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Ind Rdg Journal 9/22/16

Tristan H
11:17 AM ET (US)
I am reading The Heart and the Fist, this book has 320 pages and I am on page 86. The book I had finished before this was Code Name Johnny Walker.
F- Friendship is a major key in this book because of all the trust thats being used between characters. Most of the people in this story are best friends, and they need to be to survive together.
A- Anger is showed extensively throughout the story between characters that don't get along with each other. For instance two characters in this book have to travel together for a journey that angers them both towards each other.
L- Laughter is heard a lot between multiple characters in this story because they are always trying to crack jokes about each other. Sometimes the group laughs and other times it can make them angry which made me laugh.
L- Leadership is a dominate between the group because one of the men are in charge of the others.
Caden Gross
10:42 AM ET (US)
I am reading Flames of the Tiger.
Flames that are shooting out of the Destroyed Tiger Tank. Dieter looks at the destroyed tank in an open field just north of Berlin. The war is almost over and the USSR are attacking Berlin.
All the German old and young are being called up to fight for the army. Dieter is one of them who have been called up to fight. He is only 16 years old when he is called to fight.
Lie's are filled into Reinhard head about the Jews and the "infor" people that live in this world. He joins Hitler youth and the joined the SS. Now he is a war criminal.
Long Days of hiding in cullers during air raids by the British, Americans, and Russian planes and bombers. Also long days of wait for when the Russian's will attack Germany. And long days waiting if Reinhard will ever come back.
Evie Golden
03:04 PM ET (US)
I finished the Great Gatsby and I am starting Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I am on page 25 out of 308.
Falling out of love seems to be a theme because Daisy fell out of love with Tom. I think Myrtle also fell out of love with Mr. Wilson if she ever loved him.
Accidents occur a lot in the Great Gatsby. To name of few would be when Tom overhears Daisy and Gatsby, and when Daisy strikes Myrtle.
Long Island is a setting, more specifically the West and East Egg. Gatsby moved there right across from Daisy and Tom.
Late in the book blame is a big theme. They seem to blame everyone but themselves for what is happening. Like when Mr. Wilson kept saying everything was Myrtle's fault.
12:26 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Beyonders: A World Without Heroes, and I'm on page 256 of 425.
For some reason, the food in fictional stories always sounds incredibly appealing. There's a fruit in this book called a bubblefruit, which sounds absolutely like the kind of thing I would want to eat.
Always on the run, Jason and Rachel must constantly move to escape Maldor's assassins. He sends many enemies their way.
Leaving their world behind, Rachel and Jason have to not only grow accustomed to new societal expectations, they also have to save this completely new world. They have to save this foreign place for a chance to get back to their world.
Luck tends to be on the main character's sides. They almost always get away with their tricks.
09:57 AM ET (US)
I am still reading Charlie, Presumed Dead, this book has a total of 263 pages and I stopped on page 254 I am very close to the ending. Friendship is a theme in this book these two girls didn't like each other at first at all. But then they went on a journey together and became closer throughout the book and started to get to know each other better. Abuse of power is another theme in this book because Charlie is having a love triangle and is cheating on both girls and he's trying to take the "power" in this situation. But he instead fakes his death and leaves clues behind for the girls, which is a weird way of being 'powerful". Love Charlie loves both girls but not in a good way he is not being very loyal to them but thats his way of love and both girls love him as well, and both girls go and find clues which I think is love if they care about finding him. Losing hope towards the end of the book both girls lose track of each other Aubrey winds up in a asian prison and Leah is no where to be found, both girls are losing hope and its not going to be a good ending for both of them. I'm really hoping they both get home safe but form the looks of it, it might not...
Abbey Nielsen
05:41 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book I Was Here and I am on page 237 of 270 pages.
Firefly's where Mag's favorite. They were in all of here favorite songs, posters on her wall, and even her username for a suicide support group.
Alone is how Cody feels as she reads Megs messages to All--BS. She learns that he gave her the poison Meg drank.
Love is a theme of the story. Cody learns that family love is one of the most important things.
Laughlin is were they are going to get answers. Ben and Cody go on a road trip to learn more about Meg's death.
Hannah Miller
04:30 PM ET (US)
I just started reading the book Sanctuary by Jennifer McKissak. It has 306 pages and I read from page one to page 58.

F- Family is one of the many conflicts in the book. Family is definitely important, even essential to the story. The fact that her aunt, sister, and father died creates the conflict in the book. Another thing with her family is her mother who was sent to an insane asylum, her kind cousin and then her abusive uncle.

A- Anna is the cook who married Cecelia's uncle after his wife died. He married Anna after only a month of his kind wife's death and It's even crazier since Anna was just a servant of the estate.

L- Love is another conflict. So far I've only seen rising romance between Cecelia and Mr. Breaur the professor staying in her house. He's intelligent and playful but he's not really my type since his blonde hair is offsetting in all honesty. They will definitely end up falling in love thats what happens in all stories. He's sort of creepy since he basically followed Cecelia around and saw her changing.

L- Living with the past could be another conflict. Overcoming the loss of almost everyone she's ever loved could be very hard.
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer, I am on page 241 of the 298 pages.

