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Honors College Fair Post

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Tj Holloway
03:00 PM ET (US)
Answer in AT LEAST 5 COMPLETE sentences about your trip to the College Fair today. Consider answering these questions:
a. I was able to visit SDSU, USD and DSU. I didn't have time to get all the colleges I wanted to visit.
b. I just did a college visit with USD and after also talking to the recruiter I felt that USD has options That I would like
c. That USD campus just made updates to their dorms and how much it costs to live off and on campus site
d. Now I need to do a Job shadow. I need to see what criminology looks in the field and what I can do with that major.
Nicholas Handberg
03:29 PM ET (US)
     I visited Morningside College, SD School of Mines, and Dakota State University. I wanted to talk to a lot more colleges, but I obviously did not get the time, due to the buses' tardiness and the presentation as well. Personally, I wasn't a really big fan of the presentation given by the Briar Cliff University rep. I felt that the time taken to listen to her would've been used better if we were allowed to talk to more college reps instead. The primary school that I am planning to attend is Dakota State University, because they have a very good technology program there. Something that I didn't know about until I attended was information about School of Mines. They have a good Science/Engineering program there as well, and they are located in the center of Rapid City. Things I learned about Mines is that "they are a bigger school with a small-school feeling". One thing I need to know now is a potential visit to the School of Mines. I also wanted to learn more about SDSU, STI, and UNL yesterday, but because I didn't get the chance to talk to them, I will have to find another way to get more information about them.
Makayla Schilling
03:26 PM ET (US)

I visited Drake University, in Des Moines they had the perks of being a small school but having the big city feel. I was interested in architecture and she told me about how their buildings were built by a famous architect. That school makes it so you get an internship for what you are majoring in. She also talked about how the ratio is really good and they have all professors no assistant teachers. I also went to the university of Nebraska Lincoln because one of the college reps told me that they have a really good architecture program. While talking to them they also said they try and find an internship for all their students and that the students that you will work with are the same through the 6 years that the program will take.
Sarah Dickerson
03:20 PM ET (US)
I visited Nebraska Wesleyan, Augustana, Midland University, and Presentation College. I am considering Augustana University. I learned that a lot of colleges have scholarships that available to everyone. I will have to go on college visits and dig a little more into the colleges. I think in order to have a reliable plan I will have to investigate various colleges and find the one that best suits me.
Josie Lunde
03:19 PM ET (US)
I visited Drake University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the University of South Dakota. I had time to visit all the colleges I wanted to. I plan on going into the Army National Guard after graduation and having that as a part time career while I attend the university center with a major in Marketing and a possible minor in business administration. I learned that there is only certain majors where you can get the full major through the university center. I have already met with an Army National Guard Representation, so my next step is to apply to the University center.
Megan Schoeneman
03:18 PM ET (US)
SDSU, Dordt, ISU, NDSU, I felt rushed once I got there and I didn't get to the last row of colleges. I really like SDSU, because of their Agriculture programs. I didn't know that there were so many scholarship and loan opportunities for students. I think that I need to work on my application so maybe getting more volunteer hours and leadership opportunities. I also think I need to talk to an admission director about dual credit classes.
Bailey Nester
03:18 PM ET (US)
At the college fair yesterday I visited Southeast Tech, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Sioux Falls, University of Minnesota, Black Hills State University, and Dakota State University. I did not have enough time to visit all of the colleges that I wanted to. There was always a lot of people at the University of South Dakota booth so I didn't talk to them and there was others that I didn't hit due to time. I learned that the University of Nebraska Lincoln has a medical program even though that isn't their main program. I also learned that Black Hills State doesn't have a very good medical program. Now, I need to continue my research and decide on a major which will lead to picking a college.
Sydney Kurtz
03:17 PM ET (US)
I visited all of the schools, but the ones that stuck out to me the most were SDSU, USF, Augustana, Nebraska Wesleyan, University of Minnesota, and Creighton. I also talked to the Sanford Research place which was pretty neat. I am considering USF because they have the programs that I am interested in and have talked about recruiting me for sports. I didn't know that USF was an arts school. I need to go on another campus tour and talk to more people that go to USF or work there.
