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[F6] Daniel Kennedy the Star Drill Instructor

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03:04 PM ET (US)
10:00 AM

After discovering the papers, everyone begins discussing what to do next. Shortly, they decide that searching should be done. Nail decides to take charge of things for a change and decides that Sebastian should search the Attic. He makes the point that he is the smallest among everyone, or at least he is the smallest that can be relied upon to complete such a task. The group nods in agreement as the ladder to the attic is opened and Sebastian goes up.

Next, Nail immediately orders Brandy to check out the library. He says that he might have seen the cult symbol in the library earlier as well. Brandy’s eyes immediately widen and she nods, running into the library to check it out. He then sizes up Daniel and decides to make him investigate the bedroom, since it would be his ‘area of expertise’. Not appreciating the slight against him, Daniel grunts and goes into the bedroom to investigate. He doesn’t pay attention to the other instructions, moreso just wanting to get to the damn point already.

10:05 AM

Despite what others might think, Daniel feels productive today. He wants to get shit done for a change. He’s tired of being tired. His Virtues and Vices card might have exhausted him, but perhaps using all his brawn for something good isn’t such a bad idea after all. As he shuts the door behind him, he looks at the bedroom. There’s not much there. Just a bed, a lamp, some other stuff… Probably worth examining anyway.

The bed tempts him greatly, but he doesn’t lay a finger on the mattress, instead choosing to look around it carefully. He doesn’t find anything there. He goes over to the dresser, digging through it. It’s mostly filled with ordinary clothes, but then Daniel finds a set of cult robes with the skull and stuff on them. Do these really belong to the Gardners? How strange.

Daniel continues digging, moving over to the table in the corner. He rummages through the drawer, trying to find clues. On top of the table is the picture of the four members of the Gardner family. He feels that it’s covered in dust as he holds it. He turns it over and opens up the back of the picture seeing that there’s a newspaper clipping taped to the other side.

It’s just a picture: a picture of Nail with a man and a woman. The other two seem to be wearing wedding clothes. On the back of the picture it says, “Our wedding day.” Daniel scrutinizes the picture. This must be of the Gardners, but the fact that this picture must be from around 30 years ago means that Nail did not age a day in that time. He still looks exactly the same. Nail’s a little older than he lets on. Daniel begins wondering what he should do with this information.

10:15 AM

Suddenly, he feels darkness enshroud him. What the hell?! Is this a blackout or something?

He hurries over to the corner to turn the lamp on. The moment he places a hand on it though… what the?! It’s stuck! There must be glue on the handle or something! He tries to struggle but it’s of no use. It must be really strong…

Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, he starts to hear a high pitched whistling which drowns out all sound. It’s deafening. He continues struggling but it’s no use. His hand is practically attached to the damn thing now. He shouts for help but it’s no use. Suddenly, he feels something hit his legs. He falls to the floor suddenly, his knees breaking. He falls down to the ground and he feels a hand come up from under the floor. It hits him over his head while he’s helpless to move. The pain is absolutely unbearable and he caves in quickly, blacking out for good. A truly horrible way to end off one’s life.
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02:18 AM ET (US)
Daniel and Ivan stand in the lobby area outside the challenge room. This is where Haley and Ivan stood watch the whole time. They don’t find much interesting searching it. They enter the challenge room on the top floor.

The top floor is a rectangular room. Right across from the entrance is the elevator. A large tank with a lid on it of what must be liquor sits on one side. It looks to be three feet tall and five or so feet across. Each side is white except for the front, which has a clear window in it and shows that the tank is pretty much full of translucent bronze liquid. An empty tankard sits on the ground below the spigot on the side of the tank. The inside has drops of liquid in it, indicating it was used at one point.

A red light shines on the wall, indicating that the challenge needs to be completed. Under the light reads a message etched in stone, “Drink thirty glasses of this liquor.” A timer blinks under it, reading, “00:00”.

Finding nothing else special, Daniel and Ivan leave the challenge area.

Next they enter Observation Room B, which Daniel himself used. All that’s in the small room is a chair with a screen and two buttons in front of it. One button has a couple of z’s on it. The other has a skull on it. They find nothing else interesting about the room.

They go over to Observation Room A, where they also don’t find much of note at all. It’s like Observation Room B but mirrored to the other side. Brandy used this one.

