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[F6] Ciro Pérez the Star Sushi Chef

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09:13 PM ET (US)
Huh, so Quicktopic isn’t blocking my messages anymore. What a weird site. Anyway, it seems most of my issues stem from not understanding Lavender. She’s really just weird, idk how I feel about her in comparison to Rose. Even if Rose basically disappeared in the latter half of the game, I did feel there was more to her behind her arrogance. Which means my ranking for F’s characters at the moment is:

Crimson> Azurine> Momo> Rose> Lavender> Florian
09:07 PM ET (US)
That wasn’t me, that was Ltwo impersonating me, I agree with evrrything he said except that last part.
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11:39 AM ET (US)
Wow, very progressive of you to like pineapple on pizza now! I'm very proud of you, Lone, keep it up!

Also I think you might be severely misunderstanding Lavender's character here. The entire thing isn't that the automaton controls her at all, in fact there *is* no automaton. Lavender is just a girl in a suit pretending to be an automaton. She has complete control of herself, but everyone else only knows her as a dancing automaton. Which is why she stays inside the suit, because she believes that she wouldn't even be popular just as herself, leading to a complex of sorts. And the suit had zero role in killing Carrie, Lavender herself committed the crime because she saw Carrie crying because of her dead parents and put her out of her misery to keep her from living a sad life like she herself did. Also, she was also kind of known town-wide as a dancing automaton beforehand? If she's that popular it wouldn't exactly be unnatural to take her at her word for that.

Trial wise, this was definitely meant to be much simpler so as to not overshadow later trials. The big twist that Lavender was in a suit was supposed to be the big thing of the case, as it would account for her 'alibi' and how she fit into the crime scene. Other than that it was very simple and short, and I think the length was fitting for it. I agree it could've used some more fleshing out though, and the later trials are definitely going to have more of a unique feel to them. The stuff with the hideout was moreso to establish Carrie's movements, leading to what happened at the crime scene, which would lead into how the killer snuck up on her, which would lead to the killer's movements in turn. From there, it was just deducing the issue with the footprints and that Lavender did it. I can understand if you found that part obtuse though.
11:18 AM ET (US)
Case is coming to a close. Hm, I've decided to separate my feelings on the cast and the case, as they're integrated but not directly.

The Cast

Really not feeling a lot of them still. A few of them have grown on me somewhat, especially with the unfolding of the post trial. Midway through the trial, I realized I didn't even care who the killer was, as I'd most likely end up apathetic regardless. Things are looking a little better now however, so let's see how it unfolds. Although typing all this out, it seems I care about them more than I thought, so who knows.

Carrie: Yeah, she needed to be first victim tbh. Her gross-out gimmick was getting a bit old, and like how people stopped reacting to James once they got used to him, the same was happening with Carrie. Her moment with the loss of her parents was a humanizing one, making her more of an actual character.

Lavender- I... don't get it honestly. Her motives and actions are really weird. We've had our characters with weird ideologies before, the Subarus if you will. Even if we don't agree to that worldview, we at least understand why the character acted that way. Whereas Lavender, I still don't really understand. So she takes on the role of the automaton that the doctor built, and does these things solely because the automaton does? But she doesn't have to and still has control of herself? And why would the automaton even kill someone just because they were crying? I feel like the twist was done better with Vic and Siri, as Siri was in immense physical pain, and it was clear she wasn't going to make it, so Vic put her out of her misery. Further, I never really bought her being an automaton, as we seemingly only had her word to take for it. This meant that the twist didn't come as much of a shock for me. idk, this sort of twist would have worked a lot better with VAL imo, as he'd expressed
his caring personality a lot more, and was also much more clearly a robot.

Nail- I haven't seen anyone come to him for advice yet, and I think my concern from before is becoming just the thing.

Ivan- I liked his combo play with Ciro in the trial in bringing Charlotte to justice. Besides that, I hope we get to see more than just one side to his personality.

