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2/7: February Topics

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Erika Malloy
04:01 PM ET (US)
I finished the book Punished. It is about a girl who gets abused by her mother. She has an older sibling name Nigel, but he didn't ever get abused the way she did. She soon found out that her "mother" isn't actually her mother. She was adopted and so was Nigel. The reason why her mom was so mean to her is because she had to give up her modeling career to take care of two kids that weren't even hers. Late ron in the years things don't get any better. In fact they get worse, one of the "punishments" that she gets is her mom puts her hand on the stove and burnt her hand to a third degree burn. Later on in her lifetime she grows up and has a wonderful family. Her mom is put in a nursing home and she visited her every week even though what she did to her as a child.
Julia Wendell
11:26 AM ET (US)
I'm almost done with Between The Lines. I am on page 254 of 352 pages.

In my book, love is what it is all about. The main girl is in love with a fairytale prince and he is in love with her. They have to work together to be with each other. Delilah needs to find a way to get Oliver out of the book, where he has been trapped his whole life. The book inside this book is a fairy tale. Oliver plays a handsome prince, but he is not very brave all the time. Oliver ends up saving the princess who was trapped by the same man who killed his father. In the book, when its not open, he has his own life. He plays chess with his sidekick, and helps in the castle kitchen. He has been trying to get one go the readers attention, but cannot. Until Delilah. Delilah and Oliver fall in love. They talk every night. Every time Delilah opens the book, she goes to page 43 so they can be alone. This isn't enough though. They want to be able to see each other eye to eye. Person to person. They must take on all the challenges that face them. However they face them together.
Tj Holloway
09:53 AM ET (US)
I just finished reading Gone at the end of class. The main protagonist of Gone, Sam, was deeply in love with this other girl, Astrid. One the kids hit the age of fifteen, he or she disappears. So Sam hits fifteen and he sees his Mother that tells him to join her. He refuses to go with her because Sam doesn't want to leave Astrid behind. His mom begs and begs but he refuses. The the scene turns and we find out its not his mother but someone else pretending to be her. He entices the kids with something they want and he takes them but only if they agree. So Sam saves himself from the Birthday Poof, or when the kids disappear on their birthday. Sam then has to go in a huge fight with the antagonist in order to protect the kids he love. He has a fight to the death until a winner is chosen.
Alecia Beigh
05:48 PM ET (US)
i just finished reading Until Friday Night. I'm now reading the book TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY,it has 288 pages and I'm on page 29.
A. This girl Hannah Baker committed suicide and she was in love with this guy named Justin Foley. She made this tape about Justin and how she first meet him and their first kiss. She was mad because at first he liked her friend Kat and she was in love with him. When Kat moved, he started to like Hannah and they became close and she always had dreams about him. He was her first kiss and her first hand to hold. They started hanging out and getting to know more about each other. She also gave them a map and tells them where she had all of her memories or her friends. whoever was number 13 and had keep the video and bring them to hell with them.
Jason Koval
04:30 PM ET (US)
The book I i'm reading is 90 minutes in heaven and it goes well with love. Valentines day is about love and loving people well this book talks about a guys experience and how God shoes love and grace on him. He get into a car accident and dies right away, soon as he dies he goes to heaven. In the book he says that their was no voice that called him or no light he saw at the end he just simply appeared their. As he was in heaven the people that had a big impact on him he saw them their first and they showed so much love to him their he could not even explain it in worldly words. And the people he saw that he knew he never seen them smile as much as they were in heaven there was so much love and brightness and life in them thats you cant even put it into words. And God had love for him and took him to heaven to show him something to share his experience with others to show that he died but God brought him back to life and showed him a glims of heaven. And so he can realise that how much love God is and saved him even thow when he came back from heaven there was so much pain he went throw and did not want to be here in earth but had to, to share his story and to fill his propose.
Kaitlyn Schaunaman
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading Breaking Point by Kristen Simmons and finished page 122 of 415.

