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[F6] Matt Gustily the Star Mechanic

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12:30 AM ET (US)

The door slides shut behind Matt, Klifford and Benjamin, leaving them in the cold confines of rectangular dungeon-like space made of hewn stone bricks. This must be the game area. They listen in at the door and don’t hear anything. It seems like they’re now trapped in their own little world. They survey the room in front of them. One wall seems to have an elevator set into it with a down button. Another has a white medium-sized rectangular tank with a lid. It looks like a fish tank as they can look in one side and see how it’s filled to the brim with bronze liquid. The thing is five or so feet across and a couple feet tall. A tap sits on one side of it where the liquid can be poured out and a tankard sits on top.

A red light shines on the wall, indicating that the challenge needs to be completed. Under the light reads a message etched in stone, “Drink thirty glasses of this liquor.” A timer counts down under it, showing how much time they have left.

"Wait." Benjamin stopped Klifford and Matt. "I have something to confess to both of you."

"More secrets?" Klifford asked.

"Almost two years ago, I saved your families' lives. Your daughter, Matt. And your wife and daughter, Klifford."

"Brat, what are you going on about?"

"It was a mission I was on. I'm afraid I can't really say more than that."

Matt chuckled and slapped Benjamin on the back. "You know, brat? You're a weird fucker but you're alright."

"This is wonderful news." Klifford said. "But why are you telling us this now?"

"I'm not sure."

"Heh. Well I'll be sure to tell my wife and daughter about their British guardian angel."

"That one didn't even make sense, moron."

Benjamin sighed. "Let's just get on the elevator, guys."

They talk briefly among themselves and then take the elevator down. It goes down to two different floors. They take it down to the middle floor. They notice that the elevator has a mysterious keyhole near the buttons like maybe the elevator has some sort of locked mechanism.

They arrive on the middle floor. It’s like the top floor but this one contains a seat and a pachinko machine in place of the tank. There are vertical closed glass tubes fashioned to either side of the pachinko machine, which is definitely unusual for a gambling machine of its nature. They also notice that the chair that they would sit in is a little funny: it clamps the wrist down and they can see a needle retracted into the chair. They read the machine and find out that you have to bet 100 ml blood to play pachinko balls on this machine.

Along the side of the room, the group sees that there’s a grate in the floor, which can see down into the room below. It doesn’t look like it can be moved in any way. On one wall is a large, rectangular mirror, which freaks the group out a little bit out of the corner of their eyes. It doesn’t seem to serve any clear purpose. Above it is a camera attached to the ceiling which must be what is going to take a picture at the twenty minute mark and then every five minutes afterwards.

Again, there’s a red light on the wall. This one says “Win 500 pachinko balls.” Another extremely daunting task, to be sure, considering the price for each ball. Under it, a clock ticks downward.

They go over to the elevator again and take it down. They discuss the possible roles they might play. Matt admits that the drinking challenge is definitely meant for him. Klifford admits that the gambling one is probably for him.

When the elevator makes it to the bottom floor, their suspicions are confirmed that this one is for Benjamin. Another camera sits on the ceiling in the same place as the floor above. A red light on the wall reads, “Make the person attached to this brain-reading device feel pain such that the scale goes all the way to the end of the red zone.” The clock under it is ticking downwards as usual.

Sitting on one side of the room is a chair attached to the ground and the aforementioned brain-reading device behind it. The device indeed has a needle and a scale, which goes all the way up to a red zone. Other than the pain reader, the metal rectangular machine has some pads on it to attach to a person as instructed.

Around the chair there is a table to one side and a lit fireplace on the other side. The fireplace has two hot irons and a poker sitting in it, which are glowing white hot. The table has a variety of tools upon it, including a blindfold, wire, a bowie knife, pliers, and a tape recorder.

They talk for a few seconds, looking around at the various items in the room.

“Yeah, this one is easy for me. I can hook myself up to it so that you can focus on your challenges. I’ll be able to help you both after I finish,” Benjamin says. “Let’s get started.”


