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[F6] Ciro Pérez the Star Sushi Chef

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10:37 AM ET (US)
And now, the post you've all been waiting for, Lone's Official F6 Character Rankings. There will be some overlap with any earlier comments in this QT, as it's meant to be an overall summation of my thoughts and feelings on each character as of the end of the game. 3500 words in total, get yourselves strapped in.

17. Micah

Most obvious pick for the least active character in the game. Even before Cesar disappeared off the face of the Internet, he wasn't really posting all that much. It's disappointing, as I had faith in him after Raul, but clearly something is going on in his end. Thankfully the GMs picked her up and made her a GM character to help move chapter 3 along. Even then, her only defining trait was her dislike of Ciro, which isn't all that unique now let's be real here. I'm glad she got to be of use in chapter 3 at least, but it doesn't change her status as a non-character.


16. Oliver

I liked it when Oliver... err, I disliked how he... This is my main issue with Oliver, I don't know a single thing about his personality. He said in chapter 4 about how he was a dick when he was younger and my first thoughts were 'what about now? are you a dick now?' He shares the most similarities with Oscar from F4, who's personality I also don't know a single thing about. They were both active, sure, but their posts really didn't show anything about them and were kinda generic and they were always just there. They even share similar talents, which I feel are the kinds of talents difficult to get use out of in these sorts of games. In the final trial, we had a brief fake-out moment where it seemed like Oliver was the killer... only for it to not. And I was really disappointed, ngl, as for the brief instance he appeared to be the killer, he would have finally gained a tangible personality, but nope, back to square one here.

Going back to Collin's prior characters, Bryan showed loads of personality in many of his posts. Bryan honestly showed more in one post than Oliver did in the whole game. Even Taylor, who was kinda unhelpful and dicky at least gave me a reason to dislike him, which can't even be said for Oliver. But at least he was active.


15. Brandy

Put down your pitchforks folks, hear me out here. In terms of personality, Brandy didn't express too much. She's somewhat nicer than Skylar, but that's all I really got from her. She's got gimmicks, sure, like her drawl (which made some of her longer posts a bit difficult to understand), and having one eye and arm. But these don't equate to personality traits, so don't mean much in the end. What irks me most about Brandy is how she squandered several golden opportunities to further her character. In the chapter 3 DL, we were presented with a way to communicate with the dead. I found it a bit odd that Brandy wouldn't use this as a chance to talk to Charlotte again. So I nudged WinterCoat about it in case it was a simple matter of the player not realizing. He declined to do so, stating it would defeat the arc he was going for. But now the game's over, and I have no idea what arc this was, or if it was even done. After chapter 2, Brandy seemed to pretend Charlotte and Bennett didn't exist, barring an occasional "Charlotte's gonna be mad at me in the afterlife" or something. And this really undermined the importance of all the characters involved and their connections. And even when their spirits showed up, I found Brandy's reaction very underwhelming.

And I think part of my issue with Brandy might be the posting style, as I'll analyze here:

"If Brandy wasn’t a mess by now, she was when Charlotte appeared. Seeing her again sent the treasure hunter into a tailspin."

So Brandy's in a mess, and sent into a tailspin... but these descriptors are very vague. How was she acting? Bennett just made some raunchy comments to her, how did those make her feel? Did her face heat with anger, did she give him a look, did she jump a bit in surprise, did she blush? Just... anything. Show don't tell as the old saying goes, but even if telling, I just wish there was more information for us to go off of. These factors made it difficult to both feel for Brandy, and understand how she was feeling. I don't have an issue the other way round however. For example in the dead thread, Charlotte attempted to reach out to Brandy once we all got teleported to the trial room, only to phase through Brandy. And this really hit home, as I felt it showed how much Charlotte cared for Brandy, with an added touch of melancholy.

I don't know if this issue was prevalent with Skylar, although she feels like the type of character who kinda stands out on her own with just dialogue. Whereas Brandy seems more reliant on her interactions with others, thus the vague descriptors affect her but not Skylar.


14. Lavender

I really dislike that I dislike Lavender. In a time where many players can't be bothered to craft a post-trial more than just a list of people to thank, anything that actually tries to reveal something about their character should be much appreciated... However, Lavender's post trial is a big reason to why I consider 6-1 to be the weakest case 1 so far. She never really established what she was about beforehand. She self-proclaimed to be an automaton, and that's it. Unless I missed something, we never learned of the specifics of what this automaton was supposed to do (besides dance I guess), and how it even existed. VAL and Kiibo (from the canon games) both established what they were capable of doing as robots, thus came across as very robotic in nature. Lavender meanwhile never did anything robotic or automaton-like, thus I didn't even know that we were supposed to believe her mention of being an automaton. VAL could relay messages from data, Kiibo could photocopy and shine; both very robot things. Whereas Lavender... dances? Another issue being, she didn't even need to be a robot just to be able to dance. If she wanted to take on a different identity from her own, then do so as a human, get plastic surgery or something. In fact, it's probably a lot easier to do ballet when not in a robot suit.

Further, her "mercy kill" of Carrie, was very poorly justified. 5-1's mercy killed worked for me, for several key factors: neither Vic nor Siri knew there was a killing game, Siri was trapped and mortally wounded which means that her death was inevitable, and Siri literally asked for it. These factors made Vic's situation a tragic one, and made me feel for him more as a result. Whereas with Lavender... she saw Carrie crying and decided to kill her. Lavender herself even said she took pity on Carrie, empathizing with the emotional trauma... so like how she metaphorically killed her own self, she physically kills Carrie... I'm sorry, but it's not merciful, what if Carrie didn't want to die and Lavender was forcing her world view onto Carrie? That makes it even worse for me. Even something as a simple "please kill me" or a "I want to die" from Carrie would have made all the difference imo. At least then, I can justify her projecting her own values onto Carrie, as Lavender interprets those words to mean Carrie wants to do the same thing as what Lavender did.