Shizune- While kinda quiet and passive, she's had her moments. I do like how she insists on 'dear ___' and 'sincerely Shizune' even when the actual body of text is really short. Shows her dedication to formal writing and not the texting we've gotten used to.

Brandy- I'm liking her reactions in the post trial, but besides her speaking quirks, she still feels too similar to Skylar. She's friendly to Charlotte I guess, but I don't know why.

Charlotte- Her role in the alibis helped her a lot tbh. She's already stood out more than Althea now, so I like her more as a result.

Micah- Cesar, please post more. C'mon, we're supposed to have a thing going on here.

Benjamin- The star of the trial really. I liked how he essentially blackmailed Lavender by threatening her doctor's life. And how he managed to bring it up to her later, really great character moment for him.

Ciro- I like the moment you gave him, and am glad I can further express his personality in the post trial. My time zone's making it difficult for him, sure, but at least he has one moment to go off. He's a lot easier to play than Nina and Jerry for sure, although atm I still like those two more.

The Case

My thoughts on this have... been moving around a lot. Maybe they'll settle a bit more once some more time passes.

I did like Ciro knocking out Brandy and Charlotte. It didn't wind up having much mystery value, but it's helped a lot with character dynamics. And I do think this situation fits Ciro perfectly, it's better than what I came up with even. So thank you guys.

The mystery itself, I feel ran into a lot of the same issues as 2-1, 4-4, and even 3-5 did a bit. Map was really small and confining, and a lot of the mysteries felt kinda arbitrary or too obvious. I hadn't even finished reading the alibis, but decided to check the timeline, and the first thing that comes to mind is 'the screaming must have been from Charlotte and Brandy', and it was. I guess more, the tar thing was the only thing relevant to the case in the end, nothing else mattered. The return to the smoking gun style of the first 3 F cases is welcome in my book, as I kinda want a mix between the F123 style mysteries and the F45 ones. I know these things are hard to come up with, but I just wound up feeling underwhelmed by it, since Lavender not being an actual automaton seemed obvious. But in hindsight, this might be more a character issue than a mystery issue.

Case 1's tend to be a bit rough around the edges, as it's usually the GM's first time writing a DRF mystery (barring F3-1, and not surprisingly, it's not only my favorite case 1, but favorite DRF case in general). They also tend to be more experimental, having things to separate themselves from other cases (Bud's strange behavior, NG codes, James' murdering, the train setting) which the absence of made this one feel more like a case 5 than a case 1 in the end. The DL so far has been trying new things, which I appreciate, I just wish the same could be said for the trial.

One last thing I'd like to say is that pineapple on pizza good, it's the only thing I eat nowadays
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11:12 AM ET (US)
ciro but where is cicolumn
Deleted by author 07-21-2019 11:05 AM
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
10:28 AM ET (US)
You, Klifford and Sebastian are recruited to investigate the crime scene. All three of you enter, although the narrow entrance gets in the way a bit.

“That was quite small”, Ciro notes. “I doubt most people could fit through that.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty tight.” Klifford agrees. “I noticed that Nail was too tall to fit through it, and Daniel was too large as well. Lavender too, since she’s an automaton.”

“Benjamin’s iron ball would’ve also gotten in the way of him trying to enter, I think.” Sebastian quietly adds. “Mom was always right… Prison does you no good, as they say.”

“Right. Anyway, I suppose I should examine… her.” Klifford sighs sadly. “Why did this have to happen to you, Carrie?” He goes to the body to conduct an autopsy. As he does, the other two decide to look around.

“This place seems pretty unclean…” Sebastian says. “The odour in this room is rather foul.”

“Not surprising there, friend.” Klifford replies. “Carrie’s right here in the centre of this tunnel. Considering how badly she smelled all the time, this isn’t really that surprising.”

“Hmm, this must be the murder weapon.” Ciro says, picking up a rock present on the floor, covered in blood. “I see a handprint on it too… Someone must have picked it up and bashed her on the head with it.”

