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5/5: Cinco De Mayo!

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William Hunley
06:45 PM ET (US)
I am reading payback time by Carl Duekeer im on page 253 of 294. on page 55 of my book the main character Mitch is doing an interveiw about the star running back of there school
Erika Malloy
10:59 AM ET (US)
I a reading If I stay and I am on page 58. whats happening right now is Mia got into a car accident with her family and her parents instantly died at the scene but her and her brother were unconscious.
Elizabeth Carda
12:14 AM ET (US)
I'm reading Missing by Backy Citra I'm on page 56 out of 178. On page 55 they are talking about Thea's mother to Van and how she isn't around. How they are looking at renegade and the topic of Thea's mother horse accident accorded.
Jacob Bradfield
04:12 PM ET (US)
I am reading Among the Barons and am on age 165 out of 178.

On page 55, Luke meets his baron brother and the kid is a complete brat. Luke was forced to go live with his brother and live among the barons.
Isaiah Tschetter
03:48 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading "Oblivion," by Anthony Horowitz. I'm on page 116 out of 590. On page 55 Jamie's location had just been discovered and now the Old Ones are after him again. They are trying at all costs to stop him from going to a place called Oblivion. It related to the title because the bad guys are stopping him from reaching it.
Alecia Beigh
03:48 PM ET (US)
i'm reading Gardenia by Kelsey Sutton and i am on page 56 of 258.
Ivy is trying to find the person how murder her best friend. Everyone thinks its Ivy because she was with her.
Emma Lewis
03:47 PM ET (US)
I am reading Dear Nobody by Mary Rose I am on page 73 out of 330.

On page 55 Mary is talking about trying a new drug called Special K. She decides how it makes her feel and what the pill looks like, she ends up taking 8 of them.
Jaeden Tarrell
03:47 PM ET (US)
I am reading Mocking Jay, it has a total of 39 pages, and I stopped at page 101. on page 5 Katniss is looking at her schedule for the day. She is also talking to Gale.
Julia Wendell
03:47 PM ET (US)
I am reading 13 Reasons Why. I got to page 181 of 288.

On page 55, Hannah and Jessica are about to meet for the first time. The guidance cousler invites them to meet her, and she introduces them to each other.
Grace Dellman
03:46 PM ET (US)
I finished reading My Mother's Secret. I am currently reading Don't Get Caught by Kurt Dinan. It has 326 pages and I stopped on page 160.
On page 55, five teenagers are pulling off their first prank as a group. This relates to the title because the group can't get caught otherwise they will be expelled.
Kaitlyn Schaunaman
03:46 PM ET (US)
I have finish Pretty Fierce and stopped on page 133 of the 240 pages in A Walk to Remember.
On page 5, Landon and his buddy are going for a walk. This hints at how important walks and friendship are going to be in the book.
Truman DickPerson was signed in when posted
03:46 PM ET (US)
I finished reading Second Impact, it has 278 pages.

In page 5 of the book, Jerry talks about how he severely injured a girl as the result of a DUI. He also talks about how thankful he is for his second chance or his "second impact" on the football team.
Tj Holloway
03:45 PM ET (US)
I finished Fear by Michael Grant and now I'm reading The Hunted by Matt De La Peņa. Im on page 115 out of 363.

on page 55 it talks about how the leader of the protagonist group is having a Mexican standoff against mercenaries. The mercenaries are a group trying to prevent the group to get a cure for a plague to trusted hands.
Jason Koval
03:44 PM ET (US)
I I'm reading holy empire its has 192 pages in it and stopped today at 72.
On page 55 the thing that is going on is the mans father is going to war and everyone knows that it is a very deadly war. The fathers son has no idea that it is the deadliest war that is ever going to go down.
Kaelynn Ahrendt
03:44 PM ET (US)
I have recently finished While It Lasts and Blackmail Boyfriend. I am currently reading Sometimes It Lasts by Abbi Glines. The book has 268 pages and I stopped on page 51.

Cage finds out he got a full ride scholarship to a college in Tennessee, they live in Alabama. Cage has to either figure out how to get Eva to go with him or end his relationship with her.
Jersie Reese
03:44 PM ET (US)
I am reading Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. I am on page 132 of 273. The author was talking about what it is like to be a kid author on page 55. The word wild describing a kid is more courageous. For the first time in the authors career she felt small and scared. It is the opposite almost of the word wild. But the word wild is also put with flower which are delicate, pretty, and small in most cases.
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