13. Ciro

I really dislike Ciro and want to give him the lowest ranking I justifiable can. The only reason I couldn't put him lower, is because he at least made chapter 3 interesting. A big part of the trial was Ciro's actions being mistaken for malice, and helped make the twists and turns interesting, so I thank the GMs for putting him to good use at least. As for the rest of the game, he was way too dickish for what I intended. In my initial plan, he was to do something nice in the first chapter, mean in the second chapter, then die in the third chapter so no one knows what he's up to. But the first part (he was supposed to fall on his butt to make someone want to come over to help him, which was to indirectly putting them out of danger) couldn't be done according to the GMs, and in hindsight, replacing it with attacking Brandy and Charlotte only increased the assholery imo. Not that it's their fault, it's totally my fault he turned out this way. He also did stuff like steal Seb's gloves just to wash up, or force Oliver to do a backflip with the mind control amulet, which certainly made things worse.

And the thing is, had I not been burnt out from F games in general, had I cared, things would have gone very differently. I would have tried to think of ways to show the nicer side of him he was meant to have, I would have tried to streamline his personality and make him easier to understand. But I flat-out didn't care enough to go to such lengths, and the results are more than clear. My final request was for him to go out on a nicer note (and also to not thank people in his post-trial), which clashes with his actions from the everything prior, sure... I don't know how to end it even, I don't know if I like or dislike it... but I at least appreciate the GMs trying, and utilizing him to make a good mystery in chapter 3.

He's by far my weakest character though. He got more utility than Shirly, sure, but Shirly at least had good ftes and was helpful during the trials, and also had a better personality. And I tend to rank other people's characters based on personality over utility, so I'll hold the same standard to myself. I know I ranked Flo above Nina before, but thinking back, I was able to play to the end of F1 without as much burnout less because of the character, but because it was the first game where my enthusiasm was at its height.


12. Daniel

Not much to say about him. He got his personality and concept across pretty fine in the early-game. But he was pretty inactive after, and his death sorta just happened. Yeah, after how long my thoughts on the other characters have been, I got nothing for Daniel. Don’t think I’ll remember him much, and he’ll be another Lyla-affect character.


11. Nail/Haley

Nail/Haley (henceforth, just Nail) started off kinda interesting, mostly in design and concept. I was worried advice-giver wouldn’t be compelling enough due to people potentially not going to him for advice, but that didn’t matter in the end. The switching to Haley thing was interesting in chapter 3 and made the duality talent better imo… but this was the only time Nail got much spotlight until the final chapter.

And as was discussed in prior F games, the problem with a mastermind being in the cast is that they tend to throw away all personality they established prior, which was certainly the case with Nail. And I agree with others that it was way too obvious. Despite being revealed to be the literal devil, he was sorta shoved aside in to focus on the murder at hand, which meant that he didn’t even have the full half-trial to establish himself, which he needed seeing as everything we’d learned about Nail’s personality so far didn’t matter. I also found him a bit too similar to Belphegor, both being demons and all, making him stand out even less.

So yeah, he was interesting conceptually, but then he kinda fell apart in the final chapter. He may have shined more had 6-5 been a straight confrontation with no murder trial like the first three F games, but even then he’d need a lot to stand out.


10. Bennett

Bennett could have been really good… but he wasn’t that active. The serial killer twist in his post-trial was a bit too similar to what we’ve gotten in the canon games for my liking, but it mostly lost its impact due to Kachu’s inactivity. Bennett’s history with being Brandy’s ex was also interesting… but hardly acknowledged by Brandy herself. He at least did something with it in chapter 5. And I found the confrontation Charlotte had with him and Ciro to be compelling, in the sense that Bennett would have targeted Charlotte regardless.

His personality was quite similar to Silas, until the post-trial at least. Both portrayed as quite raunchy, both went inactive… I guess that’s about it. I do like Bennett’s concepts more, if only he were active. I guess he was in the dead thread at least.


9. Klifford

Klifford I enjoyed to a certain degree. He was kinda pleasant (when he was posting at least), and his backstory with his gambling habits and family tied in nicely I feel. But his death in chapter 4 had the least weight to it, and he really wasn’t active enough beforehand for it to feel like anything substantial. Compared to the doctor characters who came before (Rinea, Chisami), he’s easily the best one.


8. Enola

I debated putting her on the list, as she only had one chapter to establish herself, and it was during the one people stop posting in the DLs no less, making it harder than even the first victim. That, and considering we had both a mastermind reveal and a murder in one trial, meant it was harder for Enola to get attention.

But despite this, I think she managed to get the basics of her personality across. She was quite vulgar, especially compared to PB’s other characters who would hesitate to even say “fuck”, and this went away once she got back to the surface, which even worked as a mini-arc of sorts. Not much else to say on her, and I don’t think it’s fair to rank her with PB’s other characters, so that’s that.

7. Shizune

Shizune’s… fine. Her gimmick certainly made her a unique character, but I also felt it really limited her. This limitation worked into her murder method for Ciro well at least, but until then, her chemistry with a lot of the cast was a huge blank for me. In the thank-you-friends part of her post-trial, I didn’t even know she was close to any of them, Seb included. Heck, I don’t even remember who she thanked besides Seb… But the symbol of Seb holding onto her typewriter was pretty nice, and while Shizune herself didn’t feel too impactful, her death on Seb did a lot more. And yeah, I didn’t like that she thanked her friends. If the letter had been the exact same but cut out the thanking friends part (besides maybe asking Seb to hold onto her typewriter), it would have been much better. We would have only the important parts, and no generic stuff that doesn’t add anything about how she likes her friends.

I like her more than Nana, but she doesn’t hold a candle to Urumi or Kagayaki. There’s a huge jump in quality for me from Kagayaki to Shizune, and from Ohishi to Sayako.


