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[F6] Ivan Ivanov the Star Officer

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02:58 PM ET (US)

Ivan finds a newspaper laying about. It immediately catches his eye- because it has his face on it. He slowly takes it and reads it to himself.

Officer Ivanov Saves The Day Again

Today is a tremendous occasion in Rattlewater history. Local citizen Amy Newton lost her cat Fluffy several weeks ago and had been searching for it desperately in vain. However today, thanks to the help of Officer Ivan Ivanov, her cat was recovered. It was found by him and his squad in a lonely alley of the town, whimpering with a broken limb. Immediately Officer Ivanov took action and ordered his sergeant to take care of Fluffy at once. She is now resting with her leg bandaged, and is now back in Ms. Newton’s custody.

“I’m just so glad to have my dear Fluffy back with me again”, Ms. Newton remarked between held back sobs. “It’s all thanks to Mr. Ivanov that she’s saved!”

When asked about the incident, Officer Ivanov seemed a bit reluctant to comment. “It was really quite nothing. I only have my loyal and dutiful officers to thank for keeping such a good job of taking care of my beloved city. I cannot possibly let any harm befall it.”

The article goes on to talk about how great a guy Ivan is and how lucky Rattlewater is to have him there. It’s written with great enthusiasm and maybe even some love.

Ivan tears up reading the article and throws it away to the side. Rattlewater is a beautiful town…

The newspaper under the first one has something else interesting:

Local Retired Marine Saves Day: A New Star Citizen?

One of the local gyms has reportedly caught on fire due to reasons yet unknown. The police department has not yet released a statement on why this happened.

Bystanders reported a few people being stuck in the gym prior to the arrival of the firefighters. 'A crowd formed, but none were willing to make their way in yet due to the building being a hellfire', says one of the people watching the scene.

It seemed quite grim for a few minutes, with no souls leaving or entering the minutes. Peak hour makes response slower than it usually is.

'At one point, someone threw what looked to be a barbell at a window? We were all scared and backed off even more, then another dude came flying out from the window. And someone else behind him, though he was limping more than walking.'

The man who escaped using the barbell is none other than local heroic marine and patriot, Daniel Kennedy. When asked about the incident, Daniel declined to comment on his heroics. What a truly humble man.

Authorities are still looking into the fire, but the mayor assures everyone that he will make sure to keep gyms safe in these turbulent times.

Written at the bottom of the newspaper in bold, magical, red text is the following:


Ivan begins thinking about Daniel. He’s been cowardly, selfish, and just plain unhelpful. As cruel as it would be to hurt someone… Daniel does make Ivan more than a little upset.

He spends some time wandering about the house in thought, wondering how to escape this place and reunite with Rattlewater. At one point he’s talking with someone in the bedroom. They’re standing in front of a lamp there and in its light, he notices that there’s some glue on it, strangely enough. Also, under their feet, a floorboard is creaking. It seems very loose! After the other person leaves, Ivan stealthily removes the floorboard and sees that it goes all the way under the wall. The space left by it connects this room with the corner of the kitchen. Could this be used in a murder plan? Ivan thinks strongly about it. Ultimately, no matter how much he wants to reunite with Rattlewater, murder would be too much, right?

10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

Next, Nail immediately orders Brandy to check out the library. He says that he might have seen the cult symbol in the library earlier as well. Brandy’s eyes immediately widen and she nods, running into the library to check it out. He then sizes up Daniel and decides to make him investigate the bedroom, since it would be his ‘area of expertise’. Not appreciating the slight against him, Daniel grunts and goes into the bedroom to investigate. Similarly, Nail himself decides to investigate the bathroom quietly since it’s quite a tiny area.

This just leaves Enola, Ivan and Oliver. Nail says that Enola’s safety is not to be compromised, so he asks to keep an eye on her and be in the same room as her while the others investigate. He clears his throat, finding it to be quite sore. He requests Oliver to make some tea for him in the kitchen while they search. Oliver seems confused but since tea-making is his speciality, he agrees. And so they all split.

10:05 AM

Ivan is in the living room with Enola and Oliver. Oliver is in the corner making some tea away from the two of them. Ivan is keeping an eye on Enola quietly. He feels so much anxiety about Rattlewater. Is it really going to be replaced? Is this girl really going to mold it to her will somehow?

Ivan thinks deeply about it. He has to escape and save Rattlewater from being destroyed and replaced! It can’t be torn away from him forever. Demons be damned! He has to do something about this! He has to get back there. He needs to rescue this poor town. And… he needs to escape to do that.

He has to kill somebody. His mind wanders, and eventually it wanders to Daniel.

He knows Daniel is present in the bedroom, but what should he do? When should be the right time to strike? He knows that he could remove the floorboard and maybe somehow kill him that way, but how would he lure Daniel to the corner where the floorboard is? How will he stop Enola and Oliver from seeing him? He watches the two of them intensely.

10:15 AM

The lights suddenly fail. He looks around slowly. It’s pitch black. Nothing can be seen anywhere. A high pitched deafening whistling noise which can only be the teapot starts drowning out all sound. Now’s the time to take action. Was this a coincidence? It was quite good timing… Either way, he should take advantage of this. Daniel is probably stuck to the sticky lamp in the corner. Which means, with expert use of the baton, he could do something about it.

But suddenly, he realises Enola is nearby. He can’t let her be witness to this. He immediately reaches out and grabs at her. They both struggle and Enola punches and kicks at him, trying to get away. Ivan does his best to keep her nearby, not wanting her to cause trouble. Of course, in some ways her presence is good since nobody can see anything. It’s not like she’ll see him kill Daniel. Ivan slowly endures Enola’s bites and kicks and everything, struggling back against her. He moves toward the sound of the teapot, trying to carefully find the stove. He hits Enola hard with the baton a few times, trying to stop her from disrupting him. Finally he hits the stove. It’s at this time that he slowly navigates them over to the corner. As they make it there, he lets Enola push him over. Enola continues wailing on him, but from this position, he can reach the floorboard.

