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[F6] Benjamin and Oliver

06:36 PM ET (US)
"Haha, I suppose so," Oliver laughed, setting his cup down and using a napkin to wipe his hands off. He seemed to have calmed down from his previous gaffe.

"Ah, I will admit that I feel quite homesick as well. Moving here gobsmacked me. This whole business did that as well... I think I'm rather jammy for still be alive. Everyone else too, of course."

He took another, much more careful sip of his tea, and lowered the mug with a satisfied sigh. "Ah... Simply scrummy."
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06:33 PM ET (US)
Benjamin chuckled at Oliver's mishap. "As the saying goes 'don't take a sip if you're not prepared to kiss the gillywhip'." He took a careful sip of his own tea. "Mikey, the air is so gibbersome that I've found myself feeling a bit homesick--how oddly hollystone of me."
04:50 PM ET (US)
"Indeed. In all honesty, this whole business gives me the collywobbles. It is truly minging," Oliver said before taking another sip of his tea. He wasn't careful this time, however, and the tip of his tongue burned, causing him to jump in his seat and immediately set the cup down, face a little red in embarrassment. "Blimey, that's hot!"
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12:23 PM ET (US)
"I didn't expect myself to be so cack-handed." Benjamin laughed off the embarrassing moment. "But yes, I agree. Things are getting quite tense, and I find that everyone is acting a bit jangledorfed for my taste."
05:35 PM ET (US)
"Quite so! Glad you're alright." Oliver sat down with a small smile on his face, and took a small sip of his tea before setting the mug down. "I am truly chuffed to have a quiet moment of repose with you. Everyone really took the piss in that last tribunal..."
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05:09 PM ET (US)
"I'll be alright." Benjamin said, putting the mug down. "We shouldn't let something as small as this throw a spanner into our tea time." He finished pouring the other mug for Oliver and then sat down at the table.
12:03 PM ET (US)
"Haha, the compliment is certainly appreciated!" Oliver replied after his writer finally got enough downtime in his life to respond.

As Benjamin's cup overflowed, Oliver cringed and ran off to grab a nearby napkin or handkerchief -- something to wipe his hands with. He soon returned, napkin in hand. "Oh bollocks, are you quite alright? That was certainly a gaffe!" he exclaimed, offering a napkin to the burn victim.

[sorry for the late reply, school and irl drama have been a bitch lately]
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09:44 PM ET (US)
"I agree, Oliver. Especially with someone as smart-looking as yourself." He motioned to Oliver's outfit with his empty mug. "Even I can start to feel stressed at times, and a nice cup of te-OH BLOOMIN' ECK!" Benjamin shouted as he accidentally overflowed the tea and poured boiling water on his hand. He winced and began blowing on his hand. "That was a right bodge job!"

The air was getting very British.
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08:07 PM ET (US)
"Ah, black is a lovely choice indeed," Oliver replied, letting out a hearty chuckle.

"I much admit, it is nice to still have some form of repose in the midst of everything going on. This killing game business is a load of codswallop."
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10:01 AM ET (US)
"Splendid choice!"

The two of them walk to the parlor, Benjamin preparing the hot water and tea bags. "Do you have a preference? Black is usually my choice, as it is today--I'm quite knackered."
12:13 AM ET (US)
"Ah, of course! It would be my honor, Benjamin," Oliver said with a small curtsy and a beaming smile, despite the internal pain this killing game had put him and everyone else through. "Shall we get tea from the parlour, then?"
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12:45 PM ET (US)
Benjamin approached Oliver in the ambiguous Ch4 location. "Hello, Oliver. Fancy a cuppa?"

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