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TheForgivenOnePerson was signed in when posted
12:36 PM ET (US)
04:07 AM ET (US)
So we have no reads and no plans, which is good since TFO is probably going to flip the game on it's head again tomorrow and make it so that players can only vote in a post that includes a picture of themselves riding a hippo.

I'm onto you TFO!
08:08 PM ET (US)
I have literally no reads on any players. Unsure about Pika, I think he was just annoyed by that PR, understandably. Just gotta see who Buj connected with (apart from dakky).
01:31 PM ET (US)
Apparently, The Crier sends out messages through the mod (also, some Vets we are for not knowing the roles :D )

I'm going to continue trying to speak less and say more as, apparently, there are benefits to not irritating all the other players by being ultra-arrogant all the time. :)

What is your view on Pika? At this point I have a sort of gambler bias against him, because of my wish to be "two for two". :)

Whom do you suspect?

P.S. Hahaha, Skoffin completely saw through your role choice.
04:39 AM ET (US)
What does a Crier do?

Yeah that's fine, I'm prepared to get blasted and be under huge suspicion due to my argument towards lynching dakky. I'll try and turn it around. And yes I agree with you concerning not raising much codependence on each other during the game :)
02:38 AM ET (US)
Well duh! I have aspired to goosedom all my life and now I get to live the dream! :D

I just had dinner with a Crier so I'll probably spend Day 2 as his hand puppet.

I'll keep my eye on Bu and Skoff, and will try to be more active and attentive in general. Also, I'll be sending some shade your way for being wrong about dakky. After that (and the returning salvo, should you feel so inclined) I think it best if we stay out of each other's way so as not to become suspicious.

Actually, I plan to shift in a higher gear. I mean, this game has been invented by a sociologist, so it kind of feels like a matter of honor for us to win. ;)
07:00 AM ET (US)
Of course you'd wana be me. Meanwhile, I am Skoffin because I am a damn scrub.

Nope, no insights either. Also I didn't really believe that Dakky was scum, I just didn't wana play a game with him cause he can be dangerous haha. Or he would just complain.

Skoffin is a bit iffy, Bujaber does strike me as a bit odd. I think scum would just be playing super safe at the moment. I'm also gonna keep a bit quiet during the next day.
06:19 AM ET (US)
Hi Skittles. I am you. Which means that you can talk to yourself here. XD

Have you any insights to guide us in this dark hour? Also, have you any special power? Sadly, I have none, despite describing you as a rock-on-heads-dropping Warrior Goose. :(
TheForgivenOnePerson was signed in when posted
05:40 PM ET (US)
Welcome guys, you can mingle here until D1 starts. You may only speak during the night phase with each other. Best of Luck!

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