He removes it slowly and puts it aside. He does his best to kick Enola away as he does this. Then, with baton in hand, he reaches under the floorboard and makes contact with a leg, which must be Daniel’s, just as planned. He must be stuck to the lamp. He gives a hard swing of the baton, cracking it against Daniel’s shins, following it by breaking his knees. Ivan can’t hear Daniel over the whining of the teapot, but he feels Daniel fall down near the hole. He takes his baton and then uses it to beat his neck.

It’s only a matter of seconds before Ivan feels something cracking. Daniel’s dead. Finally. He doesn’t even feel anything at this point. What a total disappointment meeting him was. Ivan finally feels Enola shake out of his grasp, seconds before the teapot finally stops whining.

10:20 AM

He takes the old floorboard and puts it back in its place, as if nothing ever happened. He hears screaming. It’s Brandy. She’s yelling for help. Her voice is muffled by the walls.

Ivan’s heart leaps, “Miss Henn! I’m coming to save you! I just need to find my way out of the living room!”

“I’m looking for a way to repair the power Brandy. Don’t worry. Stay right there,” the next voice is coming from above. It must be Seb.

Ivan tries his best to get out of the living room, but at every turn he bumps into a random table or something. He can’t seem to find the hallway. He searches frantically. Obviously, somebody put the lights out to kill someone. He has to find her and save her.

Suddenly there’s a loud crashing and thudding noise and the house shakes a little, as if the house itself had a tree fall on it.

Ivan holds his breath, but he still hears Brandy yelling as loud as she can for help. Whatever that noise was, it didn’t get her. Regardless, he searches for minutes and never finds the hallway, failing to help her.

10:25 AM

After a while, the lights come back on and he goes to the library to see what’s happening.

Oliver is there in front of Brandy, wrapping her arm. She’s sitting in a mess of books and blood. The window is open. Oliver seems coated in blood as well, or maybe that’s just the red paint from last time. Regardless, much of it has to be hers. The room seems otherwise very similar to what Ivan expected. Ivan rushes over to help Brandy and Oliver with setting Brandy’s arm right. That’s when they hear a commotion coming from the bedroom just across the hall.


Ivan and Sebastian search the Library.

First they notice in the corner that there’s a pile of books and blood near the shelf. The shelf has a bear trap sticking out of it, surrounding a book. They take that book off the shelf. It has no name on its spine but inside it says, “The Demon Handbook - All you need to know to get worshipping!” Surely, this will have some info about the cult symbol!

They read a couple of entries:

Belphegor: The helpful and slothful demon

Belphegor always wants people to take the easy way out. He’s always ready to give tips or hints or information in order to advance the easiness of something. He’s very honorable even if he has some sadistic tendencies. Although he is very powerful due to his expansive knowledge, he’s not known for exerting his power over others. His actions always lead people to power.

Belphegor can be summoned using the blood of a freshly murdered person. It can be done by taking a vial of blood to an altar with these runes on it and keeping it inside the central compartment in a bowl, and saying some magic words..

The rest of the Belphegor summoning process doesn’t really interest Sebastian and Ivan. The only weird part seems to be the part where the blood needs to be taken to the altar after a murder. Everything else makes sense with what they know.

Satanael: The chaos and freedom demon

Satanael wants everyone to have their freedom and make their own decisions. They love watching people do their own thing and follow their own dreams. They do not like morality standing in the way of people’s wants .

They keep flipping through the book looking for the symbol. That demon seemingly could not be summoned.

Ha-Satan: The adversarial demon

Ha-Satan loves providing challenges for people. Whenever the road gets difficult, that’s Ha-Satan exerting their influence. Ha-Satan does not have many followers, but it’s always good when you’re on Ha-Satan’s good side.

They reach the end of the book. There’s nothing. The last horrifying demon they hear described is this:

Lucifer: The First Demon:

The original ruler of Hell, Lucifer looks down upon all lower life forms and scoffs at their imperfections. He makes them pay retributions on their sins. He is always eager to punish people. The only way to please Lucifer is to exact justice on the human race. Even then you must be perfect in his eyes.

Ivan and Sebastian sigh as they get through the book. They continue checking the room and the books on the ground.

One book they pick up has a pattern inked into the first few pages. It’s another spellbook! This one has another unusual spell:

Possession: Requires drawing a magic circle and standing in it. Allows someone to possess another living being for 5-10 minutes. The possessor has to distribute 50% of their soul to take over the being and for that time being the possessor can only perform simple commands both in the body they’re possessing and their normal body. This does not include talking and so they will not be able to communicate. Performing rite for the spell requires something that belongs to the possessee as well. The possessee will not be in control of their body for the time period and will be unable to recollect what happened during the time in which they were possessed.

Hmm, if this book wasn’t here they never would have found this spell!

They continue looking through the books. Some have similar patterns as the spellbook on the front pages but are about completely unrelated topics.

After searching the books, they notice that there seem to be more here than would fit on this shelf. Did somebody move some off another shelf?

They check the bear trap and notice a copper wire around it. Ivan and Sebastian look up and see that a cord connects the bear trap to the ceiling. How interesting. They don’t see anything else of note.

Next, the two of them go to the bathroom. They check under the sink and in the shower, but nothing is there. There’s no evidence of anything weird.

The two of them leave and go to check outside the building. They search around the building. None of the windows have locks on them, and they can be opened from the outside. There’s no evidence worth talking about out there otherwise.

Ivan and Sebastian steel themselves for the trial.
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04:39 PM ET (US)
Your EFL with Enola: https://quicktopic.com/52/H/6V59962bBTK
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02:17 AM ET (US)

Daniel and Ivan stand in the lobby area outside the challenge room. This is where Haley and Ivan stood watch the whole time. They don’t find much interesting searching it. They enter the challenge room on the top floor.

The top floor is a rectangular room. Right across from the entrance is the elevator. A large tank with a lid on it of what must be liquor sits on one side. It looks to be three feet tall and five or so feet across. Each side is white except for the front, which has a clear window in it and shows that the tank is pretty much full of translucent bronze liquid. An empty tankard sits on the ground below the spigot on the side of the tank. The inside has drops of liquid in it, indicating it was used at one point.