The next place they check is the changing room that the challengers used to prepare for the challenge. First, they check Benjamin’s clothes. They find a bloody letter inside of it. Is this the one that Benjamin had when he introduced himself to everybody? Regardless, it’s unreadable.

Next they dig through Klifford’s stuff. Daniel suddenly gets a little misty-eyed as he pulls out the sock puppet. The sock puppet doesn’t have any clues on it, but he slips it on his hand. Unfortunately, the noose droops and makes the sock puppet look extra sad. Daniel immediately takes it off, not wanting to endure that any longer.

Ivan looks through Klifford’s wallet. He notes that there’s a distinct lack of cash in the wallet. In the front though is a picture of a sweet looking lady with a warm smile and a cute looking young girl who looks about seven or so. Ivan shows the picture to Daniel, who looks away. On the back of the photo reads, “Love, Leanne & Amelia” in pretty handwriting.

Quickly moving on from the emotion that all of that evokes, they go up to Matt’s clothes. They find is his trusty wench, which, in spite of all the knicks and bumps on it, still seems to work very well. Next to the wrench they find a crumpled up yellow note, but a stony hand stops them.

Belphegor grabs the note, “I will be taking this. It would make some things too easy to just read this paper unfortunately. I will be sure to disclose its contents at an appropriate time.”

With that, Belphegor leaves, but Bruce shows up.

“Hey can I help you? I could clean that letter off, if you want!” Bruce says joyfully.

Ivan shrugs and gives Bruce the bloody letter from Benjamin’s clothes. With that, Bruce flies off.

Next Ivan and Daniel explore the rest of the castle quickly, trying to make sure they catch everything.

The art room seems to have been used, as some paint stains the ground and a bunch of ripped up paper sits in the trash can. It definitely seems like a lot of paint was used on something. Additionally, a flute and a flute case sits here. It must be Oliver’s.

Moving on, the two of them go up the tower. At the top they find that the room is suspiciously clean. Nothing else about the room seems abnormal though, so with that, they go back downstairs.

The two of them wander for a while until they come across a strange place in the wall that seems to maybe be a secret passageway. There’s like the outline of a door in the gold-plated wood paneling.

Indeed, they find a hidden door knob and push it open. Inside, they find a chain which is attached to the wall on one end, and a key on the other. Additionally, there’s an elevator there with a call button next to it. They inspect the key. It looks very normal. They call the elevator and step inside. The bottom of the elevator has some strange markings on it and a hole in it. They begin to realize that this is the same elevator from the challenge rooms! The panel with the buttons shows only the three floors though as usual. Next to the buttons they see a place where a key can be inserted. They use the key to unlock the panel. The panel pops out revealing a secret fourth floor button. They press it, and the elevator doesn’t move. They practice going down to the challenge area and using this secret button to make it back up to the top. It works. The panel however can’t be closed. Meaning that if anyone saw this, they would learn about the secret floor as well. They use the key to close the panel back up again and leave the elevator.

At that point, it’s time for the tribunal.
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12:32 AM ET (US)

Daniel quickly enters Observation Room B, wanting to feel useful. He feels the door lock behind him, leaving him in a dark little cell.

The only thing in there is a monitor with two buttons in front of it and a chair. One button has a skull, and the other has a couple of z’s. He takes a seat. Right now the monitor is blank.

A voice speaks aloud to him:

“Welcome to the observation room. You will be receiving real camera shots at 20 minutes and every five minutes thereafter. If, for any reason, things aren’t going as planned in the challenge room, then you have two options. The first is the button with z’s. This button will release gas which will knock out anybody in the same room as your camera, but only those in that room. The second is the button with the skull. This button will release a similar gas, but this gas is fatal. Again, this will only affect those in the room with your camera. Only use them if you are desperate. The knockout gas will keep someone out for around fifteen minutes.”

Daniel nods his head along, trying to prepare himself mentally for this. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the room to keep his attention, and so he gets up and does his best to keep himself awake, already feeling a little drowsiness.


Daniel recieves his first vision. It shows a stone cell. Someone is hunched in a jumpsuit over near the left side of the frame. They seem to be at a table. In the center is a chair facing the camera with some strange machine behind it. On the right side of the frame is a furnace. A red light is on the wall in the back.

As far as Daniel can tell, nothing is wrong. The room looks foreboding though, and it concerns them that he can’t tell who is in the picture. In the end, he doesn’t hit either button.


