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ACT Reading Reflection

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Lindsey K
07:23 PM ET (US)
. What are your THREE full-length READING test scores so far? (Sept, November 20, and today). Use your Scoring Table in your folder to find September test we took in auditorium. Answer in 2 or 3 sentences. Did you record the results of the 2 Reading tests on the table in your folder? For my September test I got a 10 on the reading test. For the November 20 test I got an 11. Finally for the last one I got a 16.

2. What strategies did you use to practice during the timed tests? Answer in 2 complete sentences ( Different order? Bubbling last? Reading with finger? Bubbling along the way? First/last parag? Topic sentences?) For the first test I just kind of read and answered the questions. For my last one I used the reading with my finger strategy.

3. Which subtest score was consistently your highest? Which subtest score was consistently your lowest? (Prose, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science) Answer in 2 sentences. My highest scoring section was the humanities ones. My lowest scoring one was the natural science.

4. Research suggests that reading with your finger helps. KEEP TRYING that! Did you try reading with your pencil or finger? Do you feel like that helps or hinders? (Answer in 2 sentences)Yes I did try reading with my finger. I feel as if it helps me.

5. Look at your 3 PROSE passage times and scores and your 3 NATURAL SCIENCE passage times and scores from all 3 practices. What pattern or trend do you notice in terms of times and scores? AND... Would skipping that first passage be a good strategy for you? (Answer in 3 sentences) For the prose section it got better from the 1st one to the 3rd on. For my natural science it went down one from the 1st to the 3rd.No because it was my second best passage.

6. What is your goal score for the ACT Reading section? (Answer in 1 sentence) My goal was an 18.

7. Thinking about the several strategies we saw in the videos and keynotes, share the ONE reading strategy that seems to work the best for you. (Answer in 2 sentences) The strategies that worked best for me was the reading with the finger and pre reading the questions.
Emma Hagel
03:36 PM ET (US)
1. In September, I got a 26 on the reading part of my practice ACT. In class for my reading pretest, I got a 31, and for my post-test I got a 34.

2. For my post-test, I scrambled the order to be 1, 4, 2, 3. During the tests I tried different strategies depending on the type of reading (humanities, prose, etc.). I also bubbled after I had answered all of the questions, and I read with my finger on the sections where I needed it.

3. Prose was typically my highest score with the fastest time. My lowest score (most of the time) was humanities-- sometimes it was really simple for me and didn't take much time but other times it would take a while for my brain to understand all of the information being thrown at me.

4. I think that, for the most part, reading with your finger can really benefit you. However, when you are trying to just skim some parts of a section, it can become a difficulty to do what you wanted.

5. In the first trial, my humanities and my prose were pretty good, but above 8:45. The second time I took them, my scores and times were either the same or WORSE. Finally, in the third and final practice round, the times had almost been cut in half, and I gained a few points for the scores. I think the strategy of reading the first passage.

6. Next time I take the reading test, my goal would be a 35.

7. As I stated earlier, I used different tricks and methods depending on the passage. For scientific, its normally about facts, so I take a detailed skim and read the questions-- if I need to go back and read more, that's okay. In prose, I read the questions first so that I know what I'm looking for-- then I thoroughly read the whole passage so as not to miss any minute detail or piece of tone.
Austin Sieverding
01:34 PM ET (US)
1. The three reading score I got were 16, 20, and 21. The two reading score I have in my folder were around this and it kind of gave me an idea on where I would be at.
2. I looked at the questions first, then I read the passage. I read them in a different order also.
3. My highest score was has been the natural science portion. My lowest score has been the humanities portion.
4. I tried reading with my pencil, and it helped me not lose track of where I was at in the passage. I feel like using something to help follow along in the passage will help.
5. Pros is one of my lower scores and natural science is my highest score. My scores went up and the amount of time I was using went down. My pros and natural science scores have been consistent.
6. My goal for the ACT reading is 22.
7. Reading the questions first and then going and reading the passage has helped me best. Also when I use my pencil to find the words or underlining key things in the paragraph.
Breanna Bossman
01:28 PM ET (US)
1. My three scores didn't really vary. My first score was a 24 on the test we took in September. Then on the first test in here I got another 24. Then on the passage outside of the book I got a 25. But, my final score in here was a 23

