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IR Journal #8 2/24/16 Blue

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Damon Kindt
03:09 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Hunted and I am on page 26 of 341. I am going to describe why I chose my book. I chose my book because I started a series and the very fist book was very good. I liked the story and all the action that was happening. The characters are interesting and the book isnt incredibly long. It doesnt take long for the story to really pick up and take off.
emily nelson
03:02 PM ET (US)
I am reading A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. There are 357 pages and I'm on page 235. I'm going to describe the personality of the main character, Marguerite. She is an artist, throughout the book she mentions her obsession with color. She will blend colors for hours to get just the right shade. She mostly paints people and tries to get their personalities and thoughts in the moment to show. She is insecure about being not being as smart as her family. Both her parents, her sister, and her friends that are interns for her parents, are scientists and super smart. Marguerite is also impulsive. After her father is murdered she decides to just jump through dimensions looking for her dad's murderer. I like the main character of this book.
Silhouette Smith
06:43 PM ET (US)
Explain why I chose my book?

I have just started reading rot and ruin by Jonathan Maberry i stopped at page 1. It has a total of 458. The main reason I picked this book is first the cover caught my eye. So i turned it over to read the description to find it's all about zombies. I have always loved to read about zombies and apocalypses and the story behind it is actually one that intrigued me. They always tell you to not judge a book by its cover however, i can't help but find the very shock factor of the cover to be very mesmerizing. I also was told this book was very good and draws you in through every chapter and surprises you at the end. This is why this book was one I decided I wanted to read.
Sarah Chmelar
04:43 PM ET (US)
Who are the most important characters in the story? Tell why you think so.

I have just started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and stopped on page 58. It has a total of 374 pages.
I think that the most important characters are going to be Katniss and Peeta. I think they are going to be the most important characters because they already are presented with so much to do. Katniss is the main character of the book, so that shows she will be very important. Peeta is the person who has helped Katniss in the past and ever since she has recognized him, is the person she talks about the most. They are going into the Hunger Games together and are from the same district which shows that they both are very important. Someone else that ma be very important is Haymitch since he is to help the two out. Haymitch will be important because he is going to help Peeta and Katniss learn how to defeat the others. Although he is drunk almost everyday he definitely will help out the two in more ways than one.
Julia Branson
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading Zom-B Baby there is 160 pages. I am on page 117. How did the character change from the begging to the end of the book?
B is the main character. She was a normal person living in London. When a Zombie poison broad out. She got her heart token out of her and that is when she turned in to a zombie. she is a zombie that is like a person but she eats brains instead of normal food. This is a turning point for her is because she is not with her family and she choose to be by her self. she has to eat brains so she can survive. When she comes up on a zombie they with go after her so she has to show her hole in her chest or her long nails that are on her hands or her feet.
Gabrielle Englund
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Unbroken. I am on page 25 of 380. I chose this book because I love reading both historical fiction, and historical non-fiction. To me this book has a significant story about one mans survival through one of the most deviating times in all of history. I love learning new things about history, weather that be the consequences that comes to the devastation, or the happy ending in the end of a time period. Unbroken is a story about one man who --although treated better than Jews-- survived in a concentration camp. Louis Zamperini was able to survive the camp and tell his story about his amazing survival. To me this is more than just an average book, it's the story of a life. Its's hard to connect with a book, but for some reason I connect. Although I'm not very far in the story, I can't wait to read more.
Markinzie Hagen
04:27 PM ET (US)
The book i am reading is Will Grayson by John Green and David Leviathan and it has 310 pages and i stopped on 116 today.