A. In my book, all the danger and the whole plot is wrapped around a feeling of obligation between a group of best friends. Without the love they had for each other, none of them would still be alive. The four young adults are loving best friends, more like family than anything, because of everything they have been through. While in hiding Ember, Chase and Sean have to track down Rebecca, in hopes of saving her before it is too late.The book revolves around Ember and Chase as the explore their relationship, while trying to find Rebecca, Sean's girlfriend.While Becca always wanted the others to be free, her choosing to stay behind is killing them all.As they explore their relationships everything starts to crumble around them. Will they choose to stay and fight or to leave Becca behind?
Kaelynn Ahrendt
04:29 PM ET (US)
This weekend I finished Under the Lights. I also started and already finished Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols, it was 301 pages. Today I started reading The Distance Between Us by Kasie West. The novel has 312 pages and I stopped on page 109.

A. My books main character, Caymen Meyers, lives with her mother in an apartment above their doll store. Caymen's mother is the only person in her life that she has ever loved, so far. She doesn't know who her father is. Her father told Caymen's mother to have an abortion or else her was leaving her. After Caymen was born, she never went looking for her father because she doesn't want to know someone who didn't want her. Caymen's mother told her the rich can't be trusted because that is what her father was. But one day while Caymen is working in the store, Xander, a rich boy, walks in. She doesn't know what the feeling that she gets when she is around him, but she likes it. After that one day in the store, they started hang out and Caymen is starting to develop feeling for him. She hasn't told her mom about Xander because she believes her mother won't like him. But with Caymen's feelings growing strong, she can't keep Xander from her mother anymore.
Grace Dellman
04:29 PM ET (US)
I have finished the book Sarah's Key. I am now reading I Have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Bitton-Jackson. I am on page 139 and there are 223 pages. Love plays an important role in my book. The love between a daughter and mother is very important. They both have been shipped from one concentration camp to another and they have been relying on each other to survive. The whole time they have been in Auschwitz they have faced several challenges. Their love for each other has allowed them to help and push each other past their limits. They both know that without each other they would have given up a long time ago. Their love for each other has grown greatly since they both have gone through these horrendous things together. They have also seen each other in a new light and have a new found respect for one another. The mother has now been chosen to be sent to a different camp. Elli, the daughter, knows that without her her mother will not survive. Now she is trying to reason with the officer into letting her go with her mother. It will be interesting to read if their love for each other is strong enough to overcome Auschwitz and the Holocaust as a whole.
Elizabeth Carda
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading Frayed by Kara Terzis, there are 297 pages and I stopped on page 287 today. I'm going to do option C. If Ava were to send a letter she'd send it to Kelsey. She'd say how she truly thinks of her and how much she is inspired by her. She shows a perfect reputation on how to be a perfect person. When really she isn't so perfect. Ava would say how she hates how she back-stabbed her and acted like she did nothing wrong. She said how she is an awful person inside for not telling her how she really is. She didn't tell Ava how imperfect she was and how she could fix it. She blamed her for everything and she hates her for it. She didn't like how she treated her foster mom like a real mom and didn't tell her about her real parents are.
Jenni Blue
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading My Last Kiss and I am on page 286 out of 358 pages.
One of the most important themes of my book is love. Cassidy, the main character of the book, loves Ethan. After a party with too much drinking and too much drama, Cassidy is mysteriously found dead, and people are pinning her death as a suicide. Cassidy has no idea how she died, and her ghost is searching for all the missing clues as to what happened that night. Since she is a ghost, no one can see her. Except her boyfriend, Ethan. This is really interesting and leads to the question of why it is that he can see her. Is it because of their love for each other? Or maybe it's because he's connected to her death. Together, they are the only ones who can find out whether her death was an accident, or murder.
Jaden Luke
04:27 PM ET (US)
The book I am currently reading is "Outside Shot" by Keith O'Brien. There are 270 and I stopped on page 158 today.
(B.) In my book, February is a very important month. February is the time of the season just before playoffs. This is the time when every game matters, you must win at least 75% of your games or else you have a chance of not making the playoffs. My book is based around a Kentucky basketball team that has a very hug legacy of winning. They entered the moth of February with a record of 15-8 and only 12 more games left, 8 of these games are in this month. During this month, the team travels a bunch and its n the winter. Very dangerous time. This month is very important to the team in my book.
Jersie Reese
04:27 PM ET (US)
I'm reading love letters to the dead. I'm on page 230, there is 323 pages total.
A. In the book I'm reading it is about the main girls love for her dead sister, her parents, and her friends. She had a boyfriend but he broke up with her because she didn't share enough. I see his point but it was a little selfish of him. He didn't fess up about why he broke up with her until later, he did it in a note, and it was shorty after he said " I love you." I learned today that the sister she looked up to, committed suicide in front of her. I was confused on why she was struggling so much with her sisters death and I got my answer. Her sister seemed happy but she jumped into a stream at their secret spot. The main girl also has these two girl friends that are in love and kiss but aren't public. It is killing one of the girls because the other one flirts and kissing all these guys and won't admit her feelings. The thing a stranger guessed them being in love. Love just seems complicated in this book.
Emma Lewis
04:27 PM ET (US)
Start with a sentence that names your current book, # of pages, and where you stopped today. Also tell me if you just finished another book.
I'm reading Punished by Vanessa Steel. I finished the novel of 326 pages today and plan to read Don't Get Caught next class.