6. Carrie

Carrie did what she was meant to. Her gross-out gimmick would have gotten old by chapter 2, making her an ideal first victim. The bones being her parents gave her a nice moment, and worked just fine as a post-trial for her. And her chapter 5 post made me laugh, good one jumpfight.

5. Charlotte

I didn’t care much for Charlotte when the game started. Her friendship with Brandy seemed random and I had no idea how it started or why they were close, her role as chapter 2 victim felt arbitrary (and made me wish Ciro had been there instead), and her post-trial was just a copy of Sachiko’s which wasn’t even a good post trial to begin with. At the very least, she said more in her letter than Sachiko did, but man, it’s still a thank-you friend(s) one, and the issues of those not showing us anything new about the characters and just being white-noise still apply.

But once we got to hang out in the theater, I quickly grew to like her. Her personality was quite expressive, and her appreciation for Brandy was a lot better handled here than in the post-trial. I suppose I’ll credit her for her chapter 1 alibi at least, even if not relevant to the trial much, it helped her stand-out a bit.

Now that F5’s over I hardly remember a thing about Althea. I don’t recall much about Boetius in the main-game, barring him taking off his mask in the end, but he was a load of fun in the dead thread.


4. Ivan

After the prior Pancakes character starting to feel a bit samey with their comic-relief, Ivan was a huge breath of fresh air. I was surprised to hear that Pancakes didn’t like Ivan himself (and considered Koichi his best character). Ivan had a really strong concept imo, but he kinda fizzled out in the final chapter. I suspect this might have to do with player burnout as well. He’s mostly here due to having a really strong concept, got nothing more I can say about him.


3. Seb

Seb took a while to shift into gear. But once he did, he was really good. I didn’t know he was close to Shizune before being thanked, but I liked how he handled it afterwards. Never too melodramatic, but giving her enough acknowledgement to not dilute her impact. I kinda wish we got a bit more once he’d reached the surface, but the arc is still decent enough in my eyes.

During the first one and a half chapters, he was really boring, not expressing much and only responding to things very generically. I gave him a lot of thought on what his personality was, and realized that conceptually, there were some subtle nuances about him which I quite liked. He’s a cleaner, with a very stereotypical cleaner name, Sebastian (like Jeeves or Jarvis if you will). Yet rather than being this old butler guy, he was the kinda shy young man. This sort of conflict between the stereotype and the actuality made him interesting, in the sense that he had this ideal expected of him which he couldn't reach, with said goal still being just to serve others.

And then during chapter 2, we learn he tampered with the crime scene. And suddenly all the blandness vanished, and now he was an actual character with a personality and emotion. I wouldn’t say this peak lasted for the rest of the game, but he didn’t go back to his boring chapter 1 state ever again, and I liked him a lot more because of it. Sure, it was kinda kinda how sudden this shift was, but better to establish your personality than not to.

Goes without saying, Seb’s the best Panda character by far. Even better, he wasn’t a GM character, and wasn’t played by PlanetBox, the best Panda character was played by Panda himself. (and I appreciate his intro post being a lot more concise too, thank you.)

Seb>Eve>PB Keri>Damien>Keri>Dale>Sakura

2. Benjamin

Chapter 4, that’s the reason Benjamin’s way up here. Chapter 4 was the best chapter in the game by far, and Benjamin’s to thank for it. The dilemma in the end, his backstory reveal, how it tied into his methods up until this point, it all worked out perfectly. I wasn’t fond of hidden talents in general, but I really didn’t mind Ben not revealing his. Heck, since I kept forgetting what a bunch of other character talents were, Ben not revealing his didn’t stand out much. His personality was strong enough anyhow, to where the lack of a revealed talent never really dampened him, and he had his really badass moments in chapter 4 and 1 respectively.

He feels like JM’s first true serious character since Colin, and it really shows. I still like Colin a bit more due to having a slightly better personality, but these two could easily switch at any point in the future.


1. Matt

Matt’s my favorite character in the game for one reason alone: I was emotionally attached to him. He was such a cool guy who I’d love to hang out with, and the only reason I didn’t fte him was because none of Ciro’s ftes up to that point had worked out, so I gave up. His backstory and post-trial were tragic, which subtley ties into why he’s an alcoholic, to chug away his tragic part. Man, I actually feel for him, and seeing him go was the first time since F1 where I legit felt something seeing one of the characters die.

I liked Vic as well, but Matt was a lot more nuanced as a character. Vic still had his post-trial at least, making him seem a lot more than just his one-note challenger gimmick. Matt was like Vic’s post trial, but all the time. So it’s not a dig at Vic, but Matt was just really that good.

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08:00 AM ET (US)
Chapter 5 has come to a close. Hm. I'll hold out on my final character rankings until the post trial ends, so in the mean time, my thoughts on just the trial instead.

Conceptually, it had a lot of good ideas thrown around. I feel this would've benefited from being more like the chapter 6s from the first three F games. Having a murder trial and the mastermind reveal be within the same trial didn't mesh well imo, as the cast seemed more focused on the murder than the mastermind, which underplayed Lucifer in the end. This was also a potential issue in F4 and F5's final trials, but in F4 the murder part got shafted instead, and F5 had the mastermind stuff in the post trial. Even then, I liked the mastermind interactions in the first 3 games more, so something for future GMs to take into account I guess. I think Lucifer and Belphegor both being demons also dampers it quite a bit. It's harder to differ Lucifer from Belphegor as a result. And did Lucifer even need to be a demon? From what I gather, all he needed to do was to summon Belphegor, which he could've done as a human too. And why couldn't Saizo have an avatar for when posting as Lucifer? Or at the very least, keep using the old Nail/Slenderman one. The lack of an avatar made it a lot harder to visual Lucifer imo.

