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3/7: Women!

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11:43 AM ET (US)
I am reading The Cabin by Natasha Preston, this book has 317 pages in it.

A. In the book Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi Juliette is one of the main characters and shows how a women should be. She is willing to fight for her friends and family no matter what. Juliette was a strong individual and showed her power through talking. Even though she was very sentimental Juliette could motivate people to do anything. Her heart was big enough to fit everyone she loves and cares for. She is a character that gives people hope and Juliette reminds me of me and how I am. She cares for people but when she needs to fight she does and lifts her head high.
02:44 PM ET (US)
I finished Relentless optimism by Darrin Donnelly.

C. In the book "Relentless Optimism" Janey Cane the wife of main character Bobby Cane faces many challenges. Janey has to take care of two kids while her husband plays minor league baseball. She has to work extra hours to take care of the kids and has another kid on the way. She works as a nurse. Even though she feels she must do everything she tries to stay positive. When Bobby finally becomes more positive and promises thing will change she feels as if weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She supports him positively and never gives up on him. She is a strong women that has overcome many obstacles in her marriage and life.
fallon jackman
04:10 PM ET (US)
I am reading the face on the milk Carton by Caroline b. Cooney. I stoped at page 68 out of 184. I am also reading to all the boys I loved before by Jenny Han. In that book I stoped at page 156 out of 35.

in the book "to all the boys I've loved before" there is a character who is the sister of the main charter, Lara jean, and her name is Margret. out of the 3 girls in the book Margret is the oldest. being the oldest of two other siblings mean that they look up to her and that she has to stay strong. when Margret leaves for college then Lara jean is the oldest in the house and she tries to be and act like her older sister and think of all the things she would do
Braidon Downs
01:49 PM ET (US)
I finished reading final the fourth closet and I am starting splinter to day I stoped at pg 41 of 298

The two important qualities Sami, in the book splinter, has is she believes that her mom will come back and she doesn't like people with holding info. She knows that her dad is keeping info from her and she does not know why. And it doesn't help that the cops keep showing up at her house every time they think they have a connection to what happened. Also every one thinks that is just a jock and they just make fun of her for it. Her stepsister is not much help because she has little convenience to help and they just jump the gun.
Aysia Hall
01:43 PM ET (US)
I am reading I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall, and I am on page 173 of 214.

Two important qualities portrayed by Jess in my book are hardworking and optimistic. Jess is currently living on her own in the middle of no where due to both of her parents dying. She only has herself and her dog, Bo. She shows off her hardworking skills by pushing through each day even though she's crippled due to the car crash she was a part of. Creating shelter, staying warm, and finding food are all really difficult things for her to do. With being optimistic, Jess doesn't give up trying to live. She continues to fight every day, and she expresses to the reader the hardships of her surviving now and the story of how it led up to it. Jess wants to fight for her fathers death, and she wants to seek revenge on the killer. This book is the book I'm currently reading: I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall.
Abbie Cain
11:22 AM ET (US)
I am Reading All The Ugly And Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood and I am on page 340 of 406.

In a book I previously read entitled The Eyes of The Dragon by Stephen King. There was a women named Sasha who made a very influential impact on her son who would be king of Delain one day. Sasha was the mother of a prince named Peter and she taught him how to rule the kingdom heroically. Although she died very early on in the book she had a bug impact on Peter and he grew up to be a very honest and determined king. Sasha taught Peter more about ruling the kingdom in the short time they had together then his father, the king of Delain, did.
Karlye Maras
11:07 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Finding Me by Michelle Knight it has a total of 254 pages and today I stopped on page 46. I also finished the book from you to me.
The biggest female character in my book would be the author of it. She faced many challenges so far in what I have read she has described her childhood and how she grew up. Her and her family had lived in a car for a couple of years before moving into a house and living with 15 other people. If her living conditions already weren't bad one of the men would come and abuse her every night. She could only shower and brush her teeth twice a week. Eventually she snuck away and started running drugs before her dad forced her back home. She has not yet explained how she has overcome all of this, but she has and I will find out as the book goes on.
Rachel Eickman
11:06 AM ET (US)
I am reading second book in a series called Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi. I stopped on page 148 of 461. I finished the first book called Shatter Me since our last post.
E. In my book, the main character Juliette has a special power that can kill people by just her touching them. When she was younger, her parents didn't want her so they sent her to an asylum to die. She was alone and was never fed and she had to live in darkness by herself. Now she is at Omega Point and they treat her very well. They feed her, give her clothes, there's a lot of people there for her to talk to, etc. Basically better than what she previously had and what a lot of other people have during the Reestablishment. But she still sits around and complains about her problems and how she can kill people if they touch her. I guess what I've learned from reading this book is that, yeah I might have a problem in my life but I still have it better than a lot of other people. And that I should not complain about a little misshapen in my life.
Arriana Mausbach
11:05 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry. I stopped on page 49 of 390

