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[F6] Carrie the Star Spelunker

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Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
08:43 AM ET (US)
omg that was a very shocking revival. So like what do you wanna do now? I guess you've probably caught up on the dead thread posts so do you have anybody you wanted to vote for? Your post didn't really specify.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
10:07 PM ET (US)
lol thank you for following still. We understand it's kind of a long game and stuff but the later trials especially took a while to write.
08:10 PM ET (US)
I can't believe the game is STILL going. Very cool that everyone is still doing their part. Also I skimmed the parts to find out who the victims and killers were, and did the same for F5 ;). But I didn't understand much in that one.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
09:58 PM ET (US)
Dead threads:

Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
09:06 PM ET (US)
There won't be yeah. Your role in the game is basically over now.
04:20 PM ET (US)
blaze it
04:19 PM ET (US)
big rip ;-; but I'm glad Brandy wasn't the one to kill Carrie at least. The death post in here was very well-written btw, very creepy at the end. Is there any reason I'll need to check this qt if I'm not following things?
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
12:31 PM ET (US)
Alright, so basically you're dead now, sadly. Thanks for playing the game, though! If you want, you can continue spectating the game hereon but we don't mind if you don't. We can make the dead threads if necessary as well (one IC, one OOC). Anyway, many thanks once more! Carrie was a very memorable character and it was useful having a first victim for this.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
12:28 PM ET (US)
You leave after the performance ends, at 11:30 PM exactly. It’s time for you to start exploring on your own. You have a lot of new places to investigate, especially since you haven’t been in these parts of the cave before. Maybe there’s a chance you’ll be able to find your missing parents here.

You make it to the tunnels, which split in two. You decide to take the one on the right- the same tunnel where Micah found the altar earlier. You simply walk through. There appear to be quite a lot of spikes and stalagmites all over the floor, but you traverse through them with ease, avoiding them all. You’re quite used to how tough life in these tunnels can be, after all.

Finally, you make it to the end- where the large jungle area is. It’s 11:45 PM now. You start looking around for a while carefully, but don’t seem to uncover anything new other than the rocks in one corner, clearly blocking something. It appears Bruce is back at the camp, so you can’t ask for his help. You try to break through the rocks, but it’s of no use. They’re quite sturdy and can’t be moved so easily.

It should be about 1:15 AM now… You’ve spent a lot of time looking around but to no avail. Suddenly, an idea strikes you! You turn to the waterfall excitedly. There was a hideout behind there, right? So… there should be some tools there! Of course! You jump through the waterfall into the hideout, and quickly look through the stash of stuff there.

It isn’t long before you discover a pickaxe along with a shovel and a hammer. These should be plenty sufficient, so you take all of them with you. You also find a raincoat in there, which you take and put on before leaving. After all, there’s no need to get so drenched every time you step in here. You walk back through, the raincoat protecting you as you make it back to where all the rocks are. There’s quite a lot of rocks and boulders there, but with these tools by your side, it should take no time! You take them all out and start working!

Unfortunately, the process takes quite a while. You try to break through and dig persistently, but the boulders are huge and you’re making very minimal progress. You wipe some sweat off your brow, clearly exhausted. But you’ve got to work till you figure out what’s behind here, so you continue.

It seems to take forever for you, but after a while you finally break through a good chunk of them, with the remaining rocks being small enough for you to push out of your way. Hours seemed to have passed since you started, but you’ve finally uncovered what looks to be a small passage! The opening is a bit narrow, however, and you doubt you’ll be able to take your tools with you in there. So you decide to return your tools back at the hideout.

Suddenly, you hear a loud scream come from where the hideout is. You put on your raincoat and go to the waterfall. Is something wrong?! Immediately, you jump through to see what’s going on, and you witness a horrific sight. On the floor of the hideout, lie both Brandy and Charlotte, tied up and unmoving. Are they unconscious? Dead? You can’t quite tell.

What you can see though is Ciro standing over both of them, wiping some sweat from his brow. He appears to be the one behind this. And… just as you think this, he starts sniffing, detecting your odour before turning around to face you. You act immediately, bashing him over the head with the hammer just enough to knock him out. He falls down limply onto the ground. The crisis seems to have been averted, whatever it was. You quickly go over to where Brandy and Charlotte are laying, and untie both of them. You try and shake Brandy awake, to see if she’s still there.