Matt and Klifford go to the elevator while Benjamin stays behind in doing his task.

Klifford gets off the floor at his own room, saying his goodbyes to Matt as he does so. Matt simply nods and takes the elevator to his floor. He gets off and sighs, looking quite depressed. After staying sober for so long, the sight of alcohol should cheer him up greatly but… it just doesn’t feel right for him anymore.

Matt gulps down swig after swig, knowing that he’ll have to do it to survive. It takes him to a dark place, reminding him of what a low creature he can be, but after a while he’s numbed by it. The visions of that night in the garage all those years ago fade and guilt subsides. He blows quickly through eighteen of the mugs, draining the tank nearly halfway.


Matt is gulping down another glass of alcohol as Benjamin shows up. Benjamin asks Matt where Klifford is. Matt looks confused, and tells Benjamin that he hasn’t. Benjamin nods thoughtfully, but seems to have up a defensive position. The two eye one another with suspicion, knowing that if Klifford is missing, then there aren’t many places that he may have gone.

"We should each complete each other's challenges."

"Brat, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Trust me, it's a good idea." CLICK

Benjamin searches the room, looking in and around the tank of alcohol. He doesn’t seem to find anything of interest.

Benjamin says that he would like someone to help him with the torture task, but they’re going to need to find Klifford first. Sensing Matt’s nervousness, Benjamin offers him the bowie knife. Matt takes it.

The two enter the elevator to search for Klifford. They enter the elevator and notice that it has a strange circle carved into the center. Benjamin comments that it’s been there. and go down to Klifford’s room. The doors open and indeed the place is empty. There’s a magic circle on the side of the room and the machine is filled with a lot of blood, approximately five liters. The light is green on the wall, indicating the challenge has been completed.

They look at the machine and see all of the balls paid out. Someone indeed completed this task. They search the room for a little bit. They notice that the security camera is facing towards the mirror for some reason. Benjamin and Matt take it in silently, not finding much else of interest.. Matt mutters that they should take a look in Benjamin’s room. Benjamin nods calmly.


Benjamin and Matt go to the elevator and ride it down. They seem to trust one another at this point. As the elevator is reaching the bottom, there’s a sick, wet crunching and grinding noise. The elevator finally comes to a stop. Matt’s eyes open wide and stares off into the distance, clutching his chest. The elevator doors open into Benjamin’s room but Matt doesn’t move.

“Gregg… No…” Matt drops to his knees and starts to cry uncharacteristically. A strange hole is in the floor of the elevator in front of the two of them and they can see raw, bloody flesh.

“It’s happening again!” Matt already seems incoherent. “That doctor had a kid! He had a kid just like my friend did. I crushed him! I crushed him! My best damn friend, I crushed him and took his plan for helping the city! Fuck! It’s happening again!”

Benjamin looks up at Matt who’s looking a little lost, “Oh, the one from the newspaper? Your daughter’s father?”

Matt can’t keep his face straight. It seems like he’s keeping a lot of sorrows bottled up. He mentions something about hitting Benjamin in the head in the car. He mumbles something incoherent in his own self pity.

Benjamin looks down at Matt. Slowly he places a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It doesn't matter. In the end, it doesn't mean anything.”

Matt seems to be yanked out of his hysterics, “Really? You mean that? I didn’t think anyone would ever forgive me.”

Benjamin picks up the chain connected to his ankle and quickly wraps it around Matt’s neck, crushing it with all the force he can. Matt drops the knife, his eyes wide. The world fades to black around him and he goes limp.
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06:59 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Sebastian: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jJWrCmLPVYa
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05:00 PM ET (US)
Card: Stay completely sober for 72 hours.
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02:08 PM ET (US)

Matt is working in the garage when Benjamin walks in and starts talking with him. The two have been getting closer and Matt looks glad that Benjamin is here. Matt stands back from the car he’s working on and asks Benjamin if he would like to work on the car alongside him. Matt’s plan is to fix the car so they can drive it around the city. The two work on the car in the garage together, knocking back beers as they do so. Matt expertly tears off broken parts and then finds a working one from within the workshop. They fill the tires, patch one in a few spots, replace the brake pads, replace a broken hose under the hood, and so on. Both of them are covered in oil stains by the time they get done with everything. Matt talks about testing the car out, but first the two decide that they should take a break and step out of the garage for the time being as the smell of the car and being on their backs has made them feel a little dizzy.


