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4/10: Weather

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Cooper Maras
09:42 AM ET (US)
I am reading Shaken by Tim Tebow. I am on page 77 of 203.
I have yet to start an autobiography for this month. I plan to find an autobiography in the next few days.
In the book I am reading right now Tim Tebow is telling how he finds his purpose in life through god and powers through adversity by using the power of god who strengthens him.
Rachel Eickman
09:51 AM ET (US)
I am reading Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi and I am on page 288 of 408.
I finished my autobiography book already for this month. It was called 3,096 Day in Captivity by Natascha Kampusch.
But, in the book Ignite Me, the weather has a huge role. It is usually dark and windy. The Reestablishment made the earth a miserable place to live in. A few years ago, the city used to be full of trees and life but now there are no trees and no wildlife.
Abbie Cain
11:22 AM ET (US)
I am reading We All looked Up by Tommy Wallach and I am on page 163 of 370.

I am not reading a autobiography yet but I intend on reading the Autobiography of Gucci Mane.

In the book I am reading there is an asteroid that has a 2/3 chance of taking out the entire world and now that everyone in the books knows that they are trying find out how to spend the last few months of their lives.
fallon jackman
11:07 AM ET (US)
I have finished the book Forever and Always Lara Jean. I have started the book Sold by Zana Huhsen. I finished on page 25 of 274

this month for my biography book I am going to read the book sold. a book about a girl who was sold into modern day slavery

my book takes place in England where a girl named zana is going on a holiday trip with some of her dads friends. there family is from Yamen and they are Arabian girls. Zana is going to yamen for the holidays to meet her older siblings that have been living with her grandparents. it is colder in england then it is in Yamen. when Zana first active at the 2nd airpot she describe it to be unbearably hot and that it is a lot different then the climate in England where she has been living.

3. As we anticipate yet another blast of winter, think about the topic of WEATHER in the current book you are reading or one you just finished. Write 3 sentences to tell about the role that weather or the seasons or storms play(ed) in your book.
Aysia Hall
11:06 AM ET (US)
I am reading Buried Memories by Katie Beers with Carolyn Gusoff, and I am on page 159 of 294.

This is the biography/autobiography I am reading for this month.

Within this story, Katie gets kidnapped and treated horribly as a child. Although she wasn't in touch with weather while she was kidnapped for 17 days, she was in touch with weather patterns throughout her child life. From about two years old, Katie was abused and sent to stores for her "caretakers" or "mother." While being sent to these stores, Katie would have to go in all types of weather patterns, but she was only dressed with shorts, t-shirts, or raggedy clothes that didn't fit her well. This is also a type of abuse, as she would go during snowfalls or downpours. In conclusion, weather played a role in this story due to the improper attire for going outside.
Chelsea Shumaker
11:03 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Shoot Like a Girl by Mary Jennings Hegar. I am on page 11 of 290 pages. I also finished Opposition today.
I am reading my biography book right now.
I think the weather plans a big role in this book. Because a pilot is flying to Afghanistan and back. She is also flying over a ocean right now. So the weather needs to be good so that they do not crash into the ocean. It is night time right now. But they are having problems finding a safe place to land, because they are out of fuel. Overall, I think weather plans a big role in if this pilot can make it back home safely.
Cole Miles
11:03 AM ET (US)
I am reading 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup. I am on pg. 53 of 237
This is Biography and its about slaves.
The only thing that really talks about weather is when there outside for many hours in the hot sun of New York picking cotton.
Ethan Kueter
11:02 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading The Last Fighter Pilot by Don Brown and Jerry Yellin. Today I stopped on page 12 of 197.

The book is about fighter pilots. The pilots can not fly when the weather is really bad. They must be able to see and maneuver the planes. If they can not do these things it is unsafe to complete the mission.
Austin Brookfield
11:01 AM ET (US)
I am reading Last Bus Out by Beck McDowell. I am on page 125 of 220. This is the Autobiography I am reading for this month.

This book is based off of Hurricane Katrina. I am just getting to the part where they are evacuating and trying to get away from the storm. Hurricane Katrina just turned into a category 4 hurricane with winds of 145 miles per hour. We have the same thing here in South Dakota, except that it is just snow.
Karlye Maras
11:00 AM ET (US)
I am currently Reading My Story by Elizabeth Smart. Today I stopped on page 157 out of 317. This is the book I am reading for the month of April because it is an autobiography.

In my book she describes how they lived in a camp in the mountains. This means she was outside all the time. Since it takes place in Salt Lake City which is a desert it got very hot at the camp and they never had plentiful water. She says that It hadn't rained since before she was kidnapped and everything was dry and hot. It was also the middle of summer so it was then more so then other times of the year.
Eleanor Dick
10:57 AM ET (US)
I am reading In My Skin and am on page 53 of 216.
This is my autobiography an dit is about Brittney Griner.
Weather does not really play a big role in my book. However, she does mention the Arizona heat. She lives in Phoenix and talked about how it is super hot and she must wear cut-off shirts and shorts.
Arriana Mausbach
10:57 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Smoke by Ellen Hopkins. I stopped on page 489 of 543.

I don't have an idea yet of what I'm going to read for autobiography. I will find something later this week.

In Smoke the weather is like here. There is snow on the ground, and there is also very cold fog all the time. The weather makes everyone mad and depressed because there's no sunshine.
Makara Jackson
10:57 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. I am on page 58 of 357.

I have not yet gotten an autobiography.

This book takes place in late august early September. This weather affects the book because outside tends to be a setting quite often. They also live in a. windier city, so the wind always seems to play some part in the book.
Elliot Uehling
10:56 AM ET (US)
I'm currently reading Percy Jackson: The Titans Curse. I'm on page 304 out of 312. I also finished the book Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary-Rose. For my book this month, I plan on reading Elizabeth Smart. The weather actually plays a big role in my book. Depending on the weather, you can usually tell what's going on with the Gods. If they're fighting, there can be huge tornados or hurricanes and big lightning storms.
Braidon Downs
10:49 AM ET (US)
I am reading the sacrifice I am on pg 329 of 484.

For my biography book I am not reading any thing right now

In the sacrifice there is no mention of the wether changing or how it a effects people in the book.
10:32 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, I am on page 48 out of 405.

For my biography book I am reading Rousey which is a New York Times Bestseller, I am on page 97 out of 300.

In the book Ignite Me the weather there is gray and gloomy. It can get bad at times and create storms that are so bad it takes houses away. There are also really bad earthquakes that are destroying the world. Where the book takes place they don't get any snow, just lots of rain.
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