The ghost voting thing was weird, but tied in nicely with the themes of the rest of the game, and felt like an appropriate chapter 6 Danganronpa climax moment. I do wish we could have been left to our own devices to figure out that we could vote for Lucifer as dead people, and the living could Ivan to spare themselves. But I understand if you were worried we wouldn't figure that out, especially with all the other stuff going on. In a hypothetical F1-2-3 style chapter 6, this would've been the main course imo.

As for the mystery itself, I'll admit, reading the climax reasoning, it felt like I was reading a lot of this for the first time. Yeah, it was kinda difficult to follow, especially for a chapter 5, and I do feel bad for the players, especially if they were burnt out at this point. This further fueled my desire for this to be formatted like the chapter 6s.

I do appreciate the concepts and trying new things at least, even if a bit weirdly executed. In the end though, my final case rankings are:

Case 4>Case 3>Case 5>Case 2> Case 1
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06:19 AM ET (US)
Eh, don't make him write a convenient letter in case he died to his family. That's like the thank-you-friends ones, but to people we don't know or care about. Klifford's lack of relevance is a minor gripe really. Heck, I found Dallas' music link thing pretty dumb in F3-1, but it's minor enough and 3-1's still my favorite F case regardless. So same here, I don't think much really could have been done about it.

I did help out with 5-2 as well, and I think that helped with the mystery too. As Panda did with 2-4, which also helped it a lot. Not many players seem to want to have a hand in creating the cases, but it's easier for someone to put their all into one case, than for 2 people to have to manage five. Something for us to consider in future F games I suppose.
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04:59 AM ET (US)
I agree with your case rankings actually. I'm glad you enjoyed this one and I'd definitely say this is one of my favourite chapter 4s yet. It was complex, interesting, had the best twists and I think was the least stressful to GM so it was generally a good mixture. JM helping out with a lot of the mystery also helped out a lot with sorting out how things would go. That said considering the player reaction to this I'd say this is more of an F5-4 sort of trial. Obviously being misled by the cloning clue didn't help matters either.

And regarding Klifford, I do think he sort of got the least out of all three people involved in the murder character-wise but his deal was much simpler. The main reason was having 3 players out of 9 disappear seemed like a neat gimmick, and Klifford was one of the less active players so he seemed good for the role. That must the additional mystery element of 3 different rooms with their own gimmicks is always intriguing and leads to more complexities and possibilities. He'd have probably just been chapter 5 victim instead had he survived past this, and I think this was a more appropriate time for him to go out. We had his backstory sort of be revealed through alibis with Haley/Ivan but yeah, there really wasn't much else to Klifford anyway. Thinking about it, he probably should have gotten some post-trial letter to his family or something as well to confess about his gambling habits but I think that post-trial had enough going on anyway.
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03:33 AM ET (US)
Case 4 opinion time, here we go.

So yeah, this one blows case 3 out of the water even, lol. I don't quite hold up F3-4 and F5-4 to the same regard as others seem to, mostly in finding them a bit difficult to follow and enjoying 3-1 and 5-2 more respectively. But 6-4, I will hold to a high regard. It was a bit difficult to figure things out at first, sure, but once things got tied up at the end, it all made enough sense. Whereas 6-1 and 6-2 especially, I still struggled to understand even after the climax reasoning (and I was actually alive for those ones too). Case rankings so far 4>3>2>1. I do wish I was alive for the stronger half of the game but I'd probably be too burnt out to do much regardless. The final dilemma the class faced was a good one, and Benjamin's motives and backstory came at the perfect time. My one gripe with this though, is how meaningless Klifford seemed to be in the grand scheme of things. Ben only needed to kill one person to get out, and while Matt had the ties backstory-wise to justify his involvement, Klifford feels kinda forced in. Unless I'm forgetting something that is. Regardless, I did enjoy following this one.


Matt: Man, why'd he have to go? But y'know what, the fact that I can say "oh man, I liked him" at seeing his death says a lot, especially since I don't care about 90% of F game characters. But if he had to go, I'm glad this was the send-off he got. I liked Vic too, but Matt seems more of a fun guy to hang out with, and feels a bit more complex than Vic.

Klifford: As I said above, his role in this trial felt kinda unnecessary. It's somewhat inevitable in double murders that one character gets less than others. And even in regular murders, some characters (usually the killers) wind up getting a better send-off than others. Klifford somewhat expressed himself, but was mostly kinda just there for the whole game. His talent wasn't exactly very original either, as we already had two doctors prior in Chisami and Rinea... however, he doesn't have major problems as those two did, so he's kinda alright I suppose.

Benjamin: Well then, that bombshell at the end then huh? His personality was definitely a tough balancing act to do, to make sure he wasn't too antagonistic so people wouldn't be doubtful of him in the end, but not too nice to where it wouldn't be a choice. He shined in chapter 1's trial, my personal distaste for the trail aside, and he did get a bit carried away in chapter 2, with taking more of a backseat in chapter 3 allowing him to cool off. He does feel like JM's first character since Colin to outright play it straight, and I do consider those two to be his best characters as a result.

Although Colin and Benjamin may switch places as time goes on. This is just how I feel at the moment.

Charlotte: I'm starting to like her more in the dead thread. Bringing this up as for the next character...

Brandy: Starting to irk me a bit to be honest. The more I like Charlotte, the more annoyed I get that Brandy seems to refuse to acknowledge her. I went back to the chapter 2 post trial to remember how Charlotte's post trial went, and Brandy's reaction at the time was okay, if a bit generic (hence why I forgot it). But then, it seems weird and outright OOC that when given a chance to talk to the dead in the next daily life, Brandy doesn't even consider it. I even pointed this out to WC, to which he said he wouldn't in order to push Brandy's arc in a different way. This is fine, but now with chapter 4 over I'm thinking 'what arc?' Yeah, I'm not really noticing if Brandy's changed much because of Charlotte's death, and I feel this also makes Charlotte feel like an unimpactful character as a result. Charlotte has gotten a few sparce mentions in passing I suppose, but these few mentions really don't equate to an arc. Even Bennett's death I feel should also show a bit more of an impact on her considering he was someone she knew and even once dated. Seb would be in a similar situation, but he has one thing going on for him at least, Shizune's typewriter. So long as that exists as a symbol for Shizune, then it works well enough for an arc.

