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Brookelynn park
04:07 PM ET (US)
What is the problem in this story?
I am reading Freedom by Jaycee Dugard.
The problem is that Jaycee was just 7 when she was taken from a bus stop. She so far has been there for 10 years, but the book says she lived there 18 years, so she's going to be there for a while. The search parties have stopped and she feels like no one is coming to find her anymore. Also, she's pregnant with her second daughter. Her first daughter is sick and her kidnapper will not take her to help, fearing that someone will find Jaycee and he will go to jail.
Rachel Lorang
02:12 PM ET (US)
Topic That I Chose: What were your feelings after reading half of your book?
The novel I am reading right now is Phoenix Island by John Dixon, I stopped at page 243 out of 303 pages. I have a mixed feeling about Commander Stark, as he seems like a person that isn't very sane. He built a boot camp based off of the themes of Spartan traditions and hired a doctor that used to torture people. Then created a group of trained warriors to target terrorists though still killing an entire town to find just one of them. Carl waits for back up from the government, that Campbell was going to tell them about this place. Though it was found out that he never left. This is a very intriguing book that I will continue as it is very thrilling.
Kinsey Price
11:31 AM ET (US)
Topic I chose: Does the author use shifts in time? Why?

On Thursday, I finished Black Widow: Forever Red. I am now reading The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I stopped reading today on page 172 out of 355. The Young Elites contains many shifts in time, mostly flashbacks. These flashbacks are specific memories from important characters that give the reader insight on why the character acts or feels the way he/she does. Many of the flashbacks are the main character's childhood memories. These memories explain the ever-growing ambition in Adelina and why she often feels such negative emotions. These negative emotions are actually helpful, since her powers are generally easier to maintain when she is afraid or angry. These flashbacks also show the reader how Adelina feels about the characters in the flashbacks, like her sister and her father.
Austin Sieverding
11:17 AM ET (US)
I am reading Breakdown by Bob Holloran. I am on page 117 of 268. The thing that surprises me about this book is the way the author keeps me hooked. At first I didn't know what to think about the book. A good first chunk of the book was mostly interviews of star players and coaches. As the story progressed, it started to be more about the football games and how it mixed with the players' street lives. Football made some of the kids turn their lives around and get on the right track.
Alexis Waege
11:05 AM ET (US)
Topic I Chose: What is the main problem in the story?
 Over the long break I started reading The Mister by E.L James today I stopped on page 389 out of 494. The main problem in this story is that Alessia was a victim of Sex Trafficking on her way over to England from Albania. She had ran away from the men that were trying to sell her. She is an illegal Immigrant and gets a job as a house cleaner which causes some problems. She then falls in love with Maxim her boss. When the two guys come looking for her they didn't find her at first, but they did not give up. Maxim took her to CornWall and hid her in the hideout that he has. They found her there and beat her up pretty bad. She has bruises on her ribs and on her face. Maxim Found her just in time and he put them away in the Cornwall jail. They then went back to London and he asked her to move in with him because he is so in love with her. She said yes to moving in with him.
Mandy Wolles
11:05 AM ET (US)
Topic I Chose:How has one of the characters developed?

The book I am reading is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I am on 239 of 368 pages. This story revolves around a girl named Kya who was abandoned in the marshes of North Carolina at the age of 10. Throughout the book, we see Kya grow up on her own in the swamps. As she ages, Kya has to learn how to find food, cook, and earn money. At the beginning, after her parents left, Kya was an extremely shy girl. As the book progresses, she becomes brave, learns how to read, and even forms romantic relationships. She had to adapt so much to be able to live under the circumstances that she did. This is one of the best character developments that I have ever read.
Molli Thornton
11:02 AM ET (US)
Topic I Chose: Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not?

I am reading the book Rebel, Bully, Geek, Pariah. Today I ended on page 101. I do think that the title of the book fits the book because each of the words reflects a character. The rebel is a girl named Andi that was popular and them turned into a rebel and has dreadlocks and wears army jackets instead of high heels and dresses. The bully is a boy named York that is a jock and bullies his little brother. The Geek is York's little brother Boston. Boston is the smart one that dent do anything bad because he wants to get into a good college. The Pariah is a girl named Sam that is shy and tries to be invisible because her mom has been in jail or on parole. This is why I think the title of the book matches the book.
Arriana Mausbach
10:58 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Born Survivors by Wendy Holden. I stopped on page 250 of 366.

4). Explain what you would do if you were one of the book's characters and you were in the same situation he or she is in.

If I was one of the main characters, I would probably choose Anka. Anka was born into a rich family and got everything handed to her. Now, she is pregnant and is being sent off to a concentration camp. If I was in her situation, I would probably try and escape from the camp. Although it seems hard, I think theres always a way to escape. Also, I wouldn't get myself pregnant at the beginning of a war. If I was the other two characters in my book, I would probably do the same thing. All of the characters in my book are pregnant, and they have to find a way to keep it a secret and to raise their children without the SS Guards finding out. If I was in this situation, I would also try and steal some food from the kitchen. I think that would be possible.
Alexus Kunkel
10:49 AM ET (US)
Topic I Chose: How did the main character change from the beginning to the end of the story?

Over the break I finished reading Anthem by Ayn Rand. Today I started to read The Breakout by Ryan Jahn. I stopped at pg 18 of 304. I'll be writing about Anthem. The main character stars off with a brief description of his past. Everybody at birth is given a word and a series of numbers for their name. The government, which is basically a representation of Russia from author's POV from growing up there, makes everybody think as a united group. It's we not I. Everybody does a job and that benefits the government more than the people. So in the beginning, the main character, when thinking of himself, thinks we. I is never used. He is curious and wants to learn more but that isn't allowed.
Damen Crane
10:36 AM ET (US)
The book I am reading right now is a Champions Comeback By Jim Afremow it has 256 pages and I am 61. In this book what has really surprised me the most is how the some of the greatest athletes act under pressure. Like in the book it says when Lebron James is having a bad game, when there is a time out he closes his eyes and take deep breathes. He said there is no point and wasting time overthinking and overreacting its a break use it to your full advantage. I mean that shouldn't come as much of a shook but playing in some of the biggest games a basketball player can play and still keep that calm is just crazy.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
12:05 AM ET (US)
FREE WRITE!!! Choose one topic off the two lists of reading journal topics in your reading folder. Label your entry with the TOPIC you choose. Please write a MINIMUM of 5 to 7 sentences. Remember that your first sentence needs to identify book and page #. That identifying sentence does NOT count as part of the 5-7 sentences on your topic. Also tell me if you FINISHED a book over break in these first sentences.

REMEMBER: Your first sentence or two that give title, pg #s, books finished do NOT count as part of the requirement for the journal topic!

So my journal today would look like this:

Topic I Chose: What came as the biggest surprise in the book? Why?

Over the long break I finished reading The Grapes of Wrath (602 pp). Today I started reading Night by Elie Wiesel. I stopped on pg. 22 of 110. I'll be writing about The Grapes of Wrath. What surprised me the most was the fact that...
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