Trinity Atkins
03:17 PM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited USD, SDSU, Iowa State, Mount Marty, Morningside, STI, and BHSU. I also visited all of the financial aid booths and the Sanford Health booth. I did have enough time to visit all of the booths that I was looking forward too, I even got to talk to some colleges that I've never even heard of. I am considering attending USD of STI for nursing. I learned about all of the different financial opportunities that are out there. One of the things that I need to do is volunteer at the Sanford Hospital this summer.
Bruce Shannon
03:16 PM ET (US)
Answer in AT LEAST 5 COMPLETE sentences about your trip to the College Fair today. Consider answering these questions:
a. Not enough. Since the buses were late and I was on the last bus, I had about 15ish minutes with all of the colleges that were there. I visited with Morningside, SD School of Mines, and Dakota State University. There was definitely not enough time, and the fact that we went to that stupid presentation where the chick talked about everything we already knew about choosing colleges; completely pointless.
b. School of Mines, DSU, and Morningside, maybe I would consider more if I had the chance to visit more, but since the chick that went to UNF decided to waste our time, I only visited 3.
c. I learned what university I DIDN'T want to go to (UNF and Briar Cliff), as they don't seem to teach good presentation skills there. The only things I learned that were useful was that SDSMT isn't a bad place to consider and that I want to visit there. There are many internship opportunities there. Plus Morningside has plenty of opportunities in theatre and music to fill my appetite. I also learned that USF has a musical pit in the stage.
d. Go to another college fair where I actually have time to talk to colleges and schools that I want to, without the interruption of some monotone UNF grad who works on a cliff.
Kazia Ohayon
03:16 PM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited with Drake, Dakota Wesleyan, University of Minnesota Rochester, University of Sioux Falls, and a couple other ones that I don't remember the names. I didn't have time to visit all the colleges that I wanted to. After the visit, I want to look further into Drake University. I didn't know that you could double major going into it. Now I am considering going on a campus visit to Drake.
Ashley Nettifee
03:15 PM ET (US)
I visited Creighton, University of Minnesota, Dordt College, and USF. I did not have enough time to visit all the college and financial booths I wanted to. Creighton is a college I am definitely considering. I learned what type of major I should go into to be a chiropractor College visits are definitely something that I need to do in the near future.
Emily Nelson
03:13 PM ET (US)
I talked to USF, Dordt, SDSU, Dickinson State, University of Minnesota Mankato, and School of Mines. I wanted to talk with USD but they were always really busy. I would consider USF, Augie, USD, or SDSU. I've definitely got some narrowing down to do. I learned that Mankato has a very competitive nursing program and that eliminated them from my choices. I need to job shadow a nurse and plan some college visits.
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Morgan Schumacher
03:13 PM ET (US)
I visited NSU, University of Minnesota Morris, and University of Nebraska Lincoln. I didn't have time to go to any others. I'm not really considering any of these but it was nice to talk to other colleges. At NSU, you need an 18 to get in and if you get a 20 and have a certain GPA you can get $1,000 every year, if you get a 24 and good GPA you get almost $2,000. Now I'd like to job shadow again. I also need to visit some colleges.
Kayli Blue
03:11 PM ET (US)
At the college fair, I visited Bethel, USF, Mount Marty, and SDSU. I didn't end up having enough time to visit the Air Guard, which I was disappointed about. I am considering attending SDSU, and maybe doing Air Guard. I learned that multiple different colleges have a lot of options as far as scholarships are concerned. I still need to do a college visit and get more volunteer hours written down. I haven't taken the ACT yet, but that's coming up and it will be important to take into account when considering colleges.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
03:08 PM ET (US)
Answer in AT LEAST 5 COMPLETE sentences about your trip to the College Fair today. Consider answering these questions:
a. What schoolS did you visit? Did you have time to visit all you wanted to see?
b. What is a school or military branch you are considering?
c. What is something you learned that you DIDN'T know by attending?
d. What do you need to do NOW? (job shadow? campus visit? volunteer?)
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