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Casey and Penelope

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Doctor Nanjo
09:50 PM ET (US)
Hell y-yeah man, thanks for being here. I-I'll see you around! I'll be looking out f-for you! I'm not gonna let bad stuff happen to you! We'll make the best of it!

(It really was! RIP this FTE)
09:36 PM ET (US)
Penelope nods, " I'm staying yes...It's for the best...for everyone...thank you for your support Casey, really, and for everything you've done for me." She waves to her, " I hope we can talk more like...this... later, Casey. See you around..." She bows to Casey.

(Good FTE all around ;; so much fun.)
Doctor Nanjo
01:50 PM ET (US)
Are you gonna stay with Momo and Lyla? I mean I don't think it should be left to just them... You've seen stuff like this before right? You could just help them not lose it, you don't gotta do the killing...
Doctor Nanjo
12:39 AM ET (US)
Look, it's no big deal. You're really saying doing great. You know, everybody in the whole world is a little bad. John isn't just bad though.

Like we keep cutting him slack. I feel like overall, we ain't even gotten close to how a lot of other people would react. We're being so reasonable with him and he doesn't even know what to do so he keeps doubling down harder and harder on his toxic-ass self. I mean dude planned to murder all of us and probably worked with human traffickers to do it! Nobody's ever made me more sick in my entire life! I don't even understand why he think this'd be okay! This whole time he wasted your good heart! You were looking for something that made sense but it doesn't! He's just awful to the core!
10:42 PM ET (US)
"Calm down now Casey..." Penelope sighs, " Well...it seems he doesn't want my help, as much as I'd like to give it..."

She fiddles with her fingers nervously, " I don't like talking to people in that manner...but what he said...well, it was, uh rude...he is, obviously, just trying to mess with us though, it seems...."
Doctor Nanjo
09:34 PM ET (US)
Hs's trash! He's unforgivably, uncompromisingly trash! He just screwed with us to screw with us! I know you wanna help everybody but I'm damn glad he's about to get what's been coming to him.

Good on you for taking the high road while he was trying to mess with you. I don't believe that crap he says, it's always just been to ruin our happiness and I can tell he was trying to get his stupid claws in. You smacked him down though, and it looks like we're making it through this!!
09:18 PM ET (US)
"I know about being a leader figure, yes....I mean, I was kinda a leader of sorts to the people I helped..." She nods, "Don't ever lose your hope Casey...it's a part of what is keeping us all together, you know..?"

Penelope blushes and pulls at her hair, " Yes...well, it's thanks to you I believe...you do make me feel more relaxed...and, all humans are capable of doing good things, of being great, I believe.." She smiles.

"UHHH, w-will do...!" She covers her face, " Don't smash faces..."
Doctor Nanjo
01:19 AM ET (US)
Of course I'm not going to lose my hope! I mean, I used to be a gang leader right? What kind of leader don't know how to stoke the flames of life? If a kid's hype dies out they kind of wither away... and become a husk... uh... but I guess you know all about that already and we're kind of still in a tense situation, so, uh, you know.

But yeah. I feel like we've broken through the glass ceiling on this mystery, and it feels really good to be killing it, right?

(Casey smirks at Penelope)

You are getting less awkward, and that's pretty cool. I feel the same, you know? Like there's something weird about talking to someone who really has their life put together, but the more I talk to you the more I get to see that you're not even that different from me. Like maybe I could be doing something big if I just... well... you know, like escaped the bottom of the barrel somehow.

Speaking of me being from the bottom of the barrel, you're probably gonna have to hold me back when we find that remote, because whoever did this to Dallas is going to get their face smashed in.
09:20 PM ET (US)
"Oh Dallas...it is heartbreaking isn't it..." Penelope bites her lip, " It's too horrible to think about...oh dear. I wish I could do more...I don't like feeling so useless..." She sniffs, " Well, as long as you're holding up okay, Casey. I am sure we'll get whoever did this..." She does her best to smile to Casey. "Don't lose your hope you usually have, it, really encourages me too...!"