A red light shines on the wall, indicating that the challenge needs to be completed. Under the light reads a message etched in stone, “Drink thirty glasses of this liquor.” A timer blinks under it, reading, “00:00”.

Finding nothing else special, Daniel and Ivan leave the challenge area.

Next they enter Observation Room B, which Daniel himself used. All that’s in the small room is a chair with a screen and two buttons in front of it. One button has a couple of z’s on it. The other has a skull on it. They find nothing else interesting about the room.

They go over to Observation Room A, where they also don’t find much of note at all. It’s like Observation Room B but mirrored to the other side. Brandy used this one.

The next place they check is the changing room that the challengers used to prepare for the challenge. First, they check Benjamin’s clothes. They find a bloody letter inside of it. Is this the one that Benjamin had when he introduced himself to everybody? Regardless, it’s unreadable.

Next they dig through Klifford’s stuff. Daniel suddenly gets a little misty-eyed as he pulls out the sock puppet. The sock puppet doesn’t have any clues on it, but he slips it on his hand. Unfortunately, the noose droops and makes the sock puppet look extra sad. Daniel immediately takes it off, not wanting to endure that any longer.

Ivan looks through Klifford’s wallet. He notes that there’s a distinct lack of cash in the wallet. In the front though is a picture of a sweet looking lady with a warm smile and a cute looking young girl who looks about seven or so. Ivan shows the picture to Daniel, who looks away. On the back of the photo reads, “Love, Leanne & Amelia” in pretty handwriting.

Quickly moving on from the emotion that all of that evokes, they go up to Matt’s clothes. They find is his trusty wench, which, in spite of all the knicks and bumps on it, still seems to work very well. Next to the wrench they find a crumpled up yellow note, but a stony hand stops them.

Belphegor grabs the note, “I will be taking this. It would make some things too easy to just read this paper unfortunately. I will be sure to disclose its contents at an appropriate time.”

With that, Belphegor leaves, but Bruce shows up.

“Hey can I help you? I could clean that letter off, if you want!” Bruce says joyfully.

Ivan shrugs and gives Bruce the bloody letter from Benjamin’s clothes. With that, Bruce flies off.

Next Ivan and Daniel explore the rest of the castle quickly, trying to make sure they catch everything.

The art room seems to have been used, as some paint stains the ground and a bunch of ripped up paper sits in the trash can. It definitely seems like a lot of paint was used on something. Additionally, a flute and a flute case sits here. It must be Oliver’s.

Moving on, the two of them go up the tower. At the top they find that the room is suspiciously clean. Nothing else about the room seems abnormal though, so with that, they go back downstairs.

The two of them wander for a while until they come across a strange place in the wall that seems to maybe be a secret passageway. There’s like the outline of a door in the gold-plated wood paneling.

Indeed, they find a hidden door knob and push it open. Inside, they find a chain which is attached to the wall on one end, and a key on the other. Additionally, there’s an elevator there with a call button next to it. They inspect the key. It looks very normal. They call the elevator and step inside. The bottom of the elevator has some strange markings on it and a hole in it. They begin to realize that this is the same elevator from the challenge rooms! The panel with the buttons shows only the three floors though as usual. Next to the buttons they see a place where a key can be inserted. They use the key to unlock the panel. The panel pops out revealing a secret fourth floor button. They press it, and the elevator doesn’t move. They practice going down to the challenge area and using this secret button to make it back up to the top. It works. The panel however can’t be closed. Meaning that if anyone saw this, they would learn about the secret floor as well. They use the key to close the panel back up again and leave the elevator.

At that point, it’s time for the tribunal.
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After Benjamin, Matt and Klifford leave to the challenge rooms, Ivan stands outside the dungeons quietly as people start to leave. Brandy and Daniel go to the observation rooms while Sebastian and Oliver go back up to the castle. Haley eyes him weirdly, though. “Wait, what are you doin’ here still?”

“I’m guarding the entrance, of course!” Ivan booms proudly. “I need to keep an eye on this place in case… anything goes wrong. It’s a necessary precaution. In fact…” He eyes Haley with suspicion. “Perhaps you should stay with me while I stand guard. It’d be better if I could keep an eye on you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Haley shouts in protest. “Are you saying I’ll get up to no good again?”

“But of course.” Ivan smacks his baton against the wall rather ominously. “You did just that when Nail let you loose last time. The fact that nobody died thanks to your antics is but a miracle! So you stay right here, and help guard this place from any other evil-doers!”

“Geeez, fine”, Haley grumbles, defeated. “You probably need the help anyway. Not that I’d be interested in killing anyone myself…”

The two stand by the entrance together for a good while. It’s a bit tiring, since nobody seems to be coming out. At least everything seems to be going well, though. Haley appears quite bored, glancing all over the place. Ivan stays silent standing. He occasionally asks Haley some questions about herself, but she either gives vague replies to them or dodges the question entirely. It doesn’t seem like much progress is being made through this mini interrogation, and soon Ivan gives up on it, and the two stand quietly.

Some time later as their minds start to fall asleep, Haley’s eyes open up slightly in Ivan’s direction.

“Hmm? What is it?” Ivan asks quietly, noticing her mild surprise.

“Oh, um…” Haley seems caught off guard by Ivan noticing, but she points behind him. “What the hell is that?”

Ivan turns around to see what she’s pointing at, but there doesn’t seem to be anything noteworthy in that corner of the dungeon. It suddenly occurs to him that this could be a trap of some kind by Haley. What mischief is she up to now? Not wanting to be surprised once more, he quickly turns around and points his baton at Haley accusingly. “What on earth do you mean, witch? There’s nothing at all there. Is this some trick you’re trying to pull? Don’t deceive me!”

Haley stuffs her hands in her pockets and looks down awkwardly. “I wasn’t trying to trick you, officer. I really did see something over there! ...Or at least I think I did. Now that I’m looking again, it doesn’t seem to be there. My bad.” She shrugs somewhat apologetically.