Brandy's personality in general, feels very stripped back from Skylar. She's a bit nicer than Skylar, sure, but that's really it. Skylar has things like her raunchy humor, occasional clumsiness, and her obsession with rare cards, which are personality traits. Whereas Brandy has things like her drawl (which in longer posts, makes her a bit difficult to understand imo) and missing an eye and an arm, which are less personality traits, but gimmicks or backstory things. Heck, I even forgot what her talent was several times, only remembering because WC would sometimes refer to as a 'the treasure hunter' instead of by name. There's still one more chapter for her to better establish her personality. At this point I think it's a bit difficult to tie Charlotte's death to her however.

Oliver: I don't know a single thing about him. Seriously, what is his personality even? He's got it as bad as Oscar at this point, and his role in the story is minimal at best. When he suddenly started talking about how he was a jerk in the past, my first thoughts were 'so you were a jerk in the past... but how are you like now?' Even Taylor at least, gave me enough material to dislike him, Oliver's not even giving me that. Considering being the final killer didn't help Oscar, I'm doubtful of Oliver at this point too. The talent may have something to do with it, seeing as both Oliver and Oscar had similar talents, both of which are difficult to utilize in a game like this.

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01:08 AM ET (US)
The execution has gone up, so it's time for another round of Lone's wonderfully terrible case/cast opinions.

Case 3 is the best case so far. All the twists and turns, how each mystery contributed to the main narrative, and how all three key characters were utilized fully made for an exciting case. Certainly breaks the chain of iffy case 3's we've had with F4 and F5. Despite my issues with Ciro, I think you guys did the best you did with the material you had. Same with Micah, jumping in and making her a GM character definitely helped save this case. The murder method was very unique too, and I like how you guys managed to make someone as handicapped as Shizune the killer. The class's mistrust in Ciro helped a lot imo, with theories on him being up to something, and it directly tying to Micah and Shizune's motives too. In fact, the class not being able to understand Ciro's actions meant that a big part of solving the case wasn't figuring out what the victim was up to, which was a huge breath of fresh air structure-wise. The post trial meanwhile... was ok. Yeah, Shizune did the oh-so cliche 'thank you friends' conveniently written in a letter beforehand like so many others, but at least there was other stuff in the letter besides that. Heck, I've already forgotten most of who she thanked and what she thanked them for even though I just read it. Ciro Micah backstory reveal was ok, nothing phenomenal, but it worked well enough. In fact, let's transition now to cast thoughts:

Nail: So he was also a woman the whole time? His talent actually makes sense now, and it's a heck of a lot better than just an advice giver. He/she has certainly shot up in the rankings now, at least in my book.

Micah: Why oh why does Cesar do this every time I decide to have faith in him? To be fair, I think the feud tied in well with the case, and you guys saved her quite well. With that said, I don't think she really established much besides just disliking Ciro, so she's most likely gonna wind up my least favorite F6 character. But hey, at least not as bad as Hoshiko.

Shizune: Her gimmick is both the best and worst part of her. Best as in, sure, it's a unique character concept, but worst in that it really restricts her and makes her personality really passive as a result. So in my mind, I just wind up counting her as a decent gimmick character. It was kinda weird how apparently she was close with Seb in the post-trial? I don't recall anything as such being established in-thread beforehand, so it was difficult to really feel as much for them as a result. I don't really remember who else she thanked in her 'thank you friends' note, but I did feel similarly in not knowing she was close to them. But despite this, I think her method of killing was unique at least, and her methods and motives were built-up appropriately.

Ciro: Yeah, I really don't like him. Felt his concept was ultimately too abstract and difficult to pull off in an RP like this one. I'd say not really caring about the other characters hurt him as well, but Nina and Jerry were able to excel regardless, so maybe not then. His send-off was the best that could be done really... but the whole idea of 'this guy isn't as bad as we thought' was done way better with Jerry and Bud even. Bud had the advantage of being a GM character, thus I could incorporate stuff like his refusal to be traitor or his father being way worse than he was, but Jerry had no such luxuries and still pulled it off just fine. I'm glad Ciro managed to go off on a nicer note, but if he winds up many people's least favorite character, then I don't blame them. His FTEs never went anywhere, and I was too burnt out to do anything but the minimum in the trials as well. Considering even Shirly had good FTEs and did stuff in the trials, he's easily a contender for my worst character. But thanks guys for doing the best you could with him. And I'm thankful you didn't give him a thank you friends post-trial.

And surprisingly, I don't have anything else to say on the cast. For most of them, my thoughts haven't changed much since chapter 2.
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You go about your day mostly in your restaurant, cooking all by your lonesome. It doesn’t appear anyone’s interested in your food for now, but you may as well go about it, seeing as there’s nothing else for you to do. Your hand is still horribly mangled, but you decide not to see Klifford about it. You don’t want to acknowledge it, and thus your pride gets the better of you. You continue just going about and cooking food in case anyone’s interested in coming over to have a snack.


Ciro is working at his shop quietly when he hears someone entering. He looks up in surprise to see Micah, looking quite anxious. Immediately, Ciro scowls. “Well, what do you happen to be here for?”

Micah flinches slightly. “I-I… well… I just wanted to check up on how you were. I’d imagine that Benjamin had hurt you quite severely in the tribunal-”

“And what would you care about that?” Ciro snaps indignantly. “It’s not as though you’re any better than that crooked prisoner. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your thievery.”

