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Deleted by author 03-12-2020 05:41 PM
Richard VanPerson was signed in when posted
03:59 PM ET (US)
HOW TO USE THIS MESSAGE BOARD: If you’re looking to find a team to join, provide your details – name, age range, preferred position (lead, vice, etc.), preferred league (Tuesdays, Thursdays, either) and some way for people to contact you. NOTE: This is not a secure or private site, so use your discretion about what personal or contact information you provide. See sample entries below. The “lcc . evening . men” email address goes to the section chair; if you use that as your contact address, be sure to send a separate email to that address so that we can forward any responses to you.

WANT YOUR POST DELETED? If you are successful in matching up or otherwise to do not your message to remain posted, please let us know (at the lcc. Evening . men @ gmail . com” address) and we will delete your message. Or, you can simply add a new post: “This is “YourName – no more calls please – we have a match!”

Sample #1: I am looking to join a reasonably competitive Thursday team. I’ve curled for 10 years and am a vice in the Mixed League (Flight 3). Contact me via the Leaside club roster. John Doe.

Sample #2: Our team played Tuesdays in Flight 2 and 3 last year. We need one front-end player. Contact Bob Anonymous by email bobanon @ service . net

Sample #3: New to the city, have curled in the Brier, hoping to skip a team that’s just fired their captain. Either night is fine. Contact lcc . evening . com and they’ll forward your message to me.

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