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IR 4th Quarter Journal #5: 4/8 Blue

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Shane Spencer
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am reading Dauntless: The Lost Fleet by Jack Cambell. It has 304 pages and I am on page 234.
Fierce fights are fought for the home land and for country by the fleet of the Alliance.
Ready they are to win against the Syndics.
If the Fleet will get home, only time can tell.
Disaster is around ever corner for Geary's Fleet, smart it is to avoid.
All can be lost if those in the Fleet hold petty grievances and jealous behavior.
You should read Dauntless: The Lost Fleet very soon.
Julia Branson
03:51 PM ET (US)
I just got done with my first book for this quarter called Burned. There was 531 pages in it.
F- Payton had FEAR when she was getting attacked by the lion.
R- Payton and Ethan have Reunited because of school.
I- Payton is now an independent person because of her accident.
D- Payton's DAD is an abusive parent.
A- Payton swallowed 8 ADVIL to make the pain go away from her dad beating her.
Y- Payton's dad YELLS at her if she disobeys him.
Nathan Masloski
03:49 PM ET (US)
I am reading Thee Rose Society and there are 395 pages and I stopped on page 183.
Freedom is what the two main characters are looking for. they are constantly being hunted down byt the evil inquisition.
Revenge is a main theme in this book because people who are considered malfettos are going to exterminated if these two young ladies can not stop the mass genocide.
Inquisitors are the main evil forces in this book, they are the ones who blame the mafettos for everything and gets everyone to believe them.
Death, many of the main characters in this book die of tragic deaths which leads the fire to go against everything they don't believe in.
Adelina is a main character who starts her own rebellion and gets her own people to back her up.
Yelling is what many people do when they witness their beloved king die right in front of them from a cursed woman who everyone will so fear.
Gabrielle Englund
03:49 PM ET (US)
My book is called Perfect. The book has 622 pages, and I stopped on page 151.
F- Fearful that some one might find out Cara's secret, she hides behind a fake identity.
R- Remembering how she used to look is something Kendra wants to forget. After all the rhinoplasty, and plastic surgery she hopes she can reinvent herself into someone better.
I- Irritated, Angry, and steroid using Sean sees Cara as a way out of his rough life. Little does Sean know, Cara has her own dirty little secrets.
D- Do they realize how hard it is to be normal? Its not like my secret couldn't hurt my mom's precious Life. -Cara
A- All my parents ever did was get divorced, then feel bad. But hey, at least they pay for the surgeries. - Kendra
Y- Yes I use steroids, but it's not like I have parents here to stop me. Both my parents are dead, leaving me with my uncle and my little brother. - Sean
Kobe Moldrem
03:49 PM ET (US)
I am reading The World Trade Center Attack. I am on page 33 of 192.

F: Feared. The al-qaeda terrorist group was feared by many civilians after the 9/11 attacks.
R: Revenge. The United States and many allies set up troops in Afghanistan a little less than a month after the attacks for revenge.
I: Innocent. A lot of innocent people died that horrific day. 2,934 confirmed dead, 40 reported dead, and 26 missing.
D: Dangerously. The people on the floors above the planes point of impact dangerously jumped to their deaths and sometimes killing others by landing on them.
A: Aftermath: The aftermath was horrific, with a mountain of rubble after the towers collapsed.
Y: Yearly: Every year, people relook and rethink the day that America changed forever.
Sheylee Stowers
03:48 PM ET (US)
I'm reading the book American Sniper, which has 376 pages, and I'm finished with my book.

F- Fighting occurs a lot in this book because it's during the middle of a war.
R- During war, a lot of people were rescued from danger.
I- Islamic people were killed during this time period either due to shootings or bombs.
D- Death was very common in Iraq during the war.
A- All of the American troops were close to one another.
Y- Young children took a part in the war.
Riley Hollander
03:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading Brian's return, it has 115 pages and today i stopped on page 30.
F- Furiously Brian beats up Carl at a pizza place
R- Running from the moose Brian has to figure out ways to beat it.
I- Inside the snow mice make tunnels and as Brian looks down one he sees an entire family nesting.
D- Dangerously Brian starts to beat up Carl who is about twice his size and plays football.
A- Anyone who would try and see what Brian went through could not see.
Y- Yesterday Brian had to visit a counselor for his actions,
Nathan Hanisch
03:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading Alex Rider Point Blank. It has 215 pages, and I stopped on page 84.
Friend, is the last name of the millionaire that Alex has to pretend to be the son of.
Risks, is one of the main themes in this book.
Intelligent, is what Alex Rider is.
Deportation, is what is happening to Alex
Alex Rider has to pretend that he is the son of a millionaire.
You always have to be ready if you are a spy
Noah Vettrus
03:48 PM ET (US)
I finished on page 230 of 405 of the book The Rule of Three.

