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4/29: NEWS or FACT

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02:05 PM ET (US)
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10:55 AM ET (US)
Using a reliable news source on the homework page, select 4 current events that correspond with the letters in either of the two words below. Write at least TWO (2) complete sentences for each letter to explain the current event.

Fire- Fire at a zinc production [;ant in Mooresboro forced some residents to evacuate the area early Monday. The America Zinc products plants was still burning around 5 a.m.
Arlington- Man killed in crash near Arlington after authorities say another vehicle crossed th center line and hit vehicle head on. The charges are pending against the 15 year old that killed a man after crashing head on with him.
Canton- Rough roads making it harder for Canton people to get around on gravel roads. The winter storm and rain ruining gravel roads making them very dangerous for people to drive on.
Trump- Trump helps NRA fight and illegal investigation that New York Attorney General’s put on. The NRA is being illegally investigated because the attorney generals wants to take down the NRA for financial misconduct.
Ethan Kueter
10:47 AM ET (US)
F- According to 60 minutes Fentanly may be able to be bought online. The drug is so powerful that some may not even finis the injection before dying.
A- Anti Vaxxers are using a Brady Bunch episode. In the episode the Mom says that the kids have to get sick if they are gonna beat measles.
C- Cheef Keef a rapper pleaded guilty in court today on drug charges in Sioux Falls. He was arrested in 2017 in the airport after edibles were found in his carry on bag.
T- Trumps campaign manager says the 2020 campaign will be bigger than 2016. He is optimistic that Trump can win over states he lost in 2016
Abbie Cain
10:41 AM ET (US)
NFL draft drew record numbers on site and on TV. The league said the over 600,000 people attend all three days and there was an average of 6.1 million viewers on TV.

Every senior who is graduating from USD and SDSU will do so on May 4th. The South Dakota Public Relations Officer Hailie Warren says that a lot of students are getting into medical biology and psychology this year.

Cleveland, Virginia: 5 men were rescued from a cave they were trapped in because of heavy rain. None of the men were severely hurt, but some suffered from hypothermia.

The Sioux Falls Police Department are trying to locate the missing woman Kathryn Ann Butler. The Woman is 76 and has not been heard from since April 22.
Rachel Eickman
10:40 AM ET (US)
N- New York 25-year-old man pled guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl. Although, he received no jail time because he has no prior arrests.
W- Walgreens in South Dakota raised their tobacco purchasing age to 21. This has other retailers following their footsteps in order to decrease the number of teen smokers.
F - Four dead bodies were found in an apartment in West Chester, Ohio this morning. The husband found his wife and kids lying on the ground and then he called 911.
A- A Sioux Falls woman has been missing since April 22nd. Kathryn Anne Bulter is 76-years-old and drives a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Karlye Maras
10:39 AM ET (US)
North Carolina's Zinc factory started burning down. The police had to evacuate people who lived within half a mile of the plant because of all the Sulfuric acid that was being released into the air .

Elderly woman in Sioux Falls has not been heard from in a week. They are trying to find her as quickly as possible because she needs to take her heart medication to survive, which she has not taken sine April 14th.

When a shooter came inside a synagogue in California people started helping each other out instead of thinking about themselves. A little girl witnessed everything that happened and she told about the people that saved the kids and a women who gave her life to protect the rabbi.

Sioux Falls hosts the Howard Wood track meet every year. This year it will be the 94th Howard Wood track meet many schools only send their top athletes to Howard Wood and the rest of them might go to the O'Gormon track meet.
Chelsea Shumaker
10:39 AM ET (US)
N- New information of the graduation classes from USD and SDSU. Graduation for both the of schools is on May 4. Almost everyone saying they will miss not going to classes with friends.But others excited about moving on to a new chapter in there life.
E- Exciting news on how South Dakota is going to plug 40 abandoned gas wells. Over the last couple of weeks, a company has been fined $15.5 millions dollars in abandoned gas wells. Making them unsafe and unusable.
W- Wind in Seattle has made the collapse of a crane. Four people were killed. Including a college student and a iron worker and four others were hurt. A 25 year old and year 4 month old baby barely made it out alive with only minor injuries.
S- Surprising news that South Korea opens hiking trails on world most heavily armed border. There has been many new wildlife animals in this region.
Braidon Downs
10:38 AM ET (US)
New status are being put in. and old one are being removed.
Entirely new status are being put in. the old ones are being moved some where els.
What do you do if if people died but u don't know how. some say it can't happen but it could a gust could have done it.
Some things just can't be emplaned by normal means. 4 people died in Ohio apartment but how they died or who did it is unknown.
Caden Ideker
10:38 AM ET (US)
N-Navy recruit dies suddenly in boot camp training. 2nd death of the Illinois training center in recent years, no statement of the prior health concerns were given.
S-Search for missing woman continues, 77 yr old Kathryn Butler is still missing. She recently got out of a hear surgery and hasn't taken her meds.
F-Father settles lawsuit over the death of his daughter in prison. The 400,000 dollar lawsuit was resolved by a judge in Alaska, where the daughter died of drug withdrawals.
C-Community college arriving in Sioux Falls in the near future. The university center will be changing to the community college of Sioux Falls.
Cole Miles
10:37 AM ET (US)
N- NFL draft happened this weekend and was really fun to watch and so many great picks. it was really busy, 600,000 attended over the three days in Nashville,
E- Exciting news Sioux Falls football player s got drafted to join to the NFL.
W- The water at Lake Poinsett is still very high and people that live close to the water won't be getting into there homes anytime soon. They say within the next four weeks the water should go down.
S- Searching for an old man in his late 60s that went missing one night with a dramatic brain injury.
fallon jackman
10:37 AM ET (US)
Using a reliable news source on the homework page, select 4 current events that correspond with the letters in either of the two words below. Write at least TWO (2) complete sentences for each letter to explain the current event.