Daniel receives a vision. The figure on the left is gone, and he sees that there’s some pliers and what looks to be a fireplace poker on the table. Other than that, nothing really sparks his interest. At the very least, things are keeping his interest now.


Daniel blinks. Is this the exact same image? He sighs. At least nobody is injured or anything.


Daniel feels his eyelids grow heavy. The room is once again the exact same. The only thing that seems to be moving is the fire in the furnace. He can tell for sure that this is a different picture for that reason, but nothing else is going on. Aren’t they supposed to be completing a challenge or something? Oh well.


It’s just a wall. Huh? Daniel feels like ice is crawling down his back. Is this for real? It seems like somebody intentionally blocked the feed! Daniel punches the knockout button immediately. It clicks in place and makes a light noise.

Suddenly, he feels his tongue swelling in his throat. The gas keeps someone out for fifteen minutes! If he knocked out a good guy…

They were going to wake up with only a few minutes to get the trial done.

But… why in the world was the camera facing the wall? What explanation was there for that except fowl play? He bites his lip nervously and continues waiting.


All three of the next pictures are of the wall. Nobody has come out of the challenge yet, or else it would have ended. Daniel sits there paranoid with fear, knowing what he’s done is dire. With nothing else to do, he waits out the clock.

One minute left…


Daniel is released from the observation room.
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04:59 PM ET (US)
Card: Perform moderate physical activity without resting for 24 hours. If you fail, you may retry up to three times.
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Oliver and Daniel get together for a late lunch. Thinking about the delicious food that Ciro might make, they decide to see if he’s there. As they approach the building, they both hear some loud yelling, and enter as Micah storms out, not saying a word to them.

They both give Ciro a somewhat concerned look. “Soldier, are you alright? I heard some shouting coming from here, and…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it.” Ciro shakes his head dismissively. “It’s alright, I’m fine.”

“Are you… sure?” Oliver raises his eyebrow. “From what we heard just know, it doesn’t seem like everything was alright here.”

“Ah… it’s unfortunate you had to hear that. My apologies.” Ciro says, bowing. “Rest assured though, I’m fine for now. Let’s forget about that for now, though. Would you gentlemen be interested in some sushi?”

“Hmm… I suppose I do need a snack right about now”, Daniel mumbles. “Sure, why not, soldier?”

“Yes, I suppose something for my stomach would be suitable”, Oliver agrees. The two men take a seat together in the restaurant. Ciro takes their orders quickly and comes over quickly with some fresh, appetising looking sushi. The two feast happily on their food, satisfied with the quality of it while Ciro peers over them quite content. Finally, they both finish and look up.

“Well, Ciro, you are an odd fellow… But I have to say, you steam a good sushi roll.” Oliver pats his stomach, pleased with the food. Daniel nods appreciatively as well.

“Oh ho, thank you very much. It was a pleasure having you all eat here.” Ciro comes over and takes the plates the two are eating from with one hand.

“Ah, that reminds me, soldier.” Daniel says. “Did you ever get that hand of yours treated? Doesn’t look like it’s quite right.”

For a second, Ciro’s smile twitches heavily. He turns away, putting the dishes to wash. “I’m quite fine. You don’t have to worry about me at all.” His words sound quite strained. Not wanting to push him further, the two men get up and leave, letting him do his work.

Daniel and Oliver part ways afterward.


Daniel decides to go to the police office.

“Good day, soldier!” Daniel says, entering the police office where Ivan is. “Do you want to go on an afternoon patrol to get your mind off things?”

Ivan shakes his head out of his stupor and leaves with Daniel, carrying a pair of handcuffs with them since the proper armory is locked.

The two wander around for a bit before they hear an alarm coming from Star Lanes. They look to one another and walk across the street to the entrance. Inside alarms are blaring. They walk over to the arcade. It seems like someone was playing one of the gambling machines recently as a ticket sticks out of one of the machines, indicating a loss of a couple hundred dollars.

Nearby another gambling machine has glass all around it,and the screen is busted. There’s a bowling ball lodged in the screen. This seems to have set off an alarm in the building, probably assuming it has been stolen from.

They walk over to the front counter and find a pair of old-fashioned black women’s shoes sitting there. Neither of them recognize the pair. There’s also a cleaned whiteboard there for some reason.