Finally Lori and Adam are able to talk to each other and neither are too nervous.
Rationing food has become important for the neighborhood to have enough.
Incredibly Adam lives next door to a retired CIA agent who can help them survive.
Death will be inevitable for all of them if they don't come together.
All the people in the neighborhood have come together very well.
Yards have been turned into fields to plant crops to grow food.
Sarah Chmelar
03:48 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading UnDivided by Neal Shusterman. There are 372 pages and I stopped on page 157 today.
Frightened, Connor is because he has decided to go see his parents after all theses years. He doesn't know what they will do when he gets there, but he's willing to take the risk.
Right is what Starkey wants to be, but he is starting a new war that will cause all sorts of issues.
Interested in the organ printer, the AWOL unwinds are.
Doing something to stop Connor from going to his parents is what Risa wants to be able to do.
At last Connor has confronted his parents.
Young Levi is determined to make the reserve better, but feels as though he has failed since the council did not agree with what he wants.
Steven Zacharias
03:46 PM ET (US)
The book i am reading is Red Blood, Black Sand. There's 315 pages and i stopped on page 57.

Friendship is a huge roll is the book. Chuck Tatum really goes into detail about all of the friends he makes while in the Marines.
Rough training is what he has to go threw to pass basic training.
Independence is what is is looking for while in the Marines.
Death is what he start to counter when he is shipped out to fight the Japanese.
All around him danger lies waiting to attack him
Yesterday was the only easy day for Chuck.
Silhouette Smith
03:46 PM ET (US)
The name of my book is If We Survive and I stopped on page 88 of 399.
F-From here on out the group of missionaries must find a way to out run the hostile group of natives people.
R- Running through the jungle is risky business, they may get killed trying to run away from the enemy.
I- I think this book is worth the read and is extremely intense all the way through the book.
D- Daring to take the lead, Carlos teaches the missionaries to survive in the jungle.
A- After running for about a week they run into this group of hidden American soldiers trying to find a safe way to escape without getting caught.
Y- "Your life in the jungle means nothing to those people"- Carlos
Makayla Schilling
03:46 PM ET (US)
I just started Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell today I finished on page 76 out of 184 pages.
Fearful: This is how the main character feels when she seed that her whole village is burnt to the ground and there is no one to be seen.
Resources: She has to use her resources to find a place to sleep and to find food and water.
Instincts: She has to act fast when she sees the wolfs and she has to run away from them so that they do not get to kill her.
Dolphin: When she is canoeing she sees dolphins.
Attire: she only has the cloths she is wearing, but she makes cloths out of the plants around her.
Yellow: She describes the sunset as yellow and orange like a burning fire.
Rachel Kramer
03:46 PM ET (US)
I am reading Once. It has 163 pages and I stopped on page 21.

F - Felix. The main character in this book is Felix.
R - Riot. When Felix found a whole carrot in his soup and some other kids saw, a riot started about it.
I - Isolation. All the kids in the orphanage are isolated. They have to stay in the buildings and can't go anywhere.
D - Dodie. Dodie is Felix's best friend thats also in the orphanage.
A - Angry. When the officials come to the orphanage, Mother Minka is angry at them. They start burning all the books and its making her mad.
Y - Yellow. The notebook that Felix carries around and writes in is yellow.
Emily Kramer
03:46 PM ET (US)
I finished reading Whatever happened to Janie. There was 199 pages. And I started Deadly by Sarah N. Harvey.
F- Fearing that Janie would never come back, Jennie waited for her at the orphanage.
R- Researching how she could find here sister Jennie looked for days on the internet
I- Inside the school building every student had to be accounted for by there name tags.
D- Discovering her sister, which had moved across the country, Jennie began her trip.
A- Arriving at her sisters house Janie was very surprised and happy.
Y- Young Jennie was able to stay with her sister but she had to be quite about her whereabout.
Corwin McBreen
03:46 PM ET (US)
I am reading Dog tags strays.There are 206 pages and i stopped on 68.
Finding traps in the jungle is Ajax job in the army.
Reading a comic passes the time for Chuck at the military base.
In the afternoon Chuck has to train Ajax to keep him always learning.
Days after the first patrol Mose gets shot in the arm and is air lifted out of the jungle.
At point Chuck and Ajax are alway at the front looking for people or traps in the jungle.
You always have to look for traps on patrol in the jungle.
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