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9/6/19: FRIDAY!

Brookelynn park
10:49 AM ET (US)
I finished The Sound Of Drowning by Katherine Fleet. It has 572 pages and I loved them all.

F- For her whole life, Meredith hall has never felt truly whole or alive on the tiny islands of Outer Banks.
R- Right as she was at her lowest point, she goes to see her boyfriend, Ben, who she loves dearly and lives on the other side of the banks. She takes a ferry every night to see him.
I- In the near chapters after, a young boy from Texas, Wyatt Quinn, washes ashore and instantly catches her attention.
D- During her rough time at home and school, Wyatt makes her feel so happy and free, but deep inside she keeps worrying about Ben.
A- After the school dance with her sister, the whole book is turned upside down and the whole story begins to change.
Y- You should read this book because it is so exciting and truly made me jump up and down and rant to my parents about it all weekend.
Rachel Lorang
09:16 PM ET (US)
I have gotten a new book by the same author; Devil's Pocket by John Dixon, the book is 338 pages long and I stopped at 105 pages. I am currently reading my August/September survival book.
-For six months Carl has bid up time to escape the clutches of Phoenix Island. The he was sent off into an underground fighting ring.
-Recently the chip that was implanted and the others the were sent into his bloodstream help him control his body temperature, heart rate, and more. Though, the chip in his brain makes action slow down so he time to analyze his opponent as an advantage.
-Instincts take over sometimes and cause him to be angry. This causes fatal injuries that could lead to his opponents or victim's demise.
-Davis, one of Carl's past enemies now acquaintance, is challenging Carl's authority. This mission where Carl finds his shocking ally, is very dangerous, as some men have died in the cage of underground fighting.
-An ally that he finds in the secret fighting tournament is Octavia. She was his best friend and he loved her, though from the torture Octavia received she was sent mainland to a hospital, which she received a very special treatment.
-You should read this book if you are into fiction, action, and adventure books. This includes some low key gory details but it doesn't go into deep detail.
Kinsey Price
11:56 AM ET (US)
1. I am currently reading Stepsisters by Jennifer Donnelly. The book has 342 pages, and today, I stopped on page 214. I finished The Young Elites by Marie Lu on Wednesday.

2. I have read by August/September book. It was Black Widow: Forever Red, and it had 401 pages.

F - Fate and Chance are two beings that can affect the way things play out. Fate maps out lives, showing humans where they can and cannot go in life. Chance encourages the humans to take risks and go for what they've been told they can't do or have.
R - Raging across France is a man named Volkmar who is intent on taking over the country. His armies have decimated several cities and villages, and it's only a matter of time before he reaches Saint-Michel, Isabelle's hometown.
I - Isabelle tried to get rid of the things and activities her mother didn't approve of. Unfortunately for her, those things just so happened to be the things Isabelle loved the most. Isabelle loved sword fighting, riding her horse (Nero), and being with her best friend (Felix), but her mother wanted her to be a proper lady, so she was forced to give them up.
D - Days remain until Isabelle's supposed doom. She has about a week to change her fate and stray from the path that was written for her.
A - As Isabelle rediscovers the parts of her that she rejected, she begins to feel more like herself. Fate and Chance have their hands full, with Fate working against Isabelle and Chance doing everything he can to help her.
Y - Years of cold-hearted behavior melt away as Isabelle rediscovers who she is. She regrets how she treated her stepsister, Ella, who is now the queen of France. She works hard to set things right. In the place I stopped reading, she is even contemplating going to see Ella in Paris and apologize for how she acted.
Molli Thornton
11:13 AM ET (US)
I am still reading Rebel, Bully, Geek, Pariah. I am on page 170 of 310. I am reading my August/September Adventure book.
-For many years Sam's mom was in jail or prison. Her grandma stayed with her until she passed away a couple years prior to the setting of the book. Sam had to learn how to grow up and live by herself at a young age because of it.
-Rejecting her mother at a young age, Sam is learning that now she want and needs he mom in her life, and for here moms one year of sobriety gift she wanted to get her mom her old violin which she pawned off to get money for drugs.
-In the store, she met Andi who stole the violin from both the pawn shop and Sam. Sam followed her into the forest where they found a party. No later than arriving, the cops came and busted the party.
-Danger comes when Sam and Andi find two boys, York and Boston, that tried to escape the party too. Finding a car with keys in the ignition they all jumped in and tried to drive away, but hit a police man. They all thought that they killed him.
-As they were leaving the forest, the police shot at them. In the car they decied to go to York and Boston's lake cabin. As they got closer to the cabin they ran out of gas and needed to stop to get gas. At the gas station they found out that they stole a police car.
-York discovered drugs in the back of the cop car. Arriving at the cabin, the teens needed to decided whether they were going to tell the police or not.
Alexis Waege
11:08 AM ET (US)
I just started the book Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews, it is 411 pages long I stopped reading on page 66. I finished the book The Mister by E.L James. I have read my August September book, Turtles All The Way Down by John Green it was 286 pages long.
F F is for Friends, as you will move away from them. Cathy the oldest daughter moved to her grandma's house after her father died in a tragic car accident.
R R is for Realistic, As they don't have anything realistic in the attic. The flowers they make are made of paper and are put into a glass vase.
I I is for Imagination, as the kids do when they don't like something. They didn't like being locked in the attic so they imagined scenarios on what would make their life better.
D D is for the Devil, as that is what their grandmother is acting like. She gives them food once a day, locks them in the attic, punishes their mother for what her children do wrong.
A A is for Abuse, their grandmother is an abusive and mean person, she has no feelings. She used to whip Corrine, Cathy, Corrie, Carri, and Christopher's mother when she used to live there.
Y Y is for Yelling, the children are obeying their grandmothers rules. The two younger ones Corrie and Carri and twins they like to play and don't like the rules their grandmother gave them.
Alexus Kunkel
11:03 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Empress Orchid by Anchee Min. It is 336 pgs long and today I stopped at pg 149. I have read my book for Sep/Aug. It was called Anthem by Ayn Rand.
F-For a long time Orchid lived in poverty. The she became the Empress of China.
R-Right before Orchid was about to be forced to marry her addict cousin, Big Sister Fann gave her some advice. She told Orchid about the decree of the Emperor looking for wives.
I- I think this book is a little hard to understand. That is only because the culture in this book is completely different than what we are used to hear.
D-Death can be ordered at any minute. The rules of the forbidden city are extremely strict and death is often a penalty.
A-At first, Orchid is a nobody in the city. Then, she slowly works her way to the top.
Y-Young wives are the age 14. Old is when the wives are 18 and early twenties. (This astonished me.)
Arriana Mausbach
10:59 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Love ad F1rst sight, it has 272 pages, and I stopped on page 232. I finished the book Born Survivors on Wednesday.

