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4/25: Connections, Emotions, Best/Worst

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08:22 AM ET (US)
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Cooper Maras
01:24 PM ET (US)
I finished the book Shaken by Tim Tebow. It is 203 pages in length.

A. The book Shaken relates to my life in multiple ways. It tells the story of Tim Tebow and the struggles that he has gone through both in his career and in his life. I relate due to the fact that both him and I a religious. We both play multiple sports both being football in baseball. His dream was to be an NFL quarterback while mine is to be an MLB baseball player at some point. We are both dreamers that do what we can to chase our dreams while still putting our trust in god that he will have us follow the path that he has planned out for us. At this moment in time Tebow is player in the minor leagues which is just below the MLB. He has had many struggles with his dream but he keeps pushing to achieve his goal with a positive attitude just like I must do. He gives all the credit to god when he finds success while also looking to god and trusting him when things do not go his way. I must do the same as him and fight for my dream and believe that god will help me make it happen. I look to help people in the same way that he does. I am also a people pleaser just like him. It is part of who both of us are and we are proud of the way we live.
Cole Miles
10:26 AM ET (US)
I just finished reading the book Now you See Them, Now You Don't by Gorman Korman. There were 141 pgs.

Did this book make you laugh? Cheer? Cringe? Smile? Cry? Explode? Explain your reaction.

This book made me laugh because what these kids do is just hilarious because they do so many things. One time they were running from the cops and decided to make and little wall from garbage so they had a little more time to run and get somewhere safe. they also like to joke and mess around with each other once awhile but sometimes things go a little to far then they start to fight. After about 4 weeks running from home they stayed at this hotel and its not the nicest hotel and they make fun of everyone.
11:08 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Rousey by Ronda Rousey and I have on page 157 out of 300.
C. The best thing about the book that I am reading is that it teaches you lots of things. This book tells a story, but it also helps you with motivations and how to fight for something that means a lot to you. In the book Ronda tells us about her life and how she got to where she was. She talks about the defeats that she has had and the victories. She talks about how she got those victories and what she had to do to train for them. The one thing that I don't like about the book is that is jumps around a lot and if your not paying attention to the book then its really easy to get lost. This book also talks about leadership and what make a good leader.
Aysia Hall
11:07 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst and I am on page 188 of 358.

B. Did this book make you laugh? Cheer? Cringe? Smile? Cry? Explode? Explain your reaction.

This book withholds many different tones and moods. To start things off within the story, Durst creates a mood of confusion. In this story, Eve has special powers and visions, and the author started with one of her visions. Getting further into the story, Durst provides the reader with a feeling of laughter. Eve goes throughout her daily life meeting new people, but forgetting them the next day. Eve also meets new friends, and even a new boy. Right now in the story, the reader can withhold the emotion of anger. Eve doesn't know who to trust because she has been told the agency she's a part of is trying to kill her. In conclusion, this story contains many different tones and moods throughout it.
Caden Ideker
11:06 AM ET (US)
Im reading ZooBreak by Gordan Korman. Im on page 34 out of 230 and I finished The Eighth Day, by Diane Salerni.

The best thing in my book is character development, even though some characters change and some stay the same, they all have a good feel. They are all described well and they have their own special perks to them. Another good thing id that the book follows off the plot of the last book which had an exciting ending. My favorite aspect about the book is how well the story meshes with our present day and how easily it is to relate to the book. Some bad things include the writing style, which is choppy and sometimes confusing. I suppose if you hadn't read the first book you would be confused in the second book.
fallon jackman
11:06 AM ET (US)
I am reading the book Sold by Zana Muhsen. I finished on page 197 of 274.
B. Did this book make you laugh? Cheer? Cringe? Smile? Cry? Explode? Explain your reaction.
my book has a lot of emotion in it for the people that have gone thought such a hard life. the book willl make you sad and appreciate the things you have and the family you have. Zana Muhsen is not allowed to see her mother, sister, or father on a daily basis or almost ever. she is forced to do work and chores that are unbelivbe to someone who has never thought about doing. the book also makes me interested because of the way they live in different places. things like their religion, medical practices, and every day activities are so different for things that would be practiced and done in the us
Elliot Uehling
11:05 AM ET (US)
I'm currently reading Percy Jackson: The Battle of The Labyrinth. Its 361 pages and today I stopped on page 75.

