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[F6] Lavender Fae the Star Ballerina

Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
10:23 AM ET (US)
You, Micah and Shizune are recruited to go examine the base camp for any clues.

You and Shizune help fill in Micah on what’s going on, though you do most of the explanation. At the end of it all, Micah appears staggered. “I can’t believe it… Is it really true?”

The other two look pretty regretful. Shizune just gives a short nod. “Well, we should try and look around anyway!” Lavender says. “That way, we can at least try and ascertain what happened tonight!”

The three look around, though there isn’t much to look at. The tents all seem in fine condition, though there appear to be a trail of muddy footprints leading back into the white tent. The tent with all the resources from the hideout also appears to be mostly untouched.

As the three seem to think there isn’t much else left, they notice a small rock in the corner. It seems to have been sat on for a while. Nearby is a piece of paper. Shizune picks it up and looks at it. “What does it say?” Lavender asks, and in a second Shizune types something up on another paper and passed it to her. Micah also peeps in to read it.

“Dear Ms. Fae,

This appears to be the log for the night, taken in shifts by Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Kennedy. They have noted down what they saw in their respective shifts. I recall that Mr. Ivanov asked me for a paper before I went to bed, so this is most likely what this was for.

I hope I was helpful in this matter.

Shizune Takata”

“I see… So what does it say?” Micah asks, to which Shizune just shows them the paper for them to read.

Shift 1:
Officer on Shift: Ivan Ivanov
Time of Shift: 12:00 AM to 3:30 AM


12:00 AM- Start of shift.
12:15 Am- Benjamin returns from wherever he went. Tried to get details from him but he wasn’t willing to elaborate. Very suspicious.
12:40 AM- Bennett asks to leave camp so he can go. Decided to let him but warned him not to take too long.
12:45 AM- Sebastian asks to leave camp. Seemed pretty nervous about it but he definitely needed to use the bathroom.
1:15 AM- Bennett returns back from going. Looked pretty dirty but didn’t want to talk about it.
1:20 AM- Sebastian returns from camp. Looked pretty scared about something. Insisted he just fell into the quicksand but there has to be something more. Need to keep an eye on him.
3:30 AM- End of Shift.

Shift 2:
Officer on Shift: Daniel Kennedy
Time of Shift: 3:30 AM to 8 AM


3:30 AM- Start of shift.
7:10 AM- Nail wakes up. Asked to use the bathroom so I let him go.
7:45 AM- Nail comes back. Looked pretty pleased about himself.
8:00 AM- End of shift.

“Huh…” Micah shakes her head. “That’s weird. Doesn’t look like much happened in the second shift.”

“I’m surprised by it too!” Lavender agrees. “Still, this is quite vital evidence, so we should take it with us.”

It doesn’t appear there’s anything else noteworthy about the camp. Soon after, the three get called to the Tribunal, and they all leave.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
12:30 PM ET (US)
After the performance (at about 12 AM), you feel quite tired so you go to your tent to get some rest. You need to be refreshed for tomorrow, after all! You can’t take off your suit though, unfortunately, as the others might not appreciate you for who you are that way. You lie down in your suit and try to fall asleep. It’s a bit sweaty inside, but sleep comes to you after a while.

After a while, though, you’re slightly reawakened by what sounded like a scream. Or was it? You aren’t quite sure. It’s quite late now, and your ears may be tricking you. You barely even heard anything. You decide not to look into it and try to go back to sleep. Some time later though, you’re awakened once more. Are those sobs you hear? They’re faint but sound chilling in how raw and emotional they sound. Did something bad happen?

Perturbed by all this, you decide to go check it out. You quickly but quietly get out of your suit and place it back inside your tent to give the illusion you’re still in there asleep. You quietly sneak out of camp with nobody waking up- including Daniel, who appears to be grunting softly in the corner without paying attention to you.