News of a fatal crash in ailing South Dakota came in from 3:30 pm on Saturday. a man in a 2016 chevy express van crashed into a 15 year old boy driving a 2017 Ford F-150 pick up. only the man in the express died while to boy faced no injuries.

East central South Dakota under winter weather advisory agin? part of South Dakota was faced with 1 to 6 inches of snow Saturday morning in areas like Brookings and clark counties.

Watertown, ny man who pleaded guilty of reaping 14- year-old girl gets no jail time. a man in new york had sexual abused a teenager who he had meet on a bus. he got no jail time, but was convicted with a level 1 sex offender.

Souix falls man was thrown from his motorcycle after hitting a rut on Philips avenue. the man suffered no serious injuries, but was rushed to the hospital after accident
Eleanor Dick
10:36 AM ET (US)
Sioux Falls women is missing. She is 76 and has heart issues so they want to make sure she is safe.
Fatal crash was recorded in Arlington recently. A teenager had crashed into a van killing the van driver. The teenager has no injury.
A man who raped a 14 year old girl will receive no jail time. He admitted to doing this and only gets 10 years of probation and is now a registered sex offender.
New shooting: gunman in San Diego shoots at a synagogue. He killed one person and injured three others. When will this stop?
Austin Brookfield
10:34 AM ET (US)
F. Flood states to have "seat at the table" concerning Missouri River management. The Republican governors of Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri and Kansas' Democratic lieutenant governor all met with Corps officials in the western Iowa city of Council Bluffs on Friday.
A. 'Avengers: Endgame' sets multiple records at box office.The film opened Friday with a record $156.7 million. The superhero film also broke the record for the highest opening weekend of all time with $644 million at the end of Friday.
C. College freshman among four dead in Seattle crane accident. A college freshman planning to major in nursing was one in four people who were killed when a crane fell from a downtown Seattle building into traffic below.
T. Three things to watch at University of Sioux Falls spring football game. The running game, Quarterback and Secondary. The USF Cougars will give a sneak peek at the group that will pursue the program’s 26th consecutive winning season on Saturday with the annual Spring Game in Sioux Falls!
Elliot Uehling
10:34 AM ET (US)
Using a reliable news source on the homework page, select 4 current events that correspond with the letters in either of the two words below. Write at least TWO (2) complete sentences for each letter to explain the current event.

F- 'Fake Cop' attempted a traffic stop. He pulled people over, pretending to be a cop.
A- An attempted kidnapping happened. A stranger got in their car and started driving away with them. The 8-year-old brother opened the car door and jumped out of the moving vehicle, pulling his older sister with him.
C- Corrections officials say an inmate escaped. The South Dakota Department of Corrections pretty much lost an inmate. He left for a service job and never returned.
T- Trump is accusing someone of something again because he doesn't agree with them. He's accusing them of illegally investigating the NRA
Cooper Maras
10:34 AM ET (US)
N: NFL draft draws record numbers in Nashville and on TV. More than 600,000 people attended the event compared to the 250,000 people that attended two years ago.
E: Emergency crews rescue 5 men trapped in a Virginia cave. All five men were rescued and brought to the hospital for treatment. 6 men entered the cave and one was able to get out of the collapsed cave to get help.
W: Walgreens raises tobacco purchasing age to 21. With the increase of teen smokers some stores are raising their tobacco purchasing age restrictions to 21. Walgreens is leading the fight to end underage smoking.
S: South Dakota trying to plug 40 abandoned gas wells. The state has already fined the owner of the gas wells 15.5 million dollars. The state revoked the companies permits in January.
Makara Jackson
10:33 AM ET (US)
F- For years after writing "To Kill a Mocking Bird" author Harper Lee supposedly investigated deaths surrounding Lake Martin in Alexander City Alabama. The remaining question is if she wrote a book or not. If so, where is it?

A- Artist Frida Kahlo never strayed from being the art herself, always being unapologetically herself. Many say she even preferred to be seen as odd, the word meant rare to her.

C- Crushing ever box-office opening ever, Avengers: Endgame has produced 1.2 billion dollars in it's opening night. it quickly surpassed over seas as well, outdoing Avengers: Infinity War, and Force Awakens.

T- Taylor Swift recently debuted her newest song Me!, the song was released after many hints on her social media profile of new projects. The singer seems to be telling the viewers her "reputation" is changing, no more snakes!
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