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Shirly and Anissa

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02:55 PM ET (US)
After recovering from her temporary god-mod induced out-of-body experience, Anissa screams, grabs the buff guy magazine, and slaps Shirly across the face with it. Then she quickly gets up and attempts to run away, still holding the magazine. Only upon slipping on the banana peel once more does she notice it again and, letting out a scream that resonates with the full force of all her trauma, chucks the magazine onto the ground (which somehow ends up landing on Shirly's face), and runs off down the hallway.


"Y-You guys...y-you guys made my life worth living…"

Perhaps one would wonder whether Anissa's final remark even applied to Shirly, whose general shenanigans probably left her with undue stress and confusion.

Then again, after an entire year, she most likely would have come to the conclusion that Shirly's actions were generally supposed to be for Anissa's own good, even if only in the barista's own mind. And just as a child would often hear when getting a pair of sock's from some distant relative they've never met before, it's the thought that counts.

Then again, an untold story can be interpreted in more ways than one laid out plain, and the period within the timeskip is one series of untold stories. Perhaps Shirly committed some sort of heinous social taboo that would have left Anissa having traumatic flashbacks even in the retirement home had she survived. But then again, considering her more stable condition shortly before her demise, it's possible that they instead made up and were able to see eye-to-eye... in a purely platonic way, of course.

Overall, though, it seems unlikely that Anissa would have held a grudge for such a long time. Anissa's interactions with Shirly, if nothing else, were an interesting departure from the norm and perhaps some of her most stimulating experience (even if the only emotions being triggered were negative ones).

And even assuming she hated Shirly, it's not often that one finds liars on their deathbed. Anissa's final statement came straight from the heart at a time when consequences would not be considered, so it seems that it was most likely genuine. But then again, in her state, Anissa might not have even seen Shirly in the room and would not have delivered the message had she been reminded of her experiences with Shirly in her last moments. While the latter possibility is perhaps unlikely, one cannot disagree that it is just as valid an interpretation as the other... But that's the beauty of fiction, isn't it?

The REAL QUESTION though, is did they apply to Akio??? Cause I mean let's be honest guys that talked like twice lol. I mean it begs the question was Akio even REEEEAAL??

{{I have no idea what I just wrote}}
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12:42 AM ET (US)
"Okay," Shirly chuckled.

And on another day...

Anissa walks along the hallways. Unfortunately, one of Akio's banana peels was littered on the floor. Shirly was just around the corner, reading that same magazine with buff guys in speedos. Anissa slips on the banana peel, stumbles, and crashes into Shirly. The two fall to the ground. Anissa winds up on top of Shirly in an very unfortunate position.

"Oh Anissa... if you wanted to grope me like you are now, you could have just asked!"
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08:44 PM ET (US)
"F- Fine..." Anissa reaches over and grabs the donut as quickly as possible and then tries once again to depart. "J- Just leave me alone, okay?"
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07:24 PM ET (US)
"I just wanted breakfast," Shirly shrugged. "You can have it, don not let this discourage you anyhow."
06:03 PM ET (US)
{{Since there's apparently like a time skip or something we might have to do something else but I'm responding anyway}}

Anissa quickly pulls her hand back as if she had touched a hot pan. "Wh- Why'd you even reach for it, then?"

She turns and attempts to walk away, apparently having lost her appetite for donuts. "Wh- Whatever... I don't care..."
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07:51 AM ET (US)
A few mornings later, Shirly and Anissa were getting breakfast. They both reached for the same donut, and their hands touched.

"Whoops, sorry darlin'," said Shirly, stifling a giggle. "You can have that, too many calories for me."
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09:36 PM ET (US)
(This FTE is permanent)
09:30 AM ET (US)
"Th- Thanks..." she mumbles. Then she gives Shirly one last annoyed glare and briskly walks off, trying to wipe off her lips with her sleeve.

{{lol I swear every time Shirly and Anissa have a conversation, Anissa leaves it wanting to avoid Shirly more than ever before}}
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08:22 AM ET (US)
Shirly chuckles. "Sure, sure, thanks for the rubber band and the kiss! Oh, and best wipe the lipstick off your mouth. Seems I put a bit too much on today, and now your lips are all pink."
06:40 AM ET (US)
"Y'know, what? Th- That's great..." Anissa replies awkwardly. "I'm g- glad that you've had such a f- fulfilling life and plenty of u- unforgettable experiences... and I hope s- someday you can get out of here and make m- many more..."

She glances away and mumbles, "C- Can I leave now?"
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02:02 AM ET (US)
"Is it so weird? I left my home country, a big risk, and who knows, maybe it was not worth it. Ah, but before I did, I had a little thing in High School. Yes, I made my first girlfriend as a little... experiment. I am usually interested in just guys, but I do like a cute girl occasionally. So, we tried it out. It went about as well as my other relationships..."
11:41 AM ET (US)
"Wh- What?" Anissa says, "Th- That's some of the weirdest logic I've heard in a while... I'll g- give you that..." She seems slightly more calm now but doesn't look like she's planning on sitting down again.
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10:58 AM ET (US)
"Well, that was your first kiss, ya? And I said I would help you live life a little. You have reached a huge milestone! Now you can proudly proclaim you have had your first kiss. Oh, but that was not mine. I have kissed about six guys and two girls, including you, like that."

Shirly gave an awkward smile and put the chairs and table back.

"The shock, the thrill, isn't that what living life is all about? These are the best two and a half seconds of your life I tell you, you will want to recapture the moment again and again now."
10:32 AM ET (US)
Alas, the kiss only lasted for about two and a half seconds before the initial shock wore off, and Anissa mustered up all her strength to shove Shirly away from her. She quickly got to her feet and stumbled away from the table, knocking her chair over in the process, and stared at Shirly in horror from a safe distance away.

"Wha..." she shouted, "What the hell is your problem?!" She grabs both sides of her head, shuddering.
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09:18 AM ET (US)
"Anissa girl, take a hint." Shirly walked over to Anissa, and placed a hand behind her head. She leaned in and kissed Anissa on the lips.
08:19 AM ET (US)
"M- Maybe..." Anissa says, "I d- don't see how you'd be able to do that while we're st- stuck here though..."
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