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IR Journal #8 2/23/16 (White)

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Emily Nelson
09:26 PM ET (US)
I am reading A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. There are 357 pages and I'm on page 314. If I could be any character in the book I would be Paul. Paul is very quiet and I want to know what he thinks. He was trapped inside the body of a different dimension of himself. He watched as this body fell in love with the girl he loved before he got trapped. Very twisted and I want to know all the stuff he doesn't say. What he does say is very thoughtful and it'd be interesting to know everything he doesn't say.
Branzon Underwood
03:00 PM ET (US)
I am reading I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior by Howard E. Wasdin. There is 165 pages and I am on page 119.
I chose prompt 15 under characters. If I could be any character in the book I would want to be Howard the main character. The reason being is because he does some of the coolest stuff throughout the book. Some of these things are successfully completing BUD/s training, and also completing SEAL sniper school. These two courses are among the hardest to pass in any military. Also with him competing sniper school, he has become a certified sniper is the United States Navy, which I think is very cool. With being in the military comes a large responsibility for protecting your country. I think that I would be a very good member of our military because I am dedicated to what I do and also take pride in my country. Finally visiting foreign countries. Theres nothing cooler than being able to say that you have visited some of the most exquisite destinations on the planet.
Brittany Vaughan
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Secrets We Left Behind by Susan Elliot Wright. There is 376 pages in the book and I am on page 44. I chose prompt 1 under plot. The author starts off by telling us about the main character. She writes that the woman has two lives and has ran away from her first one. She says that her fifteenth birthday was that day and she is fifty to her new family. The woman is very skittish because she is scared that someone from her past life is following her. This is a good way to add suspense because I want to know why she is running away from her old life. I also want to know what happened and why she is scared that someone from her old life might find her. I also learn that the woman has had multiple miscarriages and has only had one successful birth. She always seems on edge when anyone talks about baby or children and gets really upset. I think that something bad happened in her previous life, so she is trying to hide and is pretending to be normal.
Micah Warrington
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading World War 2 Book 2 Dead in the Water by Chris Lynch, It has 188 pages and I stopped on page 93 today.
I chose prompt #1 of setting. The question is Where does the story take place tell what the place is like if the story took place in a different place how would it affect the story? My book takes place on the USS Aircraft Carrier Yorktown. The ship is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They are fighting Japanese fleets. This affects the story by having different styles of fighting. If they were in the Atlantic they would be fighting the German U-Boats. The U-Boats have a totally different style than the kamakazi fighting style of the Japanese.
Haley Vettrus
04:29 PM ET (US)
I just finished the book Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, the book had 170 pages in it. I chose to do the prompt, "Does the book start slowely or quickly? Explain." I think the book started very quickly because it jumped right into the main point of the book. The narrtor told us how everything looked and what it was like, and then told us what happened to make it that way. What made it start so quickley is that she didn't start talking about her past right away. She described what things were like right now, and then a few pages later talked about what happened to make things that way. I really liked how the author did that, because or else it gets really boring. Because the narrator just keeps talking and talking and nothing exciting happens. But in this book is was almost the opposite of that which got me hooked to it and made me want to keep reading. I also feel like I was able to connect to the narrator more this way. When she described what it was like and how everything looked you could really get inside her shoes. And I felt like I could see what her life was like, which helped throughout the novel. You could almost feel how she was feeling and it would make you feel so sorry for her.
Makenna Maras
04:28 PM ET (US)
I just started my third book, The Child Called It. There are 157 pages and I am on page 60. My main character was abused by his mother but worse than just getting hit. For example, she had him lay down on a burning stove and locked him in a bathroom full of chemicals. He grew in confidence from these events because he always found a way to win. While he laid on the stove he ask her questions which he knew would anger her. Then he figured if he could whine enough that she would hit him instead of making him lay naked on a stove, it worked. He knew from then on he could win and he became stronger and stronger. He also had teachers on his side. The strength he gained from the bad in his life made him grow more as a person.
Sarah Dickerson
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Calling by Kelley armstrong. It has 326 pages and today I stopped on page 259. I picked prompt 2. All of the characters changed throughout the book. Maya now has to be a leader and make wise decisions. Instead of being the carefree teenager that she was in the beginning of the story, she now has to watch over her shoulder and be aware of her surroundings. She has to not only worry for herself, but also for her friends and family. She had to change because bad people were trying to kidnap her and her friends. She is also changing in other ways. She is starting to shift into a cougar. The way she changed was very believable.
Jordan Goldammer
04:27 PM ET (US)
Prompt: Were you able to guess events as they happened? Why do you think you were able to guess sequence of events?

