TWG CLII Wolfchat TWG CLII Wolfchat QuickTopic <![CDATA[thesunfan | gg]]> 2016-05-14T02:14Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | god I hope so, my heart is starting to race 10mins to the]]> 2016-05-14T01:50Z <![CDATA[thesunfan | If something happens, I think its on blind to carry for us we...]]> 2016-05-14T00:20Z <![CDATA[thesunfan | you posted well, gold stinger really well I know its your...]]> 2016-05-13T06:04Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | I don't have a meta :> Charu is going to flip like hell when he...]]> 2016-05-13T04:40Z <![CDATA[thesunfan | I think Aa could've been lynched over him, but I felt like...]]> 2016-05-13T04:37Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | I'm happy that people thought I was playing a good a town as I...]]> 2016-05-13T04:21Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | It's a fulfilling win to me, because this is my 3rd game, and...]]> 2016-05-13T04:19Z <![CDATA[thesunfan | I do feel bad for town this would be an entirely different...]]> 2016-05-13T02:51Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | town's gonna get shotgunned RIP]]> 2016-05-13T02:22Z <![CDATA[Force | Factional kill PM received. Kill currently set to:...]]> 2016-05-13T02:20Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | If the night results falls in the 75% or so predictability...]]> 2016-05-13T02:20Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | sent in arming request.]]> 2016-05-13T02:18Z <![CDATA[goldstinge... | Well, it's always alright to speculate a plan B in case...]]> 2016-05-13T02:16Z <![CDATA[sunfan | I have no doubt in my mind that we will achieve parity...]]> 2016-05-13T02:16Z