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[F6] Benjamin and Sebastian

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01:09 PM ET (US)
"Yeah, I'm not sure what to think of Enola now. You know, the rules of the killing game say that 'Once the Killing Game starts, the players will be confined to the caves with only each other.' Is Enola really here? That rule makes it sound like it's only the 16 of us who were in the caves, and no-one else," Seb said a little dispiritedly. "Either that or her being one step ahead of us, in the locations we're unable to access, counts as her not being confined with us. But if that's the case, how did she access this palace before we did? Only Haley was able to do that out of us, and that was because she's not just an ordinary human. It makes me wonder if Enola's even really in need of rescue in the first place."
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