I chose #1. The personality of Tiny is that he is totally 100% out there and free to be himself no matter what others think of him. Tiny is Will's best friend and they have been best friends since middle school. Tiny is the total opposite of Will. As said before, Tiny is loud, fun, outgoing, emotional. Will on the other hand, is quiet, relaxed, "lame", no emotions and totally afraid of relationships. I am just starting the book so its going to be interesting finding out the back stories to Will and why he won't show emotion and why he's so scared of relationships. Tiny goes all out in his friendships. When his friends need him, he is always there no matter what. I can really relate to the book because I'm the loud and obnoxious friend, who would be there for my friends no matter the circumstance.
Makayla Schilling
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am still reading thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher I finished on page 150 today out of 288 pages.
I am responding to topic 31 "what factors or relationships or events helped form the character's traits?"
There are many factors that have formed Hannah she has been bullied and pushed into a corner in ways that we wouldn't think about. She fell in love with someone that wasn't in love with her, she has also been put on a list of pretty or not. She was asked to go to a party and just to be there to be a designated driver she wasn't wanted there. She has also been peeped on by a kid at her school that has taken pictures of her.
Question 3 "how has the main character changed throughout the novel?"
Hannah has changed in many ways she is begening to struggle with what has happened to her. Clay is still in agony to figure out what he did to her to make her kill herself.
Kobe Moldrem
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading Brothers in Arms by Kareem Abdul Jabbar and I ended today on page 74.
I chose prompt #21: If you were to add a new character, who might you create and what would they do in the story?
If I had to create another character, I would create a colored man already fighting in Europe. At the point of the book I am at, the colored main characters are in basic training in Kentucky. They fantasize about fighting or the war being over, but nothing has actually happened yet. The character I would create would be in battle against the Germans and sending back letters to the colored men in basic training. Doing this would add a twist to the main characters' thoughts about war and it would probably change their minds. They would have gone through some gruesome experiences in Europe and warned the colored men not to get to excited. "It's a whole different animal in Europe, I have seen some gruesome things over here." That is one thing I would have my guy say to the other men back at basic training in Kentucky.
Noah Vettrus (Redo)
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Enclave and I am on page 14 of 259. The book I just finished reading was The Kill Order and I chose to list the characters in the story and describe qualities that you admire, tell what and why you respect the individuals. One of the characters in the book is Mark, the story is kind of told from his point of view. I admire his loyalty and how much he cares for the members in his group. He loves this girl named Trina and he will do anything to protecter and try to keep her healthy. The leader of their group is Alec, who is a former military member who knows what to do at all times and has saved the lives of everyone in the group many times. Along the way they of them find a young girl named Deedee who they discover is immune to the disease. Deedee is very strong and courageous for a girl who is only about six years old. At the end of the story Mark, Trina, and Alec all sacrifice themselves to ensure that Deedee makes it to safety. They all have the disease and realize they are going to die so they make sure Deedee gets to the government base and they destroy the entrance to protect all the people who are immune.
Steven Zacharias
04:26 PM ET (US)
The book I am reading is ghosts in the fog. Theres 213 pages and I'm on page 61. My story takes place in the Alaskan island during world war two. This story is about several different people on different island that are being invaded by the Japanese. The islands are cold and mountainous with many different animals that the natives hunt. The japanese are cruel to the natives and beat them and if they thought someone was a spi they would kill that person. One day the japanese took the natives and but them on boats and are sending them to japan until the war is over. This books very interesting i like it a lot
Nathan Hanisch
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Alex Rider Skeleton Key. It is 264 pages. I stopped on page 69.
Describe the personality of a particular character. Include examples from the story that support your description

For the character to chose I chose Alex Rider. He is adventurous because in the book he was surfing and saw a huge wave and rode it. He knew that if he crashed he would have died. Knowing this he still went and rode the wave anyway. Another example is when he was a ballboy in Wimbilton and saw a security guard acting strangely and decided to follow him. After doing so, Alex found himself in a life or death fight with a member of the Chinese Mafia. After the Mafia member almost killed him with a forklift, Alex left him unconscious and in a freezer.
Nathan Masloski
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Legacy of Kings, there are 410 pages in my book and I am currently on page 64.

I am answering question 15, which states would you like to be anyone in your story, who, or why not?.

If I had a chance to be anyone in my story it would be, Alexander. He is a muscular young 16 year old man who has chosen to fall in love as soon as he has to leave. He happens to get chosen to partake in the blood tournament, which is where people go to fight each other until there is one victor who will live in the high class kingdom and be praised. It is a long journey from his home town to the arena so he gets by by catching fish and living off of the land on his way there. While on his way he thought that someone was following so he set a trap to try and catch his pursuers. Little did he know the person following him was his little love girl from the town. Now the two must travel together and find a way for alexander to win the tournament so he can survive and get his woman :)! I think that it would be fun to be fight well and be praised to fight.
Kamryn Lindskov
04:26 PM ET (US)
Im reading 50 Shades of Grey theres 514 pages and I'm on 307.
Do any of the characters do things they feel are wrong?
In my book Anastasia Steele is a young women who has done right her whole life. Made good grades, finished school, had a job, never drank; yet she meets someone who compiles her to make wrong decisions. Christian Grey a corporate rich guy, who is responsible for the deflowering of Anastasia Steele and the ruining of all her morals. Anastasia knows talking to Christian is wrong for her, let alone the things they do. She feels as though she is changing as a person, all for a man she's known for 3 weeks. She knows that signing a contract for him will forever change her, yet she's on the road to do so. Im anxious to see how she will feel about her decisions in the end.
Corwin McBreen-
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets total pages are342 pages. I stopped on pg 69 today.
I answering question 12 which tells you to tell the most important character.
In my book i would have to say Harry potter is my main character. In this book it is explaining about Harrys life. In the chamber of secrets it is about Harrys second year in Hogwarts. He is very important because Harry is known for stopping the dark lord. Harry dose not know how he defeated him. Everyone in the wizard world thinks he is a hero. In the books the dark lords get brought back to life. The dark lords main goal is to kill Harry Potter.
Riley Hollander
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading the island of Dr. Moreau, it has 138 pages and i stopped on page 62.
I chose number 21- If you were to add a new character, who might you create and what would you have them do in the story.
If I could create someone in this story his name would be Charley. Charley Would be a very intelligent, outgoing, and wilderness man. He would know many things of what to do while stranded alone, or if hungry, also what to do in very rough situations. He would come into the story and help out Montgomery and his crew because as of right now they are lost in the island. They are running across (in which we would call cavemen) and not knowing what they are or how to classify them. Charley would be the one to classify them and recognize exactly what they are and almost everything about them. Also he would use his wilderness skills to help build hutches and gather food while they are staying on the island. Also once they get back to the ship and are on there journey home, to save them from getting lost, Charley would also know directions to everywhere and anywhere.
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