Klifford shakes his head. “What a rocky way to go… Erm, pun not intended.”

“So she was so adept in these caves, yet all someone had to do to kill her was hit her with a rock?” Sebastian asks. “She must’ve been weaker than I thought…”

“Yes, it is strange.” Ciro nods. “She appeared quite strong to me, so it is strange that she didn’t even bother to put up a fight with… whoever murdered her.”

In the corner, the two also see a pair of skeletons, sitting together lonelily. They both look old, very old. Their skin has decayed leaving only their bones. Not even their clothes remain. Sebastian looks through them, abnormally unperturbed. “...Nothing much here.” He reports after a while.

“Hmm… I wonder what those could have to do with the crime.” Ciro contemplates.

“Not much, most likely. Didn’t seem to be disturbed till now… Though I found this.” Sebastian mutters, pulling out what appears to be a band of some sort. It seems to have faded and it’s hard to make out any details. “Found this on one of their hands. Seems old.” He explains laconically.

After some time, Klifford turns away from the body, ready to report his findings. “Alright, so there’s not much to really say here, but I’ve managed to discover a few things while examining… erm, Carrie.” He clears his throat.

“The cause of death was a single hit to the head with a blunt object, with death being instant. There were no signs of struggle on Carrie, obviously. The time of death is a bit hard to estimate, since it’s not quite my expertise, but it was somewhere between 4 AM and 7 AM, I think.”

“Three whole hours, hmm? That makes things easier, at least.” Ciro nods.

“That’s not all. I noticed a few other things about poor Carrie. It seemed her body was… a bit moist. It was hard to tell with how dirty she is usually, but I noticed it was there. Her face was especially wet. To the point that she left quite the mess.” He points on the floor. Where Carrie’s face was, there was a small puddle of some watery liquid.

“Another thing I noticed was the blood. Carrie suffered from a lot of blood loss after she got hit, but there doesn’t seem to be as much blood here. The difference between the blood lost and the blood we see over the floor and on the rock is pretty noticeable. So it must’ve gone somewhere else.” Klifford says.

“Ah, I understand your implication. You mean to say the killer might have gotten rid of the blood, yes, doctor?” Ciro suggests.

“Maybe.” Klifford nods. “Or maybe the blood fell on something else which was removed, or even that the blood fell on the killer themselves.”

“The killer themselves, hmm? That seems quite unlikely.” Ciro replies. “If that were the case, we would’ve seen them covered in blood. Unless they cleaned it up…”

“I’d notice if that were the case.” Seb adds quietly. “It’d be hard to hide even a small stain on them perfectly, I think.”

“Well, it’s just a theory for now. Anyway, one last thing… I found this by Carrie’s side.” Klifford holds up a torch, still on. Its light seems weak now, perhaps from how long it’s been on for. “I think it’s Carrie’s. There’s a dent on the back of it too, weirdly. Looks like it was dropped.”

“Dropped, hmm?” Ciro scratches his chin. “It seems that Carrie must have been frightened by something… Perhaps it could be the killer entering, but I thought there were no signs of struggle on her, yes?”

“Yeah… Anyway, that’s all I have. I don’t know if there’s anything else to do here.” Klifford shrugs.

Around that time, the call for the Tribunal starts. “Ah, already?” Ciro shakes his head. “Alright, you two can go. I’ll stay here for a minute to… do some work.”

The other two eye him strangely but decide to leave, going through the narrow entrance.