She looks flustered, "Uh, well, I'm also glad to know someone who's good like you too...ehehehe, you're really easy to talk to actually. I feel I'm getting less awkward around you...maybe?"
Doctor Nanjo
06:10 PM ET (US)
I'm doing alright. All things considered you and I have pretty airtight alibis, so I ain't scared really, but it is seriously screwing me up that some jackass actually went and freaking screwed it all up man. And poor Dallas man. Innocent life wasted.

(Seeing Penelope's concern, Casey stutters)

B-But the whole point is like at the end of the day I wanna be able to shake hands and say good game and all that, but not if I know they killed someone! Someone who I freaking knew and liked! They're v-vile and I d-don't know how to handle t-this.

(Casey looks weak and sick)

As least I know one person who's for real good. I trust Silas a lot too. I hope I can keep you guys alive going forward.
Edited 03-05-2018 06:11 PM
03:23 PM ET (US)
Penelope looks concerned, "Casey are you alright? You know, I'm always concerned for other people...also, I don't feel like we can really point fingers just yet... I don't like thinking anyone of us are killers....ahhhh, I don't like this, in general...." She sighs, crossing her arms to herself protectively. " I am glad I got to interact with John though...I feel, maybe, I'm getting closer to understanding him...I hope I can break through to him, somehow..." She bites her lip.
Doctor Nanjo
02:11 PM ET (US)
(Nevermind, that was just the sound of the lights going out)
Doctor Nanjo
01:28 PM ET (US)

Penny this sucks! I don't know what's going on. That damn bear really screwed with us! We gotta turn this around! Together! Fff... I'm s mad and sad, dude... And it's so damn confusing...

Did you notice that noise when the power went out, that PSST noise? Also it sounds like Akio was in the room with us if he was wet too... I feel like he might be behind it...

Also I'm glad you got to have a pretty normal interaction with John though at the door. I'm sure that meant a lot to you.
12:06 AM ET (US)
Penelope looks off to the side, a bit downcast, "Well, I know he hasn't been acting like a, uh...team player? But, once you start treating people like they aren't human with feelings, they begin to act out...if we being so aggressive to him...it can encourage worse...also, uh, I don't like the idea of being so...alienating to anyone, you know..." She frowns, " I don't want to seem to hardheaded though, I guess...that's just how I see things, ehehe..."

She nods, " I am glad the issue was solved with minimal violence thanks to Silas..., but like I said, alienating can make things worse...I want to try and be empathetic and understanding to John, as I would with anyone, but his cryptic-ness makes it a bit difficult, I mean, some people are just like that...I still am determined to help him...if only..."
Doctor Nanjo
11:12 PM ET (US)
Sorry about calling John abusive. I knew you were gonna be opposed to that. I dunno. But he's ruined Silas's sketches, put Sachi in a lot of pain, and he put Akio in a lot of pain. He also made Dallas... well um... I guess he was just trying to expose the hypocrisy or whatever of Dallas and Dale, but...

(Casey rolls her eyes and thinks)

Well maybe that tells us that there's something more... that he wants us to like, see the hidden evils in ourselves or whatever. He's such a brat dang it! That's not deep! That's just disrupting us!

(Casey stops herself and hangs her head)

Ugh he's very frustrating. He definitely ain't remind me of no one good from my life. And yeah he's so tough to talk to! It must be so stressful for you that he won't hold a conversation and just like talk to us in ways that aren't cryptic, and wouldn't personally attack us while he does it.

Anyway we did it! We fended him off! Well the whole group did but we helped, and most everyone seems to be picking up their feet and opposing him when he tries to pull stuff! We're such damn geniuses! We're paving the way!
11:02 PM ET (US)
"Something lighter, like, a um, oh a foam bat... but like, the really plushy foamy ones with multiple layers of foam," She nods," That'll get 'em....ehehehehe."

Penelope sighs, looking down," I know, I know...I just, want, to help him...really. I know if I can talk to him, I can help..."
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