Topic A
Vanessa is abused mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout her childhood. She continues to bear through the pain that is inflicted on her solely because of her desire to be loved. Even if Vanessa doesn't receive the love she yearns for so badly from her mother, she does receive it from Nan Casey, her brother, and even neighbors. Vanessa doesn't understand why nothing is done to stop the abuse that is happening to her. She doesn't let her past inflict negativity on her future, however. Vanessa finds out that she's pregnant and vows to love her little girl with all of her heart. As Vanessa enters adulthood and now is on her 2nd husband with six kids, three of which are hers, her mother's heath is deteriorating. She visits her in the hospital and never receives an apology from her mother but rather and understanding for what she did and why. It's not completely confirmed but Vanessa can only make the assumption that, like her, her mother wasn't loved and therefor didn't know how to love.
Tanner Schaunaman
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am reading Lone Survivor. I stopped on page 346 of 392. Love plays a large role in Marcus' life throughout the course of this book. Love is actually one of the driving forces that keeps him alive thorough everything that he went through. Marcus developed a deep love for hard work and the military as a young boy. He was always fascinated with the way they operated and always wanted to become a Navy SEAL. He obviously has tremendous love for our country also because he is willing to fight and give his life to defend us. Love is also what got his parents and other family members through this. The four SEALs were reported as MIA and many assumed them dead. Within a couple days, over 300 people, family and friends, had gathered at Marcus' parents house. They gathered there to show their love and support. They stayed there, helping the family and praying, for over a week. Love was one of the main forces that kept Marcus alive and kept everyone else believing in him.
Truman DickPerson was signed in when posted
04:26 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading Invasive, there are 320 pages and I stopped on page 193 today.

A. Love isn't a huge theme in Invasive, but the main character Hannah slept with one of the antagonists Einar. This doesn't seem to be a very big deal, but if it got out to the public it could make it difficult to arrest Einar. This also made all of the scientists on edge with Hannah. Hannah also has a rough relationship with her parents. She loves them, but her childhood was very difficult for her because her parents are paranoid. Throughout the novel, there are constant flashbacks of Hannah's childhood. However, there are times where Hannah's parents help her. Some of their skills they taught her are used when Hannah is in life or death situations.
Jordan Pechous
04:26 PM ET (US)
The book I am currently reading is Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate. There are 291 pages, and I am on page 260. Meaning, I will finish this book next class period.

Love is a very, very important factor in this book. First, Eve believes, on and off, that her mother may actually love her, and wants to help her. Then there are hints that Solo, one of the main characters, is madly in-love with Eve. Also, Eve's friend, Aislin's boyfriend, who she loves dearly, and will do anything for, keeps getting into trouble. Which ends up hurting Aislin, and sometimes Eve, multiple times. Finally, the main love shown, and foreshadowed in the book, between Eve and Adam. Eve created Adam, without knowing he would become real, so she made him to the way that he was perfect to her. When Adam finally comes to life, his first thought are how much he loves his creator, Eve. And how much he wants to find her, and be with her.
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