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Witch Hunt #9 - Fable

11:38 PM ET (US)
Daisaku Bandai

Seems carefree in terms of tone. I dislike most of their posts but it absolutely seems to be on a playstyle basis. They don't think things through but they seem to believe what they say (I think it's just an attention span issue) . I'd lean villager here.

Fujimori Ayumu

373 seems like a soft in hindsight. 1015 backs up what she says later about almost challenging hiroko. I don't agree with their choice to challenge taichi (probably a little bit late for me to be saying this) but they come across as a villager who was all revved up to fight someone but their original target was able to change their mind so they decided to challenge someone else in too much of a hurry. In the interest of wanting to sleep I'm gonna speed this up and say I think fujimori is almost always a villager IMO.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

I like the kyosuke push not so much the reasoning but the mindset and his defense of it afterword (544 sticks out to me as villagery, particularly the "are my standards too high" bit). And he's consistent in his want to kill kyosuke from day start about to day end though I don't think that's an exclusively villagery thing but 4635 tilts it in that direction for me. He falls off a little for not being that evolved at EoD but I still lean villager on him for tone.

Gonta Gokuhara

Little disappointing gonta doesn't talk in 3rd person. :p. 297 feels sincere to me, wolves a little more hungry for claims I think so they don't say anything when people threaten to claim. Similar tone in 729. Kinda like him sort of defending teruteru from koga. Can sympathize with 3239. Seems stuck on his nico read which seems fine. Votes sonia for pinging him but doesn't explain how. 4165 is a good thought though NAI considering the context. OH WOW AM I DOING IKUSABA NEXT READING THIS ISO CUZ WOW IS SHE FULL OF SHIT. On a related note I like gonta's reaction to pressure seems calm mostly and I'm not sure I understand where it came from in the first place. Lean village on gonta.

Mukuro Ikusaba
So went straight to this next because mukuro accuses gonta of doing nothing but defending himself at one point which having been reading his ISO when I saw that can pretty definitively say that's some insane bullshit. Gonta had been giving read fairly regularly so I have no clue how mukuro can say something like that so that's a bad start but let's get into the rest of the ISO. They actually go straight to tunneling gonta which reads as wolfy as I think wolves wanna cling to one or two reads hard right away. Then they V read tenko cuz reasons and then leaves and comes back and goes right back to tunneling gonta. Kagura Maiko pressures Ikusaba to develop her gonta read further and she can't really do it and that's how we got the gonta isn't doing anything accusation, just horrible. Gonta wagon dissapates and predictably Ikusaba is now lost cuz she hasn't looked at anyone else up to this point and flails about until EoD. Bad ISO and I wolf lean on Mukuro Ikusaba.

Great Gozu

Thank fuck a shorter ISO for once. Comes in with an inordinate amount of wolf reads. They then do basically nothing.... Uh, null I guess and probably a good ITA shot.

Haiji Towa

Very awkward entrance into the thread and gets heat for it right away. Not gonna lie I don't know if wolves start with the pro strat of going for "mean people" like haiji does though it could be a ruse I suppose. Then we get the offer to claim which I kinda lean V on? (probably super biased though all things considered). Uh further reading and this ISO just comes across as very naive in tone. I suppose in that case of figuring out if that naivety is authentic or not? I think I wanna play this cautious and call haiji null?
09:55 PM ET (US)
Akane Owari

Tone seems relaxed makes reads often and I like their questioning. Easy V read.

Angie Yonaga

Only pops in an hour before EoD. Seems like the first thing they did was ISO'd top wagons and I like how they did it very likely a villager just from this (probably helps I agreed with their conclusions). On the negative side she argued her point regarding those wagons for a bit then just left so not fond of that. Would still lean more villagery than not but I'd keep an eye on her.

Aoi Asahina

Really don't get why people got on Asahina's case for her entrance. Side rant do people expect to have the game solved on d1 of a mash? Some people wanna have a bit of fun before getting into things so jumping on someone for not having a instant reads the moment they enter the thread is fucking stupid. Their tone is kind of annoying if I'm being honest? Like purposefully incendiary just a bit? A lot of nothing posts but it all feels natural to me. They don't seem that solvey and the nidai vote at one point was just ???. Would not lynch them anytime soon but they're overall null for me.