Ivan gives her a suspicious look again. Could it really have been a mistake on her part? She didn’t seem to have done anything at all while his back was turned… Perhaps he could trust her on this. “Very well”, he grunts begrudgingly. “I’ll let it go this time.”

The two continue standing guard for a minute or two before Haley clears her throat. “Hey, officer, ya mind if I leave for a bit? I really gotta use the bathroom. I think there might be a good place to go ‘round here.”

Ivan raises his eyebrow curiously. “Hmm… Well, last time I was standing guard and people came to ask to use the bathroom, it was Bennet and Sebastian. And it turns out later the two were both in cahoots, so they were most likely using that time for plotting their murder of Charlotte…”

Haley chuckles, undeterred. “Yeah, but remember I- well, Nail anyway- went to use the bathroom after they did. Nail tells me he spoke with your buddy Daniel and went to do his business and everything. Now, tell me officer, did he happen to commit any atrocities in that period?” Ivan stays silent, taking in her words sincerely. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So can ya let me take a shit already or what?”

“Hmm… Well, Nail is a different matter altogether”, Ivan mutters. “You are the more chaotic one of the two, after all. But… I suppose if you must go, then there’s no stopping you. However, make it quick!” He snaps. “If you are not back here within ten minutes, then I shall come looking for you and slam your face against these obsidian walls!”

“That’s quite the macabre detail to include, officer.” Haley flinches. “But fine, I’ll be back within that time. You have my word.” She nods, quickly exiting the room.


Ivan stays in the room and continues guarding the place. Something’s definitely strange about the woman. What could she possibly be up to? Either way, once her time limit ends, he’s definitely going to use this opportunity to figure out what’s wrong with her.

Time passes by for a while. 5 minutes, 6, 7… soon it reaches 9. Ivan’s convinced that something’s going on. It isn’t worth waiting for anymore! He quickly starts to run out of the room but as he exits, he suddenly bumps into someone.


“Hey, what’s the rush, officer?” Haley snorts, crossing her arms.

“W-wha?” Ivan rubs his head in surprise. “I was worried that something had gone wrong, so I-”

“I was just getting back!” Haley responds, a little annoyed. “My ten minutes haven’t ended, have they? Do you have to be so fuckin’ paranoid about everything?”

“Well, it was you, but…” Ivan shakes his head. “I suppose there’s nothing worth worrying about now. You did use the bathroom for those nine minutes though, correct?”

Haley rolls her eyes. “Well, that’s a totally normal question to ask a lady. But I’ll play along since you’re such a sceptic. Yes, I did go to do my business, as it were, and I came back right after I was done. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, and everything went fine. Does that satisfy you?”

Ivan nods. “Yes, yes, I suppose that’s good enough. My guard also happened to be quite uneventful while you were gone. I suppose that both brings us up to date on each other’s actions, so let us resume.” The two go back to their positions as before and continue standing around. For some time, nothing seems to occur. The atmosphere in the room feels… unusually dreary now as well.

“Y’know, this is strange. Quite a lot of time has passed by now, but nothing’s happened yet,” Haley murmurs. “What’s taking those three nitwits so long with their damn challenges?”

“It is quite strange”, Ivan agrees. “I would have expected them to have finished by this point…”

“Y’think they’re all fine in there?” Haley questions. “What if they aren’t?”

“R-ridiculous!” Ivan shakes his head. “There’s no way on earth that-”

“Why not?” Haley interrupts. “We’ve got a drunkard, a torture artist and a gambling addict in there doing god-knows-what. Maybe they’ve all gone crazy and murdered each other by now.”

“Don’t spout such nonsense! Even if they tried to pull off a murder, Brandy and Daniel would see them pull it off! Furthermore, there would be no way for them to escape the place. They would be caught for certain”, Ivan huffs.

“Oh, so you’re leaving their fates in the hands of a girl who’s half blind and a big oaf who can’t resist taking a nap every opportunity he can get. Great idea”, Haley replies dryly. “Plus, we have no bloody idea what’s happenin’ inside. We don’t even know what the rooms look like. The whole thing screams fishy.”

“Tch. Then if we don’t know what’s going on, perhaps their challenges are time consuming enough to the point where they’re still occupied with them.” Ivan says. “Do not make such rash assumptions just from nothing. You cannot stray me from the path of reason so easily, witch. And do not sully the names of our good crew members like that!”

“Perhaps I’m not so wrong though. Do you remember Benjamin? You saw how strong he was when he wants to be. He could easily tear apart the other two’s limbs if he felt like escaping. And we saw that ol’ drunkard with the bell in the tower. He was obviously up to something there. Who knows what he could be hiding? And of course, Klifford. The gambling fool would probably do anything to escape just to see his family.”

“Gambling? You seem quite sure of that. But really, we have no proof it was him on the slot machines from last trial.”

“Hmph. You really can’t figure it out? He’d obviously gone to relieve some stress from working on the young girl. But even when operating on her, he let his gambler’s instinct take over again. Didn’t the medicine he give her only have a chance of making her better? He was willing to take that risk, officer.”

“Hmm… even so, you seem unusually sure of this”, Ivan notes.

“Heh, I suppose that’s right.” Haley closes her eyes, putting two fingers to her forehead. “Nail’s told me all I need to know about him.”

“Nail? Don’t tell me…”

“Oh, it’s exactly as you imagine it. Poor old Nail’s got his rumours floating ‘round about him, but he does have quite a few clientele. Old Kliff was one of them. He had money problems, I recall. Came to Nail asking help on what to do with him. Of course, Nail’s a practical man. He saw that Kliff had a whole family to feed, and his income as a poor little pediatrician wouldn’t help matters. So he suggested gambling as a way to make extra money for himself. And, well, that’s about it. From what I can infer now, it seems like the man still has some problems going on. Especially if he wasted that much money on those machines.” Haley shakes her head.

“N-no way…” Ivan grimaces. “That man on the radio we heard said something about Klifford taking all the money from his house, leaving everyone starving… Could it be?”

“Hmm, yeah, I don’t think he took all of it. He probably just lost it all when going all in while playin’ poker or something”, Haley hypothesizes. “Sounds like he didn’t tell his wife about it, though… Seems like he was knee-deep in debt, huh?”