Suddenly Daniel spots something, and puts his finger to his lips, pointing at the back emergency door. It is open and they suddenly notice that the fire alarm is ringing.

They leave out the back and find a set of footprints moving through the alleyways, covered in oil. They follow the tracks as they become fainter and fainter in the alleys. The prints look of about about an average size for a man. The shoes have flat bottoms that don’t leave any pattern. The two of them are totally stealthy.

Daniel motions for Ivan to follow him into the historical society, apparently thinking that the thief might be that way.

They enter and look around the historical society.There’s a lot of old art, archaeological artifacts, and the like underneath glass cases. On one side there’s a bunch of stone slabs and such that have been dug out of the ground, and on the other is old farming equipment. Around the farming equipment are mannequins wearing old-style clothes. The most eerie part is that all the stuff from the festival yesterday was put in here by Micah, and so all the creepy masks are laying about along with the strange instruments that Beelzebub had been holding.

Daniel and Ivan snoop around, checking behind the slabs and glass cases. When they find nothing, they go upstairs to the office.

3:30 or so

As they enter the room, they see Micah, standing all on her own. Hearing their footsteps, she turns to see Daniel and Ivan.

“Did you see anyone around here, soldier?” Daniel barks simply.

“Hmm? No, I didn’t. It’s just me here.” Micah shrugs. “Why do you ask?”

“We’re… looking for someone. We saw suspicious activity here and we traced it back here”, Ivan explains, looking at her suspiciously.

Micah flinches. “What, you’re accusing me? That’s ridiculous.”

“Let’s not”, Daniel grunts. “I don’t think we’ve got anything against her, Ivan. Sorry for bothering you, maggot. We’ll be off.” He nods and the two leave the room.

Ivan and Daniel speak in hushed whispers to one another. Where could the culprit have gone? Does Micah have big feet?

Ivan curses their luck and the two leave.

Ivan asks to be left alone for now, but thanks Daniel for coming with him and the two part ways.


Daniel feels bad for leaving Ivan alone, but decides there’s nothing to be done. He goes into the Tribune’s print shop nearby and takes a nap. He’s awoken by a scream. The scream starts out high pitched but the pitch gets lower and lower until it stops. Daniel sits up confused, he walks out of the print shop. Had that come from the bowling alley? He rushes down the alleyways over to the bowling alley. He sees the footprints entering. He walks over to the counter and sees the oily shoes have been placed there. He checks the bathrooms but they are empty. Suddenly he hears a horn blaring outside. Is that a car?

Investigation (Don’t read until after body discovery, you fiend!):

Oliver, Daniel, and Sebastian investigate Third Street.

This street contains the town hall, police station, pub, and garage.

They first check the garage. The first thing they notice is that there’s a lift for cars to get them off the ground. The next thing they see is a wide array of tools and supplies, but two things are left out on the counter: a tube cutter and a bottle of glue. Oliver is staring hard at the ground but then picks up two different hairs. One is blue, and the other is a dark purple-ish black. The blue one is longer than the dark purple-ish one. Sebastian tells Oliver that the purple one is his, as he poked his head in here earlier. That still leaves the blue one unexplained however. The last thing they note is that there is quite a lot of empty beer bottles sitting out.

Next, they check the pub. The pub seems relatively undisturbed except for a large number of empty bottles at the counter. Seems like whoever was seated there drank a lot. A table in the corner of the bar seems clearly used as well.

The group investigates the police office. Hey find that the armory is still sealed airtight. Outside the armory they find a pair of handcuffs sitting on the table, unlocked. Also, while searching around in the evidence area, they spot a bottle of strychnine. They read the label and find that it, like many other poisons, can be ingested, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin.

The last place the group looks at is the town hall. It seems as if someone was kicking the obsidian structure, as there are a lot of scuff marks on it. Sebastian explains that that was him and that he was just trying to break down the door or find a secret way in. Everyone seems pretty satisfied with this explanation.
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Meeting Room - Ivan, Daniel, Matt

