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06:33 AM ET (US)
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08:07 PM ET (US)
N3: If I die tonight, you can pretty much ignore this journal. I wasn't really sure how to use it and didn't really.

Final scum reads: Laser, Ryu, plytho
Edited 10-07-2017 08:08 PM
12:30 PM ET (US)
D2: Lied about being comparison cop and also about targeting Ran with hidden message ability. Targeted Maven.
02:22 AM ET (US)
Oh I just realized I didn't make it clear what my ability was in post #4 below, so I'll post it here:

Boo for hire: Each Night, you may pick a player. That player will be given the ability "Hidden Message" for the next Night (so if you use this ability on Night 1, they can use it on Night 2). The message they will receive is:

"You have been granted the ability Hidden Message for the following Night Phase only.

During that Night phase, you may write down the names of two players you believe are mafia. This message will be sent to the player that sent you the 'Hidden Message' ability."

They will not be notified that it was you who sent the message. You will be given their results the following Night when actions are complete.

Journal for Boo: Minsc has decided to keep a journal for Boo, so they can remember their stories. Throughout the game, you may post in a secret quick topic meant for you and only you.... And Boo. Upon your death, your journal will be shown to the rest of the game and they can read it at their leisure.

You may not post in the journal after your death. Here is your journal: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/8EncU8haCkF
Edited 09-14-2017 02:24 AM
02:18 AM ET (US)
So often in a game where there's a good chance of there being an investigative, I like to look for crumbs or clues which indicate that the potential investigative received a guilty result. I like to catch these early and then take on the leading role of pushing their target so that they don't have to make it obvious and completely out themselves. That way scum will aim at me during the night and the investigative will get another night to use their action. I made an effort to do that in this game particularly, because my role is not all that important. Furthermore, it's function to me seems to be built on being the messenger and relaying pr information to town so that the prs that I target do not have to. That's the only use I can really see based on what I know so far.

Frozen's following post gave me that investigative vibe:

Page 3
[[FrozenFlame wrote:
[jimbobmacdoodle wrote:
Scattered brief thoughts, based on a skim read, because I should be working: PeacefulWhale looks more like his second (i.e. scum) game than his first (i.e. town) game currently, but I want to see more before I definitively label him one way or the other. Red Ryu looks like they're not putting much effort in. Not sure what to make with Zyth's assertions about being so good - not sure I get the points he's making about PeacfulWhale or heuristically_alone, but I don't have time to look more thoroughly into them.]

Are you sure the bolded isn't just you buying some time to see how the group ends up treating PeacefulWhale for that move so that you can posture accordingly and avoid being scrutinized for following the pack? Cause thats how that reads to me]]

This was really early on and honestly jim's post didn't seem that scummy to me. I mean, it's not scummy at all actually...It made me feel that Frozen had some sort of insight to jim being scum, and that he was either A) seeing scuminess in anything jim said because he knew he was scum or B) knew that it wasn't scummy, but just needed something to push jim on. I couldn't at all see why Frozen had such a negative reaction to this post otherwise.

At this point in the game though, I was suspicious of Frozen. I was suspecting that maybe scum!frozen was just awkwardly distancing his scumBudjim. It wasn't until later, when I myself started to suspect jim and started to town read Frozen, that I considered the interaction was due to Frozen having a negative investigation result on Jim. When Frozen voted for and continued to pursue Jim, I felt a bit stronger on this. That is when I started crumbing cop with lines such as:

"I have one strong scum read (99.839%) and I'm not lynching anyone other than that person when it come down to it."
"Me? Not my target for today. I'm confident he'll be readable tomorrow." [In response to EGW asking for my thoughts on moody.]

And that is why I took on the leading role in the jim push. If jim really is SK though and moody did have this information from his role, then my idea of Frozen changes. Since Megaman has gained moody's role, I presume he has all the information that moody had and we can confirm whether or not moody was telling the truth. If so, it is more probable that Frozen had the insight on jim because he is moody's mate, more so than it is that he independently investigated jim.

Side note: is that really how you spell "truth". It looks so weird. Truth. Trueth. Truthe. Trooth.
02:49 PM ET (US)
Still unsure about Red Ruy. It could be that townRuy really just isn't invested at finding scum at this point in the game. If he's relying on his pr that makes sense.

Bessie looks bad on a moody scum flip.

I need coffee.
08:40 PM ET (US)
I don't really know how I'm supposed to use this. I'm thinking maybe the recipient of my can send me the players they targeted at night? I was thinking of using it on mpolo so that if he died we'd have a record of the players he redirected. It would be even better if I could find a cop and they sent me their results so I could claim them in their place. Seems like this would be too difficult to coordinate though and requires too much chance. So I guess I'll just send it to mpolo or use it randomly.
Edited 09-13-2017 02:40 PM
02:45 AM ET (US)
Good Guys:
#HBC | Zyth
Evil George Washington

Cool With:
Peaceful Whale
Gamma Emerald


Need More/Lynch Worthy:
Dark Horse

Indy Bad Guys:

Bad Guys:
Red Ryu
Edited 09-12-2017 08:34 PM
07:13 PM ET (US)
h_a #34 "I've never played in a large game that gad only one mafia, so I wouldn't be suprised if all players are successfully able to scum hunt." [Indication of setup knowledge they shouldn't have. Very mafia thing to speculate about.]

#39 "@moody if causing chaos would cost you the game, why wouldn't you want to remove the chaos?" [Perusing a role based lynch. No regard for mpolos openness.]

#50 "Anytime I play with new players for the first time I always get read as scum. <3" [Is working under the assumption that I am town. Another indication that he does not have town ignorance]

PW #38 "Ninja'... WHOA!!! Okay, that escalated quickly." [Not scum with h_a]
Edited 09-07-2017 07:25 PM
marshyPerson was signed in when posted
04:55 PM ET (US)
You may utilize this quicktopic as your journal. Good luck.

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