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IR Journal #5: 1/31/19

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Felicia Lowe
12:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book The Only Thing To Fear by Caroline Tung Richmond. Today, I stopped on page 121 out of 280.

Free: The word free means a lot to the people in the book because the want to be free of the Nazi party. For them to be free they need to work together and show the nazis what there made of.
Resistant: The whole book is about how Zara wants to join the Resistant and find more recruits. But every time she tries to join someone is there to stop her.
Oppression: Zara feels like her life is always oppressed by the Nazis and it has. She has to do things that no other child would ever think of doing.
Zara: Zara is a young girl, who is the main character in the book. She has to fight to save the people she loves and the things she loves. By fighting, Zara finds out more secrets about her powers.
Enemy: The biggest enemy in the whole book would be the Nazis. They are curl and don't treat the people the way they should be treated. They are the biggest threat in the whole book and they control everything.
Nazi: After WWII, the Nazis won and took over the United States and other countries. But what they don't know is that there are people getting ready to fight and take back what is theirs.
Abbie Cain
01:05 AM ET (US)
I am reading The Eyes of The Dragon by Stephen King and today I stopped on page 90 of 372.

Flagg, a magician and advisor to the king. Flagg has evil plans in store for the kingdom.
Rivalry between the two princes caused by the desire to be king. Flagg also has something to do with the conflict between the brothers.
Originated in the Kingdom of Delain and is told by an unnamed narrator. The narrator interacts with the reader asking questions as the story develops.
Zipped lips. Many secrets are kept in this novel especially by Flagg as he plans to destroy the kingdom.
Elegant fairy tale novel. A fantasy novel with a twist.
Nobles Peter and Thomas are the Princes in the novel. Peter is the older of the two and is loved by the kingdom and is a worthy future king. Flagg, However has other plans for the kingdom.
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Elliot Uehling
10:32 AM ET (US)
I started a book called 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green. I'm on page 40 out of 313.

W- 'The Fault In Our Stars' is a book that almost shows how love isn't a WEAKNESS. They show that no matter what obstacles, love is strong.

I- The book keeps you INTERESTED the whole time. It constantly keeps you wondering what'll happen next.

N- It NEVER stops breaking your heart. It makes you happy then tears you down.

T- The book is a TRIUMPH when it comes to young adult novels because it doesn't really have a happy ending.

E- The book is very EMOTIONAL. Throughout the whole book, you feel a wide variety of different emotions. You never know if you'll be sad, happy, laughing, or crying.

R- This book makes you REALIZE that there's so little time in this world so you must make the most of it.
Austin Brookfield
09:40 AM ET (US)
I Finished the bool "Navigating Early" (306pp) and just started my other book called " Dare Me" and I stopped today on page 60 of 336

W. " Dare Me" is very wild, they do a serious of stunts based on what the people of their channel want them to do.
I. This story is very intriguing, they have very weird plot twists in it. They jump from spot to spot and I love that most about that.
N. Not the best book right now, but mainly because I just started reading it. I haven’t found the rising action and the climax yet.
T. The Setting of this story is outside and mainly in the high school.
E. Early in the book they give examples of what they have to do for pranks, they give all the characters in the book a good scare.
R. This book is very Receiving, it tells us in detail what it occurring in the book and gives us good examples to think about the setting.
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Cooper Maras
11:03 PM ET (US)
I am reading Old School Grit by Darrin Donnelly I am on page 40 of 155

Fighting for his life and family.
Ready to do whatever it takes.
Only his family and what life he has left.
Zoned in on helping his grandchildren.
Everyone there for him and him for them.
Nothing will stop him from being the best he can be for himself and others.
Aysia Hall
02:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book The Naturals and I am on page 172 of 308.

W- Within the story, there's a small group of super-natural powered kids called the Naturals. With these powers, the kids are able to solve "cold cases," which are cases that haven't been solved by normal detectives.

I- In the book The Naturals, the main characters name is Cassie. If she can't stand staying within the program, she will be eliminated.

N - Nonna, Cassie's grandmother, did not want Cassie to leave. Nevertheless, Cassie wanted to solve cases due to her mothers murder.

T - The Naturals include a variety of different powers. The one teenager with the lying powers, Lia, seems to have drama added with it.

E - Every "natural" is a teenager, and they're found in many different ways. Evaluating crimes, each natural has the power to read minds, read emotions, or read a victims whole life.

R - Realizing the matter of ways people get killed, Cassie starts to investigate. Ranging from knives to guns, the serial killers use many different objects to attack their victims.
Braidon Downs
01:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading the dead I stoped of pg 207 of 485 today

Fighting to stay alive. Fear of death and adults.
Rescuing other kids. resting is a bliss
Organizing a scav group. over stressed
Zombie inspired. zombies are not in the book
Ed, the leader. ed will lead us.
Natural illness no one knows. nations are dead for good.
Fallon Jackman
11:10 AM ET (US)
today I am reading the book hollow city by Ransom Riggs. I stoped at page 51 of 396.

When I resumed reading my book I was at the part where all the peculiar children had finally got to the island of Whales. but now they are lost and there are people in big black balloon and submarines looking for them, so they have to stay out of sight while they try to find there way back to the main part of Whales.

In the next part after they get lost they all have a big argument about how Jacob is going to help them in a big way but not all the children think he will help in any way. Jacob is only half peculiar and that makes some of the other full peculiar kids not trust him as much.