Benjamin and Matt enter the bar from the front and sit down at the counter. Matt immediately goes for a few more beers. The two of them talk for a while about random frivolous stuff. They both seem to be having a lot of fun. After emptying a couple more bottles, Matt decides he’s ready to test the car out. The two leave the bar.


Benjamin and Matt go back to the garage. Matt starts lowering the car using a crank on the wall. Slowly the car makes it down to the floor and the two get inside. Matt turns the key and the car hums to life, its lights turning on. He smirks and slowly maneuvers the car out of the garage.

Matt is in the driver’s seat and Benjamin is in the passenger’s seat. Matt laughs and tells Benjamin to watch this he pushes down hard on the accelerator, the engine revs and the car flies down the street as it accelerates extremely fast.

“I didn’t tell ya, but I souped it up a little!” Matt yells over the sound of the engine. Suddenly his face pales, “‘ey what the fuck?”

The car doesn’t stop accelerating, Matt turns a sharp corner, nearly flipping the car, but it stays on the ground as he flies down the next street. Matt’s driving isn’t the best and the car swerves left and right, making a couple close calls with street lamps. It seems all the alcohol affects him after all.

“S-someone cut the fucking brakes! The gas is stuck!” Matt looks furious. Conversely, Benjamin seems to get even cooler.

“Well, let’s figure out a way to stop this thing. Can we use something to brake the car somehow?”

“Oh shuddup! Fuck!” Matt takes a deep drink of his beer with one hand on the wheel. “I’m thinking! I know what I’m doin’, alright?”

Right then as they turn the corner, Micah is there in front of them, walking across the street. Matt’s hands tremble and he screams an anxious and angry roar. He picks up his bottle of alcohol and smacks Benjamin hard over the head, knocking him out. Matt doesn’t want anyone to witness this moment, as he rapidly approaches Micah. He feels nothing but deep shame. He wonders if he is the one who messed up fixing the car in the first place. He feels the alcohol take him, and completely blacks out.

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Micah, Matt, Brandy, and Nail investigate Second Street.

This street contains the bowling alley and the hospital.

Star Lanes:

The group checks the bowling alley first. Inside, they see that there’s a broken gambling machine. It has glass all around it and a bowling ball smashed through its face. Next to it is another machine that they can see has a receipt sticking out of it. Seems like somebody played the heck out of this machine, blowing several hundred dollars on the machine.

The group next spots some footprints that seem to enter the building from the fire exit in the back. The footprints go up to the shoe counter and stop. They go behind the counter and find a whiteboard flat on the ground there. It seems to be covered in a magic circle. Had someone been using magic? Nail points out that it seems to be a transportation circle and that he had read about it just today. The transportation spell connects two of the same type of circle and allows one person to travel from one to the other by standing in it and saying a magic word. They also find a pair of shoes that are covered with oil stains on the sides. They seem to be about the average size for a man’s foot.

They go into the bowling alley’s office and they see that someone has turned alarms off in the building.

They check the bathroom and find some blood on the side of the sink in the women’s room, along with a strand of blue hair.

The last thing they do is they go out the fire exit into the back alleys. They find that there’s a puddle of oil right outside the door and that there’s two sets of the same shoe’s footprints moving away from it in opposite directions. One clearly enters the bowling alley, the other clearly moves into the alleyways some more. They follow the prints but they slowly fade after snaking around for a while.

Rattlewater Hospital of Mercy:

Next, the group investigates the hospital where Nail and Shizune stayed this morning. The lobby seems to have nothing strange about it. They go up to the floor that Nail and Shizune are on.