Place is spotless, everything in the room has been cleaned, including shelves, the rug, and the knick-knacks. All the dirt seems to have just been tracked in by them. The trash can in the room contains a huge pile of dust. Most of the jewelry boxes on the shelves contain jewelry but one of them, a little stone-colored one, is mysteriously empty. They also check the fireplace and notice that there’s a corner of some sheets of paper in there. It seems to have “-00” on it or something similar. Maybe it’s a time? Realizing that there isn’t much here, the group opens the outside door and peaks their heads out. It looks like the mat has been cleaned too. They see that nearby the mat is a single glinting piece of glass. Just large enough to cut someone with, like the head of a knife. They also spot a crowbar nearby in a snowbank. How very strange. They don’t hear any strange noises at all.
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04:36 PM ET (US)

As people are hanging around the caverns, either looking for a way out, waiting for the great feast to begin or just taking a rest in the igloos there’s suddenly a cracking sound followed by a splash. People look in the direction of the noise and see Shizune, desperately splashing around in the cold icy lake. People quickly race to where she is and try to get her out to the best of their abilities. Daniel, Matt and Klifford manage to get her out finally. She appears to be shivering, her clothes completely drenched by the lake water.

“Are you alright, soldier? That looked like a pretty bad spill”, Daniel says in a surprisingly considerate tone of voice.

Shizune simply coughs in response. She doesn’t look like she’s well at all.

“I don’t think we should keep waiting. I’ll take care of her,” Klifford says seriously. He picks her up from the snowy floor, though he struggles a little. He then carries her to an igloo to take care of her.


“Well, ‘eck.” Brandy glances at the icy lake, with the thin ice surrounding it. There’s a huge hole nearby, looking quite recent. “She must’ve been too much for the ice to handle.”

“Her wheelchair mustn’t have helped matters either… Speaking of, it looks like it’s gone down there as well.” Micah glances down into the lake. “It doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to get it back.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” Daniel grunts. “With the weight of the thing, it’s probably at the bottom of the lake by now.”

“That’s quite unfortunate. It doesn’t exactly help matters either that we’ve lost it.” Benjamin shakes his head. “At this rate, people could see her as an even bigger target.”

“What?! Nobody’d do such a thing!” Brandy protests.

“Of course, that would be the humane thing to do. But there’s no point denying the fact that she would be the easiest person to kill out of everyone here.” Benjamin says darkly, his voice still emotionless.

There’s an awkward silence for a few moments as people look away.

“Hold on.” Daniel suddenly says. “I think I see something floatin’ over there.” He gestures to the hole in the ice lake, where Claudia is currently floating at the surface.

“Oh, right! How could we have forgotten? Without Claudia, Shizune can’t exactly communicate with us, can she?” Brandy says. “We better take this to her!”

Matt goes over and slowly picks it up. He grunts. “This don’t look right. Looks like it got fucked up a bit when the girl fell in.” He takes it and starts going into the other igloo. “I’ll fix it up and give it to her, aight?”

People seem surprised by this generous display of his, but are pleased at the same time. Figuring that there’s little else to do, they all go back to whatever they were doing previously.


Daniel is late to the dinner due to taking a nap, but refuses to tell anyone.

As the group eats, they hear a grunt behind them and see Daniel arrive, his face comparable to a rhinoceros. He takes his seat wordlessly and starts eating. People are surprised by this behaviour and ask him what took him so long, but he says nothing, oddly unwilling to explain himself. He simply stuffs himself with more food, clearly quite starved.

The rest of the feast thankfully goes much smoother, with not much else happening. People finish eating slowly and depart. All the food’s over now, and everyone’s stomachs are filled up. It’s safe to say the feast was quite satisfactory.

Everyone leaves by 6:45, leaving Ciro to clean the dishes by himself.
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You suddenly hear someone scream out of nowhere. Turning around, you see that one of the support beams in the mines have been damaged! You see someone run up and decide to follow them quickly. You barely make it into the upper ice caverns as the mines collapse. It looks like some other people are with you... And you're trapped here with them. You're pretty sure your megaphone's been lost as well!

[You may post in the main thread]
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You’re chosen to look around the jungle area outside the crime scene, along with Matt and Bennett.

“Great, just my luck,” Matt grumbles. “Of course I’m forced to examine the widest fuckin’ thing in here…”

“You shut your trap, maggot!” Daniel yells. “This is a murder investigation, and we’re going to be taking this seriously! So no complaining or loafing around, you hear, lazybones?!”

“Let’s calm down a bit, maybe.” Bennett cautions. “We need our minds to be clear as we look around, y’know?”

Investigating, they all first notice the entrance to the crime scene.

