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5/7: Memory or Title

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Cooper Maras
03:45 PM ET (US)
The book I am currently reading is "The Champions Mind" by Jim Afremow. Im on page 21 of 243.

A. In my current book it talks all about sports and the mental side that you must improve if you want to be successful. This relates to me because all year I have been reading books on building a positive mental attitude. I am trying to grow my mind just as I try to grow my body. So far in the book the author talks about what other do to build their mental attitudes. I hope to gain from this book the knowledge I need in examples from other, tricks to stay positive. The book has many quotes from people that are successful in their careers. I am enjoying this book very much right now and I am excited to learn from the people mentioned in this book.
fallon jackman
10:42 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading the book Over You by Amy Reed, I am on page 85 of 299
in my book there are not a lot of tytles for the begging of the chapters. the chapters that do have titles are the ones where there are poems that the writer puts into the story to make things a little more real. the titles really do match the book and what the poems talk about. I think that it is nice that she put titles only on her poems. this tells you that she it refferanceing a poem with her book and she puts in the right poems that make sense to the setting and feeling of the book.
Cole Miles
10:36 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading The DH by John Feinstein, I am on page 54 of 293. If your into reading about baseball this book would be good for you.

A. The book brings back so many memories from now and back then because I've always played baseball and some games I don't play and just hit as the DH the the main character in this book. It also brings back memories because on the page I'm on right now they are making it to the state championship and they end up getting second place, we also got second place a few years ago but these next few years I think will be pretty good. Even though we haven't had that many games this year we have won more than we've lost so that's a start but the next few years are going to be really good for us and hopefully that's what will happen for these guys.
Eleanor Dick
11:05 AM ET (US)
I am reading No Cream Puffs and am on page 132 of 209.

B. At first I did not understand the title until I read a certain part. I think it is appropriate but I would have named it something different. I mean it could grab you if you are curious and wonder what it means. I figured out it means like a soft pitch. This book is about a girl playing baseball with the boys and she is a great pitcher. When she makes a bad one, they say no creams puffs. Each chapter is numbered. I would title them something like: First Game, New Neighbor, or The Fight. I do not really know how she chose this title exactly but it works. I would probably title it "Playing with the Boys." I feel like that has been used before and is kind of generic but it works.
Elliot Uehling
10:59 AM ET (US)
Right now, I'm reading Percy Jackson: The Battle of The Labyrinth. It has 361 pages and I'm currently on page 72.

B. The title of my book is very appropriate. It literally is about The Labyrinth from Greek mythology. In the book, they're preparing for battle. The battle will most likely take place in said labyrinth. I wanted to read the book because it's part of a series I'm reading. All the chapters are named as well.
Makara Jackson
10:55 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Open road Summer by Emery Lord. I am on page 144 of 342.

B. Titles: DON'T just answer yes or no. Write complete sentences restating the question.
 Is the title of your current book appropriate?: Yes, the books setting is summer! so the title makes perfect sense.
 Does the title “grab” you and make you want to read the book?Yes, I thought the title seemed fun and inviting. Something I would totally love.
 Did you find the reference to the title somewhere in the book? Yes, the title is also one of the "songs" the main characters best friend wrote about her.
 Does the author title each chapter? If not, what would you title at least three of the chapters? She des, well kinda. Each chapter has a new city, since the book is all about a summer music tour.
 How do you think the author chose the book title? Because the book is about traveling for a music tour all around the country during summer. It just makes sense!
 What would you title the book? Why?
Ethan Kueter
10:51 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading "The Boy Who Couldn't Die" by William Seator. I have read 50 of 173.
The title of this book is appropriate because it is about a boy who's friend died and he wanted to make sure he would never die. He had a women work a spell on him so he'd never die. The skull on the front of the book grabbed my attention because it looked dark and mysterious. When I saw the books title I thought it looked interesting because, The boy who couldn't die seems like a mysterious title, and it made me want to read it. When I saw the title I knew right away it was about a boy who count die. I would know what its about right away because at the begging he is at the strange women's apartment and is getting a spell so he can not die. The chapters are not titled.
Abbie Cain
10:49 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult and I am on page 150 of 514.

B. The title of this book is Salem Falls, I think this fits the book well. This book is called Salem Falls because it is the name of the town the story takes place in. Salem Falls is a very quiet small town were there is very little crime. When Jack St. Bride, a registered sex offender, come to the town everyone is upset. People in the town are not happy he came because they liked the peacefulness of the town and now everyone is worried that their kids will not be safe. The people of this town are quick to judge Jack without even knowing him, they don't care if he is actually a good person they are just focused on driving him out of the town. I like the this title for this book because I think Salem Falls is a typical small town, where the people in it are very quick to judge, but act like they are so nice and innocent.
10:38 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Dare You To by Katie McGarry. I have read 41 out 455 pages and so far the book is great.