Byakuya Togami

I actually think the RPing is amusing but probably because I know the source material I understand that for people that don't it's probably not as entertaining. Anyway his post defending tsumugi are great and I don't see a wolf going out their way to do that. Also liked how they regularly update their reads. 2897 was also villagery. Byakuya gets a strong village read GG easy.

Fat Togami

Oh boy moonspeak! The extra effort to translate his own posts probably NAI. 3047 super villagery tonally however. And after that his effort seems honest. I like how he pushed chiaki in 3870 and todoroki in 3877, not letting people skate by is good. Kuzuryu vote super ??? to do at EoD but seeing as he seemed pretty stuck on tenko I get it but wish he had weighed in on other wagons more than he did. He's still a villager though.

Celestia Ludenburg

Fujimori vote seems fine. IDK reading this ISO is weird because their posts seems fine but nothing is really jumping out at me? Pushed heavily against the maki lynch due to the wagon being populated by low posters, I understand the logic but I don't think that's clearing for maki or anything (and if this is a thing celestia thinks she should be trying figure out which of the low posters are wovles). She also never gave much of a read on maki otherwise and I think it's possible she was biased due to wanting tenko lynched. Was surprisingly quiet at EoD and didn't' really push for anything. I think I'm null on Celestia at this time.

Chiaki Nanami

Seemed very against the maki wagon but I don't think she ever goes into why. Most reads seem to be "X is *insert alignment*" This is kind of a projection read and I think chiaki is kind of in their own world plugging along as a villager?

Chisa Yukizome

Nothing sticks out to me until the kaito vote which is just terrible. Like refer back to my asahina read to know my feelings on this but policing people for not being super serious 4 posts in is just fucking stupid and very reachy for a read. Tenko read reads like pure OMGUS. The weird thing is despite so hawkish about having people do work chisa doesn't do a lot herself. Doesn't rally do anything to further the game to around 4037 which seems like a picked out of a hat vote. The funny thing is I actually REALLY like her post regarding the event tenko won as it was the same conclusion I came to. 4352 also a good post IMO and runs back that OMGUS read on tenko I thought was happening. The lynch a random person thing she does is pretty garbage and I don't think the "wagon new people just because" idea is at all useful. Jumps around like crazy at EoD and I don't think that looks good personally. There's a lot of bad but the few good posts I think are really good so I'm torn. I'm null on chisa.
06:58 PM ET (US)
Miu/Seiko Not w/w.

Top 2 vote-getters and moving on:
Tenko Chabashira
Byakuya Togami

Didn't receive any votes and moving on:
Seiko Kimura
Hiroko Hagakure
Mukuro Ikusaba
Izumo Kasumi

Eliminated people:
Sakuma Kego
Chiaki Nanami
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Makoto Naegi
Miu Iruma
Chisa Yukizome
Sayaka Maizono
Celestia Ludenberg
06:49 PM ET (US)
Alright good thing I never used this.

Gonna be my danganronpa work station.
Jan-BaramurPerson was signed in when posted
06:08 PM ET (US)
You died!

Angel-Chat :

Dead-Chat :
Jan-BaramurPerson was signed in when posted
06:49 PM ET (US)
I am so glad you are dead in the mu game.

I had an early scumread on you anyway, but owner and you talked in the dlp game at one point and it sounded like you rolled wolf in another game ..

And I read that on d2 in the mu game and was like "I cannot use that info, just act normal and ignore it for now."
Jan-BaramurPerson was signed in when posted
03:27 PM ET (US)
Game starting ~ 2.5 hours from now.
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02:16 AM ET (US)
If there is one thing you listen to, you little shit, listen to this. This is a subforum on a site devoted to writing. There are rules for the larger site about grammar and punctuation that apply here. Use periods. Use capitalization. Put a modicum of effort into respecting the forum and your fellow players by making your posts readable. We have come too close as group to being removed from DLP completely to fuck this up now. Ignore this warning, and there will be consequences.
Jan-BaramurPerson was signed in when posted
01:25 AM ET (US)
Welcome Fable! You are the Town Zealot!

Zealot - At Halftime, you have unlimited protection and learn the identities of all living Holy Villagers.

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