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White 1 College Fair Response

Nick Nagel
01:44 PM ET (US)
I visit many schools around the area including SDSU, USD, Minnesota State- Mankato, Minnesota State-Moorhead, Concordia College, Dakota Wesleyan, and Morningside. I am considering going to either Dakota Wesleyan, SDSU, Morningside, and Concordia. Something I learned are that the class sizes of most of these colleges are not much bigger than the ones of a high school environment. A school that I am really considering is Dakota Wesleyan. I learned that they had many different types of Business Management classes and majors, such as Sports Management and that is something I was not aware that they had. I was encouraged to take a campus visit and learn more about the atmosphere.
Devin DeMent
11:54 AM ET (US)
a. What schoolS did you visit?
b. What is a school or military branch you are considering?
c. What is something you learned that you DIDN'T know by attending?
d. What do you need to do NOW? (job shadow? campus visit? volunteer?)
I visited with the people from Lake Area Tech from Watertown. I also visited with people from Lincoln Tech which is located in Colorado and Indiana. Something I learned is if a person plans to be a diesel mechanic, attending Lincoln Tech in Colorado would be the place instead of Indiana. I am still considering Lake Area Tech. I think I should take a visit to STI as they are expanding their Diesel Technology program.
Jacob Bradfield
09:47 AM ET (US)
I visited schools like USD, SDSU, and Globe University. My favorite was Globe University, because it has a bunch of different business classes. I learned that most schools have some form of business degree. I also learned that from talking to the Air Force, they get degrees without having any debt. Now I need to do a college visit to see which school is best for me.
Alyssa Bossman
09:45 AM ET (US)

At the college fair yesterday I got the opportunity to visit nearly all of the schools in my current interest. I started at USD, which is known to be the school to go to if you are looking into the teaching field. After my short visit with the USD representative I wandered off to the other end of the court to one of my dream schools: Iowa State; at this booth i received a better understanding on scholarships and gladly discovered that they have the major I would be looking into at this point. Next I had to take the opportunity to visit the Morningside booth due to the fact that this is my favorite campus I've seen out of the ones I've had the opportunity to go to. The man actually knew my sister and we discussed about her and then went on to talk about how the teaching field is growing at Morningside and is about the 3rd best profession to go into at their campus. Also I have been questioning dual credit in the chance that I might go to Morningside and not have it accepted; It was confirmed that they would accept. All and all I got my questions answered from my most questionable school of choice. I found out that I have many options for the field that I plan to go in, and I visited all of the schools i'd be interested in in South Dakota. Now I plan on retaking the act to get a better score to lead to better scholarships. If I want to attend Iowa State or Morningside I need to get really good scholarship opportunities.
Kyle Mickelson
09:43 AM ET (US)
1. I never did go to visit with any schools never had enough time. Plus I didn't know any of the schools. I didn't know where any of the school where located at.
2. I went to the air force.
3.Most jobs are considering at less 2 year of collage in 2020
4. I need to go and visit a campus where I would like to go to. How far do you want to drive. Don't go to collage with your girls friend. Do you want less then an hour drive or do you want to more of a drive. Go and take a collage visit. Make sure that you fit in to the school.
Trey Struck
09:42 AM ET (US)
While we were at the college fair I visited with a couple colleges that I interested me. I visited with South Dakota State University and Northeast Community College of Norfolk Nebraska. I am considering both of these schools because they both have an outstanding reputation for their agriculture department. While talking to the representative form NCC was that they have a $3,000 tuition plus $7,200 for room and board. This kind of caught my attention because it is much less than anything I have heard of before. I am going to schedule a campus visit with both of these colleges plus a couple more.
Jacob Johnson
09:41 AM ET (US)
I visited SDSU, USD, and STI. Im considering SDSU because it has the highest rated courses that Im considering. I learned about a lot more courses that I didn't know SDSU had. I would like to go up to SDSU for a campus visit and see what I like and what i don't like about it. But overall i think SDSD would be my best choice in the right path.
Leah Krull
09:40 AM ET (US)
I visited SDSU, Augustana, Stewart's, and Black Hills Beauty College. I am considering going to SDSU. I learned that a good score on your ACT can get you a really good scholarship. I think I need to do a one on one campus visit at SDSU. I have visited before, but I would like to visit the entire campus.
Paige Hagerty
09:39 AM ET (US)
At the college fair yesterday I visited many school such as, Black Hills State, Lake Area, and South Dakota State. I am considering Black Hills State or Lake Area for business management. April 29th I have a college visit at Black Hills State. I will be touring the campus and talking to the softball coach. One thing I learned about Black Hills State is that it is a smaller college.
Skylar Barbee
09:38 AM ET (US)
At the career fair yesterday I went there mostly planning to talk to STI, which I did. When talking to them I learned how high of a ACT score you need and the type of classes that they would like to see on your high school transcript before applying there. Something I can do to further my future with STI is to go do a campus visit and maybe start to volunteer at a hospital so it look better when trying to get into the DMS schooling considering it is competitive.
Ryan Beck
09:38 AM ET (US)
I had a lot of fun at career fair yesterday. I learned about a lot of different colleges and what those different colleges offer on campus. I visited BHSU, SDSD, NDSU, USD, Augustana, Briar Cliff, and Wayne State. All of these colleges looked interesting and I tried to learn as much as I could in the short amount of time that we had. I would like to go on a campus visit to further my knowledge on any of the schools I listed.
Jared Mettler
09:38 AM ET (US)
I visited USD, Creighton, and Sanford Health. I am considering USD for post secondary education. I didn't know about the types of ACT scores you had to have. I already went to a job shadow there.
Daniel Waldner
09:37 AM ET (US)
I visited a variety of schools like SDSU, USD, and the school of mines. I wasn't really considering any military branch, but I am interested in attending SDSU, or DWU. Something I learned that I didnt know was all the different types of majors they had. I think now I would like to do a visit to their campus.
Mason Luree
09:36 AM ET (US)
I visited USD and STI. I am considering both of these schools to the full extent. I learned from the college fair, that USD's nursing program if you get a 27 on the ACT you automatically have a spot reserved. Now, I need to figure out the money saving process.
Tanner Schaunaman
09:36 AM ET (US)
I visited SDSU, USD, University of Nebraska,USF, and Augustana. I talked to the Navy and that is something i am considering. I learned which schools offer the professions i want and with ones do not. Now i need to do a college visit or two to see which college fits me more.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:40 PM ET (US)
1. Put something from one of the schools or service branches you are considering INTO YOUR CAREER FOLDER!!

2. Answer in AT LEAST 5 COMPLETE sentences about your trip to the Career Fair yesterday. Consider answering these questions:
a. What schoolS did you visit?
b. What is a school or military branch you are considering?
c. What is something you learned that you DIDN'T know by attending?
d. What do you need to do NOW? (job shadow? campus visit? volunteer?)

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