C. I think one of the best parts of the book is how detailed it is. It really helps you connect with the characters and what's happening. I also love that it references back to the previous books a lot because I have ADHD so I forget a lot of stuff. One of the worst parts is the movies about the books. They're completely inaccurate. I sat with my brother and watched them. I pretty much said "Incorrect" and "Didn't happen in the book" the whole time.
Abbie Cain
11:05 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Sickened by Julie Gregory and I am on page 102 of 244

B. Did this book make you laugh? Cheer? Cringe? Smile? Cry? Explode? Explain your reaction.

So far a lot of the things in this book make me cringe. Julie's mother used to always take her to the doctor for the smallest things. Sometimes Julie's mother would even try to make her sick so that she could take her to the doctor. However, ever since Julie's little brother was born, things are different. Julie's mother hardly pays attention to her now. Once Julie came home from school with a broken wrist and her mother did not even take her to the doctor, even though her bone was poking out of her arm, this part made me cringe.
Chelsea Shumaker
11:04 AM ET (US)
I am reading My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young. I am on page 58 out of 362.
This book made me feel sad and upset. Because Cyrla and Anneke are cousins. They are both Jewish, but Anneke is pregnant and is soon to have a baby. But their uncle is not happy about it. So their uncle sends them off to a place were Anneke can have her baby safely and have enough food for meals for the baby. But Cyrla and Anneke want to move to Amsterdam. To find a place to stay until the war is over. But they stumble upon finding jobs and making money to support them both. I was sad and angry when their own uncle kicked them both out because he was mad that Anneke was having a baby. Overall, I like the history in this book. You can learn a lot about the war in Holland and in Amsterdam.
Ethan Kueter
11:03 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading The Last Fighter Pilot by Jerry Yellin. Today I read to page 137 of 197.
The best thing about this book so far is hearing the stories about the dogfights. It is really interesting reading about what they went through, and how complicated fighting with airplanes can be. The only thing I don't like is their isn't really much of a story line and that makes it kind of hard to know what is going on at certain times.
Arriana Mausbach
11:03 AM ET (US)
I am currently reading Rumble by Ellen Hopkins. I stopped on page 177 of 546

C. What are the BEST and WORST things about your book or the BEST and WORST parts of you book so far? Explain.

The worst part of my book is when the main character explains why his brother committed suicide. It was because he came out as gay. His parents don't approve of those things, so he was immediately shunned from his family. Not to mention he was getting harassed constantly at school by his piers and so called "friends". His older brother, the main character, always protected him and approved of his ideas. However, after dealing with the harassment for so long, he decided that he couldn't deal with it anymore. After his suicide, his parents began to argue more and more. His dad became an active alcoholic, and the main character fears that his father will start to abuse him soon. This book is really good and I want to read more every day.
Karlye Maras
11:02 AM ET (US)
I am reading Upon Impact it has 133 pages today I stopped on page 77. I just finished My Story by Elizabeth Smart.
This book is kind of up and down with good and bad things. It is a story about how these two best friends grew up together and all of the happy memories that they made together. So that would be the best part of the book. The worst part of the book is probably how one of them died after being put through so much as a child. Not only was it bad that one of them died, but what made it even worse was that a 10 year old boy was at fault. She also describes her struggles to move past this event after it happens and I think that was another one of the best parts.
Eleanor Dick
11:01 AM ET (US)
I am reading Breaking Through by Chamique Holdsclaw and am on page 44 of 229. Yesterday I finished In My Skin by Brittney Griner.
C. The best things in my book so far is her success and motivation. She has been extremely successful in basketball and it has taken her places. She has great motivation and always strives for the best. The worst thing was her upbringing. Her mother was a raging alcoholic. This made childhood hard or her but eventually she moved in with her grandma. The worst of what I have read, she has turned into a good thing and focuses on basketball, resulting in her best.
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