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1/9 Journal: Tips to Readers

Tristan Hanisch
04:33 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Outlaw Platoon, It has 416 pages in it and I am on page 390.

1. An interesting book. Don't grab a book that you're not going to be able to stay awake while reading. Pick something you will not be able to put down when class gets done.
2. Don't stay in one particular spot so you get used to it, try and move as much as you can so you don't get tired.
3. Something that I found that helped me sit for over an hour was listening to music, I always had my headphones in and playing songs, (It helped me not fall asleep).
4. If you run out of ideas on books to read just as a buddy for a personal favorite of theirs and see if you like it.
5. Bring something warm to wear!! If you're cold the entire time you won't be able to enjoy your reading time.
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Abbey Nielsen
10:27 AM ET (US)
I just finished the book One.

1)Find a good series. If you like a book where the story keeps going it will be easier to read more.
2)Start with shorter books or verse books. A book that is shorter it will be easier to read this way you can build up you speed and understanding of stories.
3)Find what you like. Try books form all different genres even if you think you won't like them this will make it easier to figure out what you like.
5.)Ask your friends what there favorite book is and read it. Just because it does not sound good does not mean it is not good.
6) Grab a random book of one of the library tables and read it. Books on there are usually book others have read recently so grab one with out reading the summary. Read the whole thing I have found that if the beginning is boring the ending is usually really good.
Caden Gross
04:12 PM ET (US)
Im reading Once by Morris Gleitzman. Im on pg 115 of 182

1.) Get a good book. Make sure you have a good book to read in this class. Find a book that best suits you and seem interesting to you.
2.) Do not fall asleep. many kids in this class (including me) have been falling asleep in the middle of class. If you do fall asleep, you could get in trouble and lose time to read. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!
3.) Find somewhere to sit. It is important to find somewhere to sit or lie down and read. If you don't find somewhere to sit, you could be lest eager to read.
4.) Do your journals. It is important to do your journals. They show how well you have been doing in class. If you don't do them, you will be behind and get a low grade.
5.) Have fun. Not every class lets you read for over an hour. So enjoy your time in this class. Spend your time wisely and read.
Jared Mettler
02:59 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, I am about halfway through.

Find a genre or author that really intrigues you as a reader, for example mine was Rick Riordan.
Move around, I had troubles staying awake.
I found the reading outside of class helps you get the five book goal.
I didn't read much before this class, but when I came in with an open mind and was ready to try something new I found out that I actually love reading and I now read a lot in my spare time.
Bring a blanket and get cozy, because its easier to focus on reading.
Leah French
11:17 AM ET (US)
I am reading My Life In Black and White by Natasha Friend. I am on page 103 out of the 290 pages.

1) Pick books that you want to read and that interest you, this way you will finish the book because its about something that you like.
2) Move around, if you feel tired get up and ask to go to the bathroom or to get a drink. This way you won't fall asleep.
3) Stay awake, if you fall asleep theres a higher chance that you will fall asleep every class period.
4) Bring a blanket, if you don't think your going to fall asleep if you do bring a blanket than I would recommend brining one because it makes the block go by way faster plus your comfortable.
5) When you find a book that you really like it makes the class periods go by way faster because you tend to get lost in the book. So pick one that you really like, and if you decide you don't like that book after reading a few pages, switch the book. You don't have to finish the book after you start it, just find a new one that you like.
Leah Krull
02:11 AM ET (US)
I am reading Just for Now by Abbi Glines and today I stopped on page 206 of 307.
1. Re-read some of your favorite books. This way you know it's something you're interested in AND you refresh you memory of the book.
2. Bring a blanket and maybe even a pillow, because if you're sitting on the floor it can get pretty uncomfortable. The room is pretty cold as well, so the blanket will come in handy. Don't get to comfortable and fall asleep though!
3. If you like a certain author, look into more books by them. If you've read all of their books, research authors similar to your favorite!
4. Do whatever you need to do to help you concentrate, as long as it isn't distracting to others. If you need to listen to music in order to focus, that's fine, but bring headphones and make sure it isn't loud enough for everyone else to hear. That will make it difficult for others to concentrate.
5. Come into the class with an open mind! You might not be an avid reader, but you'd be surprised how quickly the right book will pull you in.
Evie Golden
04:24 PM ET (US)
I finished The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux and I just got Tales of Terror by Edgar Allan Poe.
1. Make sure you have a book or genre that you enjoy.
2. Have several places to sit (close to your seat) or at least different positions so if you get antsy you can move without disrupting others.
3. Explore different genres. If you only read mysteries look at some gothic books switch it up so you don't feel like you're constantly reading the same thing.
4. If you get cold easily bring a sweatshirt or some blankets.
5. If you get bored with books pick books that aren't as long so like 200-300 pages and have two or three so you can switch it up.
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare and I am on page 147 of 424.