Nothing really big happened in the section that I read today. the biggest things that happened was when Jacob and Emma were out of the rocks and Jacob kissed her even if it hurt him because of her peculiar ways.

towards the end of the reading it got really slow and not much happened. at the very end of my reading Jacob and Emma were almost caught by one of the submarines and they had to rush to tell the others that they were close.

even thought I am only 51 pages in to the book there is still a lot you need to know from the first book and there is still a lot of action but a lot of slow parts to. the book almost continues from the end of the second book

relevantly to the end of the reading I did I was not spurred at what happened. Jacob and Emma where not being carefully of where they were at when it was getting to be night time
Rachel Eickman
11:08 AM ET (US)
I am reading the survival book called The 100 by Kass Morgan. I stopped reading on page 146 out of 323.
When the ship carrying the 100 teenagers fell to earth, many of them died. When they landed, everyone was fighting over the supplies and food.
In the book, the time changes from past to present. I like this because it informs me as the story progresses why they were put into confinement.
Now, the 100 must fight to survive. None of the 100 know what is safe on earth (the deer, the water, the air).
The people on the ship in space still have no clue that the leaders made 100 children go to earth. The parents of the children in confinement still think their kids are locked up in jail, not on earth.
Earth is radioactive due to a nuclear war. Even though the children are criminals, they need to find a sort of governance so they don't all die.
Resilience will keep the alive. Recolonizing the planet will help save the human race.
Chelsea Shumaker 1/31/19
11:07 AM ET (US)
I am reading Perfect Chemistry. There is 355 pages, I am on page 185.

W- When Alex meets Brittany, he thinks she is just a popular girl, who gets everything she wants. But Brittany has had a bad home life, and Alex wants to know what it is.
I- I would have never read this kind of book. But I like it so far. I love the way the author makes it an adventure book but also a mystery book.
N- Never in her life, would eighteen year old Brittany, trust a person outside her family. Brittany has a sister with a disability, and her parents are threatening to send her away to a different state.
T- The life, Brittany wants is to be in a chemistry major. But she was to overcome many obstacles to get to her dream college.
E- Everything is a challenge for both of the main characters. Overall, I like this book so far.
R- Reading this book has made me want to read more books like this. Finally, I would really recommend this book to anyone that likes a adventure and mystery book.
Karlye Maras
11:06 AM ET (US)
I am reading In the Shadow of the Sun. It has 303 pages and today I stopped on page 225

W hen Mia and Simon left the farmhouse they walked for many miles. Eventually they got tired and hungry.
I t ended up so cold that they had to light a fire to warm up. Which was risky because the smoke could give them away.
N ow they are on their way to the border. However they are not walking a man is driving them.
T hey met this guy when he found them because of the smoke. He then took them to his house and fed them.
E ven his grandmother was nice to them and took them in. In fact she helped serve them food.
R ight now Simon and Mia are no longer hungry and they are almost to the border. By this man finding them it helped them enormously.
Cole Miles
11:06 AM ET (US)
I'm currently reading Divided we fall and I started on page 14 and ended on page 31.

Cadem Ideker
11:05 AM ET (US)
I am reading The Darkest Path, by Jeff Hirsch. It has 320 pages and I have read 309 of them.

W- War has torn Cal and James apart. When they were only six years old.
I- Ithaca brought them back together. It holds them in a familiar place, where they grew up.
N- Nothing can separate them now. Nothing except for their parents.
T- That's when their parents left, to Canada, fleeing the war. They were given the choice but, will they make it through?
E- Everyone has choices, will they sty home or will they find their parents. Even Callum and James don't make the right choices all the time.
R- Resilience is their key to success. Resting won't be happening until they find them.
Eleanor Dick
11:04 AM ET (US)
I am reading Comeback and am on page 209 of 306.

Wrongfully accused, Morava has been shut down and some of the girls have been sent to Montana. Morava was a strict camp for teens who got into bad stuff.
In Montana, the rules are much different. It is more relaxed which I think will still help most of the girls.
Now, Mia kind of wants to run away but will stay. She wants to leave because she can but deep down she knows whats right for her and that is to stay.
Throughout this process, I believe Mia will change for the better. She already has made progress and I think she will leave there being clean.
Even though change is hard, she is adapting pretty quickly. She doesn't like it at first but it is starting to grow on her and she starts to enjoy it.
Rough, this whole process has been rough. Having to watch Morava shut down, to traveling across the world, to staying in a completely different was tough but will result nicely.
Makara jackson
11:03 AM ET (US)
My current book is the summer I turned pretty by Jenny Han. I am on page 222 of 276. 1/31/19

W While reading this book it flips through current and past events, like flashbacks. Sometimes it can be quite confusing to keep up with.
I In this book their are a lot of scenarios that change very quickly, which I like, it helps me stay focused while reading. I rarely get off track while reading it.
N Not only is this book a very good set up, but the story line is great for teens. I think it is very relatable in the way that it portrays the characters and their feelings.
T Times while reading this book I feel like I can relate to an exact moment perfectly. The emotions these characters feel are very real.
E Every time I pick up this book I feel like I am transporting myself to summer. The descriptions of the beach and the sun and pool are all so real.
R Reading this book is really fun. I'm also excited to read the next books in the series.
Ethan Kueter
11:03 AM ET (US)
Today I finished reading Hatchet by Gary Paulson and started reading The Winter Room by Gary Paulsen. I got to page 18 of 98.

Warm: Brian must stay warm so that he doesn't get hypothermia. If he gets hypothermia he may die.
Intelligent: Brian must be sharp and intelligent in order to survive. One little mistake he may die.
Nothing: In order for Brian to survive, nothing is more important than food and water. Without food and water he will have no energy and won't survive.
Tough: Brian has to be tough. If he wast tough he would not have survived this long.
Eager: Brian must be eager to find food. Food is key to survival.
Ration: Brian must ration his food so he doesn't run out. Running out of food would be very bad for him.
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