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[F6] Ivan Ivanov the Star Officer

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12:07 AM ET (US)
General character info: You're the chief of police of Rattlewater. You take your duty quite seriously, determined to completely eliminate crime from Rattlewater. There have been several small crimes in the town, but a lot of them are mostly taken care of by you or your men. This missing woman intrigues you though, so you enter yourself as part of the rescue mission.

People you recognise:

Daniel- You've known the man for quite a while now, ever since you've joined Rattlewater. You met in a bar once and started talking it up. It turns out you two had a lot in common. You learnt quite a lot from him about his days as a drill instructor. You both struck it up after that and meet up every week to discuss what's going on. His techniques used in the army have inspired some of your own techniques to use on your subordinates. He's quite an admirable man, really.

Ciro/Micah- Ah, yes, these two... Although you didn't personally handle their case, one of your men did. Apparently, Ciro, a karate master at the time, had seen Micah in the outskirts of town. He saw her with some tools by her side and mistook them as weapons. Believing her to be up to no good, he tackled her, injuring the poor archaeologist quite a lot in the process. Once he called the police, though, it was clear there had been a gross misunderstanding. Your man roughly interrogated Ciro and punished him quite severely. Because of this, he was suspended from karate. Thankfully, Micah recovered from her injuries and soon became fine. While you don't believe Ciro to be trustworthy, you don't think Micah exactly likes him either.

Brandy- Ah, a wonderful woman! You've heard about her various exploits before. She appears to be quite skilled and energetic despite her disability, and you've seen her little museum at home. Truly impressive. You could use someone like her on your force...

Lavender/Oliver- Two performers you're quite well aware of. Both are local celebrities of sort here, and occasionally you go to see one of them perform. They're quite good, and you appreciate what they do for the town. Lavender's bizarre nature is quite curious, though.

Charlotte- A most suspicious little woman. You're aware of her borderline illegal deeds of stealing from the trucks that pass through the nearby highway, and donating the spoils to the town. The fact that the mayor accepts this sort of behaviour for a Star Citizen is... quite perplexing, to say the least. She appears quite proud of her occupation, either way.

Bennett- You're aware of his exploits as a bounty hunter. Retrieving anything from small animals to even missing criminals, he can be quite the aid. You don't know him too well, but he appears to be a fine fellow.

Nail- Ah... What a suspicious man. Despite his honest job of providing advice, there is a lot about him you find quite fishy. As much as you try to dig up some info on him though, you don't find anything on him. You've heard several rumours circulate around the town, that he's a devil in disguise... He carries quite the mysterious air with him, even more than you do.
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12:51 PM ET (US)
This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.
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