On the first day of class, find the spot you want to read in and stay there all semester.
Bring a blanket, it gets cold.
The easiest way to read 5 books is to find a series that interests you.
If you have an interesting book you won't fall asleep.
If you don't like the book you're reading, don't finish it, find a book that interests you so that you read instead of sleep.
04:18 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate. I stopped on page 216 and it has 343 pages total.
First tip, Independent Reading is not bad at all at first it was hard to read still in a uncomfortable chair for a while. But you just learn to relax and let your mind just be worry free from doing other homework.
Second tip, find a book you are interested in there was a few books I read without even looking at them and they ended up being terrible and I took them right back to the library.
Third tip, find a comfortable place to read, it's just important, take my word.
Fourth tip, bring a hoodie or blanket, it gets really cold with the AC and things are better and more comfortable with something keeping you warm and cozy.
Fifth tip, find a friend you can read books along with, my friend and I would read the same book either before or after each other then talk about it and talk about different things about it and our point of view.
04:13 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Sabotage By: Neal Bascomb. This book has 247 pages and I am currently on page 176.

When looking for a new book to read choose an Author you have read in the past and that you like.
When reading make sure you stretch every once in a while to keep the blood flowing around your body.
If you have trouble staying awake ask to go to the bathroom so you are up and moving.
If you are having trouble focusing on a book just look up and breath, give it a few minutes and get right back into the reading.
If you have any off time during the semester make sure you always have a book with you.
Sunny Worlie
04:12 PM ET (US)
I read Ms. Marvel today, though I'm not sure how many pages it has in it.

1. Get back into an old book series you used to read! Going and rereading old favorites is always nice.
2. You can bring music if you want, it helps sometimes. It can also provide a soundtrack to the book you're reading which is kind of cool.
3. If you get tired of reading a certain kind of book, change it up. Comic books, poetry books, novels, etc. are all way different types of books.
4. Probably wear a sweater. This one sounds kind of useless, but it actually can get pretty cold in this room, which makes it hard to concentrate.
5. Before you go to the library, maybe research a book you'd want to read, or an author/style/whatever. They might not have exactly what you want, but you can always request material from another library.
Hannah Miller
04:12 PM ET (US)

I just finished 12 days of Dash and Lily. It has 215 pages and is the sequel to Dash and Lily's Book of Dares. I haven't picked out a new book just yet but I plan to have a new one by next class period.

1. 📚 The best way to get through Independent Reading is to chose a book you can get lost in. A book you will enjoy, this way the time will pass in seconds and before you know it you'll have to stop reading!

2. 😴 I've never had too much trouble staying awake but if It's something you struggle with I would advise sitting in an upright position, not in any sort of position that would be comfortable enough to sleep in. If that still doesn't work try to get more sleep at night.

3. 🔥 It's really not cold enough where you would need a blanket, I would advise simply bringing a sweatshirt to the class incase you get cold.

4. If you have trouble sitting still I wouldn't stress over it too much unless you make a lot of noise or attract a lot of attention. Moving is fine as long as you aren't moving around the room constantly or being obnoxious or annoying.

5. This isn;t really that good of a tip but I would try to bring a few books from home and read them. The way you don;t have to worry about late fees or someone else wanting your book, or losing it or damaging it. Not only will you be able to do whatever you want, you'll be able to actually read some of those books that do nothing but waste away on a bookshelf.
Savannah Cooper
04:12 PM ET (US)
I am reading After the End by Amy Plum. I am currently on page 93 of 322.

1. Get comfortable and warm. I suggest wearing a jacket or hoodie.
2. Find a good, interesting book, otherwise it will be extremely boring.
3. Find a series to get invested it, the longer the better.
4. Don't check the clock. it makes time seem unbearably slow.
5. Enjoy exploring a new world. Be interested in the books you read.
04:10 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book The Boy at the Top of the Mountain. I am on page 75 of 260.

Picking books- Pick the books that interest you and you know will keep you awake. I love books about the holocaust and they always kept me intrigued.
Staying awake-This class may seem long and you may doze off the first couple of times but it gets easier. When you find the right books and sometimes if you're tired that day ask to go to the bathroom in the middle of class.
Sitting still- You're able to move around the class to read so find the spot you like. When you find the spot you like it's easy to sit still.
Maddi T
04:09 PM ET (US)
I started and finished the Graphic novel version of the Lighting thief, I also finished Black knight by Pike. There was no pages numbers on the Lighting thief.
1) Choose a book from a genre you know and like.
2) If you can't focus, put some music on.
3) Ask around for recommendations
4) Bring a blanket if you get cold easily
5) Make sure you have no fines on your library acount
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
03:28 PM ET (US)

1. Start with 2 sentences to tell me book you are currently reading, number of pages, and where you stopped. Also tell me if you finished any book(s) since last Thursday.

2. I will be starting with a new group of Independent Reading students on Friday. Unfortunately, I believe that several of the people on my roster were PLACED in the class for lack of anything else on the master schedule. Reluctant readers are always difficult to encourage. Can you help me? Please be thoughtful and construct a list of your TOP FIVE TIPS (or good advice) either for selecting books or surviving Independent Reading. I will compile and share your TIPS (anonymously) with my new students on Friday. Please make sure you provide each TIP in a detailed complete sentence or two!

Ideas: Tips for choosing books 📚 , tips for favorite authors, tips for staying awake 😴 or staying warm 🔥 , tips for sitting still from 1:50 to 3:30 (this is one of my biggest concerns for some that I see on my list!) Please balance the silly with some serious! Thanks!
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