“Huh, that’s awfully narrow.” Bennett notices. “But I didn’t see that before. Weren’t there some rocks and stuff here?”

“You’re right there, soldier.” Daniel grunts. “I remember the last time we visited, there were boulders covering up the entrance. Seems they were removed somehow.”

“How do you do that?” Matt asks. “Those looked pretty damn huge to me.”

“Good question… Either way, they’re all gone. Somehow. Pretty much destroyed, I’d say.” Bennett says. “I guess someone just decided to break it down so they could get inside there.”

As they continue looking around, they don’t notice much else till they come near the waterfall.

“Hey look, there’s something in the pond here.” Bennett picks up a raincoat. It appears pretty drenched and it’s hard to notice much else about it. “You think someone wore it?”

“Could be.” Daniel grunts. “Maybe we should look in there as well and see what we can find.”

The three jump through the waterfall into the hideout. It’s pretty cramped, as you’d expect.

“Yikes, what’s this smell in here?” Bennett gags. “It’s horrible.”

“Smells like shit, yeah.” Matt frowns. “Seems pretty recent as well.”

“Well, at least we won’t have to stay here for long. Let’s get looking, boys.” Daniel says.

There’s not too much in the hideout. There’s some rope near the entrance simply lying around with a first aid box next to it. There’s also a small gold watch lying on one corner of the room.

“Hey look, there’s some tools here.” Bennett picks up a pickaxe, a shovel and a hammer casually laying on one side of the room. They’re all pretty dirty and appear to have dirt all over them.

Other than that, there isn’t anything else of note.

“Great, what a waste of time.” Matt says, annoyed, kicking over a box in frustration. As he does though, the others see another tunnel behind it! They all come over to examine it. It seems to lead somewhere else.

“W-what the hell?” Matt pales. “What did we just find?”

“I don’t know, but it looks pretty suspicious.” Daniel growls. “Let’s get looking, men!”

Unfortunately, just as they’re about to look in further, they hear the call to attend the tribunal.

“Aw, are you kidding me?” Bennett shakes his head. “Just as this was getting interesting…”

“Dammit, can’t we look here anyway?” Matt grumbles.

“Let’s not risk it, men. Who knows what that demon would do to us if he found out? It’s not worth it.” Daniel says.

So the three sadly are forced to leave the hideout and go to attend the tribunal.
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You go to sleep at midnight, wanting to be awake and alert as possible when it’s time for your shift. Your sleep goes very nicely till about 3:30, where you’re woken up by Ivan. You get up slowly as he goes to bed and you start your shift. Ivan’s given you a piece of paper to note down any activity taking place during your shift in it.

You try to be vigilant but you feel tired after a while. It doesn’t appear that anything’s really happening in your shift. Mostly everyone’s asleep now, though Carrie and Micah haven’t come back. You decide to close your eyes. Not like anything’s gonna happen now… Might as well rest a little…

For the rest of the night, you end up falling asleep. Your laziness gets the better of you and you only end up waking up much later, hearing someone approach you slowly. You look to see who it is.

“Ah, Nail, eh?” Daniel grunts. “You’re up earlier than I thought you’d be.”

“I got my fair share of sleep for the night, thank you.” Nail replies politely. “How did it go for you? It must have been quite difficult, having to keep watch like that, no?”

“Hmm? Nope. Wasn't a problem.” Daniel simply says. “The whole night went without a hitch, I’d say.”

“Oh, really?” Nail asks with a curious look on his face. “I find that quite surprising.”

“What? You sayin’ I didn't do my job or what?” Daniel questions, a stern gaze on his face.

“Oh, no, nothing of the sort.” Nail waves his hand. “Please forgive me for my forwardness. Though… isn't the situation troubling to you?”

“Hmph… You got me there.” Daniel shakes his head. “The entrance being blocked? Bad news. The strange tablet we found yesterday? Even worse. I don't want the group mojo to get down or anything, but…”

“Yes, I’d say that tablet is quite cryptic.” Nail nods understandingly. “Do you really believe the contents of it to be true though? All this business about a ‘killing game’?”

“I dunno what that’s gotta do with us, but to me it sounds like a pile of horseshit.” Daniel snorts. “I don't buy any of it. Doubt the others will either.”

“Hmm. Will they?” Nail asks. “Everyone seems quite worried about the situation. Do you really believe none of these people will stoop to killing if need be?”