B. The title of this book is very appropriate for this book because it gives away how the two main characters of the book met. The title and the cover of the book was what grabbed my attention in the first place. What popped in my head when I saw the books title was that this book is full of mystery and thrills. When you first see the title it kinda makes you think what the book is about because it has the word dare in it. If you read the book right away you will know why it has the word dare in it because its how the main characters first meet. The chapters are not titled, instead they of a title its one of the main characters names because it goes back and forth between different perspectives. The author could have easily made titles if there was only one character through the whole book but she didn't want to confuse people.
Austin Brookfield
10:37 AM ET (US)
I am currently read Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger. I am on page 96 of 408.


I believe the book title is appropriate because the book is all about football and Friday night lights. Odessa is the hometown of the football team and they're the best in the state of Texas. Bissinger captures a whole season in the life of Odessa; the coaches, the parents, the fans, and most of all, the players who carry an entire city's self-respect right on each of their shoulders. When I was in the library this book title instantly caught my attention. I believe the author picked this because he was telling us it was about football.
Caden Ideker
10:30 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Devil's Pocket by John Dixon and I'm on page 300 of 340.

A. This book brings back a lot of memories from the wrestling days. Carl is a boxer who's in a tournament that includes all styles of Mixed Martial Arts and wrestling is no stranger to MMA. It reminds me of when I wrestled, mainly as a kid. The strategies are pretty similar, as well as the training routines. A lot of the mental aspects transfer over to wrestling and boxing. I can relate almost every single page to one of my experiences as a person or a wrestler. Carl has gone through a lot of the same troubles that I have, which is very easy to relate to.
Chelsea Shumaker
02:08 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Walk The Edge by Katie McGarry. I am on page 258 of 412.
I believe the book title is appropriate because this book is all about danger. Including a struggling family and a bully at school. The title did grab me because I like the picture on the front of the book. On the front is a man walking on the edge of a train track. I did not find a reference yet in the book. But I believe it will be said in the end of the book. This book has a girls point of view and a boys point of view. If I had to choose, I would call the three chapters, why me, together and always. Because this book is about trusting the people in your life. The author choose this book title because of the suspense throughout the book. You do not know the entire plot of the story until about the end of the book. I would title this book "Trusting The Enemy." I would choose that because the characters in this book need to trust the people they are around, so that they survive.
Aysia Hall
11:07 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading The Detour by S.A. Bodeen and I am on page 177 of 215.


The title of this book is "The Detour" and I believe this title fits the story pretty well. It's called "The Detour" because Olivia, the main character, crashes her car and gets kidnapped as she was taking a detour for her destination. I believe this title fits the book well. The author does not title the chapters, and they're all represented by numbers. Bodeen is a very great author and she publishes many amazing stories. Typically, her book titles are one to two words describing what the book is focusing on, or which part of the book is most suspenseful.
Arriana Mausbach
11:05 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Asylum by Madeleine Roux. I stopped on page 54 of 310. I finished Tricks by Ellen Hopkins yesterday.

B. * Is the title of your current book appropriate?---Yes, the current title of my book is very appropriate. The title is Asylum, which is very appropriate because it's about kids staying in an abandoned asylum.
* Does the title “grab” you and make you want to read the book?---Yes! When I saw the title, I immediately was interested. I am a strong believer of the paranormal, so this book was definitely for me!
* Did you find the reference to the title somewhere in the book?---The reference to the title came very early in the book, when the main character, Dan, was driving up the abandoned asylum.
* What would you title at least three of the chapters?---Since the author doesn't title her chapters, I would title each chapter with one word. The first chapter would be called "beginning". The second chapter would be called "picture". And the third chapter would be called "office".
* How do you think the author chose the book title?---I think the author chose the book title because it's really eye-catching. It definitely worked though!
* What would you title the book? Why?---I don't think I would change the book title at all, it's great as it is. But if there was a worse title, I would call the book NHCP. That would be for the college that's right next to the abandoned asylum.
Karlye Maras
11:04 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading I am Nujood. Today I stopped on page 107 out of 167.
I think the title for my book is appropriate because its basically what the whole book is about. The title gets readers attention with the subtitle it says Age 10 and Divorced. I didn't find a specific reference anywhere in my book but it basically tells you what he whole book is about. the author does title each chapter with what they are about and what happens in that chapter. I think that they chose to title it this to show that it is an autobiography and also to get the possible readers attention. I think that I would title the book almost the same exact way they did because it really does a good job about telling you what its going to be about without giving away anything.
Rachel Eickman
10:58 AM ET (US)
Yesterday I finished Stung by Bethany Wiggins. It was 294 pages long.
The title of this book is 'Stung' which, I think, suits this book. The reason why it is called stung is because there is a tattoo of a bee on the people that are the 'monsters' arm. It makes sense because a bee stings and the main character, Fiona, has it tattooed on her arm. The title grabbed me from looking around in the library because it was so simple but could also mean a lot of different things that I wanted to find out. Stung is referred to a lot in the book because Fiona always points out and asks herself "why is she stung? why her? what does it mean?". If I were to choose another title for this book I might do something like "Wrong Side" because she is on the wrong side of the wall which separates tattooed and not tattooed. It would make readers question "why?" when they glance at it.
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