2. I changed my order. I do Natural Science, Pros Fiction, Narrative, and then Social Sciences. I also took notes in the margins and read the beginning sentence of each body paragraph as well as the full introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

3. My highest one was Pros Fiction. My lowest score was Social Sciences.

4. I tried to read with my pencil, but I just got annoyed and focused too much on that. I was unable to comprehend what I was reading, because I was focused on the pencil.

5. My three prose passages scores fluctuated. My score was sometimes high and sometimes low. But, my time decreased each time. My natural science passage scores were normally the same or they went up by one or two. The time increased each time. I don't think skipping the first paragraph would help on the prose, because I feel like I would need more background information. But, it could help on the science.

6. My goal score is a 26.

7. The best strategy in my opinion is to read the passages out of order and only reading the first and last paragraphs fully. I think it saves a lot more time only reading those paragraphs all the way and only the first sentence from the other paragraphs. Then you are able to understand the main idea. But, you can also go back and read the passage if a questions asks specifically about it.
Winter Clancy
01:28 PM ET (US)
1. In September my score was a 16. In November I got a 20 on the pre test and a 16.
2. I started with the last passage first and worked my way back up to the fist passage. I read with my finger, because when I read with my finger I tend to read faster.
3. My highest score was the natural science section. The next highest was my pros fiction section.
4.Yes, I did read with my finger. It really helped me stay focused and helped me read the passages faster.
5. My times tended to stay the same. The more times I did it, my scores started to go up. I think I would save the first passage for last, because it takes me the longest.
6. My goal is a 20.
7. I tried a lot of different strategies. The one that worked best for me was reading al of the topic sentences of each paragraph first.
Hailey Galpin
10:42 AM ET (US)
1. 20,23,25, final 26

2. I decided keep the order the same. I also read with my finger and took notes.

3. My highest is the Natural Science and Pros Fiction.

4.Yes, I really helped. It helped me keep a consistent pace and time.

