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[F6] Nail/Haley and Brandy (Fantasy Suite)

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12:25 PM ET (US)
"Smart man," Brandy said. "This is a very suitable place for a base, so it's best we take advantage of it. Though, we should probably avoid staying here to long. Time is of the essence, as they say."
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02:35 PM ET (US)
"... Well, I can't discount that," Nail mused. He then clapped his hands together. "Right! Let's get this show on the road!"

They made landfall at the beachline Nail had marked out, pulling the boat up high above the high tide line. Nail pressed his boots into the sand, testing it.

"Seems firm enough," he muttered. "This could work as our first base. We're close to an escape route, and we have clean water with an easy source of food... hmmm..."
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12:57 PM ET (US)
"There's always something worth finding," Brandy assured him. "And with this particular expedition, I'm not looking for any object in particular. In fact, I'm looking to prove that such an ancient city exists in the first place. And if it does..."

She flashed a him a toothy grin.

"..then Lord knows there's treasure within ripe for the taking. Maybe I'll find something... not of this world, if you catch my drift."
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11:47 PM ET (US)
"Yeah. I collected all the information I could find from any source. It's a point of pride for me; I refuse to go into anything blind if I can avoid it. So I do my due diligence and find out everything I can, doubly so if it's for a favor. No stone unturned, as the saying goes."

He tapped the main map, which had a few pins in it. One was deep in what seemed to be a forested section, another was on the coast, and a few others most likely denoted areas of interest.

"The problem being, of course, that the information then has to be sifted through, parsed, and distilled to find the truths and the lies." He placed his hands on the table, glancing around. "Rumors are often the best for this, as they generally have some modicum of truth to them, and they're easy to follow to a source, provided enough people chat about them. But this island... are you sure there's something worth finding? Most of the evidence I could find was at least a thousand years old; they do make mention of a city or temple of some sort, but nothing concrete enough to warrant such an expedition." He looked up at Brandy, frowning. "So tell me... what do you hope to find in this area?"
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05:09 PM ET (US)
"Ah, camping..." she said. "Always a fan of that. Nothing like a laying out in the dirt... really makes a girl feel like a woman."

She followed him into the other section, with the various maps and documents catching her eye. "Say, you really do your research, huh?"
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07:46 PM ET (US)
"... Right. I suppose I really haven't." Nail shrugged, then grinned again. "Well, take your time getting prepared. Once we make landfall, we won't be coming back to the boat for a while. Hope you like camping~"

He headed off for a tented section of the boat. All sorts of documents and maps were scattered within, held by pins in various locations. Some denoted locations of interest, others held up various news clippings and printouts, and some interviews. Clearly he had gone the distance.
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10:01 AM ET (US)
"Well, you haven't given me a reason to not trust you yet," Brandy said. "But yes, as you've said, this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. So I might be a little more lenient when in comes to trusting people if they help me get what I want, you know?"

She shrugged. "Nonetheless, I'm always ready for a bit of spelunking."
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02:30 AM ET (US)
"Well, that's good. Though I am surprised; this voyage has been less eventful than I expected." He winked extravagantly. "I won't say any more than that, just to make sure we aren't cursed by my foul words, but... we should be close to our destination."

He pulled out a map, the edges flapping in the wind, frowning over it. "Though something else I find odd is your... willingness to trust me. Though I suppose this is a mutually beneficial agreement; I get to learn more about things, and you get access to a rather large bank of knowledge." He folded up the map, tucking it away again. "Well, regardless, the timetables are in the right ballpark. Hope you're ready for a classic spelunk."
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10:45 PM ET (US)
Brandy was bewildered. How'd she get on a ship, and was that... Nail?! Being the savvy woman she was, however, she quickly assumed the role she'd been given. Or at least, the one she thought she'd been given.

"Um, yes, I sure did," she said with a forced accent. "I enjoyed my rest, what with the gentle waves and all. Slept like a baby, even!"

She let out a chuckle to try and sell it, trying not to get too distracted by Nail having hair...
SaizotheSixthPerson was signed in when posted
08:42 PM ET (US)
The wood creaked and groaned as the ship rocked back and forth, the gentle waves doing little more than lulling all aboard to close their eyes, just for a minute. The winds were strong enough to push the ship along its course, but they were more like the playful pushing of a child than those of a storm.

Abovedecks, Nail stood at the rail, his blue hair waving in the wind. His hands ran through it, tying it into a short tail, and his eyes swept the horizon, looking for something... but the creak of the boards was a bit louder, and he turned, smiling.

"Morning, Brandy," he said cheerfully, his eyes alight. "Sleep well?"

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