“I… that’s-”

“It’s only by luck I managed to get this belt back. If I hadn’t, who knows what you would have done with it?” Ciro glares. “Perhaps you would have used it to even murder me as well, hmm?

“I… Well, you’re no better! You could have killed everyone by causing that cave in!” Micah yells.

“Well, I was right there, wasn’t I?” Ciro folds his arms.

The two argue for a couple of minutes, each quite stubborn and sticking to justifying their own behaviour despite Micah appearing remorseful earlier. The volume in the room quickly increases and the two are almost at each other’s throats. Ciro keeps insisting that he was in the right to do what he did and seems quite furious at Micah, who appears to be quickly losing the argument. The fight ends quickly with Micah leaving in a huff, yelling some quite uncouth names at Ciro as she exits. Ciro turns away, ignoring her completely as he returns back to his place calmly, as if the fight never even happened.

As Micah leaves though, a few people enter the room- Oliver and Daniel. They both give Ciro a somewhat concerned look. “Soldier, are you alright? I heard some shouting coming from here, and…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it.” Ciro shakes his head dismissively. “It’s alright, I’m fine.”

“Are you… sure?” Oliver raises his eyebrow. “From what we heard just know, it doesn’t seem like everything was alright here.”

“Ah… it’s unfortunate you had to hear that. My apologies.” Ciro says, bowing. “Rest assured though, I’m fine for now. Let’s forget about that for now, though. Would you gentlemen be interested in some sushi?”

“Hmm… I suppose I do need a snack right about now”, Daniel mumbles. “Sure, why not, soldier?”

“Yes, I suppose something for my stomach would be suitable”, Oliver agrees. The two men take a seat together in the restaurant. Ciro takes their orders quickly and comes over quickly with some fresh, appetising looking sushi. The two feast happily on their food, satisfied with the quality of it while Ciro peers over them quite content. Finally, they both finish and look up.

“Well, Ciro, you are an odd fellow… But I have to say, you steam a good sushi roll.” Oliver pats his stomach, pleased with the food. Daniel nods appreciatively as well.

“Oh ho, thank you very much. It was a pleasure having you all eat here.” Ciro comes over and takes the plates the two are eating from with one hand.

“Ah, that reminds me, soldier.” Daniel says. “Did you ever get that hand of yours treated? Doesn’t look like it’s quite right.”

For a second, Ciro’s smile twitches heavily. He turns away, putting the dishes to wash. “I’m quite fine. You don’t have to worry about me at all.” His words sound quite strained. Not wanting to push him further, the two men get up and leave, letting him do his work.


Ciro hears the fluttering of wings outside his shop. He goes out to see Bruce, holding a letter for him in its claws. He takes it from the bat and reads it to himself. Apparently it’s a letter from Shizune. It seems to be typed up in quite a hurry. It reads:

“Dear Mr. Pérez,

I am in great need of your help currently. As you may already know, I have recently not been feeling very well at all. However, recently I have realised that my condition is even worse, to the point where my life might even be on the line. However, I am only telling this to you since you may be able to help. There is a possible cure for my condition that might be able to be constructed from pufferfish poison. Please get the pufferfish poison up to my hospital room as soon as possible. I only have so long to live.

Finally, I would like to request that you burn this letter once you finish reading this. This concerns some very private manners, so I would rather nobody else lay their eyes on this. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Shizune Takata”

Ciro finishes reading the letter. Deciding it would be best to help the young lady, he goes back into his shop. He quickly decides to burn the letter like Shizune requested him to, just to get it out of the way. He goes and heats up the hearth in his shop and throws the letter in casually. He takes a second to think about what he should do, watching the flames consume the paper. Suddenly, he starts coughing. Something’s wrong… the fumes coming from the hearth seem to not be agreeing with him for some reason.

He goes over to the freezer and takes out a pufferfish, quickly and expertly extracting a sac of poison using a knife. He puts the poison in a bag and leaves the restaurant on his mission.

He suddenly hears the sound of… some sort of vehicle? He turns and sees a car on the other side of the road, coming in at full speed. It looks to be in quite bad shape too, swerving left and right with little control. Ciro looks back at where he is and he sees Micah straight in the middle of the road, like a deer in the headlights! She’s standing still with a look of fear on her face.

Quickly, Ciro acts and jumps at her, pushing her out of the way of the car. Micah quickly runs off to the side, regaining her control. Ciro then sees the car still coming. There has to be something he can do! As the car passes by, he quickly does a well timed jump into the driver’s seat, the lack of a headliner proving to be useful. As he does, he sees Matt nearby, lying face down. He doesn’t look to be awake. And in the passenger’s seat is Benjamin, also looking unwell. His eyes are barely open, looking at Ciro with confusion.

Ciro turns back and tries operating the steering wheel, pushing Matt out of the way for extra space. Unfortunately, the lack of a functioning hand hurts him quite a bit. He flinches, attempting to maneuver the vehicle properly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the car is affected much by the steering wheel. The brakes aren’t working, either.

At this point in time, Ciro suddenly feels dizzy. Something’s… wrong here. He can’t think properly. He tries directing the steering wheel to steer the car into a corner of the road to stop the car. As he does though, he grows faint. This… this can’t be the end, right?

Unfortunately, he can think no further and collapses on the wheel, blacking out completely. Darkness is all that follows.
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I've said most of what I want to about the case on Discord, so I'll keep that part short. The DLs have gotten much better, with us having much more freedom and feeling less railroaded with ultimately meaningless choices. So good job on that guys. The trial itself however, while a step-up from case 1, I found it to be overstuffed, difficult to follow, and yeah, wasn't fond of the godmodding either. I consider this the weakest case 2 since F3 for sure. Now, as for the characters:

Charlotte: Really average. Her friendship, and thus loss, with Brandy wasn't anything we hadn't seen multiple times in the five previous F games. Case in point, her post trial was just the same as Sachiko's, and it's not all that surprising we didn't react to it much and just kept on with Bennett. C'mon, if you're gonna copy a previous post-trial, at least copy a good one. It's really convenient how in so many F trials, the victim conveniently wrote a letter to everyone in case they died, and people were able to find it right after they died, where they can thank their friend(s). Doot was pretty active in his posting at least, but I feel like I'm not really going to remember Charlotte much as time goes on. Ironically, I'm gonna wind up remembering Althea more in the sense that I remember how much I forget about her. Boetius>Charlotte>Althea.