After a moment or so of shaking, Brandy awakes, opening her one eye to see you. You feel relieved for a moment, but she quickly pushes you away, terrified, before running out of the hideout behind another tunnel you hadn’t even noticed, calling for help. You look down at your raincoat. Your appearance must have confused the poor girl. At least she might be back with help, though.

You decide to look at the others. Charlotte seems pretty injured, but her heartbeat still seems normal. She’ll most likely be alright, you think. Meanwhile, Ciro is also breathing, though he’s out like a light. You decide to take the rope which he used to tie up Brandy and Charlotte and tie him up with it instead, tightly enough so he can’t escape. You place him in a small corner of the hideout. Then you place the tools back in their place before exiting the hideout. You hear footsteps as you do, so you leave the others to handle the situation now.

More importantly, the tunnel you just uncovered! You need to go see what’s behind it. You toss your raincoat on the ground as you exit, since you don’t need it anymore, and rush to where the narrow entrance is. You manage to barely squeeze through it and make it there. You take out your torch, scouring your new surroundings for anything of note. You quickly reach a dead end, though. The tunnel doesn’t appear to be particularly large.

And what you see… is devastating.

Two skeletons, both laying a corner together. Their skin has decayed, leaving nothing but their bones to be seen. Their clothes have also been decayed. But one thing hasn’t been lost to time. On one of the skeletons’ fingers lies a wedding band. You gasp in shock. It… it can’t be. But it is…

It’s your mother’s wedding band.

You drop your torch in horror. It hits the ground, and the lights go out. Pure, pure darkness surrounds you… just like it does with your heart. Your parents… they’re dead. They’ve been dead all along. Everything you’ve been doing up till now… What was the point of it all? It was utterly worthless. Futile.

You drop onto your knees and smash your face against the dirty, grimy floor of the tunnel. And you bawl. You scream and sob loudly, the rawest of emotions coming out of you now. You don’t care about anything anymore… Now that you’ve discovered the truth.

You cry and cry and cry. You lose track of time, but you sob loudly. It’s not like anything matters now.

The tunnels echo with the sound of your sorrow, and your tears start to flood the room. The weight on your back now… it’s unbearable. You cry till you run out of tears, and then some.

“Carrie? What happened?” A voice behind you comes suddenly. You didn’t even realise someone else had come here.

Slowly, you get up and look at who’s talking to you. They hold a torch at you, and have a concerned look on their face. But.. you don’t recognise them. They’re wrapped in bandages completely.

“Who..?” You manage to get the words out of your mouth, but they don’t answer.

Instead, they point their torch at the skeletons, and then at the pool of tears on the ground. They put a hand to their face in shock. “Are they…?”

You gulp slowly, giving a brusque nod. “...Gone.” You finish dismally.

“Oh no… you don’t deserve this…” Their look on their face hardens. “I… I need to make this better for you.”

Then, before you can even react, they grab a large stone off the floor and in one fell swoop, smash it against your head. The rock hits you with much force, and before you know it, you’re blacking out…

You’re losing consciousness… is this the end…?

Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
12:25 PM ET (US)
Hey this is the end of the road for you. You die during the events of the next post. Thanks for playing.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
08:50 AM ET (US)
Of course, you recognise the bat. It's been quite a cute friend for you while living in other parts of the caves, and it's helped in finding some yummy fruits for you. It's lasted longer than your bug friends too, which helps a lot.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
09:49 PM ET (US)
You could wait for someone else to post first usually, but you could've started it as well.
04:35 PM ET (US)
How am I supposed to start these? Am I supposed to start these?
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
12:14 PM ET (US)
You're distracted a little bit by looking around the cave for any signs of Enola, but the moment you hear Seb call out, you turn behind. There do appear to be footprints nearby where he is... They don't seem to lead very far though, and look to be very recent. Surprising that you missed them too.
Edited 07-15-2019 12:15 PM
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
08:59 AM ET (US)
Alright, here you are then: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/TDPvf8E73gk
08:37 AM ET (US)
>Brandy requests an EFL with you. Do you accept?

hwy not
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