Mafia quicktopic Mafia quicktopic QuickTopic <![CDATA[Ellen | say thanks to so much for your internet site it helps a whole...]]> 2019-06-03T08:28Z <![CDATA[Gerardo | Passion the website-- really user friendly and whole lots...]]> 2019-05-29T18:03Z <![CDATA[Red Ryu | Killing laserguy was sent in will protect EGW for]]> 2017-10-27T13:15Z <![CDATA[BoomFrog | Heh. I could hear your heart racing from over here. I know,...]]> 2017-10-27T07:00Z <![CDATA[Sabrar | Also apologies if my frustration about less than perfect...]]> 2017-10-27T05:51Z <![CDATA[Sabrar | @Ryu: for the sake of appearances you should protect...]]> 2017-10-27T05:21Z <![CDATA[BoomFrog | Agreed. Mafia makes one parinoid though... :D]]> 2017-10-27T04:55Z <![CDATA[Sabrar | 5 original Mafia + recruit + 2 indies + weak townie powers....]]> 2017-10-27T03:03Z <![CDATA[BoomFrog | Actually the most likely secret is plytho being some weird...]]> 2017-10-27T02:48Z <![CDATA[BoomFrog | We could probably still technically screw it up if we kill...]]> 2017-10-26T23:48Z <![CDATA[Sabrar | Great job! More tomorrow.]]> 2017-10-26T21:55Z <![CDATA[BoomFrog | Well done, both of you. :D]]> 2017-10-26T21:54Z <![CDATA[Red Ryu | Ran if you read this, I am sorry for toying with your heart, I...]]> 2017-10-26T21:17Z <![CDATA[Red Ryu | We did it.]]> 2017-10-26T19:55Z <![CDATA[Red Ryu | Go go go]]> 2017-10-26T19:54Z