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[F6] Benjamin and Sebastian

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KamiPandaPerson was signed in when posted
11:47 AM ET (US)
"Yes, and I had the ability to potentially save Shizune. Belphegor was the one who caused her death, just as he was the one to threaten the lives of the two people outside the game. To me, that was my 'something I can do', to make a decision for myself instead of blindly following the rules of the game. But, now I'll never know which choice was right," he concluded with some sadness. "Shizune died before there was any chance to save her, and after that voting Micah was a given. There was no longer a choice, I was merely another piece in Belphegor's game, moving and acting according to his script."

He looked at Benjamin then with more focus than usual. "Does that not frustrate you? You want to do the 'right' thing, but very often in this game we aren't even given the chance to try."
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