As the two leave, you take out the stone tablet, which you kept for yourself earlier. You notice some charcoal on the floor and decide to use it to make a drawing of the crime scene. It’s a bit shabby, but you think it’ll suffice for showcasing how the scene was like to those who weren’t there. You take it with you and leave through the narrow entrance to attend the tribunal.
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12:37 PM ET (US)
As you sit down to watch the performance, you overhear Brandy and Charlotte in front of you talking to each other. You only hear some of it, but apparently they’re going to sneak out after 4 AM somewhere? You also vaguely hear something about their identities being compromised. You’re not sure what this is all about, but it sounds suspicious to you for sure. You decide to secretly keep an eye out for them as you go to your tent. You’re a light sleeper, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

You doze off shortly after midnight. You wake up at exactly 4 AM and keep an eye outside your tent to see if anyone sneaks out. You have to wait a while, but after 15 minutes or so you overhear footsteps. You look out and see two people running off- clearly Brandy and Charlotte. You quickly get out of bed, taking your torch with you. You notice Daniel is just seated in one corner, grunting to himself quietly and clearly oblivious of the great adventurers roaming off. You shake your head in mild disdain and carry on.

You continue after the two slowly, keeping your distance so they don’t see you but close enough so you don’t lose track of them. After a while you arrive at the tunnels, and see them take the tunnel on the left. You slowly follow… but they’re gone! You take out your torch and scan the tunnel in confusion. You don’t see them anywhere. The quicksand looks oddly messy… But you would’ve probably heard if there was such a mess made now.

So that leaves one possibility… They must have taken some other pathway! You examine the walls carefully, pushing away the vines growing on them. Sure enough, after a few minutes, you discover a secret passageway hidden on the right side of the wall. You immediately enter, tiptoeing carefully. You make it to the end and see… What appears to be a box?

You push it out of the way lightly to reveal another area. You hear talking coming from the inside. And from what you can tell… This is indeed the hideout! How curious… These two must know more about this place than you first thought. You decide to overhear the conversation going on to gather more info.
“Hey, where did those tools go? I thought they might’ve been useful for later on…” You hear Charlotte grumble. “Did the others take ‘em?”

“Not that I know of. Maybe I’m just forgetting, though…Hey, wait a second!” Brandy shouts in surprise, interrupting whatever conversation the two were having just now. “This looks familiar… Isn’t this the mayor’s?”

“Uhm, well…” Charlotte doesn’t seem to have a response to that.

“Why did you take this?!” Brandy asks angrily. “Is stealing from the mayor part of your job description?!”

“H-hey, look! I just do this impulsively, alright?” Charlotte yells defensively. “I was just meeting him the other day and then… I just took it from him, y’know?”

Your eyes widen in surprise. These two are thieves! And stealing from the mayor, no less! They’re both clearly up to no good… You can’t have this! You slowly crawl into the hideout, making sure they don’t see you.

“You can’t just do that!” Brandy responds furiously. “You know he’ll be pissed about this when he finds out, right?”

“Well- AAAAAA!!” Charlotte screams, seeing you approach the two. But Brandy doesn’t have any time to look behind, as you quickly knock her out with a chop to the head. You then immediately confront Charlotte, and you two have a very intense confrontation together. Thankfully though, you end up beating her, though she puts up a tough fight. You knock her out and take both her and Brandy’s bodies to the corner.

You find some rope in the corner and use it to tie both of them up. It doesn’t take too long. You wipe off some sweat off your brow from your head. That was a job well done. Suddenly, you smell something strange. You turn to look around but you feel something hit you and you pass out quickly.

You wake up slowly to hear someone mumbling to themselves. “At least I’m the only one working here now… Y’know how it goes, too many cooks spoil the broth, heh heh.”

“Hmm…? Cooks…?” Ciro opens his eyes. “Ah… Klifford. Is that you?”

“Ah, you’re awake!” Klifford says, quite surprised. “Are you quite alright, Ciro?”

“Ahh… Well, I feel a horrible pain coming from my head, actually.” Ciro rubs the back of his head.

“Ah, yes, we should take care of that soon.” Klifford nods. “You got knocked out, it seems. You probably just need to get some rest now.”

“Oh, so we have to return back to the camp?” Ciro looks around, coming to grips with his surroundings. They’re both still in the hideout, it seems. “But shouldn’t you know about Brandy and Charlotte…?”

