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IR Journal #4 1/29/16 Blue

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Rachel Kramer
02:10 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Exposed, it has 255 pages and I am on page 30.

F- First period is where the book starts out at. In first period Liz is in the darkroom viewing her photographs.
R- Rough endings when they have a fight. They ended there friendship because Liz was talking to a boy and Kate got mad.
I- Irrelevant people are a problem for Kate. She decided that she doesn't have time for Liz if all she is going to do is ignore her and talk to boys.
D- During Liz and Kate’s sleepover, they get into a fight. Then Kate starts to ignore Liz
A- Avoiding Liz, Kate decides to spend less time with her. Kate gets mad at Liz at their sleepover and now she hasn't been talking to Liz as much.
Y- Young Liz wants to be a photographer. Liz is always taking pictures and trying to make a portfolio for her college application.
Sheylee Stowers
03:49 PM ET (US)
I'm now on page 70 of the book Alive and there are 345 pages.
F- Finally the 5 characters have escaped the main room. Fighting has become a main event in the book, nobody can get along.
R- Remembering is very hard for all of them . They all believe that they're 12 still when they're actually a lot older.
I- Isolation is a frightening thing when it comes to being trapped in a room for a day. All of the characters have woke up and are abandoned.
D- Dead bodies fill the room around the characters. They're not sure if they were left in there to die with them.
A- All five of the characters have a weird symbol on their bodies. However, they all remember these symbols, yet they have no recognition as to what they mean.
Y- Yelling for help is not an option, their screams cannot be heard. They don't even know how they were put in this dungeon so maybe they want to remain unheard.
Noah Vettrus
03:15 PM ET (US)
I finished the book, The darkest path. There were 320 pages.
F Finally the main character and his brother make it back to their hometown. When they get there their parents left them a note that they had fled to Canada a year before.
R Reading this book's ending made me frustrated because I had an idea in my head of how I wanted their lives to end up. I wanted them to meet back up with the people they escaped the camp with and then they could have looked for his parents together.
I I especially wanted him to meet up with the girl whose parents were both killed because she went to live by herself for all we know. Also I wish he would have tried to persuade his brother to not go back to the path.
D During this book there were many times where I felt he could have tried better to save the people around him. He made a bunch of impulse decisions that were the best for him or the people around him.
A A thing I liked about the ending was that they did make it back home finally. I wish there was another book where they try to find their parents.
Y Young Cal and James would have been very willing to search endlessly for their parents. I wish James wouldn't have bought into the Path ideals.
Julia Branson
04:04 PM ET (US)
I am still reading Navy Seal Dogs My Tale of Training Canines for Combat, there are 184 pages, I am on page 60.
F Fight by biting the pray is one way of training. Biting is also a way of trying the dog too.
R Ritland's job is to detail the dogs. He also trains them too.
I Instructing of the BUD/S is Ritlands new job. He started the new job after he graduating from BUD/S.
D Dogs are Rimlands favorite thing to be with. Navy Seals is how he gets to train with the dogs.
A A dog trainer will train with toys. By playing find the toy.
Y Yelling at dogs will make them scared. I if they get yelled at they will get confused and will not now what to do.
Emily Kramer
03:51 PM ET (US)
I am still reading The Trap. The book has 247 pages and today I got to pg. 68.
Frequently Henry reads the black book over and over. He finds a code in the book that lets you leave your body and be a ghost. Henry explains the code to his friends and they are all going to travel
Reading the book that Carl had hidden, Henry finds a code in the first chapter. The code makes you invisible until your body wakes up.
In school Henry’s teacher ask him to go to the office. Henry had to explain why he had a black eye. He told the teachers that his black eye was from Carl.
During the Night Henry does the code and becomes invisible. When he is invisible he can see ghost. The ghost try and talk to Henry but he does his best to add avoid them
At the beginning of chapter 4 Henry and Nicki find Carl’s books he had hidden. Henry was looking g through the books at his house and found a book that was all black. There was nothing on the front or back cover of the book.
Young Henry and Nicki are amazed at what they can do when there invisible. They can walk through objects and travel wherever they want to.
Corwin McBreen-
03:50 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I started on page 35 and ended on 80 out of 309.