I just finished the book I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga, the novel has 359 pages. I did attempt to guess events that were foreshadowed, however most of my accusations of who was killing the poor innocent people in the this poor town were wrong. I originally thought the killer was going to be the new police man on the task force. The reason I thought this was because in the first chapter when the main character describes him it almost appears that he is being too nonchalant about being in a field with a freshly dead body. Also when the main character and his best friend break into the morgue to see if any trace evidence was left on the body, the cop to catch them was none other than the new suspicious cop. He was also the first one to arrive at many of the crime scenes... seems a bit suspicious if you ask me. Another time that I was sure about something (and wasn't) was who the last victim was going to be. Our main character (Jazz) received information that this "Impressionist" (the serial killer) isn't going to be precise he is just trying to be accurate. Such as instead of killing an actress, he kills a drama teacher, instead of killing a waitress from a fancy restaurant, he kills someone from a restaurant like Denny's. The final victim was supposed to be a secratary (or someone like one) so i immediately thought the final victim was going to be a girl named Lana she worked at the front desk of the police office fresh from college (not a secretary but someone like one), but instead it was just some character he came up with who contributed nothing to the story except her name. I think i was able to sort of guess the events because I watch WAY too many crime shows, also authors often use all sorts of literary devices to keep us interested in their novels and give hints about what will happen. In this novel there were quite a few flash backs about our main characters childhood which gave us an incite on how his father thinks (The serial killer is imitating Jazz's father's killings). Those flash backs helped us to assume that he is going to kill so and so because it seems like the most logical thing. However the thing about serial killers is that they HATE being predictable and LOVE to blend in to their surrounds. Its hard to catch someone if their exactly like everyone else. Fun Fact: A Person often walks by at least 36 murders in their life time.
Alexa From
04:27 PM ET (US)
I started reading the book Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. I am on page 87, and it has 375 pages. I just finished the book before called Delirium, which is the book I want to talk about in my journal response. Journal reading response number one is the one I am going to do. During the book, Delirium, they are not allowed to love and if you do fall in love or feel love then you have the disease dileria. During the book Lena never wanted to be infected with this disease, because the disease is what killed her mother. But when she meets this boy name Alex, she falls in love and doesn't care. I love some romance in a book, and Alex and Lena had a very romantic relationship. I also felt very confused when I found out that her mom wasn't dead and had been locked up the whole time; but when Lena went to see if it was her she had escaped. Toward the end of the book I got really excited because Lena and Alex were gonna escape into the Wild and live happily ever after, but something went wrong. Someone found out about Alex and Lena and stopped them from going over into the wild. When they tried to escape, Alex was shot and Lena made it into The Wild. I was very pissed that they would kill Alexa and leave Lena alone in the Wilds.
Jaida Horrell
04:26 PM ET (US)
I just started reading the book Mr. Mercedes by Stephen king, this book has 436 pages and today I stopped on page 110.
I picked prompt #3 under Foreshadowing and Flashbacks. The question is "Does the author use shifts in time? Why?", I thought this would be a perfect prompt to write about, due to this being a novel about detectives. Stephen King goes back and forth between the past and the current time. He does this, I assume, to inform the reader more about what is going on and such. He also wrote this novel in third person, making it easy to switch between the protagonist and the antagonist. Doing this, Stephen King let's us know what is going on through the antagonist's mind, in different time periods. Going back to the past constantly, helps the reader solve the mystery.
Shane Spencer
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading Pretties by Scott Westerfield. The book has 370 pages and I am on page 197.
I chose prompt #12 to write about. Tally Yonugblood is the most important character in the book. She is very important because she can brake out of being a Pretty by her self. She can brake out of any of the Operations that are done to her. No matter what Special Circumstances does to her she can still be herself and brake their control. This is important to the New Smoke, the rebellion, because with that she is untouchable.
Tyler Renken
04:24 PM ET (US)

