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8/27/19: Reasons for Choosing, First Impressions, Cover

Brookelynn park
10:27 AM ET (US)
I read Silence is Goldfish by Annabelle Pitcher. It has 300 pages and I was conflicted in almost every single one of them.
If I could add any character into the book, I would add Tessa's real dad. I think she really deserves a father and she should find her own. I don't think it is fair for her to just settle for less and not actually be given what she should. Every child needs a father, and I was upset Tessa never had hers. Towards the end, she just accepts the fact that she will never find him, and I think that she should. I would try and make them as similar to each other as possible; hair, personality, eyes, everything. They would probably meet through her mom, when her mom found him and that she would take her dog, Jedi, and go to live with him and actually have a chance at a real family,
Brookelynn park
12:09 PM ET (US)
Today I finished the best book ever. A danger to herself and others by Alyssa Sheinmel. it has 338 pages.

I cannot tell you how much I love this book. I think that everyone must read it. You will not regret it. I loved how the author ties in the plot twists with her storyline and how well she does it. Im not gonna give out too much about it because I think you should read it, but its about this young girl who goes to a hospital for a mental illness and what she discovered is so shocking. This is definetely my favorite book so far.
Brookelynn park
11:57 AM ET (US)
Why I chose My Story by Elizabeth Smart.
I have actually watched the Lifetime movie on her and I really wanted to read the book. Her story is very different from the rest and everything she went through. The cover didn't change the fact that I really wanted to read the book. I didn't know she had a book and I was very excited when I read it.
Brookelynn park
12:14 PM ET (US)
I read The Sound Of Drowning by Katherine Fleet. I loved this book SO much. It caught my attention right away and the plot twists are incredible. I keep thinking that I know what is gonna happen, and yet, Fleet has proved me wrong. The way she changed the story from a dream back to reality is just so good. I dont like that Ben character at all. He is so rude to Meredith and keeps blaming on her. But, Wyatt is the best. He treated her so well and respects and loves her through everything. Although, at times, Mer irritates me. I dont understand why she keeps going back to Ben when a hot, sweet, and loving guy from Texas is perfectly better. The way she treats people sometimes is annoying. And her mom and aunt are terribly rude too, but the book is just amazing itself. I loved it.
Brookelynn park
11:01 AM ET (US)
I am now reading Freedom, by Jaycee Dugard. It has 246 pages. I read to page 63 today. This is the second book in her series, which talks about her life after she was taken. I am really enjoying this book so far. I love hearing about how she is getting better and overcoming what happened to her. So far, the characters are being nice and helpful to her, but I'm still weary against the fact that nothing bad has happened. I'm still waiting for the climax and the downfall. The only thing I don't like is how slow the book is going so far. It's very boring and drawn out too long in my opinion. I'm going to keep reading because I'm still so interested in how her story is going to turn out. She is a very great writer and I can't wait to see how she's doing in the end.
Rachel Lorang
01:53 AM ET (US)
 I am reading the fiction book Phoenix Island by John Dixon. This book has 303 pages, and I stopped at page 79 today. I'm enjoying the book much more than I thought I would. When I started to read this novel I was unsure if I would like it because it's different for what I usually read. Though, when the plot started to develop I became more interested because more paranoia was introduced to the main character, Carl. When that happened the book started to pick up pace. I plan to stick with the book because as the writing started to get more intense I feel like I'm in the book along with the characters.
Alexis Waege
12:54 PM ET (US)
I am reading Turtles All The Way Down by John, it is a 286 page book. I just finished The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I chose this book because of the Author. John Green is a explicit brighter always keeping things interesting. He is a writer that mainly focuses on the description and detail of the writing. He has proven to me that he is a great writer. He always leaves the end of the chapter on a cliff hanger. That way it draws you back in and makes you want to keep reading.
Brookelynn Park
11:37 AM ET (US)
My Story by Elizabeth Smart
317 pages in the book
I read to page 166 to page 270.
I really enjoy the part where im at because im almost certain someone is going to come save Elizabeth. I don't like any other of the characters because they are mean and cruel to her, but I know that she's gonna be safe and get out of there.
Kinsey Price
11:37 AM ET (US)
Today, I read Black Widow: Forever Red, which has 401 pages. I stopped on page 199. I'm very excited to continue reading this book whenever I can. Right off the bat, it's full of excitement and energy that makes me want to keep reading. Although this book is full of big action sequences, it also contains large amounts of humor. I'm not really confused on any events or characters, but I don't know enough to be able to tell how the book will end. The use of language is appropriate for my reading level, as there was only one or two words that I didn't fully understand but was able to guess the meaning of based on the context clues. I definitely plan to stick with this book. As a dedicated fan of the Marvel movies, this book surpasses any expectations I had.
Alexus Kunkel
11:34 AM ET (US)
I am reading Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress. The book has 184 pages, and I stopped on page 20. I finished the book 1984 yesterday. It was a hard read because it required a good amount of focus and comprehension.
My first impression of the book, that I am currently reading, was that this was going to be an interesting story. It is historical fiction based in China. I definitely want to finish the book. The two main characters are teenagers. They are easier to understand than some of the other adult characters. I am curious how the two boys' journey is going to end.
Molli Thornton
11:33 AM ET (US)
I am reading the adventure book Rebel, Bully, Geek, Pariah. The book has a total of 310 pages, and I stopped today on page 25. I picked up this book because I went to the adventure section and this is the one that looked most appealing to me. The book stuck out to me because I never read a book like it because I am usually in the fantasy/sci-fi section because I like books like Harry Potter and The Land of Stories it was harder to pick out a book. This book could be pretty relatable to teenagers because it could happen to you. The kids are at a party and they are all completely different ones a popular kid that turned rebel, ones the bully of the school, ones a geek, and ones super shy and they all have to come together for something in the end. It did give some hints or clues in the little blurb on the inside cover of the book and that is how I know that they are going to have to work together in the end.
Austin Sieverding
11:32 AM ET (US)
I am reading the non-fiction book Breakdown by Bob Holloran. The book has a total of 268 pages, and I decided to stop reading on page 55.
     I chose this book because it looked interesting to me, it is a book about football. The book is based on a high school football team from Chelsea, Massachusetts. Most of the players on the football team were raised in the streets, and influenced by the hustle. Some of the kids fought because of racism, or gang rivalry. I started reading the book and I could not put it down. As you read the book you start to like the characters. Some of them are trying to make something of themselves, but others will get in trouble and go back to the street life. The head football coach is a police officer. He knows how to get the kids to respect him; by boosting their confidence, and making them believe in themselves.
Arriana Mausbach
11:32 AM ET (US)
I am reading the survival book Born Survivors by Wendy Holden. I stopped on page 99 of 366.