“Hmph, no way in hell. These are all just kids. They’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.” Daniel says confidently. “We’ve just got to give them time. Once they all start working as a team here, I think we’re all going to be fine.”

“Perhaps.” Nail gives a small smile. “But for that to happen, they all have to work with each other. They’ll need to find belief that they can work their way out of this, with each other’s help. It’s a hard thing to do on your own. We all have free will, after all. It’s the key to finding yourself. For everyone to independently agree to cooperate- It’s a wonder, but also quite hard to attain in this case, wouldn't you say?”

“Well, we’ve all got a common goal in front of us. I don't see why we shouldn't be united in this situation.” Daniel eyes Nail suspiciously. “What's your deal, anyway, asking me all these questions?”

“Oh, no reason.” Nail laughs. “I was just interested in hearing your thoughts in the matter. The human mind… It is quite fascinating in how it works, don't you think?”

“‘Human’ mind? What’s with that wording, bucko? You admitting that you’re the devil in sheep’s clothing? What’s next, are you going to kill someone soon?”

“Me? Kill? My, my…” Nail’s smile disappears momentarily. “No matter the rumours that circulate about me, the very idea of murder would never occur to me. Killing another human in cold blood is a barbaric act. I’m certainly not such a bloodthirsty monster.” He turns around, solemnly looking at the tents. “But perhaps, if you’re truly such a wonderful leader, my good sir, you might just manage to lead this pack out of these caves yet.”

“Hmm?” Daniel grunts. “‘Course I will. I’m going to get everyone out of this place or die doing so. No other way ‘bout it.”

“I’m quite pleased to hear!” Nail turns around, a smile on his face once more. “That’s the way about it.” He politely claps. There’s a silence for the next few moments, after which Nail coughs his throat. “By the way, would you mind if I left for a moment?”

“What for?” Daniel asks brusquely.

“Well, I had quite a bit to eat last night, and, well, to put it simply… I need to go ‘use the facilities’, as it were.” Nail explains. “It’s as simple as that.”

“Hmm… I don’t buy it. You’re telling me Satan needs to take a shit in the morning?” Daniel asks, before chuckling gruffly to himself. “Nah, but you can go. Don’t take too long though, breakfast’s in an hour.”

“Oh, I promise, I won’t take long. Farewell!” Nail says, walking out of the camp.

You grunt as Nail leaves. How much time did you sleep for? You check the time- it’s about 7:10. It seems you slept for quite a while. You shake your head, taking the paper you were given to note Nail’s leave. Not much else happens for a while, though Nail returns to camp at 7:45 from his bathroom break. At 8:00, you see everyone else start to come out of their tents for breakfast. Micah and Carrie seem to be missing still though. After that, you call everyone to talk to them.
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not gonna lie I nearly thought that was an FTE with myself
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Here's your EFL with the only other person in a single tent: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/FbMQD4R7WjMvW
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General character info: Not much to add. Pretty much the same as the original version. You returned back to Rattlewater from the military only about 2 years ago, but you do know of some people here.

People you recognise:

Ivan- Ah, yes. Two years back, right after you returned from Rattlewater, you were in a bar when you met the man there. You both got to talking and struck it up. It appears he was interested in becoming an officer, so you regaled him with stories from the army and gave your own advice. You started meeting weekly from there and talking about how things were going. Flash forward to now, and he's chief of police and even using your techniques on his men. How kids grow up...

Lavender/Oliver- Ayup, you've been to each of their shows a couple of times. Nothing special, but you enjoy watchin' them. Good fun.

Bennett- You've seen the kid around town. Young, charismatic, but strong. Good fit for a bounty hunter, you suppose.

Sebastian- Another person you see occasionally around town, usually cleaning things up. Keeps to himself a lot and doesn't seem particularly talkative, though.

Brandy- Ayup, who hasn't heard of her exploits around town? Pretty well known to even people like you. She seems pretty fit and energetic despite her disability too, with a smile on her face always.

Nail- Fishy fella. You've heard a lotta stuff surrounding the guy for the short time you've been here. Seems to be just someone who gives advice, but his tone, manner of speech, his strange height... Everyone in town's gossiping about him. You've even heard some nonsense about him being a demon in disguise. People can really be stupid sometimes... That said, there is something strange about the guy you can't place.
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This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.

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