“No… was he really?” Ivan looks way, taking everything all in quite slowly. “That’s quite disturbing for the man. I can see why he hid it from us. Who knew that beneath the veil of such a humorous looking man lay a compulsive gambler?”

“That’s how life works”, Haley shrugs. “We’ve all got our secrets beneath the surface, y’know?”

The room goes silent after that. It doesn’t appear that Ivan knows what to say in this situation. Some more time passes, and they see Sebastian and Oliver come in to check in on the others. Everything that follows is quite straightforward.
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Card: Beat three different people with your baton. Do not apologize or show remorse.
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Ivan is sitting back in the police office, feeling guilty to himself. It’s been hard on everybody being trapped in this place, but Ivan has felt his world shake under him.

“Good day, soldier!” Daniel says, entering the police office where Ivan is. “Do you want to go on an afternoon patrol to get your mind off things?”

Ivan shakes his head out of his stupor and leaves with Daniel, carrying a pair of handcuffs with them since the proper armory is locked.

The two wander around for a bit before they hear an alarm coming from Star Lanes. They look to one another and walk across the street to the entrance. Inside alarms are blaring. They walk over to the arcade. It seems like someone was playing one of the gambling machines recently as a ticket sticks out of one of the machines, indicating a loss of a couple hundred dollars.

Nearby another gambling machine has glass all around it,and the screen is busted. There’s a bowling ball lodged in the screen. This seems to have set off an alarm in the building, probably assuming it has been stolen from.

They walk over to the front counter and find a pair of old-fashioned black women’s shoes sitting there. Neither of them recognize the pair. There’s also a cleaned whiteboard there for some reason.

Suddenly Daniel spots something, and puts his finger to his lips, pointing at the back emergency door. It is open and they suddenly notice that the fire alarm is ringing.

They leave out the back and find a set of footprints moving through the alleyways, covered in oil. They follow the tracks as they become fainter and fainter in the alleys. The prints look of about about an average size for a man. The shoes have flat bottoms that don’t leave any pattern. The two of them are totally stealthy.

Daniel motions for Ivan to follow him into the historical society, apparently thinking that the thief might be that way.

They enter and look around the historical society. There’s a lot of old art, archaeological artifacts, and the like underneath glass cases. On one side there’s a bunch of stone slabs and such that have been dug out of the ground, and on the other is old farming equipment. Around the farming equipment are mannequins wearing old-style clothes. The most eerie part is that all the stuff from the festival yesterday was put in here by Micah, and so all the creepy masks are laying about along with the strange instruments that Beelzebub had been holding.

Daniel and Ivan snoop around, checking behind the slabs and glass cases. When they find nothing, they go upstairs to the office.

3:30 or so

As they enter the room, they see Micah, standing all on her own. Hearing their footsteps, she turns to see Daniel and Ivan.

“Did you see anyone around here, soldier?” Daniel barks simply.

“Hmm? No, I didn’t. It’s just me here.” Micah shrugs. “Why do you ask?”

“We’re… looking for someone. We saw suspicious activity here and we traced it back here”, Ivan explains, looking at her suspiciously.

Micah flinches. “What, you’re accusing me? That’s ridiculous.”

“Let’s not”, Daniel grunts. “I don’t think we’ve got anything against her, Ivan. Sorry for bothering you, maggot. We’ll be off.” He nods and the two leave the room.

Ivan and Daniel speak in hushed whispers to one another. Where could the culprit have gone? Does Micah have big feet?

Ivan curses their luck and the two leave.

Ivan asks to be left alone for now, but thanks Daniel for coming with him and the two part ways.


Ivan goes to the police headquarters. He rests for a while, sad that the culprit escaped him. Suddenly he hears the sound of squealing tires near the office. He walks outside to investigate. He sees a car get further away and it whirls around the street corner. He decides to try and follow after it.

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Ivan, Benjamin, and Klifford investigate First Street.

This street contains Dojo Sushi, the crash site, the Historical Society, and the Rattlewater Tribune.

The first place the group checks is the crash site. Ivan watches closely over Benjamin and Klifford to make sure nobody is pulling any funny business as they go through the wrecked car and look over the body. Klifford takes a close look at the body and shakes his head, a little confused. Ciro’s body is in the driver’s seat of the car. Benjamin woke up in the passenger seat with bleeding on the back of his head. Matt was found on the floor of the vehicle between the driver and passenger seats. Klifford says that Ciro was definitely knocked out before the crash judging from the wounds on his body. He definitely bounced around like a ragdoll. Klifford also adds that the damage to the exterior of the body make it difficult to say what damage might have happened on the inside. He notes that the time of death was probably shortly after 4:00. They search Ciro’s body. His hand still looks fairly messed up. The only other thing they find on him is a blackish-reddish chunks in a plastic bag, all covered in blackish-reddish slime. All three look like they don’t want to open it. After a while they agree that they should just keep it shut. There doesn’t seem to be anything else in there. On the floor of the vehicle are broken bits of glass, colored like a beer bottle. They inspect the brake lines and fine that they’re cleanly cut. They also look at the accelerator pedal and find it’s covered in a gunky substance that makes it jam in place sometimes.

While they are out on the street, the group notices glinting on the ground near the side of the road. They find that on the ground are broken bits of glass belonging to a blackened glass bottle. There doesn’t seem to be any stains from liquid or anything around it. It looks like it was crushed.

The group searches the Historical Society of Rattlewater. Inside they find loads of old artifacts under glass cases. Weird rocks, carvings, ceramics, jewelry and so on. It all seems to be hundreds of years old. Along with the artifacts, there’s an exhibit for old art, old farm equipment, and old clothes. Plenty of the masks from yesterday’s celebration are here. Apparently, Micah took a liking to them and just placed them on top of random things in the exhibit. One of the mannequins that are used to display old-timey clothes has a mask on its face.They go upstairs to check Micah’s office. Micah has carried one of the robes and masks up here. Otherwise, she simply has a bunch of notes out, checking in the many different masks that are being added to the exhibit.