Foster children can have a hard time adjusting to their surroundings after changing homes. Dave did in this book and it explains how and why he did and why other kids do too.
Alone, this word relates to this book because he likes to be alone. He doesn't like to be around people because they make fun of him. He enjoys being alone without people so that he can do stuff that interests him.
Love is a theme in this book because Dave's biological parents didnt love him and care about him. They beat him, so thought out the book he's just trying to find someone to love him.
Lost, this relates to this book because he's lost as a person. He's trying to cope with what has happened to him and he feels lost which causes his to rebel against adults throughout his life.
Maddi T
04:28 PM ET (US)
Im currently in between books to find one to read. But the other day I finished Cirque de freak. I love the first and have request the 2 book in the series.
Facing new adventures and terrors. Almost losing a child hood friend and becoming a vampire assistant.
All though the main character faces new. He also had to listen and kinda watch as his family and friends mourned for him.
Lonely is a word to describe how he feels right now as he is only with his new boss (or master not to sure). He was kinda forced to become a half vampire.
Later I hope that the relationship between the two grows like a relationship a farther and son would have. It would be wonderful if that is the case.
Jared Mettler
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading Cruher by Niall Leonard and am on page 190 of 323.
Finn is not one to be forward about many things but when hs dad got murdered he took to the offensive.
At first he didn't know where to loo until he met one of his dads buddies in a bar.
he Learned a lot from this guy including a couple less.
Leads brought him to a house which is owned by McGovern, who is a known criminal.
He sneaks in a a gardner, and to his surprise, saves McGoverns child from growing.
he thought he was going to get shot by going in there, but he comes out with a job interview.
04:27 PM ET (US)
Today I finished reading the book Now by Morris Gleitzman. I am now reading the book deadly by Sarah N. Harvey. This book has 117 pages and I am on page 73. Fait is in Amy's essays. If she doesn't write a good essay she won't be able to leave or escape. Assignment is what Amy get sin her "prison". Her assignment is to write essays on the Seven Deadly Sins. Lonely is what Amy is feeling. She's feeling lonely because she doesn't know what to do and she has nobody to talk to. Love is what Eric feels for Amy. He wants to find her and show that he loves her that much to look for her.
04:26 PM ET (US)
The book I am currently reading is The blueprint by Christopher Price. This book has 278 pages and I am currently on page 218.
Future championships were looking very probable for the 2001 New England Patriots. They finished the previous season with a very impressive overtime win against the Raiders.
Almost nobody saw the Patriots drafting Tom Brady in the six round of the NFL draft. But once they saw how amazing he was under pressure they were happy they did.
Losing was something that the Patriots used to do but now they were winning. And it was all thanks to such a great leader that they found in Tom Brady.
Luck could not have helped the Bills as they fell to the Patriots in a 31-0 loss. This is how the Patriots ended their season in 2002, a winning and exciting team looking at anther Super Bowl win.
Savannah Cooper
04:25 PM ET (US)
I finished Linger today and I started Forever and got to page 33 of 388 pages.

Faith is a constant trait in the character Sam in the book I'm reading. He must have faith that things will turn out they way that they're supposed to.
Always waiting is something that Sam does a lot. He waits for his family to come out of the woods. He is always waiting for them to become humans again.
Leaving is another thing Sam has to do often. He has to leave when he know that finding his family is a lost cause and they won't come back for a while.
Love is a big part of Sam's life. Most of the things he does is out of love for his family. He waits for them and does everything that he can out of love for them.
Leah Krull
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading Alive and am on page 290 of 357.
Fighting is a theme in this book. Stella Cross has to fight for her life after a heart transplant, as well as fight with herself over the feelings she has for two boys.
Accusations have been made throughout this story. There was a murder, and a few people were accused of it.
Love comes up a lot in this book. Stella isn't sure how she feels about the two boys, Levi and Henry, but feels more of a pull towards Levi, which is inexplicable to her. She almost describes it as love at first sight.
Life is also a huge part of this book. Stella underwent the heart transplant, which enabled her to live longer than she would have without it.
03:28 PM ET (US)
Today I finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
Fighting always seems to occur in Harry's life. Cursed Child was no exception. This time Harry is easily overpowered and he son comes in to save the day, well and the usually squad.
Albus Potter is a young boy who feels that he needs to leave up to the Potter name. This causes him to despite his dad, in the end they both accept each other and learn that they are pretty similar.
Lightly coming to an end, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child told a story of Harry's youngest boy, Albus, who seems to cause quite a bit of trouble for Harry. I did not enjoy this book as much as the original series because I thought it almost tried to hard to be entertaining.
Love is an overall theme in Cursed Child. You see Harry has a hard time showing his love for Albus and vice versa.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:10 AM ET (US)
Today is the first day of FALL!!

First, write one sentence that includes the title of your current book, total # of pages and the pg# where you stopped.

Then, for today's journal, you will write a total of 8 sentences (or more if you choose!) Write two sentences about a character or event or conflict or setting or theme from your novel related to each letter of the word FALL. Set up your response like this:


For MORE of a challenge, you could try the word AUTUMN. If you do this, be sure you still have a TOTAL of 8 sentences, so at least a couple of the letters would need 2 sentences each.
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