Brandy: Eh... ok I guess? She certainly has chemistry with a few of the other characters... but other than her redneck speaking style, I don't think there's much that really makes her stand out. She's more consistent than Skylar I guess, but chapter 1 Skylar was way better than Brandy so far. Her prior history with Bennett was ok I guess, even if a bit sudden and not really relevant to much of anything. Ch1 Skylar>Brandy>Skylar

Shizune: Hasn't done much recently. I think her passivity and disability really limits her in terms of what she can do in the story. She's stood out more than Nana, and doesn't act like DRAT Sayaka like Sayako at least. But man, her personality pales in comparison to Urumi, Kagayaki, and even Ohishi.

Micah: I'm happy she was the one who tried to figure out Ciro's vice. Less so about her lack of activity.

Ciro: Yeah, I'm really not that fond of him at the moment. He kinda just needlessly attacks people, when the point to his character was that he does things with good intentions but with questionable methods. His FTEs don't really go anywhere either, which I'm not sure is because of the characters or the setting. He has one more shot at redemption at least, but I don't know how much good it'll do with him. Imo, he's my weakest character since Shirly. And considering even Shirly had fulfilling FTEs, he could possibly be my worst character if things keep going this way. I suppose with how limiting the setting is, the only thing that can really be done is sitting around and talking, which really isn't fit for Ciro. The only one of my characters that could really make FTEs work in this scenario is Flo. And the godmodding with the amulet made Ciro look more like an ass than he's supposed to. Like, he was only refusing to give the amulet to Benjamin because Benjamin's a criminal. If he was gonna get attacked for it, he would have handed it to Ivan, or just given it to Ben beforehand. I also highly doubt Benjamin could overpower a karate master so easily like that.

Sebastian: He really shined this case. When it was revealed that he messed with the crime scene, it was like a switch being flicked, where suddenly he had a personality. I'll admit, his posts up until that point had been really boring and forgettable, probably due to the point of his character being that he was passive and easily forced into things (which in hindsight, makes his essential forcing of the cast to take one path a bit OOC). But yeah, he's easily Panda's best character now. I hope he continues to express himself in this way, and not in the chapter 1 way.

Nail: Got nothing more to say on him. It's strange considering he just did the weird teleporting thing, but seeing as even he doesn't remember that, there's nothing I have to say.

Danial: Same as Nail, got no additional comments on him.

Oliver: He's posting, but not really standing out, and I keep forgetting what his talent was even. I have a feeling he's just gonna become Oscar 2.0, where despite being present for the entire game, he didn't really show much personality nor do anything meaningful, making him just a puppet who was along for the ride. Heck, they even have similar talents. Despite Oliver's role in the first half of the trial, it kinda got overshadowed by stuff later on, contributing to the overstuffed feeling of the trial, and Oliver's Oscar-like presence.

Bennett: The serial killer twist wasn't bad, honestly, but Bennett's inactivity really dampened it. He could have been anything really, and it wouldn't have really held much weight to it because of it. Like with Silas, he starts out with his only defining trait being his lust for women, goes inactive, then randomly pops up as killer. I don't really know how to rank Kachu's characters, as Rinea and Ray have serious issues, while Silas and Bennett wind up being kinda bland mostly due to inactivity. But to Bennett's credit, at least the serial killer thing made for a more compelling post trial. At the moment thought: Silas=Bennett>Ray>>>Rinea

Matt: Cold's pretty active, more active than me at least, and he has given me a good chuckle or too. Not exactly high concept or monumental, but good for what he's worth.

Klifford: Got nothing. He isn't posting enough for me to have a solid grasp of his personality really.

Ivan: His talent puts him in a unique role in terms of the rest of the case. Otherwise, my thoughts on him haven't changed since chapter 1.

Benjamin: He's taking up a lot of the spotlight for sure. I have a lot of mixed feelings about him at the moment. His sudden trust and friendship with Seb seems kinda sudden and weird, and if anything, he takes up too much spotlight, forcing the class into decisions (and bordering on godmodding), making it difficult for anyone to do anything else. And as said, the godmodding mid-trial leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

So how do I feel about the cast overall? I'm not too sure. A lot of it boils down to 'they're not that interesting', with a few exceptions. I like them more than F5's cast, but even the weaker casts of F2 and F3 I feel had shinier diamonds in the rough.
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Stairway and Red Room - Oliver, Shizune, Ciro

There’s lots of odds and ends here. Oliver gasps as he sees a camera sitting on a shelf. He says that the camera was being kept in the armory as recently as earlier today. In a nearby desk they find a bunch of paper and a pen. Seems like anybody could have written a letter from this desk. Near the exit door, the group finds the whistle to call Bruce with. Near the door to the red room, a dreary tome sits. Oliver makes a comment that it belongs to Nail. In the drawer below it, they find a ripped-up photograph. It seems to just be a picture of a book, but it’s challenging to try and put together. It’s in very small pieces. The group decides to check the red room as well, so they open the door and look inside. The red room is very red, but nothing else of note.
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Ciro goes into the kitchen, ready to start preparing for the feast. He takes some materials out from the fridge and starts cooking up food. He does this for a while, not much happening otherwise. It takes quite a while, though. At one point, he hears something outside the kitchen, but when he turns behind he sees nobody. Quite strange…

He continues preparing the food for a while after that, and finally finishes at 5:30. He goes out to the mess hall to keep all the food in its proper place. This takes about 15 minutes. Finally, all is ready and done, and he goes out to call everyone else for the feast.