The group searches Dojo Sushi. The front seating area is completely clean. It seems like all of the tables are clean, but one in particular looks glossy in a way that implies it was cleaned earlier today. The kitchen area is a lot more interesting. There is plenty of silverware and cooking gear. The group recognizes two bowls in the sink as being two of the ones Ciro had used to serve everyone soup a few days ago. Silverware is in the sink as well, along with a large cooking knife. In the trash, they find the remains of another such bowl, among other anonymous cooking ingredients. It seems that the orange bowl has been broken into pieces and some of it is stained black on the inside. The rest of the trash seems normal. The fire is running, and the group clearly spots the ashes of paper jumping around in the fire. Seems like a note was burned again. The most ominous thing in the room is the remains of a pufferfish, which seems to be left out. It isn’t out of place in a sushi restaurant, but it seems like it was cut up and left here for some reason.

The group searches the Rattlewater tribune. They find nothing of interest except for a lot of spare sheets of paper and spare typewriter ribbons. It doesn’t seem like anything was moved in the back store room.
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Meeting Room - Ivan, Daniel, Matt

Place is spotless, everything in the room has been cleaned, including shelves, the rug, and the knick-knacks. All the dirt seems to have just been tracked in by them. The trash can in the room contains a huge pile of dust. Most of the jewelry boxes on the shelves contain jewelry but one of them, a little stone-colored one, is mysteriously empty. They also check the fireplace and notice that there’s a corner of some sheets of paper in there. It seems to have “-00” on it or something similar. Maybe it’s a time? Realizing that there isn’t much here, the group opens the outside door and peaks their heads out. It looks like the mat has been scrubbed as well. They see that nearby the mat is a single glinting piece of glass. Just large enough to cut someone with, like the head of a knife. They also spot a crowbar nearby in a snowbank. How very strange. They don’t hear any strange noises at all.
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Earlier today, a lot of people are gathered in the meeting room. Ivan is resting from being out in the cold of the cavern. Sebastian is staring desolately at the mud that keeps being tracked in through the doors. Nail, who’s at the head of the room, opens up an apparently secret compartment on the side of the desk and smiles.

“Ahh… Look at what we have here…” he smiles, producing a crumpled slip of paper, which seems to be all that the desk holds. “It says safe code, very interesting… I don’t recall seeing a safe.”

The others take a look at the note, confirming what Nail said. It has five strange symbols on it.

“Alright, well one of you can keep care of it. I am interested in the treasure of course, but after my earlier… outburst, well I think I could do well to earn back a little good will.”

The others wonder where in the world the safe could be as Ivan grabs the paper for safekeeping.


Oliver enters the meeting room, his brow furrowed and his face twisted in anger. Sebastian and Charlotte are there as well, having a quiet conversation about dust. Ivan enters the room from outside and looks like he’s going to walk straight through when Oliver blocks his way. He asks Ivan to wait here for a moment.

Oliver walks into the center of the room, his hands on his hips. He looks at Charlotte with daggers, “You took my flute, you no-good thief! Give it back!”

Charlotte’s mouth is agape. She sputters and shakes her head, “I did not! Do you have any proof or are you just going after me to go after me?! Why would I steal that anyways?!” She makes a face of genuine hurt.

Oliver recoils but quickly regains his composure, “You’re always snooping around! You’re probably thinking about killing us, huh?! You took it for the magic spell! You’re jealous of me and my success, so you would kill me!”

It’s at that point that the argument gets really… intense. Oliver seems to not be holding back. He kind of reminds everyone of a typical school bully, occasionally mocking Charlotte and her mannerisms. It doesn’t sound like he really knows that it’s her, but the situation clearly isn’t going to lighten up soon. Charlotte’s replies are by comparison kinda pathetic. She keeps just trying to say that she would never steal from one of them and Oliver is clearly getting into her head.

Finally, Ivan steps in, breaking the two apart, “Alright, that’s enough. Don’t worry Oliver, we’ll help you find your flute. If anyone may have stolen it, I’m sure they’ll confess soon.”

Oliver huffs, but in his eyes he has tears, “It’s probably already been destroyed. I- I loved that flute! It’s a piece of home that I’m never getting back! And I…”

He cuts himself off, turns his head and leaves into the stairwell area. The others are left with a surprising amount of silence for a minute.


Right after Oliver leaves, Charlotte, Sebastian and Ivan stand in silence in the meeting room. Charlotte looks still emotionally distraught. “I had something stolen from me too…”

“Well, of course you did, you’re a slob. You’re always leaving stuff around here, you know. It’s a bit of a pain to clean up after you,” Sebastian says, pointing to all the mud that Charlotte’s tracked everywhere, just since she entered.

Charlotte is aghast, she can’t believe what she just heard.

“But Ivan tracks mud everywhere too! You’ve gotta be kidding me! And tracking around mud is one thing, but I never leave anything lying around!”

“That’s because whenever you do leave something out, I’m right here to point that out, and at least Ivan is doing something important for us. Tell me again what you’ve been doing outside?”

Charlotte cocks her head, “Seb, not you too! Come on, just drop it already.”

Seb looks at her rather coldly.

This argument goes on for a while, Sebastian seemingly having a lot of reasons to be sick of Charlotte right now. In some ways, Charlotte looks even more deeply hurt than with Oliver.

Eventually she hides her face and has to leave.

4:30 - 5:50

Ivan goes to a corner in the caverns, right by the ice lake. He realises that now isn’t the time to just stand by and wait. Now is the time to figure a way out of this place!

He looks at some tools he brought from the armory, laying on the icy floor. He takes them and chips at the wall for some time. Progress is slow yet steady, and continues for a while. The icy walls seem quite thick and hard to break through. After one particularly hard swing, he thinks he heard the ice wall shatter, but on closer examination, it seems no special effect occurred to the ice wall on this strange-sounding swing.

As he continues, he looks back towards the concrete building. He can just barely make out the shape of Sebastian cleaning in the meeting room in the side windows. Just then, Charlotte can just barely be seen coming out from the side of the building where the entrance to the meeting hall is and going around to the entrance to the staircase is.