You continue quietly, following the direction of the loud sobs. On the way there, you notice someone run past you. They appear to be in a hurry and don’t seem to even notice you. As you continue, you make it to where the two tunnels are. You decide to take the tunnel on the right with spikes all over. At the start of the tunnel though is what appears to be a large quantity of tar spread across the floor. It appears quite sticky and hard to traverse through, but for a ballerina like you it’s no problem. You twirl and dance across it with grace. You make it to the other side easily, getting the tar only on the very tip of your toes.

You continue making your way through the tunnels, avoiding the stalagmites on the floor with ease. At one point, you pass by the tunnel to the altar, and you can tell someone’s inside. However, they don’t appear to be where the sobs are coming from, so you carry on. You make it to where the jungle area is, and you notice in the corner where the rocks were.

Or at least, used to be. They appear to have been broken down now, and a narrow entrance behind them was now revealed. You make your way there, being able to squeeze through the entrance and making it to the other side. As you do, the sobs grow louder and louder. This must be the source of it all. You take out your torch and slowly start walking through the tunnel. It’s quite short, though, and at the end of it is…

“Carrie?” You ask in shock. The girl was down on her knees bawling into the ground. “What happened?”

Slowly, she gets up and looks at you, a look of pure sorrow and misery on her face.

“Who..?” She asks softly. She didn’t appear to recognise you without the suit, clearly. You point your torch in front of her, and you see two skeletons lying together in a corner. Were these her parents…? You point your torch back at Carrie, and then notice the poll of tears in front of her. You put a hand to your face in shock. “Are they…?”

Carrie gulps slowly, giving a brusque nod. “...Gone.”

“Oh no… you don’t deserve this…” The poor girl… she found her parents both lying in front of her here. She must feel absolutely horrible, you think. “I… I need to make this better for you.”

You can’t let her undergo the same misery she did. The pain would be too much to handle. You needed to free her from this agony. Immediately, you notice a rock lying on the ground. You pick it up and in one fell swoop, you smash it against Carrie’s head. She collapses onto the ground immediately, blood spilling everywhere. On the rock, on the floor… even on you. But it doesn’t matter for you. The important thing is that you’ve saved her from that torture. Poor girl… You give a quiet prayer for her before dropping the rock and exiting the tunnel.

Your mind feels empty as you go back. Should you tell the others about what happened…? Maybe it would be better not to. The important thing was Carrie was now at peace, with her parents. You walk through the tunnels quietly afterwards, deep in thought.

As you do though, so you suddenly feel something sticky on your foot. The tar… you completely forgot about that. Ah, well. You decide to step through it anyway and manage to wade your way out through it. You feet are pretty sticky now, but it’s not like it makes much of a difference now. Nobody will notice them under the suit.

You make your way back to camp now, where everyone else seems to be asleep. You notice some muddy footprints leading back into the tent, as well as Bennett’s clothes laying outside. He must’ve gotten dirty. Not that it matters much for you. You slowly get back into your tent and put on your suit again, hiding everything on you. You then try to fall asleep again, though it doesn’t come to you for the rest of the night. You can hear someone loudly yelling nearby in their sleep, which doesn’t help either.

After a while, you decide to wake up. It’s now apparently 8:00. You decide to join the others for breakfast, though you decide to not mention anything about Carrie to them.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
10:50 PM ET (US)
Your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/a8eXqf6FUVU
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
04:31 AM ET (US)
General character stuff: Mostly same as the survey. You're in a suit covering your entire body and you stay inside because you're afraid people won't accept you if it's revealed you aren't an automaton.

Characters you recognise:

Oliver- Your main competitor in Rattlewater. You both compete for gigs regularly and since you're both quite popular with the crowd, it's quite close between you two. As of late though, people are leaning more towards you thanks to your bizarre nature.

Matt- You've seen him several times while performing in the bar. Usually in the back, drinking to his heart's content while trying to ignore you. Doesn't seem like a particularly polite individual, though.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
01:02 PM ET (US)
This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.

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