R- Rarely harry got treated by a normal person by his aunt and uncle. They did not like him and did not want him involved with magic.
O- One of the friends harry meet is Hagrid. Hagrid is a worker and the wizard school. He is the grounds keeper 0of the school. Hagrid is also the one who comes and gets harry from his aunt and uncle to bring him to school.
N- Nothing matters more to hair than finding his mother and father. He later finds out that they did by Voldemort. Who is a dark wizard.
Gabrielle Englund
03:50 PM ET (US)
I an reading A Dog's Journey. This book has 331pages, and I am on page 320.
F- Friendship is the most amazing thing. The dog, Toby provides many people with his special friendship.
R- Remembering is something people often don't do. We remember a lot of things, like our first pets. However this dog, remembers ALL of his lives.
I- In the beginning his life seemed purposeless, Toby a dog who has been reborn again and again learns new thing each time he is given life. Only truly loving a hand-full of people on his way through life.
D- Dogs are mans best friend. Dogs are there for us when we need them most. As Toby learns to love compassionately, he also learns how to express himself to his humans. He never gives up on his journey to find his people, as he does so he achieves some pretty amazing things.
A- Amazing is the word that comes to mind when I think of this series. These are very compelling books that I think a ton of people would like.
Y- Young children love the feel of the soft fur between their hands. For Toby though, it is his only pleasure in life.
Sarah Chmelar
03:49 PM ET (US)
I am reading UnWholly by Neal Shusterman. I started on page 220 and ended on 271 today.
F Fighting the parents of a storked child so he could protect that child is what Starky planned on doing. The only thing that stopped him was the stupidity of a kid within his group, even if he was trying to protect him.
R Risa does not cooperate with the people asking her questions. She does not cooperate which could cause her to get in huge trouble but she does it anyways. She doesn't want to give in so easily. She wants to fight as much as she can.
I Information is not understood. Conner doesn't know exactly why Risa did it. He does not know why she decided to get an unwinds spine and legs and can't find out.
D Doing what she can. Risa tried not to sign the paper that was to agree for her to get new legs, but the paper mocked her and made her sign it.
A All the things going through Conner's mind is making him upset. Risa is on television somewhat supporting unwinding, even though she had told Conner she never would.
Y Yelling will not help Starky, although it has made his presence known. He want's the world to know he's there for stoked children that are to be unwound.
Steven Zacharias
03:49 PM ET (US)
The book i am reading is no easy day by Mark Owen. I'm on page 112 of 316.
For the first time in my book he is starting to rethink his life as a navy seal. He is wondering if it is time to go home to his family.
Real friends ship is all he has right now in Afghanistan. He's been getting phone calls from his wife saying she might divorce him.
In the face of danger he is calm when is comes down to taking down the enemy.
Death is all around him and he is starting to feel bad about what he's doing
All around the world is changing and he is right in the middle of it,
You won't regret reading this book. It's really good
Nathan Hanisch
03:47 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Then, it is 196 pages long and I stopped on page 54.
T The book starts out with Zelda and Felix running from a Nazi train that they had jumped from. Then as they are running through a forest they see a mass grave full of children.
H Hardly anyone wanted to help these kids. For example a farmer wanted to take the kids and turn them in for a reward.
E Eventually they met a woman that takes them in. She dyes their hair blonde to make them not look Jewish.
N No one should have to see a mass grave.
Makayla Schilling
03:46 PM ET (US)
Today I finished No One Needs To Know, and I started reading Once by Morris Gleitzman. The book has 163 pages and I ended on page 12.
F Fear is something that Jankiel knows well about. He is afraid of the people that showed up at the orphanage in a car.
R Ready, this shows how Felix is ready for his parents to show up and everything to go back together and they will read stories together again.
I Imagination, Felix has a very wide imagination he is really good at making up stories. Like he did for Dodie, saying he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up so he had to use the bath first.
D Dodie's parents died because of illness, and Felix feels bad for him.
A Assumptions, Felix thinks that his parents are alive because they told him they would never forget him. And he got a hole carrot in his soup and he thought that was a sign that his parents are coming to get him.