Ivan doesn’t pay the events much mind and goes back to digging the best he can for a while.
Later, Ivan hears the flutter of wings behind him and sees something strange as he turns around. It’s a picture of Charlotte! A polaroid.cThe picture on it is disturbing. She looks kinda out of it and scared. She’s kind of crouched like she’s cowering.

Ivan takes a sharp intake of breath. He sets down his spear he’s using to hack at the ice near the wall and goes back to the cement building, using the meeting room door.


Ivan runs into Sebastian in the meeting room. Sebastian’s eyes widen at the tracks that Ivan brings into the freshly cleaned room.

Ivan ignores the look and holds up a picture in Sebastian’s face: it’s a picture of Charlotte looking confused and distraught on a featureless, grey background.

“What is that?” Sebastian asks, looking at the picture.

Ivan grabs Sebastian by the shoulders, “It’s Charlotte! She must be in some trouble! Someone sent this to me! It must’ve been a criminal! Or maybe she sent it so that I would save her!”

Sebastian nods silently. In the quiet, the two hear something: a high pitched whiny noise coming very quietly from an unknown direction.

“I heard that earlier. I already checked to see if that was Oliver. It seemed like maybe he had been crying about his flute or something.”

Ivan shakes his head, “No, it must have been Charlotte. We need to find her. I’m going to check the armory in case you missed something. I didn’t see her outside just now.”

Sebastian nods in agreement, “Alright, I’ll be here, and I’ll keep my ears open.”

Ivan leaves.

In the stairwell area, Ivan searches under everything for Charlotte but cannot find her.


Ivan knocks on the door to the armory. Oliver is there. His hands folded. Oliver stands up, giving Ivan an inquisitive expression.

Ivan holds up a picture: it’s a picture of Charlotte looking confused and distraught on a featureless, grey background.

Oliver gives an expression of concern, “Does everyone know already?”

“You and Sebastian both know, I’m going to tell Nail, once I’m done checking around here. It sounds like she could be in the building somewhere.”

“Who did this?” Oliver shudders.

“I’m not sure, but don’t you worry. We’re going to bring down whatever justice is necessary.”

Perhaps uncharacteristically given recent events, Oliver gives a serious agreement, “Alright, I will help as much as I can. Maybe the picture is of… hmm…”

Oliver doesn’t end up having a ton of smart things to say, but Ivan checks around the room and sees no places that Charlotte could be hiding in. There is a modest pile of clothes, but it’s not enough for her to be hiding under.

After checking everything thoroughly, Ivan and Oliver go to check on the red room downstairs. Ivan opens the door holding the picture.


Ivan tells Nail about this mysterious photo and how he does not know where it came from, just that it was sent to him. Oliver stands nearby and explains how they checked around but couldn’t find anything.

Nail looks concerned, “Well, it has to be a plot by someone! We’re all being manipulated by someone!”

They discuss for a while some different theories. They enter the meeting room.

Sebastian is there cleaning when everyone enters. The four of them chat for a while, not sure about what to do about Charlotte’s disappearance. Even when they are completely silent, the place seems to be empty aside from them. Did something really happen to her? They go out into the snow for a while together, Ivan not wanting anyone to be in danger.

Suddenly they hear yelling coming from somewhere. Is someone here?
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You hear a scream come out of nowhere and look to see a support pillar in the shaft, looking quite unsturdy. It seems just about ready to collapse... You quickly run for your life, avoiding the falling debris as you do. You barely avoid the mines collapsing on you as you make it to the lower ice caverns. This is a disaster... Is anyone else even with you?

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You vaguely recognize all of these people, but it's very chilling for you. You definitely thought they were all alive.

The kid in yellow is someone you're very familiar with he's a local troublemaker named Alec Grisham. You thought he had ran away from home. He was a high school kid, but you often had to keep him overnight for offenses like vandalism and the like. He did not respect authority.

The man in the torn suit is Ferdie Barone, a restaurant owner. You were friendly with him. His restaurant was very successful. He moved recently to expand his business.

The man in rags is a man with the first name Earnest. You're pretty sure he's retired, but you've been up and down his block a lot, considering how many drug trades and the like go on there. You would not be surprised if he had gotten involved. You definitely had to interrogate him before. You don't remember the last time you saw him.

The woman is a little bit famous in Rattlewater. Her name is Gale Silberman. She's the former wife of a tech magnate. You never talked to her, but she was always all over the radio. You thought maybe she had finally stepped out of the limelight.
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You successfully steal from Nail and complete the ritual.

To your amazement, indeed, you find his weakness:

"Derives their self-worth from the perception of those around them. Prideful."
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You, Benjamin and Nail are chosen to look through Tunnel B- the tunnel with spikes all around and where the tunnel to the altar was found.

Ivan gives Benjamin and Nail a suspicious look. “You two best be careful here! I shall be keeping a watch on you two to make sure you shall do nothing suspicious!”

“Me? I have no reason to.” Benjamin shakes his head in a matter of fact way. “What did Nail even do, anyway? Is there a reason you’re targeting him?”

Nail looks quite disappointed at the remark. “My, my, officer. I haven’t so much as a spot on my record, and yet you find me suspect? I’m a clean man.”

“That’s what you claim.” Ivan gives a glare. “But I have a feeling about you and-”

“Are we already forgetting the no gossip rule?” Benjamin intervenes. “We shouldn’t let this get in our way. Let’s investigate carefully, with each of us having an eye on each other.”

“A good point.” Nail smiles. “Ironic, that the prisoner is the most sensible out of everyone here.”

Ivan scowls. “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Oh, nothing.” Nail shakes his head, looking at the floor of the tunnel. The spikes of the tunnel seem to be intact both above and below. The decomposing body from earlier is still laying on the floor, untouched. It isn’t the thing that stands out the most about the room, though.

“Wait a second! What is all this?” Ivan gestures to near the entrance of the tunnel, where a pile of tar is evenly spread across the floor. It appears to be quite recently spread.

“Ah, that’s my doing.” Benjamin says simply, looking quite proud.

“You’re saying… you placed this?” Ivan gives a suspicious stare.