C. Natalie, the main character, has recurring dreams of her grandmother visiting her in ghost form. Only they aren't dreams. These visions haunt her, and her grandmother always tells her weird and scary stories that Natalie must figure out the meaning of. The way Natalie tried to overcome these visions was by seeing a therapist and an exorcist. The treatment did work for a couple months, but the visions came back. Now, Natalie's grandmother is telling her she has three months to save the boy. But Natalie doesn't know who "the boy" is. She must work with a girl named Alice Chan, whom Natalie has never heard of or seen before. Will she find "the boy" and save him?
Elliot Uehling
11:05 AM ET (US)
I'm currently reading 'Famous Last Words' by Katie Alender. Today, I stopped on page 111 out of 312.

B. Discuss two important qualities in one of the female main characters in a book you have read/are reading this quarter (name the book and character).
-Two important qualities about the main character in my book, Willa, are that she's closed off and independent. These two qualities shape who she is throughout the book and her character development. They emphasize parts of her back story, including people just never believing her. Because of this, she lies and keeps her feelings to herself. She tries to solve all her problems on her own, but as the book goes on, she learns to try and trust others again.
Chelsea Shumaker
11:03 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout this is a mystery/ adventure book. I am on page 108 of 412. I finished Opal by the same book I am reading now. The book I am reading is a series, I am on the fourth book out of five.

The main character in my book is Katy Swartz. She is an average eighteen year old. But that is until she moves next door to aliens. Damon and Dee Black are not from around here. One day Katy gets into a car accident, but Damon finds her and heals her. Now Katy is connected to Damon. They have the same heartbeat, but also can sense one another when they are close together. The worst part is if one of them dies the other dies to. So Katy faces many challenges when the enemy wants to run some tests on Damon and Katy. Overall, I love this book series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I plan to finish this series called Lux, then maybe start on another one of her series. I really recommend reading this book if you like mystery/adventure.
Austin Brookfield
11:03 AM ET (US)
I just finished the fantasy fiction book "Taken" by Eric Bowman. It had 360 pages.

C. Discuss one of the biggest challenges a female character in one of your books (name the book and character) had to face and how she overcame it.

In my book I finished a while ago, Dare Me, there was a sister named Ginny. Ginny was in college and she didn't want anything to do with the things that Ben and his friends were doing. The biggest challenges she had in the book was talking to Ben about what he was doing and how far he would go with them. Ben and his friends got so big that Ginny interviewed them for her semester project for one of her classes. Nobody knew who the boys were because they blurred their faces out when they uploaded the video. Ginny struggled and eventually she got more lenient with it. She overcame It by getting a 100% on her interview for her project.
11:02 AM ET (US)
I finished the book We'll always have Summer and I started a mystery called They all Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire. I am currently on page 85 of 339.

I recently finished a book entitled A Heart in a Body in the World. It was a book about a young woman you loses two people she loves from gun violence. She them runs across the US to bring attention to their deaths and tries to make the world a better place. Eleanor Roosevelt's quote relates to this book because she dreamed of running across the US and speak to every woman across the country about this topic, and she did it. She put her mind to her dreams and accomplished it.
Eleanor Dick
11:02 AM ET (US)
I am reading Forward My Story by Abby Wambach and am on page 116 of 208.

A. In my current book Abby Wambach is the most influential person form the books I've read. She inspires so many people by playing her hardest. She inspires fellow players to be their best. She also inspires women all around and stands for equality. She is a great role model anyone can look up to because of her great doings.
Cole Miles
11:00 AM ET (US)
The book I'm going to use is called Burning Nation by Trent Reedy.

Sofia the main girl character would probably be the one to control everything but one of her challenges was to let her boyfriend go fight in the war. She didn't want him to but he had no choice because his mom had made him. Another challenge would be when he had goes into a coma for 5 weeks and she pretty much had nobody to go to because her mom had died in a crash she had no siblings and other family members lived far away. After the 3rd week of her dad being in a coma Sofia decides to get in touch with cal witch is her boyfriend, he doesn't answer so she starts to think that she might not have any one. Those are some challenges Sofia faces threw out the book.
Ethan Kueter
10:58 AM ET (US)
I just finished reading The Summer with Riley by Eve Bunting, the book had 170 pages.
In this book the most influential female was Williams mother. After their neighbor Peachie called animal services on Riley for chasing her horse, William never wanted to speak to Peachie again. Williams mother calmed him down and explained that she is just protecting her horse because it is all she has left. When Riley was to be put down Williams mother helped William to save Rileys life. She hired a lawyer because she understood how much Riley meant to him. She does all this while being a single mother.
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