“Alright, everyone!” Ciro calls out from the mess hall. “The feast is ready! You may all come now and enjoy yourselves! There is enough for everybody here!”

Hearing the announcement, people slowly start to drift towards the mess hall. Benjamin and Matt both enter first, followed by Micah and Brandy. Several minutes pass by but nobody else seems to come.

“Hmm, is this really all we have?” Ciro purses his lips, looking somewhat disappointed. “...Well, no matter. I’m sure the others are all simply taking their time. In the meantime, though, you may all feel free to take your seats. I shall start serving food to you in a bit.”

The others eye each other, concerned, but decide to sit down. Very conveniently, there are 10 seats in total- 4 on each side of the table and one at each corner. It looks more like a place for a banquet, really. A rather cheap looking banquet, but still. Ciro soon comes back wearing some odd looking rubber gloves which are pink in colour, in clear contrast to his outfit. He takes them and uses them to handle the dishes, which he gives to everyone currently present.

As he starts distributing the food he’s prepared, the others hear someone else entering the room. They look around to see Klifford, his eyes quite tired yet a warm smile on his face. By his side is Shizune, whom he helps over to her table. She appears to be in a different set of clothes and wearing a new coat now. She looks to be quite tired as well. As Klifford helps her take a seat beside him, she takes out Claudia and quickly types up a letter, which she passes onto Matt.

As Matt reads the letter, he flushes slightly and grimaces, looking almost embarrassed. “Ay, you don’t gotta thank me for nuttin’, girl. Just doin’ my bloody job an’ all. You don’t gotta owe me a thing, you he-”

“Oh? What does it say?” Ciro asks out of curiosity, looking at Matt.

“You can read it for yerself if you wanna, brat”, Matt sputters, throwing the letter in his face. Ciro, unperturbed, begins reading out the letter.

“Dear Mr. Gustily,

I would like to thank you for personally retrieving Claudia from the icey waters she was dropped into thanks to my carelessness. I would not have expected anything from anybody, yet you heroically managed to rescue her and even fix her before delivering it back to me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you.

With many thanks,
Shizune Takata”

“Oh, what’s this?” Ciro raises an eyebrow. “Did something happen with Shizune?”

“Indeed. She fell into the water by accident, and lost both her wheelchair and her typewriter.” Benjamin summarises in his usual tone. “Unfortunately, her wheelchair couldn’t even be recovered from the depths of the cold lake.”

“Yeah, I had to go take care of her for a while after that. She was feeling pretty bad after that spill she took.” Klifford says, Shizune nodding along with a grateful look in her eyes.

“Ah, I see. Quite unfortunate, really.” Ciro shakes his head. “You’ll need to have some more food to make up for that.” He takes a bigger blue bowl and puts it on her side instead.

“Well, isn’t that nice of ya”, Klifford chuckles. “This is a good way to break the ice, huh?”

People seem very unamused by that joke, most of all Shizune. Brandy tries chuckling awkwardly, but it doesn’t exactly help raise spirits.

Matt eyes Klifford irritably. “Doc, if ya make another shit joke like that, the ice won’t be the only thing that’s broke.”

“Hey, uh, what’s going on?” A voice comes suddenly from the doorway. People look to see Bennett, looking quite confused.

“You’re rather late. What took you so long?” Benjamin asks.

“Ah, well, that’s my bad. Totally forgot when the feast was starting and only decided to go check now. Hopefully I haven’t missed out on much, though.” Bennett explains.

“Not at all, the feast is just starting! Come and help yourself”, Ciro says generously.

“This only leaves Daniel missing, though. I wonder where he could have gotten to…” Micah mumbles quietly.

Bennett takes his seat and the food gets served to all. Everyone starts eating comfortably. There’s a bit of small talk across the room but overall the mood isn’t particularly chatty. Everyone seems quite pleased with the quality of the food though. It’s clear Ciro’s put a lot of effort into crafting several mouth watering, stomach filling delicacies.

As the group eats, they hear a grunt behind them and see Daniel arrive, his face comparable to a rhinoceros. He takes his seat wordlessly and starts eating. People are surprised by this behaviour and ask him what took him so long, but he says nothing, oddly unwilling to explain himself. He simply stuffs himself with more food, clearly quite starved.

The rest of the feast thankfully goes much smoother, with not much else happening. People finish eating slowly and depart. All the food’s over now, and everyone’s stomachs are filled up. It’s safe to say the feast was quite satisfactory.

Everyone leaves by 6:45, leaving Ciro to clean the dishes by himself.
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You feel something tug on your belt. You reach down to stop it, but it's already gone! A thief!

You whip around, frantically searching for who might've taken it, but it seems like they must've slipped away safely. You're standing in the mines, and a thought occurs to you, "What if I kicked a support beam? This place would collapse, and that fiend will be stopped!"

Immediately after you kick it, you feel dread come over you as it bends right out, and the caves around you start collapsing. You hear a scream of horror and decide to run for it. You barely make it into the upper ice cavern as the mines collapse. It seems you're trapped here with some other people...

[You may post in the main thread]
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You recognize the balding man in the ripped up suit.

He's Ferdie Barone

He was a restaurant owner. Very competitive. Wildly successful, but there were rumors about poor working conditions. He moved out of town to expand his business. In some ways you admired him, in some you despised him. He only moved away a month or so ago.
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Your EFL with Ben Jammin: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/2RdTq6NY6iDk
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You successfully steal Sebastian's rubber gloves from his pocket. You don't think he noticed you either.
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Steal from Sebastian, but Ciro doesn't do the ritual thing to learn his vice.
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EFL Ben(jamin)
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