“Yes, before everyone went to sleep.” Benjamin explains. “I took a bucket of tar from the hideout and hid it here, and I spread it across the floor carefully. Just as a precautionary matter, really. Didn’t trust everyone to react to this whole killing game thing properly… Seems I was right, too.” He gestures near the tar, where a few footprints are seen. “It seems some people left a trail tonight, too.”

There are two different sets of footprints the three see. The first one seems to be from a rather elegant looking pair of shoes, going to and from the tunnel. The second seems to be from someone who was barefoot, and strangely they’re only seen going away. Nearby are some small black dots going into the tunnel too. None of these go on for long though and fade out rather quickly.

“Hmm… I wonder who these could belong to?” Ivan says, examining the footprints closely.

“Ah, I believe I can help with that.” Nail offers. “These footprints happen to be mine.” He gestures to the ones made by an elegant looking pair of shoes. “I did happen to walk through this earlier.”

“Aha! So you admit you’re the one behind this!” Ivan smirks. “That was quite easy.”

Nail just shakes his head. “I’m afraid not. I simply came here to… defecate, let’s say. My prints here simply prove that I came over here, not to the crime scene itself.”

“Hmm… What proof do you have of this?” Benjamin asks.

“Me? Nothing! You have but my word on the matter.” Nail shakes his head. “I specifically did request early in the morning that Daniel let me come here to do my business. He could act as my witness for this event, so ask him. It was after Carrie was murdered, too.”

“Hmm… if you say so.” Ivan shakes his head. “Don’t think you’re off the hook yet, though!”

“Oh, I’m sure.” Nail chuckles, unperturbed. “Anyway, it doesn’t appear there’s much else left in this tunnel. Perhaps we should take our leave now.”

“Not so fast.” Benjamin objects. “There’s still one more area we have to check.” He kicks at the entrance to the altar.

“Hmm… Could there be anything of value there?” Ivan asks.

“Who knows?” Benjamin shrugs. “That’s what we’ll have to find out.” He walks inside, and the other two decide to follow him in.

Inside, the altar looks to be about the same. It looks like someone’s been inside here recently though. Some dust in the area has been wiped away, and there’s an imprint on the ground of someone sleeping. Additionally, the others also notice a safe in one corner of the room. It looks like someone’s been tinkering with it recently. Ivan tries to break it open, but to no avail. It doesn’t look likely they’ll figure it out anytime soon. One thing that does seem strange though is that the bowl in the centre of the room has gone missing.

Suddenly, the three hear Belphegor calling for the beginning of the tribunal outside.

“And so it starts…” Ivan sighs. “Should we notify the others now?”

“I see no need to.” Nail says. “They’ll all be coming soon. Besides, the tribunal will be held in here, no? There’s no reason to leave here.” He crosses his arms and closes his eyes, standing still.

“I agree.” Benjamin says simply. They all wait for a few minutes before everyone else comes down to the room.
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You and Daniel agree to watch over the others during the night. You decide to take the first watch and he will take the second. As everyone prepares for bed, you notice that Benjamin left some time back. Soon enough though, he returns, looking pleased with himself. You ask what he’s doing but get no answers from him. Frustrated, you let him move along.

Soon, midnight rolls around and everyone is in their tents except for Carrie and Micah.

In about forty minutes Bennett gets up and approaches you.
“Just got some business to take care of,” he says plainly. “I’ve gotta go real bad.”

You eye him suspiciously for a couple seconds “Alright well look I’m not going to keep you here if you have to go, but I have my ways of finding out whether you’re lying or not. I’ll also want a full report when you get back.”

You cautiously let Bennett pass you. Five minutes later, Sebastian gets up and attempts to walk right past you without a word. You swing your arm out in front of him, blocking his way. You crack a smile, “Alright buddy, look I ain’t one of these cops you can pull a fast one over. Some suspicious stuff has been going on, so I’m gonna need to have an explanation.”

“Sorry,” Sebastian shrinks a little, avoiding your gaze. “I was thinking I would be able to do my business.”

Ivan shakes his head, scowling, “Sorry kid, I think I’m going to need more details than that. Tell me how much time you need and what for.

Despite your strange request, Sebastian only freezes for a split second before launching into a pretty precise articulation of how he’s feeling. Seems like he definitely has to use the bathroom, and you commit his words to memory.

“Alright, well I guess you can go, but be careful now,” you say, looking serious. “Make sure you’re ready to defend yourself. There are some real weirdos out there,” you add, thinking of Bennett.

After nearly half an hour, you see Bennett coming back, but he’s covered from head to toe with thick quicksand. You look at him a little amused, but in the back of your head you’re sure he’s hiding something. “Number one or number two?” you ask, trying to make a joke.

Looking fed up he shakes his head, “I’d rather not say. I’m going to sleep now, as best I can.” You’re not exactly satisfied with his response, but you don’t stop him. It does seem like he had a tough time.

A while later, you are relieved to see Sebastian coming back, but he seems to be covered with a couple patches of grime and dirt. Overall he looks worse than when he left. He also looks a little dejected. You look at him interested. “Hey what happened? Did someone hurt you?” you ask.

Sebastian’s expression becomes unreadable for a few seconds. In the end, he insists he just fell in the quicksand on accident.

You let him go to his tent, but you can’t shake the feeling that something happened between the two of them. You feel glad that they both came back alive, but you feel like there is more to do.

When 3:30 rolls around, you wake up Daniel so he can take watch. You also give him some notes of your watch.

As you go to sleep, you decide you should sleep with one eye open and trained on Sebastian so that nobody can try any funny business. It’s one of your many talents that you can watch something while still getting half of a full night’s rest. You face Sebastian’s tent and go to sleep, during the night you don’t remember anything happening to Sebastian at all. He may have moved around a little in his sleep. At one point you notice someone approaching his tent, but Sebastian himself remains still. You slept like a log, unable to pay attention to anything else.
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you're welcome son
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thanks dad
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Here's the EFL with Ciro: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/WGg6ipnA5r3

And here's your tentmate EFL: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/NpDwDtU23Uq
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