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Spooky Movie Theater 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Doctor Nanjo
05:51 PM ET (US)
"Hell yeah, Kagayaki! That's doing it right! They're playing for big money, now!"

Casey can't stay seated, and she stands to watch.

"Come on guys..."
Doctor Nanjo
10:05 AM ET (US)
"Th-they can do it! I mean... Um... Someone will survive! And... If someone's made it out, that's a victory, right?"

Casey doesn't sound very confident, and she stares desperately at the screen.
08:44 PM ET (US)
"C- Crap..." Anissa mumbles, "I thought everyone would live... N- Now they've gotta do this stupid voting thing?"
Doctor Nanjo
06:13 PM ET (US)
"Yeah Terry... It's alright. You were great with us! I just... I just selfishly wish you'd done it differently..."

"Aw man, Claud! They got you all wrong! That's so annoying!"

Casey's mood swings back to one of pensive determination as she sees the final trial start.

"So this is it, huh? One more screwed up game... They can win this one too, dumbass! They just gotta... Do their best..."
Claudius VermilionPerson was signed in when posted
08:10 AM ET (US)
Claudius clenched his fists. "All those people who lost their lives, their sacrifices weren't in vain! I never hungered for war, I have always detested it, but sometimes we must look past the losses in hope of a bright future." He barely finished his words before bursting into mad laughter. "That Gaius! That absolute fool! No shepherd leaves his herd without a watch dog, my assassins have probably hung his head on the city gates. If there is hell after this, I can't wait to meet him again..."
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
07:04 AM ET (US)
Terry silently shook his head, playing a sorrowful melody as the video clips played. He slightly winced as his own played. "Snake, huh…I can't say that was undeserved, honestly. I'm just a traitor to her, leaving Spark to die like that. It's all my fault. I probably should've took the time to explain things to you all", he said, addressing Casey, "But at least killing myself let me…well, at least try to save JJ."

As the mysterious individual popped out of nowhere to talk about "Monokids" or whatever, he seemed to be angered, " For the next one? ", he said incredulously. "Is this just a game to whoever this is now?! And why "monokids"? We already have enough "Mono"s here! Who is this person, and why do they want to see us suffer?! Is this one of the people who nominated us or something?", he asked to nobody in particular, enraged by how casually worded it was.
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Doctor Nanjo
11:27 PM ET (US)
"You'd come up with something to think, man, I'm sure! I'm happy to have met you as well!"

"And yeah! I'm sure Nate feels like the beef between me and him is alright too. I hope Kagiyaki tracks him down and tells him what I was like! Though... I wish I had told her about him, so she didn't have to learn it all through the video."

Casey glances at the screen.

"Oh man... those guys seem like they're taking our videos pretty hard though. I wish they'd just let their hearts so their thing for a second instead of keeping it all bottled up..."
Silas BelrosePerson was signed in when posted
10:58 PM ET (US)
Silas sheds a handful of tears at Casey's words.
"You're so damn amazing.. I'm unbelievably happy to have met you. Thank you so much, Casey. I wouldn't know what to think without you."

"Everything should be settled now.. I don't have to worry anymore. And you shouldn't stress over what that guy did to you either."
Doctor Nanjo
10:24 PM ET (US)
Casey is brought to tears watching Penelope's video, mumbling something about all the time they spent together.

She goes to hug Silas again as his video comes on.

"Man... She just wants revenge, you know? A-and who can blame her? She's got her reasons to be mad, dude... *Sniff* But the beef's settled, right? I don't think our friends are gonna let those survivors keep being mad at you!! They're gonna let her know the real you!"

She looks into Silas's eyes, having the same earnest admiration for him that she's had from the moment she saw him stand up to John.
Silas BelrosePerson was signed in when posted
09:41 PM ET (US)
Silas winces at his own video, seeing Julie on the screen.

"God.. I wasn't running away..."
Doctor Nanjo
08:52 PM ET (US)
"Whatever makes you sleep at night," Casey says with a bit of a smile to John. Quickly though, the smile fades from her face as she takes in the next video.

"Aw, Terry, dude! You coulda told us about that, you know?! That's rough man..."
Silas BelrosePerson was signed in when posted
07:33 PM ET (US)
"Err, uh.. Hey Anissa..!" Silas gives a little wave and forced a smile.

Silas can hardly bear some of the videos, all he can do is stare down at the seat, occasionally looking up at the screen.
07:28 PM ET (US)
"That's not my fault," John said. "You were VOLUNTEERED. I didn't choose you -maybe you should have made amends sooner. Before it was too late."
KamiPandaPerson was signed in when posted
07:13 PM ET (US)
"That's exactly the point I was making." Dale replied, glaring back. He seemed to pay no mind to his own video - it was about what he'd expected, and he'd already accepted it. "What any of us here may have learned is irrelevant, because you made it so. With us dead, there's no longer any chance of us being able to set things right."
07:03 PM ET (US)
The hypnotist shut down as his video played, eyes going unsettlingly blank. "Cheh," he tsked.
07:02 PM ET (US)
John glared at Dale. "Are you an idiot? You're dead. We're all dead. What any of us may have learned is irrelevant. Shirley is still alive."
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