First, they investigate the medicine room. It seems like someone dug through it extensively earlier.

Next, they dig through Klifford’s office. It seems like whatever notes he kept in here aren’t here now. He’s definitely done tests on Shizune the last few days, but none of the results are present. Otherwise, a couple of everyday painkillers are here.

Next, they check out Nail’s room. One of the walls seems to be strangely empty, like something is supposed to be hanging there and yet isn’t. There’s a big bloodstain on the floor where it hasn’t been completely cleaned, but Nail points out that his hand broke back open last night and made a mess. He holds up his hand to show the others, and they catch a glimpse of all the bloody gauze on his hand that must be barely holding back more bleeding. The room contains a window that overlooks the street. Nail’s mask and robe from last night are here.

Shizune is resting in her room. They tell her the bad news about Ciro. She looks distraught, but Brandy comforts her as best she can. The room is similar to Nail’s room in terms of the layout, with the same window overlooking the street. There’s a big whiteboard on the wall that outlines a schedule for Shizune. It seems like all her tests were over the last few days. They see that on the desk next to her is her typewriter and typing supplies. There’s also a whistle and a bell. The whistle is clearly the one used to get Bruce, and the bell must be for summoning Klifford. There’s also a strange bottle of medicine on her side table. They read the label and find that there’s a long list of deadly side-effects like heart failure if it’s misused. The room itself looks squeaky clean, as if it was cleaned up recently.
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Meeting Room - Ivan, Daniel, Matt

Place is spotless, everything in the room has been cleaned, including shelves, the rug, and the knick-knacks. All the dirt seems to have just been tracked in by them. The trash can in the room contains a huge pile of dust. Most of the jewelry boxes on the shelves contain jewelry but one of them, a little stone-colored one, is mysteriously empty. They also check the fireplace and notice that there’s a corner of some sheets of paper in there. It seems to have “-00” on it or something similar. Maybe it’s a time? Realizing that there isn’t much here, the group opens the outside door and peaks their heads out. It looks like the mat has been cleaned too. They see that nearby the mat is a single glinting piece of glass. Just large enough to cut someone with, like the head of a knife. They also spot a crowbar nearby in a snowbank. How very strange. They don’t hear any strange noises at all.
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04:32 PM ET (US)

As people are hanging around the caverns, either looking for a way out, waiting for the great feast to begin or just taking a rest in the igloos there’s suddenly a cracking sound followed by a splash. People look in the direction of the noise and see Shizune, desperately splashing around in the cold icy lake. People quickly race to where she is and try to get her out to the best of their abilities. Daniel, Matt and Klifford manage to get her out finally. She appears to be shivering, her clothes completely drenched by the lake water.

“Are you alright, soldier? That looked like a pretty bad spill”, Daniel says in a surprisingly considerate tone of voice.

Shizune simply coughs in response. She doesn’t look like she’s well at all.

“I don’t think we should keep waiting. I’ll take care of her,” Klifford says seriously. He picks her up from the snowy floor, though he struggles a little. He then carries her to an igloo to take care of her.


“Well, ‘eck.” Brandy glances at the icy lake, with the thin ice surrounding it. There’s a huge hole nearby, looking quite recent. “She must’ve been too much for the ice to handle.”

“Her wheelchair mustn’t have helped matters either… Speaking of, it looks like it’s gone down there as well.” Micah glances down into the lake. “It doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get it back.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” Daniel grunts. “With the weight of the thing, it’s probably at the bottom of the lake by now.”

“That’s quite unfortunate. It doesn’t exactly help matters either that we’ve lost it.” Benjamin shakes his head. “At this rate, people could see her as an even bigger target.”

“What?! Nobody’d do such a thing!” Brandy protests.

“Of course, that would be the humane thing to do. But there’s no point denying the fact that she would be the easiest person to kill out of everyone here.” Benjamin says darkly, his voice still emotionless.

