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Kagayaki and Anissa

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11:26 AM ET (US)
She gave Anissa a kind smile of her own. "I've noticed you are more outgoing, and seem to have a much healthier opinion of yourself than when we first met. I'm truly happy to hear you feel I assisted in this change, even in a small way."

Kagayaki walked over to her bed and sat on the edge, leaving enough room for Anissa to join her if she wanted. "...Do you believe you will be able to confront the camera?"
11:06 PM ET (US)
"Well, not recently..." Anissa says, "L- Like, way back when I had... m- my incident... you talked to me a lot... a- and I know it wasn't really much... b- but I feel like you helped me, y'know, recover... and try to spend my time to the fullest this last year..."

Anissa smiles at Kagayaki and adds, "I just wanted to say I'm grateful..."
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12:04 PM ET (US)
Kagayaki blinked. "I too am concerned. However... have I done something as of late to deserve your thanks?"
09:14 AM ET (US)
"Okay..." Anissa stepped into the room and then quickly turned toward Kagayaki. She sighed and said, "Uhh... I've b- been kinda worried about that motive. I can't shake this feeling of dread... like something terrible's gonna happen..."

"So, j- just in case... I'd like to say thank you."
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12:13 AM ET (US)
"I understand," Kagayaki nodded. "At times, simply beginning an act can motivate one to finish it, as well as perform it again." She smiled. "Well, in any case, if you would like my assistance, you need only ask." And the quiet meal continued.


There was an unusually long pause on the other side of the door before the lock clicked and the door pulled inward. Kagayaki looked out and smiled weakly at her guest before opening her door the rest of the way. "Come in, Anissa." She gestured to the inside of her room; it seemed to be tidy, yet mainly empty aside from the original furnishings. Her pool cue rested on the room's desk, and behind that laid her gohei; the latter had started to gather a slight layer of dust. "Please make yourself at home," she offered.
10:13 PM ET (US)
"Well, I mean..." Anissa mumbles, "It's not that, I just... d- don't have the motivation to, y'know, do things most of the time. I- I guess that's something I need to try to be b- better about..."

{{Y'all mind if I TIMESKIP}}

Some time after the announcement of the most recent motive one year later, Anissa approaches Kagayaki's hotel room and knocks softly on the door. "Uhh... Kagayaki... Are you in here?"
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01:49 PM ET (US)
"I am not sure why you would not have the opportunity to do so. Do you not eat on a regular basis?" Kagayaki slipped a forkful of salad into her mouth and chewed quietly as she waited for Anissa's reply.
10:04 PM ET (US)
"Yeah... I g- guess that could be interesting..." Anissa mumbles between mouthfuls. "Even if I p- probably wouldn't get many chances actually practice..."
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01:03 PM ET (US)
"If you are interested, I can certainly teach what I know. There is quite a bit of satisfaction in preparing your own food, and being able to do so for others." She smiled wryly. "That being said, I rarely venture beyond simple recipes myself, so my cooking knowledge is rather limited in that regard..."
05:54 PM ET (US)
"Uhh... no, not really... I guess I've cooked, like... cereal and PB&J sandwiches a few times, but no... I've never really tried it..." She takes a slice of bread and starts eating it. "Mmm... That's good too..."
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02:33 PM ET (US)
"I am pleased to hear you approve. I can teach you how to prepare it if you would like." Kagayaki removed the cover from her own soup and ate a spoonful. "Do you cook often, Lady Silke?"
10:33 PM ET (US)
Anissa sits at the table for a few awkward seconds before realizing that Kagayaki's waiting for her to eat first.

She quickly takes the covering off of the bowl of soup and hesitantly takes a sip. "Oh, w- wow... I d- don't usually like soup... b- but this is really good!" She quickly goes back to eating the soup.
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03:49 PM ET (US)
Kagayaki simply smiled and hurried to the refrigerator, then quickly returned with two glasses of fruit juice. "I hope this will be satisfactory." She placed one down at each chair, then sat and politely waited for Anissa to start eating first.
10:59 PM ET (US)
"O- Okay..." Anissa says, seeming to calm down. "I'll j- just... sit down then..."

She quietly slides into her chair and looks in surprise at he food in front of her. "W- Wow... you put together all this? ...I mean, I guess I'm thirsty, b- but since you already did so much, i- it's fine..."
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11:23 PM ET (US)
Kagayaki's eyes snapped up from the random spot on the wall she was looking at once Anissa made her frantic entrance. She smiled warmly and calmly rose from her chair. "Do not worry, Lady Silke. I finished some minutes ago, but I did say to come 'once you are ready', yes?"

She then motioned to the seat she'd set across from her own. Before both chairs, there sat a covered bowl of tomato soup; next to each was a large plate with a couple slices of bread and a fruit and vegetable salad. "Please help yourself. Would you care for a beverage?"
05:27 PM ET (US)
"O- Okay..." Anissa says as Kagayaki heads off.

About fifteen minutes after the preparations were done, Anissa rushes into the cafeteria, looking panicked.

"I- I'm late, aren't I?!" She shouts, "I'm s- sorry, I was really worried about showing up too early a- and I just sorta l- lost track of time!"
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