I have already read my Survival book. The title was Born Survivors and it had 366 pages.

F- From the moment he was born, Will Porter didn't have eyesight. However, he managed to grow up using his other senses to identify different things.
R- Right before the surgery, Will didn't know what darkness was, but after the surgery, he finally realizes. Since he didn't know what it was, he freaks out when he sees it, thinking that it's going to hurt him.
I- Insulted by what everyone thinks about him, Will decides that he wants to be more independent. That means that he doesn't have anyone guiding him around the school. He believes he can do it himself.
D- During his first day of school, Will accidentally makes a girl cry. Afterwards, the girl who started crying found out he was blind and apologized to him.
A- A miracle operation has become available for Will. It could make him see again, but the chances are slim. Will he go for it?
Y- Yearning for his fifth and final sense, Will gets the surgery, but he can't understand anything. He can't understand shapes, colors, or even people.
Mandy Wolles
10:57 AM ET (US)
I am reading Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens. I am on page 337 of 368. I have not started my August/September book assignment.
F From the very beginning I knew this was going to be a really good book. I even have a hard time putting it down.
R Recently my mother read the same book and insisted that I get it from the library. So I did and I am very glad I did.
I In the story, currently the main character Kya is on trial for murder, which she did not commit. This really adds to the story line and keeps me intrigued.
D Dealing with this, Kya is very scared. Since she has not been around people much, she has panic attacks in the middle of court.
A As the story progresses, I am really wondering who the real murderer is. I am also curious of when it will be revealed.
Y Yearning for her freedom, Kya needs to stay strong in court so that someday she will be free again. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in reading it.
Damen Crane
10:50 AM ET (US)
Today I read some of my world lit book BalZac by: Dai Sijie it is 184 pages and I am currently on 87. The book came as a shook to me as i didn't think a school book would be so dirty. F For example there is a part in the book where it talks about the little Chinese seamstress and Loe under a tree doing inappropriate things. I personally think that the author did not need to go into so much detail. R rightfully i think that the two main character ion the book should be able to read what ever kind of books they so choose to read. It is not right to tell someone they can and cant read. I I personally think this book with out the naughty parts is a good book just kinda sloe in the beginning. D Doing what they have to to get another book from Four Eyes, they carry rice to the next village as everyone is suppose to carry a certain amount but four eyes had just broke his glasses and could not see so in exchange they got a small book named "BalZac".A After four eyes got his glasses back he has not given the boys a book and does not say anything about it. He keeps them in a locked up case under his bed. The Chinese band books that weren't from their country they didn't want people know what was going on in other places. Y You should read this book if you like learning stuff about other countries. it is a very quick read and it is not that diffcult other then a couple Chinese words.

I am also still reading a champions comeback for my sports book I am on page 79 in that book.
Austin Sieverding
10:49 AM ET (US)
I am still reading Breakdown by Bob Holloran. I stopped on page 187 of 268. I am currently reading my August/September sports book.
-For years, Chelsea Red Devils high school football program had lacked coaching and discipline. Many of the players were committed to a gang and caused trouble on the streets, therefore they couldn't play in games.
-Red Devils have a lot of talent, but many of the players don't focus in or don't care enough to stay out of trouble. Some of the players want to live a normal life, but can't because some of their family members are in gangs; they think it's the way of life.
-Instantly, the players feel safe once they walk out to the practice/game field. They would rather straighten their lives out and play football because they knew they would be safer with their coach.
-Danger lurks in the streets of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Many of the players hustle home after practice because shootings occur frequently there. Even the school isn't the safest place, fights still ring out in the halls and outside of school.
-Atkins, the head coach, is also a police officer. He knows how to get the kids to respect him and listen to him. Atkins acts as a father figure to these players who lost their dads due to them leaving to find a different life, or gang violence.
-Young players don't get opportunities like the older players, so they look up to them. For the most part, the seniors stay away from the gang life and work on school so they are suitable role models. Atkins realizes this and is proud of himself and the team because he can see them changing into mature, responsible men.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
04:34 PM ET (US)
1. Start with a sentence about what book you are reading, how many pages long it is, and what page you stopped on today. If you FINISHED a book this week, also include that information.

2. Tell me if you have read your August/September Adventure, Sports, Survival. If so, what was the title and how many pages. If you are still reading it let me know that. If you have not started that book, let me know that also.

Then, for each of these letters, write AT LEAST TWO COMPLETE SENTENCES dealing with something in your book.


F For most of his life, William lived near a small village in Malawi, Africa. His family worked very hard to raise maize to feed themselves.
R Rarely does someone so young succeed as William does. When he was just 13 years old, he used an old science textbook to figure out how to build a windmill to use water to generate the first electricity for his village.
Edited 09-06-2019 10:18 AM

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