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[F6] Sebastian and Oliver

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06:55 AM ET (US)
Seb managed a small smile in response to that. "Maybe. I'm not sure I could ask for anything else, really. Being able to just be yourself... That might well be all anyone wants, really. I hope that you, too, are able to be everything you want to be when you get out."

He turned and took one last shot at the pins. It was the best shot he'd made all game: maybe he'd finally felt relaxed and comfortable.
01:00 PM ET (US)
"Yeah. That's the best thing you can do," Oliver agreed, flashing Seb a grin. "I know that you're a good kid, Seb. If-- no, when we get out of here, I'm sure you'll be able to just... be yourself again. No worrying about that whole business anymore."
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04:45 PM ET (US)
Seb turned back and nodded. "I kept helping him for a year because I thought there were no alternatives, that it was better to just keep quiet and keep it a secret. It's too late to tell if I was wrong now that Bennett is dead, but I can't help but wonder if I should have just come out and said something back then anyway. The most I can do is start being honest about it now."
03:14 PM ET (US)
Oliver looked a little unsettled for a moment by this revelation as he looked at Seb. After a few moments, though, he gently smiled at him. "I see. Well... in all honesty, you were a witness. You had to do what you had to in order to earn his trust. You didn't want to be needlessly killed by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And in all likelihood, he would have hurt you had you not done that. So... I understand. I'm just very glad that bloody bastard was brought to justice."

He looked over to the pins and readied himself to take another shot, but then glanced back at Seb. "Thank you for your honesty. It must have been weighing on you, so... I'm glad you decided to come out and say it."
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03:00 PM ET (US)
"I don't mind. Really. Or better put, I shouldn't shy away from it," Seb answered earnestly. "And there's something I should make clear about that, anyway... Bennett never threatened me, nor anyone close to me. Not outright, at least. Everything I did, I chose to do. The very first time I found him at a crime scene, I started cleaning up before he said a word. I judged it the only way to survive, if I was more useful to him alive than dead. Not once did he make me work for him... I merely became convinced all by myself that it was the only option available to me."

After saying this he abruptly turned back to his lane, making a haphazard shot with the ball he'd still been holding. "Sorry if you were looking to change topics, I just... didn't want that to go unsaid."
11:34 AM ET (US)
"I suppose so... Though it was still rather unfair, what he did to you. You had to serve him, or else he'd hurt you and those you care about. How despicable... I only hope your sentence is light," Oliver replied, getting ready to roll the ball out again.

"But, ah, let's not talk about that and put a damper on the mood, hmm?"
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11:26 AM ET (US)
"Ahh, well... I assume I'll have to serve time first," Seb replied, judging the topic serious enough to properly address Oliver. "Even I don't think that I should go entirely unpunished for what I did, the law's the law. Things are different for minors though, so I can't really be certain what will actually happen."
10:02 AM ET (US)
Oliver's ball returned at the same time as Seb's, and he shrugged as he grabbed it. "Well... if -- no, when we get out of here, I'm sure you'll be able to live your life to its fullest now that the bastard that used you is gone. I'm sincerely sorry you had to go through something like that."
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07:54 AM ET (US)
"That's a very optimistic perspective you have," Seb noted, picking the ball up as it returned and then quickly turning to face his lane. "I wish I could be even half as positive about things."
04:54 PM ET (US)
"That's a very good point!" Oliver said, casually leaning against the machine next to him, waiting for his ball to return as well. "Sadly, there is quite a bit of competition... But I definitely won't give up. And if I end up not making it, I'll just be happy that I was able to do what I love and entertain people."
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07:06 PM ET (US)
"Well, if you ask me, it sounds like you rather deserve to get rich and famous," Seb said, watching the ball-return machine and waiting for the bowling ball to return. "That way your performances would reach even more people, a win-win."
05:31 PM ET (US)
[irl drama is a big fat meanie that keeps me from replying. Sorry for another late response.]

"Haha, it's quite alright. No harm was done, Seb," Oliver jovially replied, smiling a bit as he saw the surprised boy finally make eye contact with him. "I'll admit that when I was younger, I had aspirations of being rich and famous, and enjoying it greatly. But I'm fine with not being a worldwide superstar as long as I'm able to maintain a steady career and keep people smiling."

Oliver took another shot at the four pins left up, and was able to get two of them down, netting him eight points total.
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02:44 AM ET (US)
[Forgot to mention this but this EFL is now permanent]
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06:30 PM ET (US)
"Really?" Seb's voice seemed to catch, and he turned to face Oliver properly for perhaps the first time since they'd met in the bowling alley. "Um, sorry if I sound surprised, it's just... That's such a wonderful worldview to have. I wasn't expecting it. Um." He looked away again, though this time it seemed out of embarrassment more than anything. "If that sounded rude at all I apologise. It's been a while since I've had any proper conversations, the ones in these caves are some of the first meaningful ones I've had for a year now. I'm a little rusty."

He tried to calm down, and his expression seemed to manage it, but then he promptly rolled a gutter ball. Whoops.
05:07 PM ET (US)
Oliver stepped forward in his own lane and bowled as well, doing his best to keep his form clean and professional. Six pins down. Not bad, but he could do better. "Ah, uh, yeah. About that. Honestly, seeing another person bring happiness to so many people as well, and pull forward of me in terms of popularity a bit... It made me a tad bit jealous, if I must admit. Seeing more people smile at her act, not to mention that I was afraid it would hurt my chances at going big," he conceded, going to grab another ball.

"But I've had an epiphany as of late: I shouldn't be the only one to bring joy to people. After all, music is not everyone's cup of tea, and some may prefer to watch dancing over music. And on the other side, some may prefer music to dancing. It all comes down to perspective. I can't please everyone, or make everyone like me, so... I realized that there isn't any point in trying to do that. If people prefer something else over my music, that's fine. As long as they're happy... well, I'm happy. That's all that matters in the end to me."
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05:26 PM ET (US)
Seb nodded, picking up a ball of his own. "That's probably for the best. You always hear stories about the ones that get too big-headed, it rarely ends well. Personally I would hate to be in a position that prevented me from thinking clearly and just being myself."

Turning to the lanes, he took aim, stepped forward and bowled. 7 pins down. Nothing special, but decent enough. "Though, um... Well, it didn't look like you were happy with Lavender hogging the spotlight back then," he continued awkwardly, keeping his gaze down as he fumbled to pick up a second ball.
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