though, not much plagues you for the rest of the night. The strange whining noise disappears after a while, though you also hear some loud grunts coming from a nearby tent.

You wake up later at 8:00 and decide to join the others for breakfast.
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