“It’s no worry. They’ve been both taken care of.” Klifford gives you a comforting smile. “I think I have a good idea of what happened here too. More importantly, you need to just sleep. You’ll recover soon enough. That hit to the head doesn’t look like it hurt you too much, at least.”

With that, Klifford takes you out of the hideout through the tunnel and back to the camp. You don’t say much to him. If the situation’s already taken care of, then there’s no reason to worry, you decide. Besides, you can save the bit about what they did for tomorrow when everyone else will be awake for it. You both make it back at around 6:45. Klifford helps you back into your tent and makes sure you’re comfortable before leaving back to his own tent. You close your eyes and try to fall asleep. You have some trouble dozing off though, manly due to someone nearby yelling loudly in their sleep, but after a while, sleep finally comes to you.

You wake up later at 8:00, and decide to join the others for breakfast after that. You didn’t get much rest, but it’s good enough for now, you think to yourself.
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10:42 PM ET (US)
Aaand he's accepted: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/WGg6ipnA5r3
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
10:39 PM ET (US)
Alright, will send that request. Here's your EFL with the only other guy in a single tent in the meantime: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/FbMQD4R7WjMvW
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10:35 PM ET (US)
That makes sense. And I would rather you guys try different things than not trying at all.

Request to FTE/EFL Ivan.
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03:33 AM ET (US)
Won't comment on the cast for now, since we'll see how that changes as the game goes on. You can feel free to share your updated thoughts though, it's nice to read.

One thing I will say though is that the bridge thing wasn't really intended to be a huge challenge. It was more there as a common obstacle for the cast to overcome but nothing serious either. The solution was 'obvious' but it was more there for people to have a scenario to RP with. I even made things up as I went along, sort of wanting the whole thing to just be more impromptu roleplaying to have fun with and maybe even shape the cast interactions a but. I'll admit it wasn't exactly successful in that though since it was mostly straightforward.
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01:01 AM ET (US)
It doesn't look like I'm gonna have much RPing to do as everyone else is asleep, so I'll write up my thoughts as the game progresses here. You guys don't have to respond to me at all, it's more for other players (including myself) to look over after the game ends.

Premise so far is a much needed change of pace, good job guys. I will admit the bridge thing is a tad silly in how obvious the solution is. We really didn't need that much time in the thread to overcome such a non-issue. I'm guessing this is more of a tutorial to set up how future events will go. I think having multiple ways to solve things will help make things more interesting in the future, so we can have discussions about what to do while weighing the costs and benefits of each method.

The cast so far... I really don't care much for. They're clearly a lot more reserved, Ciro very much included. I'm struggling to remember their names and talents even, due to how uninteresting a lot of them seem so far. Talents are really mundane in other words. I feel Ciro's gonna suffer a lot, mostly due to my timezone. I didn't want to play another out-there character right after Jerry and Nina, and now I understand why characters like Nana and Evelyn exist. Still, my timezone and apathy to most of the cast is something I need to take into account every time.

As for specific comments I have on certain characters:

Lavender- so is she a robot or not? We already had a robot with VAL, and with Keebo if you include the canon DR games. I don't think VAL's the best character ever, but he was decent at least, and he certainly was interesting in the context of an RP. Lavender meanwhile, isn't any different from any human characters so far, and I'm worried she'll just pale in comparison to VAL and Keebo.

Seb- his physical description was so much more conciser compared to Panda's previous characters (barring Keri, who's design was so minimalist, you'd have to be deliberately trying to make it as wordy as Dale, Damien, or Sakura's). When I read out Keri's I 'struggled to read it' as Panda put it, I certainly would with Seb's as well for similar reasons, but I'd take these over the first three intro posts any day.

Nail- his physical appearance was a lot more interesting than his character so far. I recall Saizo saying an issue he ran into Nick was that he expected others to come to him, but didn't. I feel Nail might run into the same sort of issue. We know his thing is giving advice, but as he doesn't appear to be an expert in one specific thing, I don't think we'll really feel compelled to go to him much as a result.

