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Colonel TomPerson was signed in when posted
08:17 AM ET (US)
Hey, Trooper Jardine: you may be conducting a class on gun cleaning, but you have, to date, FAILED TO REGISTER FOR THE SHOOT! Don't worry, your transit papers are in order and the Prez says you can stay until at least the end of the month!
Gun Plumber JardinePerson was signed in when posted
11:04 AM ET (US)
Ahoy y’all. On Friday the 18 th at 8pm 2000hrs (after registration closes) I’ll be conducting a basic gun cleaning workshop in the canteen building thanks to Tommy.
All welcome its just the basics and shouldn’t take more than half an hour.
You don’t need to bring a thing but you’re welcome to bring your pistols, some oil and a .45cal toothbrush 😁
Cindy StavelyPerson was signed in when posted
03:23 PM ET (US)
Red and Tommy will be providing the Peacemakers dinner on Saturday, January 19 after the match ends. Remember to pre-register so we can have a head count for dinner! See you then!
Muleskinner CarolPerson was signed in when posted
07:22 PM ET (US)
Just a little donkey,
but on my back I bore
The one and only Savior
the world was waiting for.

Just a little donkey,
but I was strong and proud—
I gladly carried Mary
through the chaos of the crowd.

I brought her to a stable
where she made a tiny bedů
A place for Baby Jesus
to lay His little head.

I pray the world remembers
that special Christmas night
When just a little donkey
carried Heaven’s Precious Light.

By Rita Beer
Gun Plumber JardinePerson was signed in when posted
07:05 PM ET (US)

I’ve loaded some men’s shirts into our trailer so I won’t have to borrow Jean’s in future. Alain I have a brand new pair of Scully 100% cotton pants black size 32 for sale. Reg price about $70. First $30 takes em. PM for more info
Mike LancasterPerson was signed in when posted
10:09 AM ET (US)

A group of club members approached me and asked if they could conduct the monthly practices at L Cross for 2019, insuring that any shortfall of expense would be covered by this group of fellow club members. I presented this before the Board of Directors and they voted YES!

Starting January 12 2019, FPCMSA will have a practice at our competition arena L Cross Equestrian Center. Dates and times are also on our club calendar. There will be more info posted soon. Please check here and your emails from fpcmsa@gmail.com.

As always thanks for your support and hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and great New Year!
Mike Lancaster

Dates: January 12, 2019, February 9th, March 9th, April 20th, May 11th, June 15th, July 13th, August 10th
Patti HPerson was signed in when posted
11:46 AM ET (US)
What Ken said! Everyone please have a Merry Christmas and be safe.
Gun Plumber JardinePerson was signed in when posted
06:39 PM ET (US)
Ahoy y’all. Jean and I want to thank the board and volunteers in the club for again providing us with a smooth safe fun weekend of shooting. We truly appreciate your efforts and think the balloon setters were the best we’ve had in a long time.
Merry Christmas to all y’all we hope you have a peaceful love filled holiday.
Muleskinner CarolPerson was signed in when posted
01:18 PM ET (US)
Sadie Mae sends Christmas greetings, and says to tell you that it was her kin that carried HIM to the manger. https://www.facebook.com/raystevensmusic17.../10155860490169871/
Angie LancasterPerson was signed in when posted
03:18 PM ET (US)
Tom I would be disappointed if you didnt!!! See you all next weekend!
Angie LancasterPerson was signed in when posted
03:12 PM ET (US)
Omg John that is too funny!!! Its possible you might just get a bid!!!
John HowardPerson was signed in when posted
07:17 PM ET (US)
Good evening! I'm auctioning my RV spot on E-bay this Monday, starting bid will be $80.
Colonel TomPerson was signed in when posted
07:37 AM ET (US)
Fear not, I will hunt you down Friday with both my check and my drink in my hands....
Angie LancasterPerson was signed in when posted
06:57 AM ET (US)
Yes Tom you are correct the shavings did not show up on the registration. Though the match has already reached its limit I might still be able to make changes otherwise carry on Sir, you know the routine. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend. Also if it is chilly weather we will be having registration next weekend in the restaurant from around 5pm to 8pm on Friday night.
Colonel TomPerson was signed in when posted
08:07 AM ET (US)
When I saw your State shoot message I immediately registered, but I did see that there is no column for extra shavings - which is going to add to your workload since folks won't have it in their checks. The usual $6.50/bag, I assume. I'll just add my extra shavings to my check, but I would think you might want to add it to the online form.
Angie LancasterPerson was signed in when posted
06:42 PM ET (US)
Yes the State match is up, YAY!! Plz register ASAP. We had to put a 125 limit. Emails with details of State match will start after the holidays. Carol, no need to pay until the week of the match as usual.
 Please check the 2019 calendar for practice dates. You guys have been asking for Lady Lake practices and we were able to work out dates with L Cross for February through August on the weekend before our matches. All match dates for 2019 are on calendar also. A special thanks to Patti Hynds for getting all these dates on our website.
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