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Ask me anything about car leasing

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09:37 AM ET (US)
Thanks, Markus. Again, you didn't respond to the question, which is telling. Congrats on the FTC not cracking down.
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Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
09:15 AM ET (US)
Hey Neil,

I think it is great that you can do it all yourself without any of my help. You should go for it.

- markus
09:00 AM ET (US)
Well why do you place so much emphasis on your ability to make "no down payment"? It is simple to get "no down payment" by oneself anyway, so why feature that so prominently? I mean, it is sort of like saying "I can help you stay at a hotel without a deposit for incidentals." I've rarely had a problem saying no that deposit either, as long as I say "you can remove the incidentals from my room." Sometimes they actually remove them, often not.

FTC are REALLY cracking down on claims? How about this, to be more accurate: The FTC always cracks down on false claims eventually.
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Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
07:22 AM ET (US)
In the past, I would say that my average client saved between $6,000.00 and $10,000.00 more than "working a deal" themselves.

How? Instead of getting prices from 1 or 2 dealers, we use an app I created to contact dozens of general managers selling the same car. Plus, I have a list of the most aggressive dealers - sorted by car manufacturer.


The FTC are REALLY cracking down on claims. So I cannot guarantee anything. It is so bad right now I do not even offer a money back guarantee - again, because it implies a claim.

So, the only thing I can suggest is to look at the success stories on my site - these are unsolicited case studies of the savings:


- markus
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11:28 PM ET (US)
Hi Markus,

I've never paid any sort of down payment or deposit on my leased cars. It hasn't been that hard to do, for me or other people I know. And I have easily found my desired car's money factor and residual online for the particular month I choose to lease. I have always gotten very very competitive deals at ends of the month or year all by myself. Yes, you are knowledgeable, but what kind of value are you adding here if "no down payment" is your top selling point?

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Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
01:41 PM ET (US)
Hey Nelson,

The quick answer is no. I would NEVER EVER lease a used car.

It makes sense logically. I get it...

But I have never seen a manufacturer incentive to move their used car inventory. And that is where the big savings come in - check this out:

Even program cars (courtesy cars loaned out by the dealership to their service clients) are almost never good deals... no matter what they claim in their ads.

With my system, you never ever put cash down. This is known as sign and drive. We always go for a sign and drive lease, because it keeps dealerships honest when we get quotes from them. (It also lets us keep our cash for better uses... like investments). I never invest money in declining assets... and a car's value plunges year after year.

- markus
12:40 PM ET (US)
Hi Markus

I just found your website and I am blown away by your site, I just started the process of getting another car and was seriously considering an off lease dealer with several locations the closest to me in Orlando,Fl but then when I ran the vin # I learned the
car had been in a couple of accidents.

Which really surprised and turned me off, my question is do you recommend using one of these off lease dealers, or can you get an even better deal with a brand new lease on a new car and does the drive off the lot immediate depreciation matter when leasing.

I'm now looking at the sign & drive new lease offers and they all say, with a big deposit if I understand correctly there is zero down with your system?
Deleted by author 03-25-2018 02:09 PM
05:42 PM ET (US)
I have bad credit so I can get a car for just 45 down
Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
03:46 PM ET (US)
Hey MRo,

During the entire year of 2017, I was "on call". I fielded over 1,500 helpdesk requests... handholding during the entire process. I even traveled to some of my client's homes and recorded video of them using my system.

I have since grouped these questions and published them... sorted by answers. These are all in my KTL Leasing System.

I am no longer on call. And since just about every question is answered, I no longer get requests for help.

While I understand the fear, there is nothing to be nervous about. Just follow my system and have fun. Really. Getting a new car is fun when you do it all from home.

- markus
02:35 PM ET (US)
Hi Markus,

I came across this while doing some research on leasing a car. I am a young-ish female professional who would like to lease a car on my own (sans any help from other males in my life) but am quite nervous about it. Your blog and videos have really caught my interest but I'm wondering if there's any actual real-time help/guidance from you (which I'm hoping for) once I purchase your package, or if it's more a step-by-step guide (which makes me a bit nervous).

Hope to hear from you!
Markus Allen
08:04 PM ET (US)
Also, can you delete the post you just made here - remember, my templates not for public consumption:

- markus
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Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
08:26 PM ET (US)
Hey Brooklyndo2,

Welcome aboard.

Remember, with my system, we never pay a downpayment.

Spam the nation - not at all. Devour my system... it will all make sense.

- markus
08:22 PM ET (US)
Thanks Markus ,

I actually bought your package earlier today. Will see what happens. The link you provided below had a 5k down payment on their site. (Lol)

So should I spam the whole nation ? I don’t mind doing that. I’m not far from your neck of the woods. Between state college and Wyoming Audi
Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
11:44 AM ET (US)
Hey Brooklyndo,

Yes, my system works with any specific car sold in the USA - including the Audi TT. (The exception is Tesla - they sell direct and do not discount).

And most important: NEVER, EVER get pricing on a new car at the dealership. My clients do all the pricing stuff from their home or office - via email only.

Here is an Audi TT at an outstanding discount:

Even though this car is being sold in Orlando, I show my clients how to duplicate this deal virtually anywhere in the lower 48 of the USA.

- markus
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