5. The scores stayed pretty much the same for all. The times did decrease though.

6. My goal is to finish the whole test and get at least a 20.

7.The strategy that worked the best for me is making notes in the margins. I feel like it helps me better understand each paragraph and what is was about. Reading with my finger helps me from taking to long to read, allowing me more time for notes and questions.
Caden Jost
10:41 AM ET (US)
1. In September, I got a 20. November 20, I got a 19. November 30, I got a 19 as well.
2. One strategy I used was going from passage 4 backwards to passage 1, I feel it keeps me calmer doing easy ones and working my way up, which improved my speed.
3. Natural science was by far the best. Humanities is by far the worst, but I feel I can improve it by slowing down on that passage.
4. I used both but on different passages. I think it helped me focused better, but it is different for everyone.
5. For all of my other passages besides one I read more slowly, but still at a decent pace. I did score the worst in the first passage, but I think it doesn’t have to be dead last. During the ACT personally I encourage 4,3,1,2.
6. My goal score is a 23
7. The reading strategy that helped me was reading first paragraph then read first couple of sentences only. Then read full conclusion and then revise what you read start bubbling.
Alexus Kunkel
12:02 PM ET (US)
1. In September, I got a 24. November 20, I got a 29. November 30, I got a 27.
2. One strategy I used was my finger; it helped me read faster and kept my eyes focused. I also bubbled my answers last; saved me a lot of time.
3. Natural Science was consistently my highest. Prose and Humanities switched off for being my lowest.
4. I used both my finger and my pencil. I felt like it helped keep my place and my eyes trained on what I was reading.
5. The thing I noticed was I took longer with the prose section than the natural science section. I also scored higher in the natural science section. I think it would be a good idea to save the first passage for last because it will probably save me some time.
6.My goal score is a 29.
7. The strategy that worked best for me was bubbling last. I put more focus on what I was doing than bubbling after every question.
Morgan Berens
05:55 PM ET (US)
1. In September, I got an 18. November 30th I got a 19 and then the one we just took I got a 20
2. I tried to use my pencil for tracking more often and it seemed to help. But the one that helped the most was reading the first and last paragraph as well as the first sentence in the other paragraphs. The order that I personally used was 4,3,1,2
3. Literary was my worst for all of them because I had to keep looking back to the passage for answers. The Natural Science was always my highest because the facts came right out of the passage and the answers were worded the same.
4. I did try using my finger and pencil for the last two attempts. It helped, for me, a lot more than I thought that it would. I was able to go straight back to what I was looking at before.
5. The one thing that I noticed about my natural science score and times were that I finished with less time each test. And my score improved for a 5/10 to a 9/10. But for my pros fiction, I kept taking longer and longer, plus my score kept getting worse each test. I think that skipping the fist passage might work for me instead.
6. I would like to get an average of a 21 or 22.
7. The best reading strategy that worked the best for me was reading with my finger and my pencil at the same time. My second strategy was reading the fist and last paragraph first.
Kaylee Loof
10:49 AM ET (US)
1. In September I got a 15. In November I got a 19. Today I got a 22. I have recorded it down.
2. I start with passages 4312. I also read the first and last paragraph then the first sentence in each paragraph.
3. Prose is consistently my worst. Natural Science was consistently my best.
4. Using my finger or pencil didn’t really help. I’m not sure if its the right thing for me.
5. The pattern I notice is I do better with the science section. I think starting with the last passage is best for me. Moving from the back to the front works best for me.
6. My goal score for the ACT Reading is a 20 or higher.
7. The one that worked best for me was reading the first and last then skimming the paragraphs. I picked out important details and that seemed to help me understand the passage better.
Alexus Foster
03:49 PM ET (US)
1. My three reading scores so far have been a 17, 16, and another 17. If I am able to read a little faster I think I'll be able to bump my score up a bit.
2. I used reading the questions and then reading the paragraphs. I also read in a different order than what was given.
3. My highest subjects has been humanities and science and social studies have been my highest. Prose has been low but I have gotten it up.
4. I sometimes catch myself reading with my pencil or finger. Most of the time I catch myself doing it is when I'm looking for a question.
5. I notice that each time I have taken them they're always pretty much the same. They either go up a couple or down a couple, so I'm never really sure what kind of trend is happening. I feel like if I skipped the first paragraph that it wouldn't be awful for me, but it does give me an idea about what the rest of the passage will be like.
6. My goal score is to get a 18 or 19.
7. I think skipping around and reading the questions help me the best. Reading the questions first I am able to find some of them in the passage and underline them.
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Epiphany Hammer
03:16 PM ET (US)
1. My three reading scores go chronologically in the following order: 34, 30, and 32. I was very surprised at my first score as it was a huge jump from my typical score. My second score was more close to my usual so it was already, but I was angry because I did very good the first time. And my last time was a happy medium that I wis to accomplish on my actual ACT.

2. The first tests I chose to use a pencil-following tactic and the one where you read the into and topic sentences of the paragraphs. After that I realized that I read much faster without following along and realized that the new reading method worked exceptionally for me.

3. There were typically always at least two scores that were 10/10 and the others were low, but I never had a consistent test to be the lowest. I typically scored the worst on the humanities and social science test.

4. I did try reading with my pencil, as my finger was too chubby. I feel like that really slowed me down, I can skim fast and still get the same info without my finger.