There’s an awkward silence for a few moments as people look away.

“Hold on.” Daniel suddenly says. “I think I see something floatin’ over there.” He gestures to the hole in the ice lake, where Claudia is currently floating at the surface.

“Oh, right! How could we have forgotten? Without Claudia, Shizune can’t exactly communicate with us, can she?” Brandy says. “We better take this to her!”

Matt goes over and slowly picks it up. He grunts. “This don’t look right. Looks like it got fucked up a bit when the girl fell in.” He takes it and starts going into the other igloo. “I’ll fix it up and give it to her, aight?”

People seem surprised by this generous display of his, but are pleased at the same time. Figuring that there’s little else to do, they all go back to whatever they were doing previously.


Matt suddenly enters the igloo, Claudia in hand. He sees Klifford sitting by an asleep Shizune.

“Ssh.” Klifford puts his finger to his lips. “She’s asleep.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, doc. Just came here to give this back.” Matt pulls out something- Claudia? “Fell into the lake with her. Got broken up a bit, so I fixed it right back up.”

“Oh, well.” Klifford smiles amicably. “That’s quite nice of you, Matt. Thank you.”

“Yea, yea, whatever.” Matt says, scratching his head. “Figured I gotta prove my worth to you shitheads anyway. Just give it to her when she gets up.”

“Of course. Thanks for your help.” Klifford nods, taking the typewriter from him. Matt then leaves the igloo, leaving Klifford by Shizune’s side once more.


“Alright, everyone!” Ciro calls out from the mess hall. “The feast is ready! You may all come now and enjoy yourselves! There is enough for everybody here!”

Hearing the announcement, people slowly start to drift towards the mess hall. Benjamin and Matt both enter first, followed by Micah and Brandy. Several minutes pass by but nobody else seems to come.

“Hmm, is this really all we have?” Ciro purses his lips, looking somewhat disappointed. “...Well, no matter. I’m sure the others are all simply taking their time. In the meantime, though, you may all feel free to take your seats. I shall start serving food to you in a bit.”

The others eye each other, concerned, but decide to sit down. Very conveniently, there are 10 seats in total- 4 on each side of the table and one at each corner. It looks more like a place for a banquet, really. A rather cheap looking banquet, but still. Ciro soon comes back wearing some odd looking rubber gloves which are pink in colour, in clear contrast to his outfit. He takes them and uses them to handle the dishes, which he gives to everyone currently present.

As he starts distributing the food he’s prepared, the others hear someone else entering the room. They look around to see Klifford, his eyes quite tired yet a warm smile on his face. By his side is Shizune, whom he helps over to her table. She appears to be in a different set of clothes and wearing a new coat now. She looks to be quite tired as well. As Klifford helps her take a seat beside him, she takes out Claudia and quickly types up a letter, which she passes onto Matt.

As Matt reads the letter, he flushes slightly and grimaces, looking almost embarrassed. “Ay, you don’t gotta thank me for nuttin’, girl. Just doin’ my bloody job an’ all. You don’t gotta owe me a thing, you he-”

“Oh? What does it say?” Ciro asks out of curiosity, looking at Matt.

“You can read it for yerself if you wanna, brat”, Matt sputters, throwing the letter in his face. Ciro, unperturbed, begins reading out the letter.

“Dear Mr. Gustily,

I would like to thank you for personally retrieving Claudia from the icey waters she was dropped into thanks to my carelessness. I would not have expected anything from anybody, yet you heroically managed to rescue her and even fix her before delivering it back to me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you.

With many thanks,
Shizune Takata”

“Oh, what’s this?” Ciro raises an eyebrow. “Did something happen with Shizune?”

“Indeed. She fell into the water by accident, and lost both her wheelchair and her typewriter.” Benjamin summarises in his usual tone. “Unfortunately, her wheelchair couldn’t even be recovered from the depths of the cold lake.”

“Yeah, I had to go take care of her for a while after that. She was feeling pretty bad after that spill she took.” Klifford says, Shizune nodding along with a grateful look in her eyes.