Charlie/Charlotte- Doot's avatar certainly sticks out, but I keep having to go back to recall what her Charlotte's talent was meant to be. I'd prefer if there was a face in the avatar as well, creates a sense of disconnect with just the coat.

Oliver- As with Charlotte, his talent keeps escaping me.

Bennett- Giving me Silas vibes, mostly from being a womanizer. That aspect of Silas' personality fell off pretty quickly, so I hope Bennett can better ingrain himself.

Matt- not the player, the character. Yeah, I can see this getting confusing. Probably has the most interesting personality so far tbh.

Brandy- really feeling like a Skylar-lite, with her missing arm only serving as a gimmick. Starting to think that what I liked about Skylar in chapter 1 wasn't really the character, but WC's posting style.

Klifford- reminds me of a certain scatterbrained scientist from DGS2.

Shizune- so we're back to the more heavy-handed Franzise speech gimmicks after having two characters who essentially didn't have one (and even Kagayaki's is debatable). Honestly, so long as I can understand her, then I really don't care either way. In hindsight, Urumi was Franzise's most organic character. Sayako and Kagayaki tried this 'stop using their respective gimmicks to show bondage with rest of cast' thing which I either didn't notice, or felt fell flat due to feeling too artificial. Whereas Urumi was able to show her growing bond with the cast solely through her personality, which makes me appreciate her all the much more. I've always ranked Kagayaki as Franzise's best character, but I'm switching to Urumi now.

Ivan- easily the best character so far. I hope we get to know more aspects of his personality. Pancakes' characters so far have always had the same feel to them... which is no longer present in Ivan. I hope ftes are go soon so I can fte him, although I'll need to find a context in which Ciro would interact with him first.
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11:24 PM ET (US)
General character info: Not much has changed from the original version. I won't bother saying the same thing over and over so yeah.

People you recognise:

Micah: Of course... One night, you were roaming about outside the town and noticed someone in the darkness holding what appeared to be a weapon. Suspecting them to be up to no good, you tackled them and knocked them out, then proceeding to call the police. Unfortunately, when they arrived it was clear there was a misunderstanding, as the 'weapons' turned out to be just tools used for digging, and the person you knocked out was... well, Micah, just an archaeologist. Since then, you got suspended from karate and got your dojo shut down. You don't think the woman exactly likes you, either.

Pancakes' character- You recognise a man in a police uniform next to you as Officer Ivan Ivanov. Yes, you know of him quite well. Though young, he's a strict and ferocious officer willing to do anything for the good of his beloved town. The day you assaulted Micah, you were harshly interrogated by one of his men, who was quite aggressive to you. Still, you harbour no grudge against the man himself.

Sebastian- You've seen the boy around before a little. He cleans up a lot of the town, including the area right outside your shop. He's a diligent lad but not very well spoken.

Oliver/Lavender- You've heard of these star performers before, and have attended a couple of their performances. They weren't quite your thing but you did appreciate the quality behind them. Lavender especially is something of a local celebrity due to her bizarre nature.

Nail- A rather unnerving man, you've heard several rumours circulate about him around town. Though he offers advice for a fair rate, his manner of speech and tone has everybody suspicious of him. You've heard some conspiracy nuts in your restaurant even discuss that he's actually the devil in disguise. Quite a ridiculous thing, but the man himself does seem to carry an air of mystery with him.

Brandy- You've heard of her exploits before. She's a well renowned treasure hunter who's traveled the world far and wide. You've seen her around town and she seems to be a generally pleasant sort of person.

Charlotte- A bit of an odd woman. A lot of the materials you use for making sushi come from what she's stolen from trucks passing through the nearby highway. A controversial figure in the town, some call her the Robin Hood of Rattlewater while others call her but a petty thief. She seems quite proud of her profession, either way.
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12:50 PM ET (US)
This is your QT for F6. Your alibis and other story related information connected to your character will be posted here.
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