2. My first impressions of this book is that it's very interesting. The book is about three pregnant woman who got put into Auschwitz. Sometimes I get confused in the book when the author puts in German words that I can't pronounce. I plan to stick with the book because I want to know what's going to happen to the women. This book is good so far and it's kind of like a roller coaster. Sometimes there is good parts and sometimes there is bad parts.
Mandy Wolles
11:30 AM ET (US)
I am reading the non-fiction book Go Set a Watchman. The book has 277 pages, and today I stopped on page 55. I am enjoying the book, but not as much as I thought I would. It is set in Alabama in the 1950's, and I did not expect the characters to act as they do. They are definitely from the south, and the way they speak shows that. I don't read books like this very often. I think there will be a big event soon in the book, because it seems a bit pointless so far, but there is potential for it to get better. If the plot does not pick up the pace soon I might choose a new book.
Damen Crane
11:27 AM ET (US)
The book that I am currently reading is a sports/motivational book "The Champions Comeback How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Reignite" by Jim Afremow it has 245 pages . the reason I choose this book is kinds simple I bought a book last year ion amazon call "Grit" and this book pop up as a suggestion. And to be completely honest the tittle just seem to fit the current situation I am in very well with returning to wrestling here in a couple of months. I was in hope that that this book would help get me mentally ready to preform at the top of my game. I started this book the second day of school and i have only read it in this class. I am on page 32 right now. Also when i bought this book i hoped that it would give me a little reinsurance that many other athletes have gone though what i went through and comeback and be okay. So far in the book it has talk mostly about coming back from a big defeat in whatever particular sport you play not injury. I like reading books like this that i want to read but if it is something that i don't have any intrest in it is very hard for me to actually read a full book .
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:38 AM ET (US)
A reading log or book journal is a great place to react to what you read. You can find out exactly how you feel about the characters; you may gain insight about the theme and plot; and you can expand your overall enjoyment of the literature. When it's time to do a project over a book, you can come back to these journal posts for reminders about your thoughts and impressions of the book.

**The FIRST SENTENCE of EVERY one of your Journal entries MUST begin with the name of the book you are reading, the total # of pages in the book, and the page # you are on right now or stopped on today.

**ALSO TELL ME IF/WHEN you FINISH a book in this first sentence!

For example, "I am reading the non-fiction book Nickel and Dimed. The book has 238 pages, and I stopped today on page 36." I just finished reading ______..

This sentence(s) will be a tool to help me track your reading progress.

Respond in a MINIMUM of 5 complete sentences to just ONE of the following three journal prompts. Choose the topic that you can write that much for! NEVER answer just Yes or No to questions posed in the choices!1. Explain how or why you chose your book.
2. What are your FEELINGS or FIRST IMPRESSIONS after reading the opening chapter(s) of your book? Is it compelling you to keep reading yet? Are you confused about what's happening? What events or characters do you not understand? Does the use of language in the book confuse you? Do you plan to stick with it?
3. Analyze/Comment on the front cover and back cover of the book. Is it appealing? Why? How effective is it in persuading a teenager to read it? Does it give you any clues or hints before you start reading? Maybe comment or analyze the color and the text and images used in the book (if there are any).
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