“Ah, I see. Quite unfortunate, really.” Ciro shakes his head. “You’ll need to have some more food to make up for that.” He takes a bigger blue bowl and puts it on her side instead.

“Well, isn’t that nice of ya”, Klifford chuckles. “This is a good way to break the ice, huh?”

People seem very unamused by that joke, most of all Shizune. Brandy tries chuckling awkwardly, but it doesn’t exactly help raise spirits.

Matt eyes Klifford irritably. “Doc, if ya make another shit joke like that, the ice won’t be the only thing that’s broke.”

“Hey, uh, what’s going on?” A voice comes suddenly from the doorway. People look to see Bennett, looking quite confused.

“You’re rather late. What took you so long?” Benjamin asks.

“Ah, well, that’s my bad. Totally forgot when the feast was starting and only decided to go check now. Hopefully I haven’t missed out on much, though.” Bennett explains.

“Not at all, the feast is just starting! Come and help yourself”, Ciro says generously.

“This only leaves Daniel missing, though. I wonder where he could have gotten to…” Micah mumbles quietly.

Bennett takes his seat and the food gets served to all. Everyone starts eating comfortably. There’s a bit of small talk across the room but overall the mood isn’t particularly chatty. Everyone seems quite pleased with the quality of the food though. It’s clear Ciro’s put a lot of effort into crafting several mouth watering, stomach filling delicacies.

As the group eats, they hear a grunt behind them and see Daniel arrive, his face comparable to a rhinoceros. He takes his seat wordlessly and starts eating. People are surprised by this behaviour and ask him what took him so long, but he says nothing, oddly unwilling to explain himself. He simply stuffs himself with more food, clearly quite starved.

The rest of the feast thankfully goes much smoother, with not much else happening. People finish eating slowly and depart. All the food’s over now, and everyone’s stomachs are filled up. It’s safe to say the feast was quite satisfactory.

Everyone leaves by 6:45, leaving Ciro to clean the dishes by himself.
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12:48 AM ET (US)
You suddenly hear someone scream out of nowhere. Turning around, you see that one of the support beams in the mines have been damaged! You see someone run up and decide to follow them quickly. You barely make it into the upper ice caverns as the mines collapse. It looks like some other people are with you... And you're trapped here with them. Your beer's also lost now, great!

[You may post in the main thread]
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You’re chosen to look around the jungle area outside the crime scene, along with Bennett and Daniel.

“Great, just my luck,” Matt grumbles. “Of course I’m forced to examine the widest fuckin’ thing in here…”

“You shut your trap, maggot!” Daniel yells. “This is a murder investigation, and we’re going to be taking this seriously! So no complaining or loafing around, you hear, lazybones?!”

“Let’s calm down a bit, maybe.” Bennett cautions. “We need our minds to be clear as we look around, y’know?”

Investigating, they all first notice the entrance to the crime scene.

“Huh, that’s awfully narrow.” Bennett notices. “But I didn’t see that before. Weren’t there some rocks and stuff here?”

“You’re right there, soldier.” Daniel grunts. “I remember the last time we visited, there were boulders covering up the entrance. Seems they were removed somehow.”

“How do you do that?” Matt asks. “Those looked pretty damn huge to me.”

“Good question… Either way, they’re all gone. Somehow. Pretty much destroyed, I’d say.” Bennett says. “I guess someone just decided to break it down so they could get inside there.”

As they continue looking around, they don’t notice much else till they come near the waterfall.

“Hey look, there’s something in the pond here.” Bennett picks up a raincoat. It appears pretty drenched and it’s hard to notice much else about it. “You think someone wore it?”

“Could be.” Daniel grunts. “Maybe we should look in there as well and see what we can find.”

The three jump through the waterfall into the hideout. It’s pretty cramped, as you’d expect.

“Yikes, what’s this smell in here?” Bennett gags. “It’s horrible.”

