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Beacon Summer SAILS (Supporting Adolescent Independent Living Skills) program

Beacon ABAPerson was signed in when posted
01:52 PM ET (US)
We are excited for our first outing tomorrow! Please be sure to send whatever amount of money may be necessary for cost. This is a great opportunity for the kids/teens to practice money skills in the community as well! Parents - please also ensure that you have the contact information for your therapist! The group leads are Reeva Morton, 443-996-9471, and John Borthwick, 904-610-9153, in the event parents need to get ahold of the group at any time, if your therapist is not able to respond to your call or texts! Each therapist will have the contact information for each client as well! Thanks so much!
Dr. Reeva
08:07 AM ET (US)
Hi there!

This is the official schedule for June 17 and June 24.

June 17th - Leave the clinic to head to Chick-fil-a at 1pm. Then, we will go to Bowl America (about 1.5 miles down from the clinic). Please send at least 20 dollars for June 17th’s activities.
($4/game, $4 for shoes, $8 for food??)

June 24th -Pack a lunch and eat at clinic. Leave for the MOSH at 1:00 pm.
Please send at least 12 dollars for admission to the MOSH. It is 15 dollars for adults.

Please pick up at the clinic at 4 pm but if you need to have special arrangements made talk to your individual therapists.
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06:41 PM ET (US)

We are looking forward to an exciting and educational summer with our Monday activities! Mornings will consist of activities unique to each client's needs and goals, with clients splitting off individually and/or into smaller groups or pairings with their therapists. Lunch activities will occur between 12 - 1 and will be either in clinic or off-site (we will let you know ahead of time and you are welcome to send a lunch if you prefer not to have your child purchase one, either way). Afternoon outings will occur between 1 - 4 as a large group! We will have releases for each parent to sign before outings. Please be sure to let your individual therapists know when you plan to miss a day because we hope to see you every Monday.

This message board will be a great way to stay in touch and in the know about activities and any changes! Please sign up for email alerts!

Tentative Monday Schedule

June 10th: Shopping trip and lunch at the clinic
June 17th: open for discussion and lunch off site
June 24th:MOSH and lunch at the clinic **
July 1st: Water Day and lunch off site
July 8th: Library Trip and lunch at the clinic
July 15th: Beach Trip and lunch off site
July 22nd: Krispy Kreme Tour ** and lunch at the clinic
July 29th: Shopping Trip and lunch off site
August 5th: Library Trip and lunch at the clinic

** tentative activity

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