5. I am actually typically good at the science and prose passages, I would usually just go in the normal order. On my last test I rearranged so that my prose and science tests were last, because I'm typically good at those. I really wish I could've tried putting my easy ones first and harder ones last. Skipping the first passage would not be good for me, because it would help me see how much time I had left.

6. My goal score is a 32, but on the low end I would hope for a 30.

7. The reading strategy that works best for me is reading the intro and conclusion and then topic sentence. This helps me get through the passages way faster and not wastes as much time.
Jayme Carlson
03:04 PM ET (US)
1. In September my reading score was a 27. In November it was a 31. Today my score was a 26. I did record all of my scores in the table.
2. During my timed test I found that I scored better on the passages that I skimmed through. The speed reading methods did not work for me at all. I liked working on the passages out of order and answering the questions in the book first and then transferring my answers to the document. I thought this allowed me to move faster and more efficiently.
3. My subtest score that was my highest was the Natural Science passage. It then went in order of Prose, Humanities, and then Social Sciences.
4. I tried reading with my pencil on a few of the passages. However I don’t think it really helped me. I think it distracted me from the content in the passage.
5. Each time I took the Prose and the Natural Science passages, I went faster with my time. Unfortunately, I didn’t score as well on the second passage for prose than the first one, but I think it will come with practice. As for the Natural Science passage, I thought the second passage was much easier and I don’t think it accurately represents what my score would be on that passage in the time given.
6. My goal for the ACT reading section would be to score a 28 or higher.
7. I think the reading strategy that works the best for me is skimming the passage. Without getting a really good idea what the passage is about, I don’t understand what the questions are asking and overall it just takes me too much time.
Jersie Reese
02:37 PM ET (US)
1) Sept. 27- 17, Nov. 20-19, Nov. 30-16
2) I used the reading the first sentence of every paragraph and reading with finger.
3) My subtest score for natural science was consistently my highest. Humanities was consistently my lowest.
4) I read mainly with my finger but I did some with my pencil. I feel it helps when I have to go back and look.
5) I advanced in all except for when it came to the post reading test. Skipping the first passage would not be a good strategy for me.
6) My goal is 22 but my scores keep changing.
7) I thinking read just part of each paragraph works best for me. I know they said not to read the questions first but I read a little then answer the first few question because they are more than likely already covered.
Maggie Mitchell
02:14 PM ET (US)
1.Sept. 17, Nov 20. 18, Nov 30. 19
2.I used the finger strategy. This strategy definitely helps because it helps me focus on what I’m reading.
3.My highest score was constantly Natural Science. My lowest score was constantly humanities.
4.I did try reading with my finger on the past two tests we took. I do believe this helps because it helps be focus and keep on track.
5.I notice that they pretty much stay the same, maybe like a one point difference. The times normally are around the same, and so are the scores. When I take the tests I normally go first, last, second, than third, so no I think the order I go in now is good for me.
6.I would like to get at least a 20 on the reading portion of the ACT.
7.The best strategy for me is the finger strategy. I have used this strategy on the past two tests.
Jordan Pechous
01:42 PM ET (US)
1. September = 20, November 20th = 20, and November 30th = 20
2. I used reading with my finger with every passage and kinda reading in chunks. I also would mark my answers in the book, then when the passage was done, I would bubble them in.
3. My Consistently highest was Social Science. My consistently lowest was Prose.
4. I usually read books my using an index card to keep me on the same sentence and moving it down while I read further. So I would sometimes use my finger, then use my bubble sheet. I think it helps me keep focus on what I am reading.
5. Prose is my worst passage, while natural science is my second best. I believe saving the prose passage for after I finish the rest will let me accomplish what I do better at first. My natural science is my second best, so I like to do it second, so i can stay in order.
6. My goal score of the Reading section is a 23.
7. Reading with my finger or a paper is the best strategy. I tried to do the read first passage, read last, but I kept going back to read more into the passage to answer a question. I will stick with reading with my finger/paper.
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