“Smells like shit, yeah.” Matt frowns. “Seems pretty recent as well.”

“Well, at least we won’t have to stay here for long. Let’s get looking, boys.” Daniel says.

There’s not too much in the hideout. There’s some rope near the entrance simply lying around with a first aid box next to it. There’s also a small gold watch lying on one corner of the room.

“Hey look, there’s some tools here.” Bennett picks up a pickaxe, a shovel and a hammer casually laying on one side of the room. They’re all pretty dirty and appear to have dirt all over them.

Other than that, there isn’t anything else of note.

“Great, what a waste of time.” Matt says, annoyed, kicking over a box in frustration. As he does though, the others see another tunnel behind it! They all come over to examine it. It seems to lead somewhere else.

“W-what the hell?” Matt pales. “What did we just find?”

“I don’t know, but it looks pretty suspicious.” Daniel growls. “Let’s get looking, men!”

Unfortunately, just as they’re about to look in further, they hear the call to attend the tribunal.

“Aw, are you kidding me?” Bennett shakes his head. “Just as this was getting interesting…”

“Dammit, can’t we look here anyway?” Matt grumbles.

“Let’s not risk it, men. Who knows what that demon would do to us if he found out? It’s not worth it.” Daniel says.

So the three sadly are forced to leave the hideout and go to attend the tribunal.
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You go to sleep at 12 AM, tired after the performance. You don’t bother with anything else and simply fall into your tent and doze off. You’re a heavy sleeper so you sleep through the whole night without anything waking you up. At one point though you have a terrible dream where you’re in a bar fight and everyone’s beating you up. You grunt and shout and try to escape to the best of your efforts but you can’t.

You wake up late, at about 8:10, hearing Daniel calling everyone. You get out of bed, still very groggy, and decide to see what the whole fuss is about.
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Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/c7Syjn6deBEsf
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04:00 AM ET (US)
General character info: Things haven't been going well for you for a long time. Your wife left you, you're jobless and you're drunk all the time. Several months ago, you almost lost your life as well. It was on a dark night, and you were kicked out of the bar for staying there too late. As you were leaving, you suddenly got tackled by someone and all you remember after that is blacking out. After a while, you opened your eyes to see someone standing above you. Freaking out, you immediately screamed, pushing them away before running off. You barely managed to get away with your life that day, though you were still bruised by it. You have no idea who that was who tried to do that to you, though.

Some days later, a friend of yours came up with an idea which you could do to help out the town. It involved using used car parts from the junkyard to construct something useful. It would put your life back on track. But your pride got in the way. Why was your friend telling you all this like he was in control of your life?! You didn't want to hear that shit! So in your anger, you brained him on the head and he collapsed. Terrified, you approached him only to find out he was dead. You quickly went and deposited the body in the outskirts of the town and made it look accidental. Some time later, you actually decided to go through with the idea out of guilt, and it was a success for you, causing the mayor to award you the Star Citizen title. It never felt fair to you, though...

People you recognise:

Daniel- You've seen the guy a couple of times in his own corner of the bar, though you doubt he's ever noticed you. You don't care much else about him though.

Brandy- Yeah, you've heard about some of her exploits. Hearing about how many riches and great artifacts she's uncovered doesn't make you feel good about yourself though, so you try to avoid hearing about or seeing her if you can.

Oliver/Brandy- They perform occasionally in the bar you frequent. You're not a fan of them, though. Why do they have to get in the way of you and your drinks? They just give you a headache.

Nail- You've heard some real stupid stuff about the guy. Some bullshit about how he's the devil in disguise and the advice he gives often backfires? You don't really care, sounds like a load of tripe. Guy does look pretty mysterious, though.

Ivan- Chief of Police. Yeah, so what? You try to keep away from him. Doesn't look like he'd be buddy buddy with you anyway. You see him at the bar occasionally, but he's in the same corner as Daniel anyway.

Klifford- Another guy you see at the bar. He's been popping up there more and more often as of late, though. You wonder what's his problem.
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This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.

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