Y Yelling the nuns are mean and they yell a lot even if they have a kind heart they still are very strict and they yell.
Kobe Moldrem
03:46 PM ET (US)
I am reading "Brooklyn Nine" by Alan Gratz and I stopped on page 145 today.
F is for Frankie who runs numbers and gets money from her already poor neighbors. She "scams" her neighbors out of a penny to 25 cents everyday for a 600 to one odds to win the numbers.
R is for Robins who are the loved team of Brooklyn. They are not very good but fans keep going because, as Frankie said, "They are Brooklyn's bums."
I is for ironic how the book is playing out. In "inning" four, Frankie Snider seems like the son of "inning" threes main character, Walter Schnieder, changed to Snider, because it sounded Jewish. The author has not said but every chapter seems to link the main characters as kids of the character in the inning before.
D is for Frankies dad who is a cop. As a cop, he turns his head away from the illegal speakeasies and blind pigs. Blind pigs and speakeasies are illegal bars that sell illegal alcohol during Prohibition. As a cop, he should bust them but instead he frequently goes in there himself for a drink after he gets off duty.
A is for Arnold who met his favorite baseball player ever Mike "King" Kelly. He saw him performing at a theatre and tried to get an autograph but King Kelly fell over drunk right in front of him. Kelly's valet ditched Kelly so Arnold took over the job before Kelly ditched and found a ride out of Brooklyn.
Y is for why is the author writing the book this way. I have never read a book like this and honestly, it is quite fascinating.
Riley Hollander
03:45 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book The island of doctor Moreau, It is 138 pages long.
For everyone who does't know, lady vein was a ship that collided with a derelict ten days from the destination.
Forgetful men being lifted to the gateway in search for the lady vain dinghy. Dinghy only held three men, one which was the captain who jumped to the gig and ended up hanging himself on accident. The small ropes on the ship had made it impossible to not get tangles up and smashed into the bowsprit.
Griffin Smith
03:45 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Fallout by S.A. Bodeen and I am on page 303 of 327.
F=Fights: Many of the characters get into fights between each other, they are family members or close people to the family.. It is mostly verbal arguments but just recently a guy was punched in the face.
R=Regret: Eli, (The main character) has lots of regrets for things that he has to do or say in the story. For example, he had to tell his twin brother that his younger siblings were going to be used for food when they eventually ran out.
I=Interrogation: Many questions are asked throughout the story that play a key role in the plot. One of the main questions that is asked is that if their father is still alive, and if so, what is he doing?
D=Dilemma: Choices are made throughout the book that could screw up relationships between some of the characters. This could possibly be a life-or-death situation that they have to choose from.
A=Anger: Once the main character Eli found out that his father is still alive, he had a severe case of anger issues. He would scream and shout because he had so many questions for his father that were left unanswered.
Y=Yellow Room: In the story, they found out how there father is still alive by visiting the yellow room. This room has many gadgets that amaze the characters, but frighten them at the same time.
Nathan Masloski
03:44 PM ET (US)
I finished the bood Vampirates tide of terror, 459 pages, and switched to Incarceron. I started on page 6 and read to page 18 and there are 431 pages in this book.

(vampirates book)
F Finally leaving the improsnment of her own body,Grace, has finally returned to the vimprate ship for good.She intends to stay there and help the vampires that are in troube.
R Redeeming himself Connor joins his ship the Diablo once again after he was betrayed at the pirate academy. He hopes to seek revenge on his captains brothers death.
E Every vampirate has his or her own story. Some of them good some of them not so much, causing them to take over their own ship and get revenge for what has been done to them.
E Everyone is now where they wanted to be... or are they. As the book ends many more trouble are arising just as things started to seem to calm down!
Gabrielle Englund
03:44 PM ET (US)
I an reading A Dog's Journey. This book has 331pages, and I am on page 320.
I- In the beginning his life seemed purposeless, Toby a dog who has been reborn again and again learns new thing each time he is given life. Only truly loving a hand-full of people on his way through life.
D- Dogs are mans best friend. Dogs are there for us when we need them most. As Toby learns to love compassionately, he also learns how to express himself to his humans. He never gives up on his journey to find his people, as he does so he achieves some pretty amazing things.
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