I am currently reading Kings of Clomnel. There are a total of 355 pages. I stopped on page 106. This book would have definitely taken in the past.Reasoning why because there aren't any cars. they all ride horses and wagons. The author makes it really believable. You may ask how. Well he gives really good details when he gives descriptions. Also he rights about bows and writes about swords and knights. Thats how he makes it believable.
Rachel Kapperman
04:24 PM ET (US)
I have started reading Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam. The book has 209 pages and I ended on page 77 today. I choose to write about number 25; write a summary of the book as a whole. In this book a little 12 year old girl named Annabelle is diagnosed with a rare and life threatening disease. Her parents are trying to stay strong for Annabelle while they get bills on top of more bills for her medical expenses. Her parents work to do everything they can to keep Annabelle alive and well. One day, Annabelle and her two sisters went to the big tree out in their front yard and decided to climb it like usual. When the branch they were on starts to crack Annabelle slips into the tree, which turns out to be completely hollow, and falls 30 feet landing on her head. After two hours of working on getting Annabelle out she is rushed to the hospital. Days later, Annabelle is inexplicably healthy, cured from her disease and her fall. Throughout the days following her miraculous story she shares, with her mom, parts of her experience in heaven during the accident. To this day, Annabelle's story is still one of the medical miracles that leave doctors questioning how.
Katelynn Urness
04:24 PM ET (US)
I am reading the Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. There are 507 pages and I am currently on page 162.

I am doing prompt 1 under the Narrative section.
The narrator of this book is Magnus Bane. He is a warlock who goes on many adventures throughout time. This book is all about the life of him, and the people he has meet throughout the centuries. The author chose him as the narrator because the book is about him. So he would obviously be the main narrator. But there are some parts in which his friends are telling his story from their point of view. Magnus lives forever so he goes an many adventures, and so this book is dedicated to his life stories. Cassandra Clare had written other books. In those books, we get bits and pieces of his life before that certain time. This book explains it all, so don't have to be confused anymore.
Macallister Hoffman
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading Star Trek Chains of Command by Bill McCay and Eloise Flood. I am on page 79 of 278.

 I chose prompt #12 in the characters section. One character that is important to this story is Commander Will Riker. Will leads teams of Starfleet members as they explore worlds far from Earth. Generally they explore worlds that have never been explored or heard of before. He is an important contribution to the story because without him, many of the other characters would be lost. Riker is a natural born leader and makes safe and wise decisions for the rest of the crew. Generally, the crew knows that if they follow his orders exactly, they will survive whatever danger might come their way. Will Riker has a caring personality that is comforting to the crew that spends so much time away from their own planet. He is a necessary character and without him the plot of the story would be severely screwed up. His presence links the rest of the stories in the book together.
Christian Hackett
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Outlaw Platoon by Sean Parnell, the book has a total 359 pages and I stopped at page 354 today. I chose to answer the question how does this book make me feel? This book is one of the best books I have ever read. It is so crazy to try and wrap my head around all of what is happening. While reading this book the only thing that I can do is ask myself questions. These people go through so much for us but I don't think the people realize what they do. While reading this i put myself in the position of Sean and what he does as a leader. Every decision he makes could mean life or death for his crew. I don't know if I could ever be given that much authority. Then I put myself in the position of the men and leaders during the battle. Even when they are wounded they fight on because they know if they go down the whole squadron could go down. Each and every one of those men love each other and would die for the man next to him.
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