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Whispers (Micro): Murdercat + Dionysus and Ariadne

10:31 AM ET (US)
Lol, that's pretty terrible reasoning for the hammer but whatever. JR was just there to apply some pressure, imo.

Anyway, we have similar lists, the only difference is our names are swapped.

JR is basically for sure town to me because:

1. if you are scum, the way you are reading JR makes JR almost definitely town
2. if you are town, the way you are reading JR makes JR almost definitely town

Past that I've been thinking in terms of scum teams.

{BTD, RS} this is very likely the scum team, imo.

IF I am wrong then I was thinking {D&A, Char} team but then the last day didn't really make sense for that possibility.

Anyway BTD is just scummy and has been all game, and in whisper RS is just acting like he's sure BTD will flip town, he's talking about what we are going to do in lylo, and pointing towards anything that isn't him and BTD. I actually get kind of worried RS is scum with someone like chip and he's white knighting but then I look at BTD's iso and I'm not worried anymore.
09:54 PM ET (US)
I have a PT with pretty much everyone alive except Chip at this point, actually.

The hammer was because I said I would sheep Jae, and Jae didn't tell me not to hammer, and then they got all annoyed because APPARENTLY I should have read their mind and realized they didn't really want me to hammer karnos.

Jae seems to think it's a BTD/RS team. They're very convinced Charl is town and lean town on you. On the issue of myself they go back and forth between overpowering paranoia and absolute certainty I'm town... it's kind of exhausting. Here's my own readslist from overnight.

{Chip Butty, Charloux}
{ReallySick, BTD6_maker}

Where are you at?
10:11 AM ET (US)
Hello friends. So RS wanted to know who you guys are whispering. He is trying to convince me of a you/chip team or something. I'm humoring him.

It's weird, he's acting like BTD is 100% going to flip town and I can't tell if he's protecting a buddy or hardcore white knighting. Preeeeeeety sure he's scum though.

What was up with that hammer though?
02:23 AM ET (US)
Well hello there, MURDERCAT.
RangerBPerson was signed in when posted
02:18 AM ET (US)
Welcome, Murdercat and Dionysus and Ariadne!
You may talk here at any time!

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